Joe Rogan - Ketamine Cures Depression?


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  • Anastasia Murawski
    Anastasia Murawski 3 hours ago

    To those who say depression is just a feeling, "get over it already", like it's self pity or a bad mood just get it. It's a disease in the brain that affects one's outlook on life and affects one physically as well. people say the same thing about addiction, it's that you are a bad or weak individual, it's also a disease and both addiction and depression are genetic.If you are at the end your rope
    and tried all the other meds out there and no relief, why not give it a shot)

  • Wight Wulf
    Wight Wulf 4 days ago

    More synthetic crap.

  • Xanesthia Killi
    Xanesthia Killi 4 days ago

    I get how psychedelics make depression subside. I understand that ketamine is not classified the same as lsd, shrooms, dmt, etc, because it does not give the same effects. However, what they all have in common is that they allow you to see from an outside perspective. It minimizes your own situation by making you realize that life, the world, the universe itself is so much bigger than you are. It sounds minimizing when someone says it to you, so it's really something you have to experience for yourself. I believe it. I'm just concerned about these experimental patients long-term side effects. Curious as to whether it'll be similar to abusing psychedelics, or even prescription drugs (though they have immensely different effects, long/short term).

  • Steven Assanti
    Steven Assanti 9 days ago +1

    Where can I buy pcp?

  • Anthony Anon
    Anthony Anon 14 days ago

    Some forms of depression are caused by metal toxicity. People don't even know they are depressed.

  • Angelina Hicks
    Angelina Hicks 17 days ago

  • Will Ratliff
    Will Ratliff 18 days ago

    Ketamine is an amazing drug. But it’s decision to be used clinically has nothing to do with allergic reactions. That decision is more grounded on what the patients blood pressure is. Because it has extremely favorable hemodynamic properties in the trauma patient. It doesn’t lower blood pressure. Ketamine is also an amazing potential treatment for depression but the use of the word cure is not entirely accurate.

  • Matt Chaney
    Matt Chaney 20 days ago

    K's a good trip. Felt like I could teleport to different rooms in the house.

  • Jack Mehan
    Jack Mehan 24 days ago

    Rogan is an idiot. Smoke pot take mind altering drugs and testosterone and promote ketamine which puts you in a trance like state. My gosh Rogan is dangerous because of all the little knit wits who buy into his nonsense.

  • CYndibabI
    CYndibabI 28 days ago

    this man makes afib sound like nothing!! I have afib and my life is pure helllllllll!!!!!!

  • Nathan Vandevyver
    Nathan Vandevyver Month ago

    It only helps if you don't make a habit out of it. Ketamine is very addictive and doing too much can cause addiction. It's more addictive for some people than others. Doing it in a clinic once in a while is probably safe for addiction. Just like people don't get hooked on morphine if they get it in a clinic.

  • Steve Kambiski
    Steve Kambiski Month ago +1

    Psilocybin could have saved Kate Spade.

  • Ming Meow
    Ming Meow Month ago

    Time to reset.

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice Month ago

    All drugs cure depression short term

  • Sargent Mahoney
    Sargent Mahoney Month ago

    Magic mushrooms are anti depressants .. ketamine is for horses ffs

  • Ryan Ranger
    Ryan Ranger Month ago

    Kratom and cannabis here.

  • Gangster Prankster
    Gangster Prankster Month ago

    its good for your dick root

  • soldier of tough love

    Adequate sun exposure cures depression...ever met a depressed beach bum?

  • Gymtertainment
    Gymtertainment Month ago

    Fuck dude I k-holed so bad in ER a month ago. Fucked me up. It was like I french fried when I should have pizza'd.

  • L Picavet
    L Picavet Month ago

    Ketamine cures feeling your legs its pretty amazing

  • Terrance Ball
    Terrance Ball Month ago

    I believe any drug is useful is used right but the way our society we live people look for the best party drug

  • Big JC
    Big JC Month ago

    If you ingest to much K you’ll end up with a piss bag for your troubles.

  • C-thang
    C-thang Month ago

    They aren't joking about the ibogaine protocols, went through it myself in tj. Had heart monitors, iv in, had to get bloodwork, and found out I had a lump on my heart through their monitoring. Guy in bed next to me had to be rushed to the hospital for lung failure, so hes in a hospital tripping on ibogaine while he witnessed a few people die from a wreck in the hospital. It can be absolutely life changing though.

  • Matthew Wall
    Matthew Wall Month ago

    So how much do u need to take to k-hole? Ive done 2 bags at once and despite an awesome high, no k-hole

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago

      250mg at once with no tolerance will guarantee it. idk what you took

  • Moira Llaves
    Moira Llaves Month ago

    Ketamine for depression? How about cupcakes for fat kids? Maybe they will fill full finally..

  • Reinulus Aurelius
    Reinulus Aurelius Month ago

    You can never "cure" or escape from depression until you eliminate your BRAIN INFLAMMATION issues caused by gluten and other foods that trigger brain inflammation. If you get heavy "brain fog" symptoms then you have BRAIN SWELLING. A good way to tell if you suffer from brain inflammation is if your "brain fog" clears up significantly when you take Ibuprofen.

  • Lolly Logan
    Lolly Logan Month ago

    My days. Most people aren’t depressed. If they were they wouldn’t be able to get out of bed or feed themselves. Most are just unhappy with their lives. For someone who claims to be so healthy and fit. Joe Rogan seems to be into a lot of drugs.

  • Milton Perez
    Milton Perez Month ago

    I guess psychedelics is a temporary ticket out of perceived reality to a world of potential realities... we get to step out of platos cave.

  • Gregory Stoner
    Gregory Stoner Month ago

    So true used ketamine for a month was on depression meds for couple years nothing was working so i heard about special k. I'm no longer on depression meds but i feel like i need another week of K. Yes the buzz is amazing but the permanent feelings of happiness stay for months and months.

  • Wendy Knox-Leet
    Wendy Knox-Leet Month ago

    Brilliant discussion

  • Darryn Jacobs
    Darryn Jacobs Month ago

    You have to do psychedelics to know cigarettes are bad

  • Joseph SF 68 J
    Joseph SF 68 J Month ago

    My brother and especially my older sisters need Ketamine...They act like bitches!!!

  • Kar Vel
    Kar Vel Month ago

    OH LOOK ~ we began with PYRAMID GENERATORS ~ we've evolved to computers ~ NOW WHAT

  • Kar Vel
    Kar Vel Month ago +1

    BE DEPRESSED ~ BE the most depressed person you can be........THEN get OVER IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE..........

  • Kar Vel
    Kar Vel Month ago


  • Kshitiz
    Kshitiz Month ago

    Black dog institute in Sydney is looking for volunteers for their study in treating depression with ketamine.
    Volunteers must:
    Be aged 18 years or above
    Have been experiencing feelings of depression for at least 4 weeks
    Be able to attend on an outpatient basis up to 20 visits over 8 weeks.
    The study involves trialling a new product for depression, which some recent studies have found to have antidepressant effects.
    Volunteers will attend on an outpatient basis at the Black Dog Institute or other trial site and involve up to 20 visits over 8 weeks.

  • Frank Beaulieu
    Frank Beaulieu Month ago +5

    I prefer my *BIG FAT* joint because it never disappoint me

    • Jack Mehan
      Jack Mehan 3 days ago

      Wight, what would you have become if you had joined the Marines and not become a pot head?

    • Wight Wulf
      Wight Wulf 3 days ago

      Jack Mehan You fancy yourself some kinda philosopher? Id be off in the Marines. I hated life.

    • Jack Mehan
      Jack Mehan 4 days ago

      Wight Ah but with every gain there is a loss. What would you have become if you had not become a pot head?

    • Wight Wulf
      Wight Wulf 4 days ago

      Jack Mehan I would have achieved max hatred. For my species, my country, and life in general. But ive become more patients and kind. So id consider it a win.

    • Jack Mehan
      Jack Mehan 4 days ago

      Wight, Maybe, maybe not. That depends on your definition of failure doesn't it? You don't know what you would have achieved without the drug do you?

  • Ann M
    Ann M Month ago

    I thought mushrooms were the new cure all for depression?

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim Month ago

    I use ketamine when I’m at raves, makes me wonky as fuck

  • Tim Lazenby
    Tim Lazenby Month ago

    Kids miss the whole ket experience just getting wonky. You have to take enough to pass out then you commune with the 'all fella upstairs.

  • Bryce Thomas
    Bryce Thomas Month ago

    Drugs provide relief from depression??! Who knew?!?!

  • Nick Cerino
    Nick Cerino Month ago

    It, unfortunately, doesnt work. Take it from a guy who tried 5 intravenous sessions of Ketamine from a doctor. No positive effect. And, the experience was scary once they upped the dose by the third day. If you need help with depression and have tried everything like I have, please look up Dr John Bergman and depression on TheXvid. Good luck. You wont ne disappointed, and you'll be amazed.

  • Stephen Osborne
    Stephen Osborne Month ago

    i like this guy

  • Lean mean Keith jardeen

    Love abit kezzo at a rave

  • Oli Merida
    Oli Merida Month ago +1

    Ever since I started IVing tranquilizer my depression has fully gone away. I got a little bit of social anxiety still but my depression and suicidal tendencies are fully gone. I’m in a decent mood all the time no matter how bad life actually gets lol

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      Oli Merida
      How did you get set up for IVing and what are you suing if you dont mind?

  • Edward Darigala
    Edward Darigala Month ago

    Kets not legal in england

  • Jesse Gandy
    Jesse Gandy Month ago

    But it doesn't cure a shitty life.

  • Tim's Whitten
    Tim's Whitten Month ago +1

    Ketamine aint legal here [In Aus]..We just outlawed salt and sugar here..Oh hang on, not yet but soon I'm sure with the way things are going,..

  • Kane Campbell
    Kane Campbell Month ago

    These experiments with ketamine are using microdose's. You're not taking enough of the drug to get f***** up. The goal is not to get high.

  • snipe1963
    snipe1963 Month ago

    LMAO, go to Mexico to cure drug addiction?!

  • ubooo1
    ubooo1 Month ago

    Probably does in small doses. I know 2 people that have to piss into a bag on their hip because of ketamine. Very dangerous stuff

  • mysticblaz e
    mysticblaz e Month ago

    It also cures life and having money.

  • Brandon Vincent
    Brandon Vincent Month ago

    Ketamine should only be used for people in chronic or severe pain.

  • Peter Andrews
    Peter Andrews Month ago

    It's such a coincidence Joe mentions Neal Brennan when this guy (Michael Pollan) reminds me exactly of Neal.. in 20 years or so.

  • Martin Rodgers
    Martin Rodgers Month ago


  • kewrock
    kewrock Month ago

    Ketamine for depression. It kills you attention span, so that you can never remember what was bothering you.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      Kar Vel This was the case for me: In the end I came out of it with NO drugs involved: Medicines or drugs used for it end up abused and makes the shit worse: Self Knowledge opened my eyes and minds eye if you get me:
      Once I learned a few mind techniques I clicked on I WAS THE PROBLEM: I realized theese "professionals" were fulla shit as they are not feeling what I am going through:
      After self analysis and a lot of emotion put into beating it; I can safely say I beat its black grey ass: Hands down: I know how to avoid such things and PEOPLE which can slip you back into it autonomously as well:
      There exists a real phenomena called Psychic Infection and separately the Psychic illness which Doctors and Pros are fully aware of but NEVER will tell you this:
      People called "Friends & Family" who always dump their same bitchy ass problems on you over and over can cause you to have their symptoms which you wont even connect unless you know before hand:
      Shit on TV causes it as well: Hence why I no longer use a TV for State run NEWS and such bollix:

    • Kar Vel
      Kar Vel Month ago

      is that the deal ~ depression is just crap in your head that you keep focusing on? Appears the cure would be to focus on whatever doesn't depress you........cum on...

  • NotYour AverageGunny

    Cat tranqs is where it's at!

  • Rob Erickson
    Rob Erickson Month ago

    I OD’d on Ketamine once. It was the worst

    • Mark Winder
      Mark Winder Month ago +1

      Rob Erickson it's very difficult to OD on ketamine. Recreational doses are far less than what's used to induce anaesthesia. It's more likely that you tripped out.

  • NotYour AverageGunny

    Aderall is a great anti depressant

  • Kar Vel
    Kar Vel Month ago

    HERE'S a KISS for your AWESOME SKULL MR. ROGAN...... YOU ROCK! thanks for being the MAN

  • Kar Vel
    Kar Vel Month ago +2


  • NorthStarRight
    NorthStarRight Month ago

    A lot of NMDA receptor antagonists (let,dxm,mem,magnesium) work for depression and other things

  • Fearless Conqueror
    Fearless Conqueror Month ago

    Ketomine? GTFO. Psychiatry is bullshit, they talk to you for 45 minutes then then tell you you have a chemical imbalance, without doing any scientific tests. Then they prescribe horrible drugs, and now ketamine? K heads are, umm, not ok.

  • Fake Champion
    Fake Champion Month ago

    Drugs for depression is stupid af. What the hell is wrong with the world?

  • Eli Kerr
    Eli Kerr Month ago

    My psych is one of the leading specialists using ketamine treatments... It sounds crazy, but in the right environment and used in the right way for the right person they see huge success. It's got both physiological and psychological effects, it's not just that it gets you high and you're not depressed .. a very powerful psychedelic experience honestly.

  • Michael S
    Michael S Month ago +1

    Here in New Zealand they did a trial with Ketamine for depression but decided to shut it down due to low rates of success.

  • Aaron MacQuesten
    Aaron MacQuesten Month ago

    As a nurse anesthetist, I can tell you Ketamine is a great anesthetic. I use it often in the hospital setting, and my patients really do well after its use. Really comes into play when I have a sick patient where I can’t afford to drop their blood pressure and/or drive to breathe naturally

    • Kar Vel
      Kar Vel Month ago

      NYAG ~ is just jealous

    • A Boston
      A Boston Month ago +1

      Notyouraverge...seriously? What a stupid comment.

    • NotYour AverageGunny
      NotYour AverageGunny Month ago

      Aaron MacQuesten haha. You're a male nurse. What a joke.

  • lionaudio
    lionaudio Month ago +1

    I have met K junkies before. It's a lot of fun, but the people who become addicted to banging it become shady, shadow people

  • Docinaplane
    Docinaplane Month ago

    I've used ketamine clinically with patients, but rarely as I've heard reports of bad reactions that are somewhat delayed. Pollan is 63 and already has A-Fib. He makes light of it. He's playing with fire.

  • nathan hensn
    nathan hensn Month ago +1

    I'm mostly a pro drug guy, but K is pretty fucking terrbile.

  • Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker Month ago

    Special K is my favorite cereal.

  • Smelly Web
    Smelly Web Month ago

    I love special k. Beautiful feeling.

  • Nathan Knipp
    Nathan Knipp Month ago

    I'd rather trust in God to help me cure my depression than take a drug...

  • Nathan Knipp
    Nathan Knipp Month ago +2

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and would never even consider touching ketamine, exercise, healthy eating, prayer and therapy for me...

    • verbal kent
      verbal kent Month ago +1

      Nathan Knipp i was super depressed until i started to run exersize works wonders

    • Nathan Knipp
      Nathan Knipp Month ago

      A Boston Thank you, I appreciate that...

    • A Boston
      A Boston Month ago +1

      That seems much better and more natural than taking ketamine, and it's all been proven to help. Good for you.

    • Nathan Knipp
      Nathan Knipp Month ago +1

      NotYour AverageGunny Yup prayer, you must be an Atheist, I've had prayers answered my whole life, I know God is real... But I don't hate on people who don't believe, I respect everyone's beliefs...

    • NotYour AverageGunny
      NotYour AverageGunny Month ago +1

      Nathan Knipp prayer lol

  • Sergio Bucciarelli
    Sergio Bucciarelli Month ago +44

    Exercise cures depression

    • Awakened citizen
      Awakened citizen 8 days ago

      For some not all. No magic bullet for depression...

    • MassDogg 385
      MassDogg 385 24 days ago

      All it does is drain all the energy i have and make me even more tired

    • e34Boat
      e34Boat 25 days ago

      but ketamine can reset broken mind and belive me it really works wonders. it feels like you are visiting magic dinension that only wants to help you and make you feel you again

    • Pulse
      Pulse Month ago

      Joe Walker
      Excercise doesn't "cure" depression; though, it can certainly aid it.

    • Matthew Coolness
      Matthew Coolness Month ago +2

      When I was a kid, I would tell my Dad "I'm Cold" & he'd say "Do 50 jumping Jacks & you won't be cold anymore"!

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers Month ago +12

    Love cures depression. It’s insane what the medical community is doing to people

    • Video Perfection
      Video Perfection 4 days ago

      Paul Rogers Idiot.

    • ParallaxView111
      ParallaxView111 23 days ago

      Paul Rogers I have lots of love in my life. Real love. A husband and kids. Not the garbage love young people come up with now days where they tell everyone they know they live them. I still struggle. I believe it's a physical problem. Perhaps brain inflammation. They know there's a connection between brain inflammation, depression, and Alzheimer's.

    • pocho
      pocho Month ago

      Paul Rogers that's true , true love cures depression.

    • Paul Rogers
      Paul Rogers Month ago

      Surreal Resonance if your going through an existential crisis, the obvious conclusion is all we have are our experiences. In that case developing loving great relationships is the cure. Live well because that you can define.

    • Pulse
      Pulse Month ago

      Paul Rogers
      Yes, love could play as a significant factor in *aiding* depression; however, claiming it will "cure" depression is just doltish.
      Yes, we've been is this biological state for roughly 200,000 - 300,000 years, where I must agree we've slowly have become disconnected from one another *to an extent*; though, that's does not conclude love can cure all depression as an objective truth, while dismissing the science behind the illness.
      I've been diagnosed with major depressive-mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, plus minor OCD, where my family has only expressed their warmth and endearment when it hits.
      Some individuals are organically downers, with having no logical reasoning to be. Mental health issues have always been here, though, taking on the challenge of comprehending the various issues have only just begun.

  • rustytr
    rustytr Month ago

    I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’ve done enough psychedelics that I can answer most of this guys questions medically physiologically biologically neurologically with accuracy and probably publish a paper on it... Dino him and Geo know I’ve done psychedelics is well everything else’s story cover.

  • asscakes22
    asscakes22 Month ago

    I used to use high doses of DXM powder(2g+), which is another dissociative anesthetic, as my reset button years ago. Not only would help with depression but also for a reset when dealing with opiate withdrawal.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      Oh I know its good: K WILL change a depressed persons idea of whats possible: I guarantee that:

    • asscakes22
      asscakes22 Month ago

      After losing enough people to this disease (and facing several battles myself) I've started to realize you can give all the information you want to someone but until they are ready to receive it, it mostly falls on deaf ears. That being said I've heard really promising things about ibogaine. A former counselor I had was familiar with it and asked the person that provides the treatment to contact the spirits and see if they would allow me to proceed. Sadly even after receiving the blessing of the spirits I was unable to afford the trip. I wouldn't be surprised it ketamine turned out to be a valuable tool in addiction recovery as well as depression.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      asscakes22 Oh Ive beaten mine: Gone like the shitty lifestyle it brings:
      I am always seeking new information on this as my best friend/s are now in a drug induced psychosis and is so self absorbed hes/theyre definitely heading to the tomb; very early:

    • asscakes22
      asscakes22 Month ago

      I'd had years of experience with 3rd/4th plateau DXM "trips" before using it as my reset button, and without at least some prior experience I don't think anyone should attempt it. I would honestly look into an inpatient detox facility which nearly all insurance covers now. One of the biggest hurdles apart from the physical withdrawal symptoms is what's going on in your head. Having an environment that has some structure and ways to occupy your time is essential, you just need to find that environment. The most important thing I can say is don't give up! Most of us have to try several times before everything clicks, sometimes relapses happen. It's not about how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      asscakes22 What would you suggest for Years long Codeine addiction to withdrawals?

  • Ryan TCM
    Ryan TCM Month ago

    Don't fuck with the K though because it fucks you right back lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Andrewapicture
    Andrewapicture Month ago

    When I took ketamine while I was depressed it let me find why I was unhappy and remap my brain and it worked.

  • Jaedyn 88
    Jaedyn 88 Month ago

    I used to hear stories about these guys who would "borrow" bottles of ketamine from veterinary clinics who used it to euthanize cats mainly, they crystallized it from liquid form on plates suspended over simmering water and apparently it would form crystals from powder consistency near the center to more larger crystals around the edges, they had a special name for this crusty material and was considered the best, and they certainly did describe feelings of being separated from their bodies even feeling paralyzed but awake and conscious, the K hole they called it.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      Jaedyn 88
      You should read CARL JUNGS The Undiscovered Self: It explains all this in great detail: He explains such things as Psychic Illness and Psychic Infections: I have the free Ebook link and this book was wrote in 1957 which is freaky as it describes everything going on Today but more importantly its an "Eye Opener" and direction to discovering WHO and WHAT you truly are:

    • Jaedyn 88
      Jaedyn 88 Month ago +1

      I've sort of been through the ringer also and have herniated discs, C5 to T1 so I know your pain and the horror of opiates, I guess if the only relief you can get from your pain is to separate from your body for short periods of time then have at it but it's a shame these are the options we are left with, if I was rich I could have been back to normal years ago. Dr's suck these days and only want to give out the meds that will earn them the free vacations from the drug company reps. I also believe the most corrupt medical professionals are the mental health Dr's, there is not one diagnostic test for ANYTHING they do or prescribe.

    • Snacklepuss
      Snacklepuss Month ago

      Around 8 years ago my friend was legally prescribed the pure medicine form for serious pain in his back and addiction to Morphine due to back pain: He would get the 100ml drinkable bottles:
      Prior to this I had heard of people "sniffing ~ snorting" it as a "legal high" before I knew it was a medicine:
      We would both discuss our back pain and keep an eye out for any new medicines: As I have herniated discs [L5 L4 L3 to S1 Si etc] he suggested I try it as it would remove the perception of pain as an experience: So he brought over 2 x 100ml bottles me one day and was mid warning about the effect: So I did my usual extreme shit and I gulped 100ml down me like a savage [I tend to go to the extreme of anything] and it was fairly potent in so much as I was no longer in pain and was filled with pure bliss:
      But it wasnt as strong as I thought and my friend was looking at me like WTF how are you still coherent: [Its been suggested that I have the Constitution of a Bull by quite a lot of people] I think I earned this in younger days as I usually had to take 4x or more the amount of anything for a "hit"
      I only now know the full definition of Constitution of a Bull >>>> ***To possess an unusually robust amount of strength; determination; and stamina; so as to be able to work extremely hard and/or overcome hardships or limiting factors (e.g., sickness, fatigue, alcohol, drugs, etc ***
      I was aware of the tripping and feeling of being quite derealized which was brilliant and I recall now that back pain was absent from my psyche itself: He took like 30ml and was plastered lying on my floor immediately in some other "state" not like mines:
      I assumed he had Morphine or something else in him as well: To get my point across I would definitely love to get my hands on it legally speaking to keep he bear from climbing the tree if you will: Once that pain attacks; theres no denying it:
      The friend died 4 weeks ago today from a Massive Heart attack and was kaput before he hit the floor: He had began drinking Vodka a lot on top of his Morphine meds which accumulated over the years:
      So longer story short; I would take it ONLY for acute or the most extreme pain; but I got the feeling then; and now that as a Medicine it wouldnt be viable daily:
      So I did take it a few times after this: But if it came on the "market" to me; I would most likely refuse it as a daily or weekly intake: Although having a standby med I would have it for those odd moments that pop out of nowhere and cripple me:

      Opiates I despise: Opiods and Codeine were the worst kind of junk I was hooked into by the Pharma Co`s albeit I was glad of them at the time:
      I am now all about diet and doing things from going into ones self and manifesting my actions into reality instead of others doing it to me for me: I.E Doctors and "Professionals" So IMO K would not or may not be a long term solution as being portrayed: It is a 100% working medicine but if the individual has other psyche issues; the potential for misuse to downright abuse is self evident:

  • Who cares
    Who cares Month ago

    Whose the dr?

  • Greenboff
    Greenboff Month ago

    Can’t be depressed when you don’t know what the fuck is going on

  • 23rt2308u24tkhg
    23rt2308u24tkhg Month ago

    I had ketamine during and post-surgery, was great for dissociative properties. But it was fucking annoying, my body was resting but my mind wasn't. I just wanted some fucking rest. Felt like I was awake for days, and I also met the space council.

  • Joe Birr
    Joe Birr Month ago

    This guy is full of knowledge. Love it.

  • Dave Winston
    Dave Winston Month ago +1

    I should have me a psilocybin

  • jason blue
    jason blue Month ago

    I need a life time supply of mdma to cure my depression

  • mufc champs
    mufc champs Month ago +1

    Its a good buzz but you feel exactly the same the next day, didnt cure shit for me.

    • cleftintwain
      cleftintwain Month ago +1

      That's What's Up
      It is just single doses. They use it to treat suicidal people and people with accute depression. It is administered at a clinic or hospital. They are not sending people home with ketamine. You can return for more treatmets but the drug is not done every day.

    • That's What's Up
      That's What's Up Month ago

      mufc champs it doesn't work on fools. Sucks for you I guess

    • mufc champs
      mufc champs Month ago

      That's What's Up ive had it plenty of times to know u dope

    • That's What's Up
      That's What's Up Month ago

      mufc champs it obviously takes time, ya dope. It's not just a one time dose

  • Rodrigo Pagés
    Rodrigo Pagés Month ago

    drugs arent decriminalyzed in mexico at all... law inforcement on that subject however its not as how it should be tho..

    • Ryan Marshall
      Ryan Marshall Month ago

      Yes they are decriminalized in Mexico actually but only in small amounts.

  • ZachPeacock
    ZachPeacock Month ago +1

    I love being k holed and struggling to move my legs lmao, a brilliant experience overall and it’s fun to sit there in your own world

  • ashwhole666
    ashwhole666 Month ago

    the places charge so can just score and do your research on how to do drugs.they charge thousands for therapeutic ketamine sessions that should only cost about 30 bucks

  • alejandro L.
    alejandro L. Month ago

    I did a literature review of this topic, and ketamine definitely helps with Treatment Resistant Depression. This is of course at healthy doses, and it helps from weeks to months. Time to dump Ssri's, maois, etc

  • Nicholas Flores
    Nicholas Flores Month ago

    anadamide and pinoline are good too

    WIKDPISAKIX Month ago

    I Love K",was Shooting KETAMINE in the 90's, FACT 😆💯😍😆

  • Jolak Zmtag
    Jolak Zmtag Month ago +23

    As someone who has seen “k holes” and friends who use ketamine a lot... weed is always the better choice just stay with that green, Plz don’t use K casually 👍🏽

    • ImaginativeDesignzJB
      ImaginativeDesignzJB Month ago

      Personally weed fucks me up in the head:D I've k holed more times than I can remember and that is fine even though it is way more powerful as you lose your sense of self. The ket treatment might work but just buying it on the street and casually doing it wont :D

    • Ryan Marshall
      Ryan Marshall Month ago

      +MOman Music
      Funny that you brought up Myrcene because several several years back I actually had an overdose with the THC/Myrcene mix and it was a complete accident. It wasn't even until I was on the ground confused as fuck that I realized I had been drinking mango juice all day..
      Anyways, it was interesting because I just happen to find that the closed eye visuals seemed somewhat similar to the closed eye visuals I get during the offset of Ketamine. The myrcene high had a totally different feel. Weirder headspace and way stronger body high.

    • Ryan Marshall
      Ryan Marshall Month ago

      Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine appear to have the strongest effect on alleviating and treating depression far more than any drugs known. Especially mushrooms since Ayahuasca deals primarily in PTSD and Ibogaine mostly in addiction/habit. However they *all* alleviate all 3 of these pathologies just with each substance being geared more towards one pathology than the other two.
      After these 3 substances it would be LSD, DMT and Mescaline. Then after that probably cannabis (especially edibles). I think these are all more effective than ketamine. I think in the right context and dose/tolerance situation Weed would be more effective than K treatment. Make cannabis treatment. But even then.. when we already have tools like LSD, Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, etc. there isn't too much need for things like pot or ketamine however they can still be in the picture but these 2 drugs are honestly better for a lot more things. Neither Ketamine nor THC should be the "go-to" when it comes to depression. The first thing they should give anyone in terms of a psychoactive drug in the treatment for depression should be a microdose of psilocybin. Maybe LSD. I don't see reason to start with two dissociatives (cannabis, ketamine). And I mean if you even are going to use weed for depression, ingest it orally. Apparently science has shown that eating pot increases the chemical in the brain responsible for happiness and personally I've recently found edibles to have a serotonergic feel to them whereas smoking weed has more of a dopaminergic feel to me.

    • Kane Campbell
      Kane Campbell Month ago

      Wung Her the experiments are using microdose's. The goal is to take enough to lift your depression not get f***** up.

    • uncokee
      uncokee Month ago

      bruh fuck that the K hole is a fun ride.

  • Fallschirmjaegermeister

    I find high doses of Scotch whisky to be effective in resetting my brain from time to time.

    • Kar Vel
      Kar Vel Month ago

      hell yeah ~ that'll work .....dewars

    • DesertZO6 NM
      DesertZO6 NM Month ago

      Fallschirmjaegermeister amen to that brother. If I hang out with my friend Jack Daniels, he helps a lot, but if I hang out too much then it usually turns bad haha

    • I am Sancho
      I am Sancho Month ago +1

      I find that to make me an alcoholic

  • matube73
    matube73 Month ago +2

    Ive been administering ketamine as a palliative care nurse for 14 years. We use it when everything else has failed. It can get a bit funky for some patients.

    • matube73
      matube73 Month ago

      Hope for all Confusion and agitation. Usually happens after or within first 24 hrs.

    • Hope for all
      Hope for all Month ago

      matube73 what do you mean by funky?

  • OneironauticalOne
    OneironauticalOne Month ago +1

    I self medicated with Dextromethorphan, which is also a disassociative like Ketamine. I took it in psychedelic doses probly once ever 4-5 months. I didn't make it an escape habit as it was pretty physically taxing at least for me. Its strange that it did seem to work quite well.

    • plnkfloydian
      plnkfloydian Month ago

      OneironauticalOne i did the same thing man I took like 18- 32 a day for years. Mostly washing them down with 12-30 beers, I would usually black out and do dumb things like hurt myself and those around me and destroy my apartment. it got to the point I couldn’t even compose a thought. Eventually was sent to psych ward for evaluation and had to stay there till I could prove myself competent. I ended up staying about 3 weeks and ended up writing a letter to the head person as to why I should be able to leave and I was released the next day. But ya it’s scary because only I know how much I took of that shit. Sometimes I’d feel so close to death I’d have the phone near by to call 911 in case I felt I couldn’t shake the feeling I was getting. One time it felt like so much pressure built up in my head and all of the sudden it just popped and my body felt like I was being poured full of warm fluid it was so weird I was so sure I was going to die. Been off it for like 7 years now but it was hard to shake I learned to love it. Yupp we all do dumb shit when we are younger.

  • Thomas Faulkner
    Thomas Faulkner Month ago +8

    K Hole

  • El Pablo
    El Pablo Month ago +64

    Drugs are neither bad or good, only your relation to them.

    • Xhel FuZed
      Xhel FuZed 18 days ago

      El Pablo dhchjxjdjd

    • El Pablo
      El Pablo Month ago

      +Mario Tunon omg, NIETHER BAD OR GOOD. Key word, NIETHER

    • Mario Tunon
      Mario Tunon Month ago

      El Pablo Okay just read it again, you said drugs are neither good or bad, how is a drug like krokodil ever good? Im just saying some drugs are just always bad.

    • El Pablo
      El Pablo Month ago

      +Mario Tunon I don't either. Read my comment again...

    • Mario Tunon
      Mario Tunon Month ago

      K2, Flakka, etc I dont see how those can be good