20 Unforgettable Own Goals in Football

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • 20 Unforgettable Own Goals in Football

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  • 황준성
    황준성 2 hours ago

    No.15 is so terrible goal

  • BigChungus456
    BigChungus456 13 hours ago

    3:38 WTF WAS DAT???

  • עילאי מויאל
    עילאי מויאל 16 hours ago

    6 omg

  • Muhammad Afzal
    Muhammad Afzal 19 hours ago +1

    1:15 I got so shocked and then realised that the title is OWN goals

  • Muhammad Afzal
    Muhammad Afzal 20 hours ago

    Karius one: I can believe it

  • Adnan Hajrulahovic
    Adnan Hajrulahovic 22 hours ago


  • Teddy Tharp
    Teddy Tharp Day ago

    1:54 was a banging goal

  • سریرا رسولی

    Even doing what are they doing is hard

  • VeNoN
    VeNoN 2 days ago

    2:28 what a shoot

  • Jude Michel
    Jude Michel 2 days ago

    very funny but 0:22 is a keeper error

  • David Harding
    David Harding 4 days ago



    Impressive video production, i love it to much ! Most Appropriate part is 1:18. *I up first dance, Pls come and say what you think* ❤ 💛 💖

  • Venkat Venkat
    Venkat Venkat 4 days ago

    The 5th one was super funny I laughed so hard Btw sorry goalkeeper

  • Leo Kuenniger
    Leo Kuenniger 6 days ago

    #14 What was his mission?

  • Ortiz Tv
    Ortiz Tv 6 days ago

    Y’all don’t understand how hard it is to grip the ball with wet gloves and plus the persons power they put into the shot

  • Lenny Weidemann
    Lenny Weidemann 7 days ago


  • 1488
    1488 7 days ago


  • Joel Trejo
    Joel Trejo 7 days ago

    At lest its a cool goal

  • Jakub Jurczyk
    Jakub Jurczyk 7 days ago

    3:49 When God your opponent 🤣😂🤣

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 7 days ago

    Hey I got one and I booted the ball at the half way line and hit the goalie Pam of his Hand and went in

  • games met imran
    games met imran 7 days ago

    That first he had a headdache

  • Martin Barcza
    Martin Barcza 8 days ago

    Hungary fehérvár

  • Florentina Apostolache

    3:25 numai la chinezi vezi așa ceva😂😂😂

    • Marian Mitu
      Marian Mitu 6 days ago

      Daca nu eram roman nu te intelegeam

  • Headphoone__
    Headphoone__ 8 days ago +1

    1:10 is my little sister as keeper

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 9 days ago

    Me be like. Well I did not hit her. S/he be like . K did not know MY FLIPPING TEAMATENWOULD KICK OT IN OUT GOAL. WHRGAUJBDYEY

  • henry linsdell
    henry linsdell 9 days ago

    Ronaldo I love you As a player I'm your fan so come to my house

  • Jimmyh29
    Jimmyh29 9 days ago

    Some of these so called own goals got done for match fixing as well

  • Jimmyh29
    Jimmyh29 9 days ago

    These lists are just getting poor now a mistake is on a own goal take more time to do a good video not put out poor content

  • BliksemYTX
    BliksemYTX 10 days ago

    Jeroentje zoet vs feyenoord?

  • eine Karotte
    eine Karotte 10 days ago

    Just keeper mistakes

  • Vedant Sangireddy
    Vedant Sangireddy 10 days ago

    The 5th one looks a bit suspicious about whose team the goalie was on...

  • Tzzq
    Tzzq 10 days ago

    Haha der Kramer ehrenmann

  • Carsten Baum
    Carsten Baum 10 days ago

    Wat een blooper

  • Shawn Tucker
    Shawn Tucker 11 days ago +4

    0:45 when the manager decrease your salary for the club

  • Miquel Claparols
    Miquel Claparols 11 days ago

    2:58 a goal better than ur career goals

  • rift SZY
    rift SZY 12 days ago

    Number 15 LOL

  • smiti borua
    smiti borua 12 days ago

    Most of goals cause because of keeper

  • smiti borua
    smiti borua 12 days ago +1

    1:17 fabulous goal

  • Ahmed Adnan
    Ahmed Adnan 13 days ago +1

    3:48 how is that fair

  • Ahmed Adnan
    Ahmed Adnan 13 days ago

    1:17 what a goal though

  • DeeZy _
    DeeZy _ 13 days ago +6

    3:01 what is This?? So confused

    • Lightning Nyx
      Lightning Nyx 9 days ago


    • Lightning Nyx
      Lightning Nyx 9 days ago +2

      Its a stage group match (i think?) they were winning 1 point, but if they want to go to the quarter they need to be leading by 2 point, but the match was about to end in a few minutes left. So they scored own goal and made it draw to take the game to extra time, then score a golden goal (by that time, a golden goal will result 2 points, which will take them to the quarter finals). U can search it on youtube about the old golden goal rule

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person 13 days ago +6

    I’m just watching this to feel better about my stupid deflection I accidentally made, which scored on my own goal...

  • Stuart Williams
    Stuart Williams 13 days ago

    No 1 the best the rest bollocks

  • lakshmi bharathi
    lakshmi bharathi 13 days ago

    Nice goals....and lucky also

  • LucasChun Hin
    LucasChun Hin 14 days ago +1

    1:36 how is it an own goal.
    It's obviously a keeper mistake.

    • Tzzq
      Tzzq 10 days ago

      No Kramer pass the ball too hard Yann Sommer cant do anything

    • Felix Dammann
      Felix Dammann 12 days ago

      This Is clearly an own goal

  • spiff98
    spiff98 14 days ago +1

    The last one laid an egg

  • Builder X
    Builder X 14 days ago

    That is me right there when being a goalkeeper

  • constantine topuzis
    constantine topuzis 14 days ago

    Poor karius he had a concussion

  • Edward Lis
    Edward Lis 14 days ago

    None of these are own goals

    『FROST』 NINJA 15 days ago

    Paid goalkeeper 3:40

  • Jalapenos_
    Jalapenos_ 16 days ago

    Just because the keeper touched it last doesn’t necessarily make it an own goal.

  • Song
    Song 16 days ago +1

    Player:- that was so close
    Wind:- am i a joke for you !!!!!

  • Wow kapow 01
    Wow kapow 01 16 days ago

    Check out 1:44!!

  • Collin Benjamin
    Collin Benjamin 17 days ago

    Number 19 wasn’t the goalies fault

  • Alex Grace
    Alex Grace 17 days ago

    Number 6 wasn’t an own goal

  • beastyboy2529
    beastyboy2529 18 days ago

    Some of these are not own goals, nice clickbait. I understand why you would put clips like neuer, karius, green etc. it's for views but at least be honest about it. You could've put clips like the sunday league winger who hit his own top corner from 40+ yards out.
    Fun fact though, many people still to this day criticize Robb Green for the goal conceded against USA in 2010 world cup but it has actually been stated numerous times that the ball used was actually too slippery for regulations, it caused another goalkeeper to lose control of it and concede. It caused fifa to change for ball for the end of the world cup but many still blame Robb Green entirely for the goal.

  • Facts Panda
    Facts Panda 18 days ago

    1:19 Wowww 🤭🙄

  • Ghanashyam
    Ghanashyam 18 days ago


  • Johannes Dobler
    Johannes Dobler 18 days ago +4

    3:10 wtf?😂

    • Kermit the Refrigerator
      Kermit the Refrigerator 14 days ago +1

      Johannes Dobler what happened is that they needed to win by two goals to advance. It was the 82 minute and they were leading by one. They noticed if the send it to golden goal they can score a goal and in this tournament they counted as two goals so they sent the game to golden goal and ended up winning