INFINITY WAR - Where Was Hulk? (Loki = Banner Theory EXPLAINED!)


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  • Juli Osorio
    Juli Osorio Day ago

    Banner sounds like Banner

  • Garret Melgoza
    Garret Melgoza Day ago

    Loki is not dead👍

  • Live-action Man
    Live-action Man 6 days ago

    So hulk is Loki all along .

  • Magical Tunes
    Magical Tunes 8 days ago +1

    Loki cannot die by the general laws of Norse mythology, as a god can only loose their presence if they are forgotten, but can loose their physical form. Loki will come back in another form.

  • Himanshu pal production

    That was my theory too 😁

  • ClarkieCapeCod
    ClarkieCapeCod 17 days ago

    It's a theory I really hope is true. Even if it's not Banner is so definitely off throughout the movie. And the memory thing. How does he remember so much. The big question is why does Banner talk to himself when he's alone, trying to get the Hulk to come out. What do you think of that?

  • Michael Standberry
    Michael Standberry 19 days ago

    Has anyone notice The Hulk & Brock Lesnar are just alike in ways lol

  • Isaac Tovar
    Isaac Tovar 19 days ago

    What i think hulk didn’t want to Pop out because he doesn’t like earth

  • BigBoiHef
    BigBoiHef 19 days ago

    When he comes into the sanctuary you can see that he's turning back while talking so maybe, he remembers it because of that

    EPICPOPTARTNINJA 19 days ago

    Personally, I don't think the line "no more resurrections" has much hold on if loki is actually dead or not. I would imagine that line would pertain to anyone thanos kills, i.e: half of the universe, but we know that everyone will be coming back alive in end game. So my take on that line is such: that it was put there to start the movie with a dark tone, letting you know thanos dont play around. But if he did kill the real Loki, not someone Loki disguised to look like himself, I imagine Loki will be among the masses to return to life in end game.

  • Jessie Baldwin
    Jessie Baldwin 21 day ago

    My question is why hasn't Thor and Captain America done there shield trick they did in the 1st avengers because that was quite effective in the woods on the trees

  • Jerome Redmond
    Jerome Redmond 22 days ago

    Arguing that Loki may still be alive: plausible (even tho I think Thanos would be able to see through Loki’s tricks considering he says “no resurrections this time”) But arguing that Loki is actually Bruce pretending to have issues turning into the hulk sounds dumb af to me.

  • # H.E8
    # H.E8 24 days ago

    Now you guys are screwed up. Banner couldnt say that sentence. i think It was loki...

  • Darcy Stocks
    Darcy Stocks 26 days ago

    Banner could have been a scrull which is why he didn’t transform into the hulk because it couldn’t Match the hulks strength. It would also explain how he was able to make it look like he was transforming into hulk

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 26 days ago

    Hulk is my favorite

  • Jay Levine
    Jay Levine 27 days ago

    the real proof for this theory is when Thanos phases the Hulk Buster into the side of a mountain, and then it appears 5 minutes later as if nothing happened

  • Sean Flores
    Sean Flores 27 days ago

    People forgot something, i even did. Double take... Hulks blood color. He has always bled green. Infinity War, red.... Doesn't make sense. Could be a movie mistake, or something deeper

  • 5000 subs without videos challenge?

    Bet, he faked his death.

  • Musical Kirtan17
    Musical Kirtan17 28 days ago +1

    How could Loki know that 'Vision' has Mind stone? No one told about it to him.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 29 days ago

    Just comics...Hulk is a "daddy issue" form that Banner has to overcome and merge with. So these videos could be so much shorter.

  • rpgfan007
    rpgfan007 Month ago

    but wheres valkuryie kork and meek?

  • Lego Guinea pig
    Lego Guinea pig Month ago

    If thor and hulk and strage went against thanos uell yeah they could kick his ars

  • The G Place
    The G Place Month ago

    2:42 tho

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens Month ago

    If HULK was really on Thors ship while Thanos invaded it,wouldn't his presence already be known! HULK would have been smashing way before Thanos kicks his ass!!!

  • / Joshuajd707
    / Joshuajd707 Month ago

    Ummm anyone see an eye at 2:36 kinda freaky

  • Demonetized Gonad
    Demonetized Gonad Month ago +2

    5:44 RIP Stan Lee, he's right next to Cap and Nat and in front of him is Tony

  • Hollywood Silva
    Hollywood Silva Month ago

    Bruce Was seen arguing with himself about hulk not coming out no one else was around why would Loki be arguing with himself

  • Kai the flaming ninja

    I believe that Hulk could have helped defeat Thanos because the angrier Hulk gets the stronger he gets, so after a long time of anger, Hulk will eventually be stronger than all infinity stones. I got the info on how Hulk gets stronger from the first Hulk movie, and it shows when ever Hulk gets angrier he gets bigger and stronger.

  • haupt5178
    haupt5178 Month ago

    Hmmm.... it holds water thats all im holds water....

  • Xavier Kohler
    Xavier Kohler Month ago

    yes i do

  • King_Hacks11
    King_Hacks11 Month ago

    Or maybe the hulk got out of him and have gone to someone else

  • Justin Mckinnon
    Justin Mckinnon Month ago

    The hulk is a scrall

  • Faraz B
    Faraz B Month ago

    In all this time, Thor has been able to beat Loki, ultimately. Loki isnt even mentioned in SIv and the warriors 3. Lokis statement to Thanos as hed never be a God is appropriate. Loki is ok with letting people down. Hes ok with letting go. In infinity war, he turned Thor into someone who has nothing to lose, Thanos being saf he lost Gamora, and moratalizing the hulk. Loki is the mastermind, hands down. Turn into a snake and stab u when u pick it up.

  • Ritah Birungi
    Ritah Birungi Month ago

    LOKI is not dead,LOKI =Hulk,because I think hulk is with the Asgardiand that survived Thor Ragnarok and LOKI was transferred to earth

    MLG GAMER Month ago

    Ok this theory makes sense but at the same time doesn't make sense. I mean this is Loki we are talking about tryna trick people into thinking he's dead and all. But one thing I am wondering, I get that he can copy appearances but can he also copy their powers? Like if he copied Hulk's look could he also mimick his strength? If so then the theory could hold otherwise I don't think it makes sense.

  • Arvin Nathaniel Tjong
    Arvin Nathaniel Tjong Month ago +2

    Best death : mr stark i don't wanna go mr stark

  • Indoraptor 999
    Indoraptor 999 Month ago

    Another thing, I think Valkary may have died when thanos attacked their ship.

  • Indoraptor 999
    Indoraptor 999 Month ago

    So if this theory is true, we can all say that banner never showed up in infinity war.

  • Yournarg09
    Yournarg09 Month ago

    Loki is alive because he is in the cast list for avengers endgame

  • Rising Ogre
    Rising Ogre Month ago

    Alot of times that Loki tries to control Hulk he failes.

  • Kevin Barr
    Kevin Barr Month ago

    I think banner is just not wanting to turn into the hulk again because he is scared he will never turn back into banner

  • BakedTooMuch
    BakedTooMuch Month ago

    If hulk don’t take his damn tampon out and beat on thanos in the endgame, imma be pissed

  • caleb mckay
    caleb mckay Month ago

    prof. hulk

  • David Prestholt
    David Prestholt Month ago

    hulk has became a WEEK AVENGER

  • DaanyTheWolf_
    DaanyTheWolf_ Month ago

    Loki isn't dead, and he isn't Banner. When Thanos is about to kill "Loki". There is a figure that l9oks exactly like Loki climbing away in the background. It was only the clone that was killed.

  • Bryan Swayze
    Bryan Swayze Month ago

    Its good

  • Bryan Swayze
    Bryan Swayze Month ago


  • Bryan Swayze
    Bryan Swayze Month ago

    sfefef scfsffffre

  • summon shresth
    summon shresth Month ago

    "This suit has kicked the crap out of hulk." - Loki would not know this. Also, he would not do comedy of hulk in those mass fight.

  • Queefer Mcdouchole
    Queefer Mcdouchole Month ago

    I think that banner and hulk will combine to create smart hulk like in the comics. I’d like to see that happen.

  • Sophia Clark
    Sophia Clark Month ago

    I think he is scared of thanose and died in the snap and wean they all come back ( because they will ) he will not want to or I think that Loki is alive and he stabbed thanose in the back

  • Jj Patterson
    Jj Patterson Month ago

    What if the whole movie is just one of Dr.stranges theories and none of it happened

  • Ben Kelley
    Ben Kelley Month ago

    Thanos didn't have the mind stone to tell if Loki was a projection or real.

    • Bob Monopoly
      Bob Monopoly Month ago

      If it was a projection Thanos would have not been able to choke him

  • Kevin Picil
    Kevin Picil Month ago

    But did you realize that the ones that survived are the avengers

    MPM PERU Month ago


  • Jerzy Hoyt
    Jerzy Hoyt Month ago

    I think banner was able to retain hulks memories due to the fact that hulk is beginning to evolve and become more intelligent. We see him in ragnarok able to create full sentences suggesting that he is becoming smarter. We also see him and banners relationship has altered. Banner seems to have some control over his rage monster counter part. Is there a chance that hulk and banner have developed some sort of interconnected mind?

  • I am a Kawaii potato

    Loki if this is true: HEY HEY STARK!
    Tony: What?
    Loki:I am your Hulk.
    Everyone: Le gasp.
    And if all the people who died by a snap (Peter, Strange e.t.c) was in the soul stone, would it be possible to break the soul stone and revive them?

  • Mal Sealy
    Mal Sealy Month ago

    Please....Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan talking to Banner scene. Shadow work lol

  • AnonymousBluesilver

    Lol 0:26 🤣

  • THE BO55
    THE BO55 Month ago

    You guys are all dumb the Russo brothers even confirmed this that hulk was tired of playing super heroes and solving all of banners problems so he won’t come out

  • Jenny Totterdell
    Jenny Totterdell Month ago

    Btw infinity war is m

  • Kingstyles05
    Kingstyles05 Month ago

    Banner remembers because they are bringing out professor hulk.

  • LazyTrio
    LazyTrio Month ago

    Hey, Loki is still alive. I just watched Thor: Ragnarok today. At the ending when they're on the big ship on the way to Earth. The Commodore was on top of the big ship. Loki was the last one to use the Commodore when he summoned Surtur. I have proof guys! Just watch the last part of Thor: Ragnarok where the camera is viewing the top of the big ship!! Loki fans! Loki put the Commodore there for an escape. You know what will Loki do. Peace!

  • Denver Soleil
    Denver Soleil Month ago

    Watching this in December after Tom Hiddleston low key teased that Loki would make a come back. Check his Instagram

  • KING Gamer
    KING Gamer Month ago

    Maybe since hulk was in that state for a long time that may be why he can’t remember or it could be, because they weren’t fully connected with each other and still had conflict

    • KING Gamer
      KING Gamer Month ago

      Or maybe because since they are able to talk with each other that may be another reason why he might know the facts
      They did skip the part in the movie where he tells them what happens
      But some could argue he knew as soon as they met in the small pit

  • DJDevon3
    DJDevon3 Month ago

    How did the hulk buster get out of the wall to stand in the background after the snap?

  • Jenny C.
    Jenny C. Month ago

    I mean I honestly think that Loki is alive and that he faked The whole hulk stunt because think about it the angrier are the more emotional the hulk gets the stronger he gets and he clearly wasn’t getting any stronger sooo.....

  • ElvisWardin
    ElvisWardin Month ago

    You are right it can be loki but then where is the real hulk ?? Give a like if you agree

  • Christopher Stohler

    Maybe not doing Easter eggs for infinity war. Maybe Easter eggs were excuses to introduce characters to the story to make infinity war. And last maybe infinity war is 100% (obviously a movie) logical, which I mean completely focusing on infinity war and not introducing another character to the story (besides captain marvel. Which wasn't much of an Easter egg just a teaser at the end of credits)

  • George Lucio
    George Lucio Month ago +1

    I think somehow World War Hulk is going to come out and that will be the only way to go up against Thanos

  • Ashley Gilmore
    Ashley Gilmore Month ago

    Loki is the hulk.

  • Deevil Knievel
    Deevil Knievel Month ago

    is my mommy still alive in theory time? asking for friend.

  • blaze awesomepanties
    blaze awesomepanties Month ago +2


  • 孙文江
    孙文江 2 months ago +1

    If Banner is with the other Asgardians than wouldn't Thor know that?

  • carvel vendryes
    carvel vendryes 2 months ago +1

    Or the real reason why we did not see the hulk in most of the scenes is maybe because the hulk knew that it was Loki in disguise and did not wish to aid loki in battle.....just saying

  • paige manuel
    paige manuel 2 months ago +2

    I just realized if you watch infinity war again when he’s on quils ship he explains how Thanos destroyed another world a week before so it’s possible that On the ship hulk turned back to Bruce and they spoke about Thanos that would explain why Bruce would know and makes it possible for Loki to escape a different way with the other hero’s that were in the end of Thor it’s also possible that Loki guided Thor’s body to hit quils so he wouldn’t die in space ( but that wouldnt need to happen but still a possibility)

  • Evan Andrews
    Evan Andrews 2 months ago +2

    I like your theory I do you make good evidence on both parts Banner not being able to remember what happens , but how would loki be able to fight thanos he may be able to change skins but not posses powers of the individual he changes into because if he did why didn't loki stop thors hammer in thor ragnarok if he did have the powers of odin he could have stopped it easily. PS I like the theories you come up with keep at it --------------------lemme know what you think about my comment do you agree or disagree

  • Dhwaj gupta
    Dhwaj gupta 2 months ago +1

    In one seen dr Bruce banner was trying to become hulk

  • Ismael Concepción
    Ismael Concepción 2 months ago

    Go to Avengers 1, forward to moment 00:59:00, Tony Stark & Banner conversation.

    FANBOOST 2 months ago

    Yes he would beat thanks easy
    Hulk can’t die he regenerates

  • nischith gowd
    nischith gowd 2 months ago

    Ur theory doesn’t make sense see the movie once more it might help

  • Bhanu Prasadreddy
    Bhanu Prasadreddy 2 months ago +1

    Banner remember hulk becuase there is no one to say to earth that thanos is coming.if they have silver suffer then he is the one who had told to earth and banner will be with thor

    POWER_DRAGON 1 2 months ago

    If hulk was on titan he would rip the infinity gaunlet off thanos like taking candy from a baby

  • Chubbs Words go here
    Chubbs Words go here 2 months ago

    Y'all are desperate to find any reason to figure out if Loki is alive

  • Little Fitmiss
    Little Fitmiss 2 months ago

    Well this is interesting !! But how would loki know that the red superbot kicked hulk’ s ass in a previous movie which banner ‘s clearly stated in infinity war

  • lbarbados38
    lbarbados38 2 months ago

    Loki is hawwwwwwwwwwwwt

  • My Side of Youtube
    My Side of Youtube 2 months ago +1

    Better writing would be that he is Loki and if not it shows that they're not good writers for the fact that Bruce is inconsistent with what he knows or doesn't know.

  • fungamer xbox one.
    fungamer xbox one. 2 months ago +1

    Thanos used the reality stone to "kill" loki. And when hulk had been transported he abosored the dark power that himdel used

  • Sourabh Raja
    Sourabh Raja 2 months ago +6

    How has anyone not mentioned the SHOULD WE BOW TO HIM part when banner reaches Wakanda. Who in the entire Marvel universe thinks that one should bow to a King....ofcourse holy freaking LOKI cause that's what he thinks what people should do to a king. Does anyone not remember Avengers 1 where he asks people to kneel down.. Bow to him. It is LOKI and not banner on earth. Banner as Hulk is with valkeri. Or heidol sent banner to somewhere else while LOKI crashed on earth pretending to be banner.

  • LookRS
    LookRS 2 months ago +1

    What is the name of the piano track at 1:47? I've been searching for the name of that song for years.

  • Rik Fulton
    Rik Fulton 2 months ago

    Hulk is a week cat

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago +2

    Maybe he's a Skrull.

  • Esteban Flores
    Esteban Flores 2 months ago +3

    I don't think the whole "Loki is Banner/Hulk" theory works ONLY because Heimdall would have noticed it. Heimdall sees absolutely everything. If Heimdall was transporting Loki disguised as Hulk to NY then I am sure we would have seen something.

  • the oneills
    the oneills 2 months ago

    Why didn't he just turn into thanos

  • Ned Neddy
    Ned Neddy 2 months ago

    I have a really good theory... If the Hulk that was fighting Thanos was Hulk himself he was not fighting like Hulk would so I would say that was Loki in the Hulk trying to fight him but does not have the skill as the Hulk and he was in banner the whole movie

  • Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval 2 months ago +3

    This was confirmed that Loki indeed is dead.

  • Jay P.
    Jay P. 2 months ago

    If the Hulk doesn't return for Avengers 4 Im gonna do something regrettable. Hulks battle scenes are the bet in the MCU. It's not really even close. His short fist fight with Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War sick. He better be back

  • Kris Bishop
    Kris Bishop 2 months ago

    IDK about Loki but I do think that was really Banner struggling with the Hulk. My theory is that their internal battle could be dealt with in Doctor Strange 2. The villain in that is Nightmare and it could be an adaptation of Where Monsters Dwell animated movie. That would also open the door for the Paranormal Containment Unit.

  • Sophia Santos
    Sophia Santos 2 months ago

    They can't kill off Loki, he has too many fangirls.

  • A.M. Sport
    A.M. Sport 2 months ago

    Thanos F9ed the Hulk!!