INFINITY WAR - Where Was Hulk? (Loki = Banner Theory EXPLAINED!)

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War Hulk Loki Theory! Why didn't Hulk come out in Infinity War? Was he scared of Thanos? Was his confidence shaken? Does he hold a grudge against Earth? Or is it possible that he wasn't Bruce Banner / Hulk at all... but Loki (not dead) in disguise? Erik Voss explains Hulk's motives in Avengers Infinity War and why the theory that Loki is still alive and disguising himself as Banner is gaining support.
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  • Andy The Creator
    Andy The Creator 6 hours ago

    Let the half remain dead...ENTER FRANK CASTLE.
    Watch ALL of the modern films, Frank seems to like orange U-Haul trucks.

  • GreenSinger Roblox
    GreenSinger Roblox 14 hours ago

    I hope Loki's alive ;c

  • Midnite Sensei
    Midnite Sensei Day ago

    Well no duh Bruce Banner doesn’t remember anything Ultron was 2 years ago, Bruce just got back to Earth and it was only a few minutes

  • 59BigWalt
    59BigWalt Day ago

    Dr. Banner needs some martial art classes. He was just a brute, Thanks has skills. But, the comics actually leads Hulk's great rage makes him infinitely stronger anyone else. Plus the comics has Hulk besting Thanos more than once.

  • test jer
    test jer 2 days ago

    I think Gamora's death is real because if not then how did thanos get the soulstone, while loki on the other hand is the god of mischief, he has many transformation tricks and capabilities and there was no proof of loki actually being dead. Either way i really hope loki doesnt die, he's my favourite 😂

  • Musa Rahman
    Musa Rahman 2 days ago +1

    Didn’t banner say that if he transforms again then he would never transform again

  • Gizelle L
    Gizelle L 4 days ago

    "No resurrections this time." might mean no resurrection because Loki is not really dead, so what is there to resurrect?

  • My old YouTube Account Got Deleted IM NOT LYING

    I feel like every time we see Loki “die” he always fakes it and appears in the next Thor movie or Avengers movie just saying :PPP

  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston 5 days ago

    Okhow does everyone know that half of the asgardian ship survived like there isnt any proof

    SAVAGE BOI ANGEL 5 days ago

    I think hulk was acting shy cause he lost for the first time. EVER. Hes scared now. He got showed the truth

  • jakemystir
    jakemystir 5 days ago +1

    Another reason why thanos said no tricks or resurrections is possibly because Loki is working for thanos in the background because in the comics Loki is apart of the black order and all the black order is killed from what we have seen so it might be possible that Loki is apart of the black order still working for thanos what do you think?

  • Anime Fanitic
    Anime Fanitic 6 days ago

    Incase anyone has forgotten, if they end up wanting to bring loki and gamora back, theres the reality stone that Thanos used to bring vision back to life just so he can have the mind stone.....OR HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN THAT?!

  • theo bhebe
    theo bhebe 6 days ago

    This theory completely makes sense because Bruce banner wouldn't not turn into hulk he's never had that problem and Loki can't transform into hulk Hense why Bruce/Loki couldn't become hulk on earth in thinking hulk wasn't at his full strength as it wasn't actually him and when he is unleashed along with the rest and captain marvel in part 2 they will find a way to end thanos

  • James Holloway
    James Holloway 7 days ago

    The eye rocket gave Thor was odins as an experiment the champion that took odins eye was trying to restore it to reveal his power hence why even though it is mechanical it functions normally... Loki was never able to fool or on as much as he tried however Thor has always been a warrior over tactition which is why when "banner" was in the hulk buster he still kept up the hulk facade, he could sense the presence of odins power and alot of lokis power was enhanced by the teseract so when he gave that up he needed time to shapeshift twice... Doctor strange and Loki both have very big roles in the Adam Warlock saga (Post Thanos) although very emotional also the last trick up his sleave in terms of cheating death

  • Tyler Olinger
    Tyler Olinger 7 days ago

    If you destroy the time stone, would you destroy allof time?

  • Destiny Agnew
    Destiny Agnew 7 days ago

    YEEESSSSS! LOKIS ALIVE!!😂😆😆😆😭😭😭😭 *Happy tears*

  • M Boss
    M Boss 8 days ago

    We're is hulk then

  • King Majora Grimborn
    King Majora Grimborn 8 days ago +1

    I'm sorry when you compared Loki and gomoras deaths it looked like they were together.

    BABY ASAHD 8 days ago

    Hulk got his ass kicked in Ragnarok

  • King Majora Grimborn
    King Majora Grimborn 8 days ago +1

    Nice Video

  • King Majora Grimborn
    King Majora Grimborn 8 days ago +1

    Yah Loki Faked his Death again.

  • Too Much HyP3
    Too Much HyP3 9 days ago

    I thought it was obvious. Hulk doesn't like Earth. Therefore, he will not come out while bruce is on Earth

  • Cj Lane
    Cj Lane 9 days ago

    Hulk is powerful enough to beat thanos so they didnt put him in

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 9 days ago

    what about banner's private talks with hulk?

  • Haya Copter
    Haya Copter 9 days ago

    I like the theory, but I don't really buy it. I saw someone else's comment theorizing that Loki had used Hulk as a distraction to escape, with the "Loki" being killed was another illusion or something of the like
    I don't buy it or disregard it, I just find it interesting

  • Jello Luke
    Jello Luke 10 days ago +3

    Or maybe Banner heard and saw what happened before transforming into the Hulk?

  • Cole Tollett
    Cole Tollett 11 days ago

    Loki is an Asgardian who has magical prowess greater than even Odin, and as an Asgardian he possesses enhanced strength and durability. So he is strong enough to at least get a few good hits in on Thanos, and he can easily trick anyone he wants to. Also Hulk would have been able to go toe to toe with Thanos even if he had three or four infinity stones. Hulk would get angrier and angrier as the fight went on, and Thanos would slowly start losing to him. Anyone heard of Worldbreaker Hulk? Yeah he would kill Thanos

  • becomeonewith franksblinds

    But.... I want Loki back

  • Twill cha_kma
    Twill cha_kma 12 days ago

    Another theory is that,
    When Thor enter Wakanda, Banner (loki) was the most happiest one because only loki knows the real power of thor that came feom Ragnarok and Banner will not remember about Thor's power since he was hulk.
    How is it ?

  • Justin Van Trump
    Justin Van Trump 13 days ago

    In the comics hulk could actually communicate with Banner

  • Beau Runicles
    Beau Runicles 15 days ago

    i thought thanos killed all the asgardians not just half. doesnt thor say that they are all dead?

  • PixelHD666
    PixelHD666 15 days ago

    Nope. Totally impossible. How would Loki know about all the things Banner knows about? Why would he talk to himself and pretend to try becoming the Hulk when he was all by himself? How would he have been strong enough to not instantly die against Thanos?

  • Waylon Pettittwaylon
    Waylon Pettittwaylon 15 days ago

    Where is korg tho?

  • BlessedBlade
    BlessedBlade 16 days ago

    And you have to remember that Bruce Banner told Thor in Ragnarok that if he was to change back to the Hulk again to fight his sister he would stay the Hulk forever. When Heimdal transported the Hulk to earth he was Bruce Banner when he arrived. Hulk should not have changed back to Bruce. LOKI is Alive!

  • Henry Teccsi
    Henry Teccsi 16 days ago

    Who here wants to learn about God?

  • Pro Riot
    Pro Riot 16 days ago

    Hulk and Loki are protecting the asgardians

  • General AkAbA
    General AkAbA 16 days ago +3

    I think Loki is not dead because his character will end in the last avengers movie probably he will mask himself as gamora as a child(Thanos only weakness) and the other avengers will kick Thanos but meanwhile he is crying seeing Loki masked as gamora

  • Haru Saki
    Haru Saki 16 days ago

    no it's because he's on earth so he dont want to..
    remember when he said " earth hates Hulk " in thor Ragnarok?

  • Jordy Zuniga
    Jordy Zuniga 17 days ago

    Why wouldn’t they not put the real hulk in the movie that would have been so much more help if he fought

  • Isabel Ames
    Isabel Ames 17 days ago +3

    i get that we want loki alive i’m with u on that but this is a bit far fetched don’t ya think

  • Ryan Pennock
    Ryan Pennock 17 days ago

    Hulk can’t die if Bruce doesn’t die so that theory he said at the end can’t be true

  • terrashavon
    terrashavon 17 days ago

    Banner had a little bit of hold on the Hulk before he got to sacar actually. He literally said it was like they both had each side of the steering wheel but when they were in sacar he was just gone completely

    • terrashavon
      terrashavon 17 days ago

      But I do love the theory of the Hulk actually being Loki

  • Yuan Bae
    Yuan Bae 17 days ago

    It will be great if the story is reversed and some twist and loki is alive and revive all and add wolverine resurrection becoz the infinity is worst script

  • Cindy Carnes
    Cindy Carnes 18 days ago

    Another theory regarding banner being unable to transform into Hulk: hulk had two or more years on Sakkar, maybe the first time he’s been able to be have relationships. He might not know that Valkyrie is alive and he might be morning Valkyrie. Which might be why he won’t come out.

  • Romeo Smith
    Romeo Smith 18 days ago

    Loki was not Hulk/Banner. If Loki was sent to earth as Hulk, his "projection" as people are saying would not be there to attempt to knife Thanos.

  • Stephen Wuisan
    Stephen Wuisan 18 days ago

    One plot hole. Banner was keep trying to push Hulk out when nobody is around (inside the hulkbuster or slapping himself), if Banner was Loki, why he had to do all that stupid stuff when nobody’s around?😂

  • Too Cold
    Too Cold 18 days ago

    This is 100% bull honk

    JACOB WENSE 18 days ago

    Thanos: RAGE *punches computer* Hulk.exe has stopped working

  • 2Dtardeds
    2Dtardeds 18 days ago

    loki can only replicate imagery as a form of deception/illusion but cannot replicate powers. A Loki disguised as the hulk; is the hulk not being able to lift a car
    What we saw was the real hulk throwing heavy movements against thanos. If it was Loki then first of all he won't be able to push/thanos against the wall and second those punches would've hurt Loki's hand

  • bgshok :D
    bgshok :D 18 days ago


  • Kurt Morris
    Kurt Morris 19 days ago

    I think Hulk was to powerful and would conceivably finish thanos off to quickly to create a full movie so the directors had to come up with a respectable way to keep Hulk out of the movie much like the Justice league found a way to keep superman out of the recent Justice league movie by killing him in the Batman Vs. Superman movie before and taking half of the movie to bring him back. We saw how powerful Superman was and had he been alive from the get go, he would have taken out steppinwolf before he even got started and thus would not have been a realistic way of giving us a full length movie.

  • Tim Noftsinger
    Tim Noftsinger 19 days ago

    I may be mistaken, and I will have to pay attention to this when I rewatch all the movies. But Loki's projections are just projections, which means they cannot be touched or interact with the world around them. It is why Thor throws things at him in Ragnarok, and when it hits him or passes through him he knows if it is him or not.
    So Thanos couldn't choke a projection.
    Also if The Hulk was Loki, Heimdal rainbow bridges him towards earth, and the projection of Loki is still on the ship? I don't think we have seen how far loki's projections work, but it seems like you're overpowering him a bit if he can do that. I believe the shadow moving in the background being Loki is more viable than Loki being The Hulk.
    Fun theory though, very clever.

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 20 days ago

    Right at the end of the video, we see the original trailer with the Hulk, Cap and Black Panther etc., which was never part of the movie. I think Hulk might not have been part of the movie at all just like Hawkeye and it was indeed Loki disguised as Hulk. Hulk never faced Thanos with the reality stone on him to reveal (the real) Loki, so we might get to see him (Hulk) in the next version of the movie. Also, most of the characters from the Ragnarok movie are missing. I think they are with Valkyre and Hulk safely somewhere. Just Saying..

  • Channelation_ AGI
    Channelation_ AGI 20 days ago

    He is still banner but maybe Loki is inside of banner that's why the personality of hulk can't let out

  • Isaaic Reyes
    Isaaic Reyes 20 days ago

    Ok now I want a HULK Rocky movie with thanos being the villain

  • Isaaic Reyes
    Isaaic Reyes 20 days ago

    Let's face hulk probably will comeback

  • Spasm Fox
    Spasm Fox 20 days ago +14

    Loki in Avengers 1: We have an army
    Loki in Avengers 3: We have a hulk.

    • Melle.s
      Melle.s 7 days ago +1

      Loki in avengers 5: we have a hulk army

  • German Blackbird
    German Blackbird 20 days ago

    Maybe Hulk can decide if Bruce knows what happend when he was Hulk?
    Just a Theory

  • Karson With A K
    Karson With A K 21 day ago

    It’s Loki. When “Hulk” was unconscious he had blood all over his face. Banner didn’t. This is because Loki just changed forms instead of the actual transformation. Also, Hulk was unconscious-how did he wake up?

  • Alfred Rapacon
    Alfred Rapacon 21 day ago

    Pretty sure #Loki IS still alive. I mean, he does have the power of Possession (like what he did to lady Sif in the comics), and he possessed Bruce Banner/Hulk when he got teleported through the Bifrost. lol
    #LokiIsAlive #LokiNOTDead

  • Osama Bin Liftin
    Osama Bin Liftin 21 day ago

    I would be pretty pissed if loki was hulk

  • Nikhil D S
    Nikhil D S 21 day ago

    If banner is loki then how could he know about the extraction of mindstone from vision's head. Check 1:32 in the movie

  • Madzhie Khethani Darryl

    Me: Then Who is Loki?
    Me again: I'll do you one better, Why is Loki?

  • Harrison Liang
    Harrison Liang 21 day ago

    0:16 best impression of hulk lol

  • M. Shukry
    M. Shukry 21 day ago

    I promise you brother, the sun will shine on us again, the last words from loki to thor. Quite similar to as when the hulk needed to be calm down by black widow. Coincidence?

  • Aydengm Playz
    Aydengm Playz 21 day ago

    hulk wouldnt have faded to dust because he is created by gamma rays he is not like a certain type of being

  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly 22 days ago

    Also when they’re in the asgardian refugee ship Loki just disappears for a bit.

  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly 22 days ago

    I like this one! I just rewatched the movie and i do think it’s possible and hope it’s real. I noticed even after Thanos says “no resurrections” Thor says “I think he might still be alive” in the sanctum Bruce know everything about thanos. But he wouldn’t have because he doesn’t remember stuff that happens when he was Hulk and all The reasons in this video.

  • Loki Trickster
    Loki Trickster 22 days ago

    So it is fine for someone as smart as Loki to just walk up to someone with 2 infinity stones and try and poke him with a dagger? That's good storytelling? The death in the dark world seemed final too.

  • Jade Peligro
    Jade Peligro 22 days ago

    what about the reality stone? couldnt thanos use it to see tricks like the dr.strange's clones?

  • Alexander Nguyen
    Alexander Nguyen 22 days ago

    Or maybe hulk and banner can talk to each other like when banner begged hulk to come out and he said no

  • Curtis Elmore
    Curtis Elmore 22 days ago

    I like this theory. It's better than mine, that Hulk had a contract dispute and just refused to do certain scenes.

  • Lil YoungGucci
    Lil YoungGucci 22 days ago

    This video was lit

  • jojos bizarre channel
    jojos bizarre channel 23 days ago

    This is what happens when you go full retard.

  • emilia str
    emilia str 23 days ago

    am I the only one thinking that hulk looks 10 years younger in ragnarok than in avengers 1 and 2?

  • Mali Symphony
    Mali Symphony 23 days ago

    That was a good one.

  • M Finn
    M Finn 23 days ago

    Most likely Ruffalo wanted more screen time for his real face.

  • sam amber
    sam amber 23 days ago

    Spiderman was the worst death ever

  • Roy Muswere
    Roy Muswere 24 days ago

    By the way, why do we have The Hulk running in full force with the other Avengers during the Battle in Wakanda(from the trailers, like in the end of this video) yet we never saw him in the movie 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tom Barton
    Tom Barton 24 days ago

    Loki actually died in dark world and the one represented in ragnarok and infinity war is a skrull

  • Hirai Momo램 크루즈

    They are making this vids for money

  • thenight _assassin
    thenight _assassin 24 days ago

    Untill you realize that the loki that was kill was banner plot twist!?! Also everyone can cheat their way from death with the gauntlet

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson 24 days ago

    The "no resurrections this time" might have meant that, when Thanos found Loki originally, after the first thor movie, he was dead.

  • edwin zamora
    edwin zamora 24 days ago

    I think Hulk is not the problem, i think banner is the problem why hulk did not showup. I remember in the first avengers, banner said to captain america his secret for becoming the hulk, bcoz banner is always angry. Now in infinity war if you will notice when banner fell in dr strange place, the way banner speak or telling them how powerfull thanos is, banner is showing fear from thanos, even from the rest of the avengers, you can see that banner is afraid of thanos, thats why hulk is not showing, bcoz banner is not angry his afraid.

  • Sol Shalem
    Sol Shalem 24 days ago

    Dr strange would have known!!! Don’t you remember he knew where Loki was at all times. Ragnarok.

  • Aine Niland
    Aine Niland 25 days ago

    Valkyrie is dead 💀 .Look closely at the start of the infinity war and you will see a person with a Mohawk dead .

  • CaptinWolf
    CaptinWolf 25 days ago

    Loki is the god of Mischief you never know

  • Mecha Moa
    Mecha Moa 25 days ago

    I won't lie, that would be amazing if the Loki=Bruce theory was confirmed.

  • Lucas Reynolds
    Lucas Reynolds 25 days ago

    Antman can time travel back and hulk can actually see that he is a big deal for the avengers

  • Jamie Thynne
    Jamie Thynne 25 days ago

    And why did Banner not say anything to Nat??

    LONESOMECOIN GBL 25 days ago

    So what happend to real banner ?

  • Isaiah Torres
    Isaiah Torres 25 days ago

    It would open more holes if anything if Loki was hulk

  • RC 5052
    RC 5052 25 days ago

    First, Hulk didn't come out because he was tired of dealing with Banners problems, the directors stated that in the commentary. Secondly, this Loki theory is ridiculous. He's not Hulk for multiple reasons, I thought it was clear lol

  • Nolan Hidaka
    Nolan Hidaka 25 days ago

    Heimdall is very well known for seeing everything, sending messages to people miles away and transporting people across the galaxy. So I’m assuming that Heimdall both transferred Hulk to earth and left Banner with his dying message.

  • Miguel Gaming
    Miguel Gaming 25 days ago

    I think that banner wasn't angry enough to unleash the hulk and hulk would've been helpful in battle with tony and dr.strange because hulk could've took the gauntlet right off easly

  • [ RavenNinja12 ]
    [ RavenNinja12 ] 26 days ago

    I honestly would like loki to be alive. Mainly because I love the character.

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 26 days ago

    Hulk won't come out because he might be afraid of thanos

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 26 days ago

    I think Loki made a clone of himself which was the one who died.

  • KingMasterMind VinnieX333

    Yes my answer was yes

  • KingMasterMind VinnieX333

    Hulk is Afraid of Thanos