Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Halle Berry & Anjelica Huston

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • James invites his esteemed guests, Anjelica Huston, and Halle Berry, to partake in a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, where each takes turns to make a simple choice: answer the very personal question posed to them truthfully, or eat whatever is in front of them. Some of the foods they'll face include turkey testicles, bull penis, and beetle nachos.
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Comments • 3 608

  • Emily Pich
    Emily Pich 59 minutes ago

    The amount of times James ate that cow tongue

  • QuasarOne
    QuasarOne 7 hours ago

    Turkey testicles and Cow tongue actually look alright....

  • Shequita Brown
    Shequita Brown 7 hours ago

    I dont believe they are actually eating wat is on the card. They jus prepped it to look as such

  • Edwine 21
    Edwine 21 Day ago +1

    12:17 literally Hawkeye and black widow

  • The Z Meister
    The Z Meister Day ago +1

    Deffo Kevin hart

  • Ashton Dale
    Ashton Dale 2 days ago

    I definitelyyyy agree w/ Jamesss, this part of the game had the mosttt bestttt guesss everrrrr😍😍 it was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Zak the PENGUIN
    Zak the PENGUIN 2 days ago

    The way he says “nachos” it’s pronounced naw-chos

  • no way
    no way 2 days ago

    I love her laugh

  • no way
    no way 2 days ago

    one of the funnier actually

  • Denise Pendergrass
    Denise Pendergrass 3 days ago

    These women are so awesome!! I have never seen anyone just eat without spitting it out immediately lol

  • Christian Edwards
    Christian Edwards 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Halle!

  • MsAmburrito
    MsAmburrito 3 days ago

    James makes the cow tongue look good the way he just digs into it LOL

  • 72 weeks
    72 weeks 3 days ago

    Kay Williams and Kevin heart

  • Oscar
    Oscar 3 days ago

    Can we please get Simon Cowell on here??

  • Justin Bradley
    Justin Bradley 3 days ago

    Apparently Angelica Huston has never seen “Catwoman” lmao

  • The V Club
    The V Club 4 days ago +1

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively would be perfect for this game

  • Matt Kern
    Matt Kern 5 days ago

    Ya Catwoman is when u we're high lol

  • Lotfi Dellys
    Lotfi Dellys 5 days ago

    One use to be he went to jail she meant Wesley Snipes

  • Martha Tedla
    Martha Tedla 5 days ago

    ngl id be down to try those nachos

  • Chris B
    Chris B 5 days ago

    James already used on eating tongue. It's actually not bad! Here in Philippines we have a special dish for the tongue that we called lengua estofado that we inherit from Spanish people. It's actually one of my favorite dish. And also a special and quite pricey dish

  • Agimus78
    Agimus78 5 days ago +2

    Halle look so gorgeous!! 😍😍

  • sammi carpenter
    sammi carpenter 6 days ago

    is it bad i wanna try the cheeto smoothie

  • michael randall
    michael randall 6 days ago

    What a splendid time time that was.

  • Luis D. Amézquita
    Luis D. Amézquita 7 days ago

    The cow tongue has become an actual dinner plate for James.

  • PapaBurger64
    PapaBurger64 7 days ago

    Dude both of them helped make John wick 3 fuc***g awesome!

  • Family first!! Aden
    Family first!! Aden 7 days ago

    If Tom Holland was on here he would say

    “James, I don’t feel so good”

  • Javy Perez
    Javy Perez 8 days ago

    I thought Halle would have said Catwoman 😅

  • loveee bitchess
    loveee bitchess 8 days ago

    this game sucks because they never actually answer like I'm just watching 13 minutes of them watching disgusting shit , if i wanted to do tht ill just go to my white friends family dinner

  • kalaika69
    kalaika69 9 days ago

    Halle berry she’s talking about Eddie Murphy and Wesley snipes

    AWESOMENISH 10 days ago

    Love for my Morticia

  • hiteshkumar patel
    hiteshkumar patel 10 days ago


  • Maximiliano Ferreyra
    Maximiliano Ferreyra 11 days ago

    Cow tongue is actually good

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy 11 days ago

    Some people just get sexier with age. Halle is just a goddess

  • Soulstar Musiclover
    Soulstar Musiclover 11 days ago

    And that would be Eddie Murphy

  • Superslime 38
    Superslime 38 11 days ago

    Do it with Taylor swift

  • James Rippy
    James Rippy 11 days ago


  • Use Coffee
    Use Coffee 12 days ago

    Do this with Cardi!!!!!

  • jb82 82
    jb82 82 12 days ago

    It's Robert Downey jr. Bet. Halle wouldn't work with him again. I think she's actually said it a long time ago in an interview

  • ALLY S
    ALLY S 12 days ago

    I love how jack Nicholson comes up and Anjelica goes straight to the bulls penis.

  • Styles
    Styles 12 days ago

    Halle Berry looks so beautiful

  • Kevin Alfaro
    Kevin Alfaro 13 days ago +2

    Angelica has vibes! Shes dope and Halle berry omg what a woman!!

  • Niño Charls Ministerio

    "I do, THRUST ME"

  • Phil Ippolito
    Phil Ippolito 14 days ago

    Is anyone else wondering when the next Spill your guts or Fill your guts skit is coming up? It’s been 2 months :( I want more!!!!!!!!!

  • Macey Colt (Student)
    Macey Colt (Student) 14 days ago +1

    Do this with the Stranger Things kids

  • Rickachu
    Rickachu 14 days ago +2

    Angelica Huston: I volunteer as tribute

  • Vector- Pubg Mobile
    Vector- Pubg Mobile 15 days ago

    This game should be ending people's careers

  • s mcb
    s mcb 15 days ago

    I'll try the whole menu if Halle reveals all!!

  • DJ.TK.Kobra.17
    DJ.TK.Kobra.17 15 days ago

    At least RDJ has slowly change for the better :3

  • Grace Morrison
    Grace Morrison 15 days ago

    halle is fire pretty wow

  • Luis
    Luis 15 days ago

    6:04 reminds me of a video I once watched.

  • Zhar Borneo
    Zhar Borneo 16 days ago +1

    "Could be anybody" i really like james accent 😂

  • ImJustV
    ImJustV 16 days ago

    He actually enjoys the cow tounge..well it seems like it

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan 16 days ago

    Halle Berry was the only snacc on that table

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face 17 days ago

    I wish she had that thought about Rich Man's wife on Monsters Ball. It was disgusting.

  • Abby Cokeley 아비
    Abby Cokeley 아비 18 days ago +1

    God making Halle berry
    "Going to need acting talent full glass."
    "Needs 2 table spoons kindness"
    "A shot of determination. Yes yes"
    "And finally- a glass of skin aging that all people need." *spills on table*

  • Julian Gómez Da Luz
    Julian Gómez Da Luz 18 days ago

    What about Keanu inmortal Reeves for this game?Like if you want him to play

  • Nightcore Bloodcore
    Nightcore Bloodcore 18 days ago +1

    John wick 3 was so amazing I can't wait for part 4

  • Sanjyot Pote
    Sanjyot Pote 18 days ago

    Halle Berry is 52! damn she looks like 30

  • Ryma Racabre
    Ryma Racabre 18 days ago

    Really though... Cow tongue is so good especially when cooked as lengua de gato.

  • The Brenn
    The Brenn 18 days ago

    the last thing he eats its a delicacy from romania.. and its so good. its just meat...

  • J D
    J D 19 days ago +1

    "Was I high?" "Was I smoking crack?" Lmfao 🤣🤣 ...when I said yes ???

  • Sean Hayrup
    Sean Hayrup 19 days ago

    The TheXvid update has if you have viewed it

  • Sydberg
    Sydberg 19 days ago

    4:10 must be Keanu Reeves.

  • Jason Sailer
    Jason Sailer 19 days ago

    There's no way I would eat that.

  • jck1794
    jck1794 19 days ago

    how does halle still look like she's 21

  • Steve L
    Steve L 20 days ago

    Halle Berry is so damn fine. I wish she was as stable in the head though. #freeBritney

  • Juan Pablo Hernández

    Can we all agree that very single guest at this game is better at it than James?

  • Brendan Murray
    Brendan Murray 21 day ago

    @4:03 shes totally talking about Tom Cruise

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 21 day ago

    Come on Don't Give him a *Cow Tongue* That's James's favorite dish in Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts

  • Chloe The sparkly unicorn

    Plz do one with Tom Holland

  • Montana Pingel
    Montana Pingel 21 day ago

    please do this with lana parrilla craig ferguson showed she got some balls when it comes to gros stuff

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion 22 days ago

    When she says "It's okay"..... 😂😂😂😂

  • Peter Horus
    Peter Horus 22 days ago

    Oh come on please... Don't be such a wimp! You can get that pork jelly at most butchers all across Europe. It's just regular food...

  • Tammie Cowan
    Tammie Cowan 22 days ago

    She could've said anyone to not have to eat it and told them later lol but also she Literally Could've and Should've just named a person that passed, obviously that's a person you will never work with again!! Duh.... Work smarter not harder lmao but Gosh she's so stunningly beautiful STILL!!!

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith 22 days ago

    I’m taking Anjelica over Halle