Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
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Comments • 3 928

  • southsidemikevlogs
    southsidemikevlogs 5 hours ago

    My hard drive just makes a clicking sound it fell off my desk

  • GorgeGeorg
    GorgeGeorg 20 hours ago

    Why de/re solder the ROM chip? Just get SPI programmer, read in the old 'BIOS' info from the chip, save it, and replace it onto the new board.

  • Shawon Mobarak Hossain

    background sound is nice.

  • MjrCinnaminBun
    MjrCinnaminBun 3 days ago

    I need to bring my external hard drive to a professional. My computer can't recognize it at all and I have photos on it. I tried everything

  • CopBlock Hot Springs

    Looked like norton's disk doctor

  • Jekkuu
    Jekkuu 7 days ago

    I think our pc's Hard drive got corrupted by virus 😭 can it still be recovered?

    • rizzle razzleuno
      rizzle razzleuno 2 days ago

      If the drive still works a program like R-Studio can recover the files and then you move them to a different drive, format the drive that has the virus and put the files back (but keep the copy as a back up and put the files in the cloud). Have you tried virus removal software? That may be all you need.

  • milesharrison
    milesharrison 7 days ago

    5:15 - That panic as Linus just scratches the metal of one drive across the PCB of the other... "Yeah, they look(ed) perfect."

  • TheRetroGamer
    TheRetroGamer 7 days ago

    What program did you use for imaging?

  • Gerry Tiongco
    Gerry Tiongco 11 days ago


  • shamas parvez
    shamas parvez 11 days ago

    hello sir can you tell me best data recovery soft wears

    • rizzle razzleuno
      rizzle razzleuno 2 days ago

      Google it....there are at least 1/2 dozen good ones. He showed R-Studio, which is one of the best.

  • Pabio Floner
    Pabio Floner 12 days ago

    Or, you just pirate some data recovery software and let it do its job

  • Christine Deepa
    Christine Deepa 12 days ago

    What? Pay to eat the shit eaten by SHIT? When it goes to shit. It becomes shit. So let shit,shit and eat all shit

  • Jay R
    Jay R 14 days ago

    how do i get the files off my dead drive ? it wont power on either . help ?

  • Jaskaran Shekhon
    Jaskaran Shekhon 14 days ago

    What happens if you electrocute an SSD by "accident"?

  • Veikra
    Veikra 14 days ago

    thanks to you I didnt spend 1000$ on data recovery, i spent 10000$ on tools

  • MrSound
    MrSound 15 days ago

    Having SSD in your computer and watching this from ytb recommendation...

  • bricology
    bricology 16 days ago

    Watching this dude leaves me exhausted!

  • riopato2009
    riopato2009 16 days ago

    Does Linus's gesticulations make anyone nervous? So many moments where he could've bumped a fragile hard drive as it spins.

  • R D
    R D 17 days ago

    is this a tutorial or marketing video? too much blah-blah-blah and beating around the bush...

  • whisperingsage
    whisperingsage 18 days ago

    Would switching to an SSD solve some of these problems?

    • paul tester
      paul tester 18 days ago

      It would definitely change things - as in, your options would be massively reduced. Mechanical drives are MUCH friendlier when it comes to disaster recovery.

  • whisperingsage
    whisperingsage 18 days ago

    I worked in a SMALL hospital that had the laminar cabinet, they called it a reverse vacuum. And they used it to mix meds into IV bags.

  • GG2K7AU05
    GG2K7AU05 19 days ago

    Fuck mechanical drives. Never buy them again.

  • Philippe Yamagata
    Philippe Yamagata 20 days ago

    What song is playing at18:00 ?
    It's very good

  • Omar F. Rodriguez Morales

    Linus can send you my drive? I dropped it accidentally, my computer recognises there is an USB device connected but no filesystem is mounted, scenario number 5 perhaps?

  • This Izit
    This Izit 22 days ago +1

    5:09 wasn't the guy a bit scared? XD

  • ownerfate
    ownerfate 22 days ago

    That 2 slot drive dock on the desk looks like a toaster...

  • arisig
    arisig 23 days ago

    why am i not seeing a Linux here?

  • Truth Humanity
    Truth Humanity 24 days ago

    Stupid background music ruins the experience.

  • Francisco Villagomez
    Francisco Villagomez 27 days ago

    Will this work for iphone data loss? I have some pictures that have not been backed up but are super valuable. My phone got stuck on a bootloop and have been told that it is likely a software error and that my data is likely gone. Any suggestions on where I can send my device?

  • ZigSputnik
    ZigSputnik 28 days ago

    Mine's got a mental problem.

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio 28 days ago

    "Doesn't just die" *Hahaha, My friend, you forget that everything I love dies...* Fuck, now I'm sad again.

  • Boam Boam
    Boam Boam 28 days ago

    poor sound voice muffled

  • Boam Boam
    Boam Boam 28 days ago

    poor sound voice muffled

  • Robin Khlop
    Robin Khlop 29 days ago

    I've got a late 90's PC and I can hear the herd drive softly clicking every time I turn it on, but the drive still works, though not reliable.

  • Killian Walsh
    Killian Walsh 29 days ago

    Hey... what process or software should I use for a drive that has had its data deleted... but has not been overwritten - the data is still on the HDD... i just cant access it. How do I get it back? Does Disk Imager 4 do that for me?

  • Errol Mc
    Errol Mc Month ago

    Nice Video

  • Sonia Carrico
    Sonia Carrico Month ago

    Geez guys where is the LOVE?! the guy is doing something useful for all of us! Show some support!


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    Sir my wd-2TB external hard drive recovery possible ?
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  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 Month ago

    00:56 (Best Ash/Army of Darkness voice mode on> "What.. the ...helllllll.....?!"

  • Kenny's Bus Drawings

    is teryn a boy or a girl

  • jake Mate
    jake Mate Month ago

    Is the guy polish and is his name jarek?

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy Month ago

    Good timing to see this show up again on my TheXvid list. Just had a drive fail... with the dreaded click.

  • Mike Peace
    Mike Peace Month ago

    Hey Linus, this is amazing. I have my personal experience of data loss when my hard drive partition became raw. But yes I used the third-party software name Stellar Data Recovery. I bought it for $49 and fortunately, I recovered my data. Because not everyone is so technical but the information you share I appreciate it!! :)

  • MR Tech
    MR Tech Month ago +2

    That data recovery business looks very sketchy especially at 0:46 !

  • nadir tube
    nadir tube Month ago

    Could they restore after wipe hdd with DoD 5220.22-M ?

  • omar al-kadhi
    omar al-kadhi Month ago

    SoOoOoOoOoOo much drama there!! ,,, and a huge advertisement.

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  • Robi1969 Gaming
    Robi1969 Gaming Month ago

    Today my 1tb hard drive controller failed the work

  • johnny chang
    johnny chang Month ago

    Does installing the drive in certain positions like sideways, PCB down or up help to prevent certain kind of mechanical failures?

  • V-Jose Playing Card Archive

    Oh yes, very DIY, geez

  • Osama Atallah
    Osama Atallah Month ago

    Can you walk me through the detailed steps coz my HDD doesn't respond at all as no power there

  • Mad Artz Graphics
    Mad Artz Graphics Month ago

    Thanks man. Was about to format the shit out of my spare HDD. Didn't know this one exist.

  • Sean Dogg
    Sean Dogg Month ago

    Or just use recoverit software..

  • Andres Valdevit
    Andres Valdevit Month ago

    Damn Linus you look like crap, what's up with those red eyes?

  • Richard Abraham
    Richard Abraham 2 months ago

    What if it is an ssd?

  • Deivedux
    Deivedux 2 months ago

    ...or just back up your drive on a cloud and get a new one to use? That works too, imo.

  • Danmagnamius
    Danmagnamius 2 months ago

    I've coped without my Windows XP data for 10 years, I think the HDD's will be going to heaven.

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 2 months ago

    My hard disk was corrected but i want data u can recover it contact me 9790197099