Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
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    RapidSpar is the first cloud-driven device built to help IT generalists and other non-specialized users recover client data from damaged or failing HDDs/SSDs
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Comments • 3 954

  • Nigel Harrison
    Nigel Harrison 3 days ago

    Just use UFS explorer

  • Death Devil
    Death Devil 4 days ago

    i don't even have $10

  • Vivek Chavan
    Vivek Chavan 4 days ago

    after typing diskpart the cursor keeps blinking .....................please help I have same problem my harddisk is not making noise but the computer crashes as soon as i try to access the local disk

  • Pathwanderer
    Pathwanderer 4 days ago +5

    "dont waste $1000 on data recovery!" *proceeds to show the most common drive malfunction type in the first two minutes and tells us to go to an $1000 professional*

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 4 days ago

    Are all of DeepSpar's employees eastern european or KGB agents?

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 4 days ago +3

    This dude looks like he's tired of waiting for Linus to do four or five takes for every shot.

  • bharatee nakul
    bharatee nakul 5 days ago

    i want pursed this dives plz

  • alaskanalain
    alaskanalain 5 days ago

    so don't spend $1000, get a $10000 education, buy a special tool and donor parts then hope for the best.

  • TheOtioseFanatic
    TheOtioseFanatic 5 days ago

    "We are throwing that demo out the window and I brought an unexpected present!"
    OMG the guy in the background while Linus is saying this, his face. He is already done and we have barely started. It's like "Fuck you man, we are paying you to be here. We aren't gonna also fix your shit for free."

  • The Drunk
    The Drunk 6 days ago

    This guy seems like a dick he is kinda being a big head show off the bald guy knows what the fuck he's doing you can tell he is getting pissed and I would to he comes off like a know it all and a bit of a jackass

  • krissylsmith
    krissylsmith 11 days ago

    Who would you call as in a "PRO"?

  • Pica Delphon
    Pica Delphon 12 days ago

    And why did You-Tube Un SUB me again..WTF..

  • k b
    k b 12 days ago

    nortel bcm 4.0... nice touch... throw that phone away haha..

  • 222222e
    222222e 12 days ago

    A data recovery service that works with law enforcement. What could go wrong lol

  • Lackadaisical
    Lackadaisical 16 days ago

    10:26 no wonder everything is slow , look at that task-bar filled with opened crap

  • Ricardo Amaral Andrade

    Does that SATA support how swap????

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor 17 days ago

    Hi people hopefully someone can advise I have a seagate barracudda 7200.11 which suddenly disappeared of the screen it still spins but does not show anywhere even the university teachers cannot solve this. If I was to get another HHD the exactly same is it just a case of swapping the disc inside inorder to get the date from it???

    I did buy a fix kit from ebay but I dont have hyper terminal so I couldnt use it im doing to try use Putty before I open it up to change the platters any recommendations???

  • Dorset Tech - Dorset Science & Tech Centre

    Can someone please help them with their cable management - it hurts my eyes!

  • Mustache Merlin
    Mustache Merlin 18 days ago

    Hooray for backups!

  • portrart_ studio
    portrart_ studio 18 days ago

    My hard drive is clicking , but there is nothing important in it , can i repair it myself ?

  • Derov
    Derov 19 days ago +1

    0:56 scared me crapless. i am mid OS install on a virtual machine and thought my computer just crashed lmaoooooooo

  • Ben Lunch
    Ben Lunch 21 day ago

    How to recover data (the cheaper method)
    1. Buy a cheap HD
    2. Duplicate your HD
    3. If HD breaks use duplicate to still have the data

  • jhlord 2
    jhlord 2 22 days ago

    shadow copy, external, disk ,tape any thing like thqat can be a backup

  • Frank Cathey
    Frank Cathey 23 days ago +2

    Very interesting and informative video. I was surprised to see you mention R-Studio. I didn't even realize that R-Studio was still even on the market. I bought that many years ago, and still use it occasionally. I recently bought the full version of EaseUS and it seems to run faster and recover more data than R-Studio. Of course that could be due to my version of R-Studio being quite outdated. No discount code for RapidSpar?

    • Horizon Homecare
      Horizon Homecare 7 days ago

      Frank Cathey can I use that to recover my data fro my external drive ?????

  • Rawli Creative
    Rawli Creative 24 days ago

    Yo, Linus... What the heck bro? Can you change the name of this video? I thought this was going to be something I could do myself... But after all this tech gibberish, I might as well spend a thousand dollars. Thank you.

    YOU GUY 25 days ago

    My hdd died while watching this video

  • spyke6662006
    spyke6662006 28 days ago

    Lol guess i got lucky, i was using a drive that was clicking for weeks until it was crashing my PC, then bought a new drive and was able to copy 95% except i had some hangs

  • eth3rl0rds
    eth3rl0rds 28 days ago

    I had a dead 160gb samsung hdd, didn't hear any clicks may be spin but no clicks, got another same brand hdd found in cheap (by that time 320gb became cheaper than my old 160gb lol), replace the pcb unscrewing and rescrewing to the old one, bada boom! Worked like a charm! And pcb revision thingy is ultimate bs! Just make sure the pins match to the head unit. I did the replace several times and never de/resolder rom chip thingy. Don't make it a rocket science, just get same brand pin matched hdd for same to less price and you're good.
    Second case, had the clicking issue, knowing it's gonna be dead, just got another hdd, replaced the head, backed the data up since there would be dust once I open the case, surprisingly apart from some dead sector, that thing is still working! And I did those replacements with my bare hand! I might still find my fingerprint on the head arm if I opened that again!
    Firmware issue? Download and reflash the older firmware from the internet.

  • southsidemikevlogs
    southsidemikevlogs 28 days ago

    My hard drive just makes a clicking sound it fell off my desk

  • GorgeGeorg
    GorgeGeorg 29 days ago

    Why de/re solder the ROM chip? Just get SPI programmer, read in the old 'BIOS' info from the chip, save it, and replace it onto the new board.

  • Shawon Mobarak Hossain

    background sound is nice.

  • CinnaminBun
    CinnaminBun Month ago

    I need to bring my external hard drive to a professional. My computer can't recognize it at all and I have photos on it. I tried everything

  • CopBlock Hot Springs

    Looked like norton's disk doctor

  • Jekkuu
    Jekkuu Month ago

    I think our pc's Hard drive got corrupted by virus 😭 can it still be recovered?

    • rizzle razzleuno
      rizzle razzleuno Month ago

      If the drive still works a program like R-Studio can recover the files and then you move them to a different drive, format the drive that has the virus and put the files back (but keep the copy as a back up and put the files in the cloud). Have you tried virus removal software? That may be all you need.

  • milesharrison
    milesharrison Month ago +1

    5:15 - That panic as Linus just scratches the metal of one drive across the PCB of the other... "Yeah, they look(ed) perfect."

  • TheRetroGamer
    TheRetroGamer Month ago

    What program did you use for imaging?

  • Gerry Tiongco
    Gerry Tiongco Month ago


  • shamas parvez
    shamas parvez Month ago

    hello sir can you tell me best data recovery soft wears

    • rizzle razzleuno
      rizzle razzleuno Month ago

      Google it....there are at least 1/2 dozen good ones. He showed R-Studio, which is one of the best.

  • Pabio Floner
    Pabio Floner Month ago

    Or, you just pirate some data recovery software and let it do its job

  • Christine Deepa
    Christine Deepa Month ago

    What? Pay to eat the shit eaten by SHIT? When it goes to shit. It becomes shit. So let shit,shit and eat all shit

  • Jay R
    Jay R Month ago

    how do i get the files off my dead drive ? it wont power on either . help ?

  • Jaskaran Shekhon
    Jaskaran Shekhon Month ago

    What happens if you electrocute an SSD by "accident"?

  • Veikra
    Veikra Month ago

    thanks to you I didnt spend 1000$ on data recovery, i spent 10000$ on tools

  • MrSound
    MrSound Month ago

    Having SSD in your computer and watching this from ytb recommendation...

  • bricology
    bricology Month ago

    Watching this dude leaves me exhausted!

  • riopato2009
    riopato2009 Month ago

    Does Linus's gesticulations make anyone nervous? So many moments where he could've bumped a fragile hard drive as it spins.

  • R D
    R D Month ago

    is this a tutorial or marketing video? too much blah-blah-blah and beating around the bush...

  • whisperingsage
    whisperingsage Month ago

    Would switching to an SSD solve some of these problems?

    • paul tester
      paul tester Month ago

      It would definitely change things - as in, your options would be massively reduced. Mechanical drives are MUCH friendlier when it comes to disaster recovery.

  • whisperingsage
    whisperingsage Month ago

    I worked in a SMALL hospital that had the laminar cabinet, they called it a reverse vacuum. And they used it to mix meds into IV bags.

  • GG2K7AU05
    GG2K7AU05 Month ago

    Fuck mechanical drives. Never buy them again.

  • Philippe Yamagata
    Philippe Yamagata Month ago

    What song is playing at18:00 ?
    It's very good

  • Omar F. Rodriguez Morales

    Linus can send you my drive? I dropped it accidentally, my computer recognises there is an USB device connected but no filesystem is mounted, scenario number 5 perhaps?

  • This Izit
    This Izit Month ago +1

    5:09 wasn't the guy a bit scared? XD

  • ownerfate
    ownerfate Month ago

    That 2 slot drive dock on the desk looks like a toaster...

  • arisig
    arisig Month ago

    why am i not seeing a Linux here?

  • Truth Humanity
    Truth Humanity Month ago

    Stupid background music ruins the experience.

  • Francisco Villagomez

    Will this work for iphone data loss? I have some pictures that have not been backed up but are super valuable. My phone got stuck on a bootloop and have been told that it is likely a software error and that my data is likely gone. Any suggestions on where I can send my device?

  • ZigSputnik
    ZigSputnik Month ago

    Mine's got a mental problem.

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio Month ago

    "Doesn't just die" *Hahaha, My friend, you forget that everything I love dies...* Fuck, now I'm sad again.