Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
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Comments • 3 891

  • Boam Boam
    Boam Boam 21 hour ago

    poor sound voice muffled

  • Boam Boam
    Boam Boam 21 hour ago

    poor sound voice muffled

  • Robin Khlop
    Robin Khlop Day ago

    I've got a late 90's PC and I can hear the herd drive softly clicking every time I turn it on, but the drive still works, though not reliable.

  • Killian
    Killian 2 days ago

    Hey... what process or software should I use for a drive that has had its data deleted... but has not been overwritten - the data is still on the HDD... i just cant access it. How do I get it back? Does Disk Imager 4 do that for me?

  • Errol Mc
    Errol Mc 4 days ago

    Nice Video

  • Sonia Carrico
    Sonia Carrico 5 days ago

    Geez guys where is the LOVE?! the guy is doing something useful for all of us! Show some support!


    Recovery my hard-drive please
    Congrat 9672023498


    Sir my wd-2TB external hard drive recovery possible ?
    I'm from India
    Indian recovery center -response is
    No recovery your hard drive
    Your hard drive over SCRESH on PLETER
    Your response?

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 8 days ago

    00:56 (Best Ash/Army of Darkness voice mode on> "What.. the ...helllllll.....?!"

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    is teryn a boy or a girl

  • jake Mate
    jake Mate 8 days ago

    Is the guy polish and is his name jarek?

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy 14 days ago

    Good timing to see this show up again on my TheXvid list. Just had a drive fail... with the dreaded click.

  • Mike Peace
    Mike Peace 16 days ago

    Hey Linus, this is amazing. I have my personal experience of data loss when my hard drive partition became raw. But yes I used the third-party software name Stellar Data Recovery. I bought it for $49 and fortunately, I recovered my data. Because not everyone is so technical but the information you share I appreciate it!! :)

  • MR Tech
    MR Tech 18 days ago +2

    That data recovery business looks very sketchy especially at 0:46 !

  • nadir tube
    nadir tube 19 days ago

    Could they restore after wipe hdd with DoD 5220.22-M ?

  • omar al-kadhi
    omar al-kadhi 19 days ago

    SoOoOoOoOoOo much drama there!! ,,, and a huge advertisement.

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  • Robi1969 Gaming
    Robi1969 Gaming 22 days ago

    Today my 1tb hard drive controller failed the work

  • johnny chang
    johnny chang 22 days ago

    Does installing the drive in certain positions like sideways, PCB down or up help to prevent certain kind of mechanical failures?

  • V-Jose Playing Card Archive

    Oh yes, very DIY, geez

  • Osama Atallah
    Osama Atallah 23 days ago

    Can you walk me through the detailed steps coz my HDD doesn't respond at all as no power there

  • Mad Artz Graphics
    Mad Artz Graphics 24 days ago

    Thanks man. Was about to format the shit out of my spare HDD. Didn't know this one exist.

  • Sean Dogg
    Sean Dogg 24 days ago

    Or just use recoverit software..

  • Andres Valdevit
    Andres Valdevit 25 days ago

    Damn Linus you look like crap, what's up with those red eyes?

  • Richard Abraham
    Richard Abraham Month ago

    What if it is an ssd?

  • Deivedux
    Deivedux Month ago

    ...or just back up your drive on a cloud and get a new one to use? That works too, imo.

  • Danmagnamius
    Danmagnamius Month ago

    I've coped without my Windows XP data for 10 years, I think the HDD's will be going to heaven.

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar Month ago

    My hard disk was corrected but i want data u can recover it contact me 9790197099

  • Himanshu Agarwal
    Himanshu Agarwal Month ago

    Hello Linus I hv a 4tb wd blue external hdd I think I have a pcb problem on my hdd... Can I replace pcb with a donor drive n would it work?

  • SideStream Media
    SideStream Media Month ago

    had one of mine do the slow when I biffed it and had to keep trying random crap till could get it to copy for a day or 2 vs years. also what makes the rapidspar computer special? the mobo? or just the OS and the connector part?

  • Killer2600
    Killer2600 Month ago

    Look at it this way people, think of all the money you will save if you just take the time and effort to do a proper backup of your most precious data. Backup and when your hard drive fails toss it, put in a new one, and restore your data from the backup.

  • Krishna Vishwakarma

    Hey bro I am confused when you type automount disable / scrub there from drive not show in my computer but you can show in manager C: is your default drive ,this CMD run for external HDD how select external HDD to run this mentioned CMD ...plz help
    R-STUDIO is recovering Bad sector. And data

  • Dalkiel Damion
    Dalkiel Damion Month ago

    OMG I wish I would of found this 2 weeks ago. @ 15:45
    I fear the worst for my HD and my data.

    • Dalkiel Damion
      Dalkiel Damion Month ago

      @Killer2600 That's obvious! Can't back up something that is not working.

    • Killer2600
      Killer2600 Month ago

      If you fear for your data, BACK IT UP!!!

  • Dalkiel Damion
    Dalkiel Damion Month ago +1

    Linus, you hit the head on the nail at 15:12 for me.

  • Dalkiel Damion
    Dalkiel Damion Month ago

    The length of time from time frame 10:36 unfortunately sounds like what my old dell laptop drive is doing. It takes forever to recognize it and the data recovery software has been running on it for 48 hours. I have bad sector issues that seem to get worse as the time goes on. :(

  • Todd Miner
    Todd Miner Month ago

    This is why I use ssd, no mechanical problems!

  • Month ago +1

    21:13 "...file tree baby!" You will have to pause the video as the directory tree is displayed very briefly on screen after he clicks on the folder with the dot. -> The "recovery" as is for that specific hard drive where he disables Head 1 would not have been a successful data recovery, the folder \Users is not present where all the user's documents, pictures and data are stored, I can only see "program files, recovery and some other" non important as per the user is concerned folders. It looks that \Users folder in this case could only be read by Head 1, the failed head so that would probably be one of those drives that would undergo a head swap in order to get all those data. By the day, that \Documents and Settings folder that did show up on the directory tree is just a junction (shortcut) that points to the absent \Users folder.

  • dass vino
    dass vino Month ago

    Do u know how to recover mogranos virus and get my files which are corrupted like Excel sheets

  • Chance Kalugyer
    Chance Kalugyer Month ago

    How about we just go the logical route and tell people to user disaster recovery techniques and BACKUP YOUR DATA. I am done now...sorry.

  • Nunovya Biznez
    Nunovya Biznez Month ago

    2K and I can get anything off of drives that OS's consider bricks? Send me one.

  • Nelson Matthew
    Nelson Matthew Month ago

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  • Nelson Matthew
    Nelson Matthew Month ago

    finally i found a cyber expert that would help you do this job perfectly, he helped me and that's why I recommend this reliable services. you can freely contact @Andriano_Cohen on IG; OR WhatsApp +1(978)706-3076 Email---[] for an effective services

  • Nelson Matthew
    Nelson Matthew Month ago

    finally i found a cyber expert that would help you do this job perfectly, he helped me and that's why I recommend this reliable services. you can freely contact @Andriano_Cohen on IG; OR WhatsApp +1(978)706-3076 Email---[] for an effective services

  • King Docans
    King Docans Month ago

    My Hard drive started with "Unknown Not Initialized" issue. It does not make any noise. I simply does not show up. Any software or tutorials i can use to fix this. Thanks

  • Hisui Onigiri
    Hisui Onigiri Month ago

    lol i thought linus gonna say
    "DeepScar is our sponsor for video today"

  • Joe Blo
    Joe Blo Month ago +1

    lol Talks about how to recover a damaged drive as he touches the voltage sensitive boards with his potentially static charged fingers.

  • mardenhill
    mardenhill Month ago

    ok, so an extended advertisement. kthxbye.

  • Aryan Zijlstra
    Aryan Zijlstra Month ago

    Awesome. I've done probably close to a hundred HDD data recoveries myself over the years. I also did PCB swaps, head swaps and even platter swaps for which I could find head replacements to get off the data of the platter for which the head(s) where non functioning.
    One should always keep in mind that once you open up a HDD, you should recover as much data as possible, because afterwards the drive is going bad.
    I have one tip: If you have a Hitachi drive in your PC or laptop (no matter which model), replace it asap. I've not encountered a drive of that brand that doesn't have problems, even brand new ones.

  • Damir Yarullin
    Damir Yarullin Month ago

    I just lost 2 8tb thunderbolt WD drives... good thing I had back up! but still lost $1000

  • Dasos Lukos
    Dasos Lukos Month ago

    Lawd...ever hear of ddrescue? That limits sector retries and will zero out on the copy and move on.

  • DarkLimpan
    DarkLimpan Month ago +1

    I want to chip in and say thank you for uploading this video. Without the automount disable hack, I would've probably never otherwise been able to access a 15 year old drive which was dying. It had two partitions, one being mostly fine, and its windows-partition which are currently in a RAW-state.
    I never figured out how to use Rstudio to do whatever it was you did in this video, but I found Recuva which helped me save 190+ pictures from the RAW-partition (after two scans of 16 hours each).
    And now, I will do the same with other old drives which seems to be dying on me.
    So, thank you Linus and thank you DeepSpar for allowing a video like this to be made.
    PS. Any chance you guys can tell us how we can make Rstudio (or any other free program?) do that thing @14:30? I still don't know if the first drive has logical errors or if it's physically broken.

  • Jon Boll
    Jon Boll Month ago +1

    This channel is incredibly expansive in the value of content it presents. Linus is King!

  • Salah Kaisy
    Salah Kaisy 2 months ago +1

    OK can I buy a program from them to fix my hard disk???

  • Lulu Ndhlovu
    Lulu Ndhlovu 2 months ago +1

    Dude, I been googling for over an hr how to recover my "dead drive" and out of all the articles I've read this video is the first source that mentions "automount scrub" and "automount disable" which is legitimately all I needed to get the software recovery to work. lol so thanks for that.

  • Chillypuwn
    Chillypuwn 2 months ago +3

    Sometimes Linus should let the expert explain :).

  • Nihal ali
    Nihal ali 2 months ago

    Its work on android??

  • StarvingGeek
    StarvingGeek 2 months ago

    hex files

  • Rocco_ zero
    Rocco_ zero 2 months ago

    You seems like a knowledgeable person .. Well my hard drive is spinning properly and it's detecting in bios also but I am having I/O error 0xc00000e9 .. It's having problem detecting the drive.. I tried serval methods on internet such as selecting the hard drive as first booting portion on bios and i even tried to install new Windows but it's not detecting drive .. And I am not even able to open windows in safe mode.. I tried swiping the cables and even the PCB but I still can't able to get it to work .. So if anyone know how to fix my hard drive then please let me know

  • mauro torres
    mauro torres 2 months ago

    Explane me please in spanish...We ned that tecnology too in Spanish please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • markie polo
    markie polo 2 months ago

    So I accidentally kicked over my good LaCie drive. Click click click...took it apart hoping to follow a tutorial and move the heads back in place...ruined the heads...anything else possible to do to save the information which are precious photos and videos of a career in the theatre? I have other drives but this one had most of the best stuff on it. Can't afford to take it somewhere.