Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
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Comments • 4 053

  • Jeremiah Lyles
    Jeremiah Lyles 4 hours ago

    This was useful.
    Not much has changed except for the software, some tools and the prices.
    Great Video.
    You are the go to man for builds and now this.

  • stuppiddox 1
    stuppiddox 1 8 hours ago

    who saw that thing waving 13:20

  • Abaddan
    Abaddan 19 hours ago

    Does anyone have a free alternative to R-Studio that is like real?

  • Jon James
    Jon James Day ago

    What was “bad” about the power source? That would be nice to know.

    IRON60 BITCH 3 days ago

    I collect old computers from junkyards and recycling facilities and I got a Telya it’s amazing how much shit I get and how much information I recover

    IRON60 BITCH 3 days ago

    Teaching police how to violate the publics rights

  • Rene Schneider
    Rene Schneider 4 days ago

    What about an external 4TB Disk. It is silent since removed from windows without Eject.

  • Damian9303
    Damian9303 4 days ago

    I thought he was going to showcase a gadget that would be able to recover things from a dying hard drive, or some shit..

  • danmo43
    danmo43 5 days ago

    If Restore 2000 can't get the data off, I get new magnets and a 12v motor! ;)

  • Shanesy Hayes
    Shanesy Hayes 5 days ago

    My external drive factory reset itself. Any chance I can recover my photos and documents. Or no. And how would I do it

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay 5 days ago

    Can you believe the cost of data recovery? They are making a killing with each data recovery they perform.

  • Outside The Globe
    Outside The Globe 6 days ago

    why do I even click on this guy's videos? never again.

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 8 days ago

    Fantastic video about data recovery.....Thanks Linus

  • fender71983
    fender71983 8 days ago

    Anyone know of a cheap alternative to r-studio?


    Thanks for telling me how to do it. Now I'm gonna ask them to repair it for me. Lol

  • Legendary Music
    Legendary Music 10 days ago

    I had a dying 1TB drive with around 600GB of data, that I was able to recover around 80% of before it just stopped transferring. Linux, more specifically Parted Magic was the answer, when Windows just wouldn't load/read it. Although the read speeds were painful...anywhere between 200KB/s and 2MB/s. I had to leave my rig running for a couple of days.

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook 11 days ago

    We use M.2 NVME in workstations now exclusively. I have not lost one of these drives, but it would be good to know what’s possible for data recovery on those drives.

  • Music Slave Records
    Music Slave Records 11 days ago

    I need my 2tb recovered

  • Michal Dabroo
    Michal Dabroo 12 days ago


  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines 13 days ago

    You might not be superstitious but I am petting mt black cat Jinx while I watch this. She doesn't cause bad luck, it was just an easy name for a black cat. She is around here somewhere in a dark corner sleeping.

  • Eli Cohen - MisterMedia

    All the HDD's in this video are SATA
    What do I do with an old SCSI drive?
    The motor is OK,
    Electronics is OK
    but the DISKs themselves are so old (20 years) that the data was wiped by the time...?

  • Steve Garland
    Steve Garland 14 days ago

    I've been working on computers since my first hard drive was from Western Analog. Here's a pro tip I bet they didn't fill you in on that works a surprising amount of time, maybe 20%... when all else fails, at least in mechanical failures... If you try everything else and the customer says 'Nah, it's not worth spending that much money for data recovery for me.' You go to the back to pack their computer up... take out their hard drive and in a last ditch attempt to provide customer service... hold their mechanical hard drive about three feet above a hard surface, and drop it. Try it one more time and see if it just happened to get knocked back into place enough to get something off of it. I know... most of you think I'm stupid, crazy or both, heh. But I'm a Master tech and I've been doing this since the 80s. And hey, what do you have to lose?

  • Dan
    Dan 15 days ago +4

    I'm starting to think I'm going to SSD on all my storage.

    • Nicolás Alvarez
      Nicolás Alvarez 4 days ago

      SSDs are even worse for that, they fail suddenly with no warning and they're harder to do recovery on.

    • Demo
      Demo 10 days ago

      SSD`s can fail too....
      If you don`t want to lose important data...

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    There's something I've never really understood about so-called "bad sectors," like when I've had a hard time copying some video files from one drive to another and the OS says it has an error copying the file. Does the computer think a sector is "bad" just because it can't figure out what type of file that data goes to?
    Why must it try and retry to make sense of the sector, and then even sometimes fail to copy, just because it doesn't understand what the data is, instead of just reading whatever data is there as-is, copying it anyway, and then letting us decide how to deal with it?

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    "Can we get data off of this drive?" Well yeah, but first you want to get the data _from_ it!

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    K, I have a question. Just how does a "clack" sound in comparison to a click?

  • honz
    honz 15 days ago

    What ever happened to just shoving harddrive in the freezer? jeez.

  • Catbread Crab
    Catbread Crab 16 days ago


  • Ivan G-S
    Ivan G-S 17 days ago

    LOl a cheap k40 laser cutter in the background - 2:57

  • superstar bangaz
    superstar bangaz 17 days ago

    Great video we all learned something

    TASSADAR DARIS 18 days ago

    LMFAO he is literally putting condoms on his fingers 8:07

  • privettoli
    privettoli 19 days ago

    Could somebody explain to me what happens at 10:50?
    The guy is not following the company's own advise: before trying to do anything, create a bit-by-bit image of the hard drive first.
    Is it because you can't do it when you have firmware problems?

  • privettoli
    privettoli 19 days ago

    Ontrack is the leader in the industry, right?

  • KittyPouncer
    KittyPouncer 19 days ago

    A long time ago I had a 4Gb drive that was given to me. It started making a loud grinding noise all the time it was spinning, but I didn't have the money to replace it, so I kept using it... for a year! Finally it wouldn't mount anymore, so I lost all the data... or did I? When I finally was able to replace it, I read a tip to put a bad drive in the freezer. So that's what I did, wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent condensation. Took it out, connected it while frozen, and I was able to copy every last file onto a new drive, at about 1/4 its normal read speed! (I don't recall if I had to pause and refreeze it along the way.)

  • Darshil Patel
    Darshil Patel 19 days ago

    I need a help
    I accidentally used clean command on one of the raw volume which was of system.
    But entite disk became raw
    And all the partition became a single disk
    I havent used clean all command because it completely set all the MB to zero
    Where only clean command sets only first and last 1mb to zero according to windows diskart.
    Now current situation is i am unable to booy anything at all beacuse partition became raw and
    And i dont want data to be deleted so i cant use bootable usb to install the whole windows 10 because it will format the raw Partition.
    Or it will not idk?

    • Darshil Patel
      Darshil Patel 19 days ago

      Help me if anyone understand the situation here

  • Gaming And More Swe
    Gaming And More Swe 20 days ago

    Linus the external hard drive you holding i have 2 that is the same

  • Yalmaz Khan
    Yalmaz Khan 21 day ago +3

    I literally thought it was my pc lagging at 0:55 .

    • b888
      b888 14 days ago

      lol me too!

  • Vasil Petreski
    Vasil Petreski 22 days ago

    Yarek is a spy

  • Kevin Brender
    Kevin Brender 23 days ago

    This showed up after the server crash we lost all data video

  • ISO Guy
    ISO Guy 23 days ago

    Just can't watch any more of your vids with that dreadful music over your voice. Bye

  • Trending funny?!
    Trending funny?! 25 days ago


  • Stéphane Henry
    Stéphane Henry 26 days ago

    can it real ext4 or hfs+/afps or it is only for ntfs/fat world?

  • Jordon Figs
    Jordon Figs 26 days ago +1

    6:50 Horse whisperer?

  • Tnn Dll
    Tnn Dll 26 days ago +3

    Glad i'm not the only geek who moves his hands alot when he talks.

    • Elias Garcia
      Elias Garcia 25 days ago +1

      You don't even have to be a Geek to move your hand frantically while talking.

  • Rob Ricci
    Rob Ricci 27 days ago

    4:34 Derrick has the "Cane we be serious?" look on his face.

  • ddze
    ddze 27 days ago

    Probably WD shit, the only times I had the problems with the data

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh 28 days ago

    When Hard disk gives massage Disk is not initialise d what should do

    • jonrmx
      jonrmx 26 days ago

      It means that the disk has not been formated. Which means that it was partitioned but not given a file system. This is a logical/software issue, very easy to recover from with the right recovery software.

  • CiP
    CiP 29 days ago

    All this shit is happening under windows. Never had problems on linux with bad sectors and shit.

  • JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus

    Too many piercings to be able to watch this.

  • Adony Estimon
    Adony Estimon 29 days ago +1

    10:11 casually insulting the guy fixing your hard drive lol

  • Simon Lucas
    Simon Lucas Month ago

    Anyone know any tricks to help with the fact that my Recovery (D) drive in windows is filling up after system reset/restores? Will i be able to access the data on that drive or is it useless?

  • The King
    The King Month ago

    it needs a lot of practice to be done by a simple user

  • Binsu2005
    Binsu2005 Month ago

    Who here has killed a hdd I have and took it apart thinking I could put the disks in my DVD drive and now I hate my self because I might never know what was on the hdd 😭😭😭😭😭

  • duncan rmi
    duncan rmi Month ago

    don't waste $10 on a second mic.

  • Emil Dahl
    Emil Dahl Month ago +1

    A linus techtips video, Glitch right before intro... Coinsidence i think Not!

  • Alexander Alvonellos

    He brings a Seagate drive to a data recovery shop in the first couple of minutes. Surprise Pikachu face.

  • William Richard James Nicholson

    Glad I am not a modern tech now as this seems as interesting as watching paint dry ! , I remember the good ol days when we switched from perfectly round holes in the tape drive reader ( reading paper tape ) and switched to Oval shaped reader holes which sped up paper tape readers so fast we could load a program in only a few minutes ........ We thought we had gone into Full Star Wars mode .........

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan Month ago

    First video I didn't see LTT flash ad.

  • Lzl-Frxsh
    Lzl-Frxsh Month ago

    Where I live in the Caribbean one to help with're on your own!!

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    The only thing that doesn't give me nightmares about hard drive recovery is caused by a corrupt OS that won't boot, which is also the most painless to deal with. That ticking noise is the worst sound a tech comes across way to often. As I fix computers for a lot of people with low income, there's not much I can do about it.