Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
  • Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books!
    Top 10 Best Changes!
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    Top 10 Worst Changes!
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Comments • 4 205

    EXCUSE ME 3 days ago

    In contrast to the Night King, who is bearing down on the Wall in the present-day timeline of Game of Thrones, the Night's King (with the apostrophe) has never been seen. According to myth, the Night's King was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

  • Blake Walden
    Blake Walden 4 days ago

    Well this video aged like a fine turd.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson 9 days ago +1

    It's too bad Arya and Sansa ended up being the best Lannisters in the whole show!

  • Carlos
    Carlos 10 days ago

    Worst change for me is errasing Quentyn Martell

  • Carlos
    Carlos 10 days ago

    How can people not like Young Griff? He's the best.

  • Carlos
    Carlos 10 days ago +1

    I prefer the Arya in Harrenhal story in the books. She's just so much more interesting in the books since you can hear her inner monologue.

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 11 days ago +1

    They made little finger dumb so he could die & become aberama gold

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago

      Why didn't they just make Sansa smarter?

  • Annie T
    Annie T 12 days ago +2

    From someone who has read all of GRRM's books in his ASOIAF series, GREAT GREAT JOB!!! Observations on point.

  • Madhumita Datta
    Madhumita Datta 16 days ago

    I think this video is created by D & D. They are just trying to convince people to like the stupid show.

  • Jasper HD
    Jasper HD 16 days ago +1

    I totally agree

  • Bruno barz
    Bruno barz 16 days ago

    Ughhh wilko Johnson's still alive bruh

  • Austin Holler
    Austin Holler 21 day ago

    Jon being able to warg in to Ghost would have been epic, especially in the battle at castle black, and it would have been a cleaner way of bringing him back than the lord of light arc which got zero payoff.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago

      Jon can't warg voluntarily, only in dreams

  • Zoochry Legoose
    Zoochry Legoose 23 days ago +1

    15:30 oh you sweet summer child

  • Sean Brogan
    Sean Brogan 24 days ago +1

    Good video but I'm guessing this was made before season 7. I say that mostly because Bronn went from a great character to an absolutely terrible one in the last 2 seasons. He should've been killed off in his prime.

  • Carlos Eduardo Rocha Dias

    If I would include some bonus changes: Clegane and Arya extra scenes and Robb Stark's son killed in the Red Wedding

  • The Blancmange
    The Blancmange 29 days ago +1

    Bron started out as a greedy sellsword and turned into Han Solo. Book B is true to himself.

  • MarechtCZ
    MarechtCZ Month ago +1

    15:20 Ehm.... How can't they? :D

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral Month ago

    I'm just happy they aged up the characters

  • Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh
    Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh Month ago +1

    Hardhome isn't a bad episode, it's even good, it was definitely needed for the drag that was season 5, but by god is it overrated

  • Jeremy Bode
    Jeremy Bode Month ago +1

    Wow I disagree with literally all of the "Best Changes" haha.

  • Tora Blaze
    Tora Blaze Month ago

    Jon talking about the Walkers: "No one can stop them. Only together we may have a chance."
    Arya: "Hold my ale."

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago +1

    Wow...just listed to this video at 15:20. That is some depressing shit right there.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago +1

    Ramsay is much better in the books. He's more terrifying and you get a better idea of how smart he can be.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago +1

      His tortures are way more disturbing in the books also

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago +1

    Worst Change: Instead of just never being finished, the show ended terribly.

  • tinymushroom
    tinymushroom Month ago

    I can be super nitpicky so it was nice to hear about good changes. actually up to season 5 now and ive heard so often that they messed up Dorne which i loved in the books so im NOT looking forward to that. OK YES I DONT HEAR THIS ENOUGH BUT I HATE HATE HATE HOW THEY ABSOLUTELY RUINED THE HOUSE OF THE UNDYING ONES IN THE SHOW! BESIDES FOR IT BEING EXTREMELY UNDERWHELMING WHERES ALL THOSE PROPHECY BITS TO PUZZLE OVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • sora roxas
    sora roxas Month ago +1

    16:20 samee best moment everrr.
    Second is obryn saying i will be your chmpion to tyrion
    Third is robb all hail the king in the north momemt

  • Raman Ahmad
    Raman Ahmad Month ago +1

    I hated the hound vs breinne fight in show .

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago +1

      Same. I wished they had done Brienne against the fake Hound from A Feast For Crows. Way more intense and it had much more of an impact on her.

  • Artur TMT
    Artur TMT Month ago

    Loved the vid, great job. However, I don't like, that you guys didn't add butchering Stannis' character in the show. That was a horrible change.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago

      I think the actor is really good at first

  • cebisa
    cebisa Month ago

    The top four is just u guys hating that ur favorite characters got killed 🤣😂😂 ... I thought ud be cool with that its got

  • cebisa
    cebisa Month ago

    I dont know y you guys hate the change for sansa and Ramsey it was great coz little finger cut what he wanted at the end without sacrificing anyone from the vale

  • cebisa
    cebisa Month ago

    I'm reek 😂😂🤣

  • Mr.Tuesday
    Mr.Tuesday Month ago +1

    I thought the Ramsey was better in the books, in the show hes crazy but Roose still has him under his control until hes murdered, in the book Ramsey is an unleashed dog, you get see this when he takes hornwood without Roose's knowledge or controll. He tortures Theon even worse in the books, and does terrible thing to Jane Poole. Even though hes great in the show, I just thought he was better in the book, the only change I really liked was the whole Sansa marriage, only because it wasn't a friend of the starks but an actual stark, which made it feel more impactful, even if it's meant for shock value.

  • Angelus Blythe Dai
    Angelus Blythe Dai Month ago +1

    "they're going to deliver, how can't they"

  • Koby Romigh
    Koby Romigh Month ago +1

    Caitlyn was already an arguable monster before she became Lady Stone heart anyway XD

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago +1

      Exactly haha

  • Joe Moe
    Joe Moe Month ago +2

    I think Yara’s (Asha’s) raid to free Theon should be remembered as a terrible invented plot twist by the show. It was the first real instance where the show seemed to completely disregard the realities of the world of the books - especially geography and time frame. It was contrived mostly for the sake of some Hollywood-like action / fight-scene and some unimportant plot / character points. In the books, sailing from the Iron Islands around to the east side of Westeros and up a river to the Dreadfort would be a journey of months - unthinkable.This effing with the map and the timeline accelerated in later seasons. By season 7, all sense of time and distance were out the window and it really undermined the important world-building aspects of fantasy. We all know that by Seasons 7 & 8, the action was jumping around across all of Westeros - with certain characters crossing the continent and appearing in scenes in multiple distant locations within a single episode. In the early seasons, there was a proper sense of time - a trip up/down the King’s Road from Winterfell to King’s Landing took weeks, even in peacetime with the best of horses. Same for Dany’s travels across Essos. The audience felt this because it would take several episodes for a character to arrive somewhere and stuff usually happened along the way. D&D totally lost that side of the story by the end, and Yara's needless raid was the first time they allowed themselves to ditch that part of the books.

  • Militus
    Militus Month ago +1

    "They're going to deliver" lmaooo

  • Cole Cole
    Cole Cole Month ago +1

    I disagree about John dying I was crying for like 30 min dude super sad

  • Inceptions661
    Inceptions661 Month ago +1

    The Show that was promised. LOL. Hire Vince Gilligan #hbo

  • marinus18
    marinus18 Month ago +1

    Joffrey always came across as more ignorant and spoiled than evil. He certainly is a bad person but his actions are more made out of ignorance than malice. Ramsey is far more evil and unlike Joffrey he is extremely aware of what he is doing and the hurt it is causing.

  • Comrade Westov
    Comrade Westov Month ago +1

    Tywin liked arya more than his own children

  • unleashed82
    unleashed82 Month ago +1

    Looking back at how great the show was early on, makes the last 3 seasons look that much more worse.

  • Joey Morris
    Joey Morris Month ago +1

    15:29 "they're going to deliver cause, how can't they" whelp...

  • Dylon Allen
    Dylon Allen Month ago +4

    Me sitting here thinking: "You know nothing, Nerd Soup."

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  • Winston Beech
    Winston Beech 2 months ago +1

    The Night King is just a generic zombie monster. Something everyone can unite against except everybody doesn’t. There’s no reason for his desire for conquest. To take over Westeros and sit on the Iron Throne while surrounded by undead servants? There’s just no reason for him to exist. Maybe that’s part of the creepy mystery but they just don’t have a purpose. The Night King is supposed to be Voldemort but his motives are nonexistent.
    Sandor Clegane is one of my favorite characters. One of the few to start out as a bad guy and to redeem himself. Theon is redeemed but only because of what he has been through. The Hound makes a conscious decision to walk away from Joffrey early on and he maintains his attitude all his time with Arya, but you know he has changed. And in a wonderful twist away from standard Hollywood, Arya doesn’t try to talk him out of taking on Gregor.
    Ramsay was nasty but... he’s a bit overdone in the end, as if we had to be shown one more time that he really deserves his ending. The villain polls tend to place him #1 but Cersei Lannister is really #1 in terms of the death and misery she was responsible for. I think it’s a bit shallow that Jamie and/or Tyrion would risk anything to save her. Then again, Dany probably would have burned Kings Landing even if she hadn’t executed Missandei.

  • No One
    No One 2 months ago +1

    Charles Dance was Amazing as ever ! It was a pity he got killed off , I could see that Tywin was human underneath his cold hard exterior, this was evident when he took Arya stark under his wing and admired her determination and stubbornness. He could see himself in her.

  • Istahill Stanfield
    Istahill Stanfield 2 months ago

    15:22-15:31. I've got some bad news for you...

  • David Stonecipher
    David Stonecipher 2 months ago +1

    Man back when got made sence.

  • Luna Malefica
    Luna Malefica 2 months ago +1

    Their optimism and hopes for Season 8 broke my heart...

  • Doug Yurchey
    Doug Yurchey 2 months ago

    @t I was so pissed @ G.O.T. ending I had to write a better version, you know? A good STORY. The novel has just been published, my 10th book. No dragons, but there are Giants & big blue electric Eels! Click on links in this link for more previews of my: 'The New Men and the New World.' Write to Tray: let me know what you think & if you'd like a copy. Book cover art from Simpson artist~ @t

    DCLUVSPIE 2 months ago +1

    Wilko Johnson the actor who played Ilyn Payne did not die he beat cancer they just didn't wanna bring him back.

  • Abbey Lalor
    Abbey Lalor 2 months ago

    "They're going to deliver with the White Walkers, how can they not?"


  • Chibi Cosmos
    Chibi Cosmos 2 months ago

    "They're going to deliver"

  • Nato__ Ren
    Nato__ Ren 2 months ago

    You forgot how D&D butchered Stannis THE MANNIS too and how Jon Snow received all his remaining glory and screentime. But this is not the first time something like that has happened.
    As you guys said, Lady Stoneheart is transferred into Arya and some of Sir Barristan into Grey Worm.
    Do you see the trend? Im gonna spell it out for you. D&D dont like the notion of old people being major players which predates in a way Martins original vision. Thats why Stannis is still good and well in the books. Hes a war veteran, a superb strategist and overall the most fitting character for the iron throne. But nope D&D and their boner with young & beautiful actors had to fuck up all the important plot points just for some award-baiting. Shame on you, Dumb & Dumber.

  • agbrenv
    agbrenv 2 months ago

    Wilko Johnson is the person who played as Ilyn Payne, and he is still very much alive, he left the show due to cancer, but he isn't dead

  • Jackson Worthman
    Jackson Worthman 2 months ago +2

    Books: Barristan arrests Hizdarh zo Loraq and is a good fighters
    Show: Barristan gets killed by a bunch of rich terrorists in an alley

    • Carlos
      Carlos 10 days ago +1

      His fight with the guard at the end of Dance is so badass

  • Jackson Worthman
    Jackson Worthman 2 months ago +20

    She protecc
    She attac
    But most importantly
    She make Tywin Lannister laugh

  • Amanda Sexton
    Amanda Sexton 2 months ago

    People read books and wish to see them fleshed out. When the tv, movies don't match, it's disappointing.

  • Lady Janell of Lakeland
    Lady Janell of Lakeland 2 months ago +1

    Martin isn't writing a fairytale. He's writing a political statement. It is art. Daenarys is supposed to be a real person with her finger on the button of the nuclear bomb. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A single person judging who is right and who is wrong and sentencing them to death by dragon fucking fire is called a dictator. Yes, they will call themselves a "Queen". None of them called themselves a tyrant when they were. Martin takes his time with his books and isn't pumping out book after book for profit because he's not writing for money or we would have a book by now. He's writing a social justice/political statement about ruling and power and war among other things.

  • Wind Draft
    Wind Draft 2 months ago

    Ilyne Payne’s actor isn’t dead.