Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
  • Game of Thrones - Top 10 Best & Worst Changes from the Books!
    Top 10 Best Changes!
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    Top 10 Worst Changes!
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Comments • 4 118

  • Geekella
    Geekella Day ago

    Why does NO ONE ever talk about how Sam in the books is a little shit and he's likable in the show?

  • yoga tonga
    yoga tonga 2 days ago

    I think the Cat-Robb relationship in the first season is better in the show, as well as the Red Wedding.

  • Heather Huber
    Heather Huber 2 days ago

    ... and here comes the the Prehistory of Westeros

  • Heather Huber
    Heather Huber 2 days ago

    Still over here fangirling 🤷‍♀️🌹👏🏼

  • Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    it would have been gr8 if they tied up the entire north plot using the north folk and danny - but no one in the south believes it. at all. like it isnt even a thing. that would be rad.

  • Strider
    Strider 5 days ago

    Everything that was good in this video was before season 6.
    Everything terrible was after season 5.

  • ElficChanel
    ElficChanel 6 days ago +1

    15:22 ohh my sweet summer child!

    FIRENEXXUS 6 days ago

    You know the guy that played Ilyn Payne is alive right? He had cancer but survived

  • Austin Zerfass
    Austin Zerfass 6 days ago

    Wilko Johnson didn’t die what are you talking about lolll

  • Madrino 1
    Madrino 1 6 days ago

    Watching this now is sad because all the unique parts of the show and their potential are on display, but we will never get a satisfying ending for the unique universe of the show

  • Freddo _
    Freddo _ 7 days ago

    “They’re going to deliver, because how can’t they” 15:28 big oof

  • Carmen Hall
    Carmen Hall 7 days ago

    Olanna and Varys had the BEST line that she delivered: "What would happen if the decrepited bumps against the non-existent"? The queen of thorns and the spider in the garden trading quips was short and sweet. Sigh... there's always memories.

  • sarah mcneil
    sarah mcneil 7 days ago +3

    NerdSoup: “they’re going to deliver because how can’t they”

    D&D: “hold our beers”

  • Sammyboy7266
    Sammyboy7266 8 days ago

    A little correction, Wilko Johnson didn't pass away, he was diagnosed with cancer but he hasn't passed away. Still alive in 2019.

  • Martin Takawira
    Martin Takawira 8 days ago

    hey guys my Martin of country Zimbabwe . i hope you read this because you're the most knowledgeable people i know, regarding GOT, when it come to the type of question I'm hoping you'll enjoy answering . whether you respond roaring with laughter coz of how silly said question is, or if it might tickle you brain and burrow itself: until it becomes food for thou....... I should get to the point. *i didnt watch all your videos but i watched quite number of them( very nice how you answer the heading of the videos with questions as the tittle. You know what we want to know and you gave the people what the NEEDED. i think by now you're wondering where this is going. While I was trying to word my question in the best way i felt very compelled to let you guy know that i appreciate how much work you've put into these awesome videos you made. In fact I'm 99.8% sure there ISN'T Anything you haven't covered. My QUESTION is hopefully the remaining 0.02%. btw i sincerely mean every word of praise and i hope you read this far because i would be so happy if this made feel appreciated. I know people give compliments all the time, GOT has many fans. i was hoping this would feel different because this is the first day i saw your account. i guess what I'm trying to say is, this is NOT coming from someone whose been a fan for year( I'm not being emotional and saying this because this was your last video) i only started watching today because i didn't want to run into any spoilers on this type of page. it seems a silly point for me to be making but what im trying to emphasise is that i do not have any bias towards you. NOT saying my compliment is better than others, what i am saying is that you're content is at such a high standard that even me as a first comer, to this channel, am made to like it so much that iv been sitting for hour making this feedback for you( like fan boy. most of that time was spent making sure I express my humble gratitude without it being misinterpreted as being self centred . i have not altered the begging because i feel. it accurately captures the spontaneity in my chain of thought and I'm hoping you will feel like....... Well I hope you feel its like its one of the most informative reviews that lets you know how even people like me, seeing your channel only today for the first time, who HAVEN'T actually grown to like you OVER some TIME while watching are so ululated by the experience that is hearing your complimentary and contrasting thoughts on subjects that very few individuals fully appreciate. When you go to an all boys school most discussions or talks about GOT are, (no offence is intended here, i used this word for lack there of a better->) well, primitive. You know usual casual got fans. They have endless debates on who the hottest female cast member is, and instead of having debates( or discussions ) about just how much destruction was caused little fingers they prefer to put that brain power to use to create the most vivid recollection of major characters' nude scenes that have been shown in the series, and give detailed descriptions of how they hope to see the rest of the characters naked. i think i made my point. please as BRUTALLY honest as you like. hopefully it doesn't affect how respond.
    i know i wrote a mini book but its because i hoped my way of writing will give the best understanding i can , of what i felt. I hoped the way I made long sentences would help you to plainly see my thought pattern and maybe in it you'll find something funny or interesting or maybe even like my style of writing because it might make it easy it is to visualise which causes more captivating. or its too much useless writing. Please note the main purpose of this is to let you know how much i appreciate the quality time i enjoyed just experiencing your videos and how they were something that even helped me understand , and most importantly find closer after season 8............. The secondary thing that i would appreciate if you could please judge what i wrote . focusing on how i conveyed my thoughts that swooped in while i was about to ask a question. Even the length of it all was a conscious choice that i thought might emulate the feeling of becoming lost in thought and thinking so much.:)

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE!!! ACTUAL!!! QUESTION!!! IS!!! AS!!! FOLLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we look at most movies, series and shows, you might have notice the layering of meaning and stories and interactions this sometimes even helps make the richer, it seems to becoming more popular. I experienced while watching Got. Especially in the earlier seasons. slow paced but using that time to progress the story as they introduced characters and caused many of their carefully planed multiple perspectives to interact and notably influence each others lives. Even greater assortment can be found in the way each interaction is always unique in it on right. The point is, it's easier to immerse yourself into an assorted, densely populated and convoluted world than it is to forget yourself in a virtual world that has nothing at all. Your imagination is better at maintaining a state of vivid immersion if it has very clear and usually familiar things to fill up the landscape ...... i know you must have run into people that dislike the final seasons because of the decline of how much effort was put into character arcs, that got me thinking. About how there's never been one character who dominates and can be said to be the main character and as i said a bit earlier the focus is evenly spread and its never clear how the writer decide how to kill characters off. I HAVE THEORY ND I THINK PEOPLE HO KNOW AS MUCH AS YOU COULD EASILY CONFIRM OR DENY IF IM RIGHT, and it would be a decision made by someone who is intimately with the content. PLEASE no one claim my own IDEA :I
    AFTER MUCH THOUGHT AND WATCHING THE SERIES AGAIN. I FEEL to understand the show, one must take a huge Step back and try to observe events without becoming invested in specific characters, A holistic point of view. i did find a recurring factor that was always what decided who lived or died. its not something that sticks out but if you use my logic to check as you watch
    All the way from the verbal debates about ideals to fighting the ice king, the victor of any type of battle was always the smartest, at least in the writers opinion. I'm not sure if its Is a conscious guideline he uses. Or maybe deep down inside he wishes whits had always been what decided the outcome of battle but the link i there. it seems like an obvious point but if you agree its correct, then that could be the simplest accurate description of what game of thrones is about. A rule that all the stories and arguments were strictly governed by. if this is correct then, if you're capable of accurately how intelligent each character is , then no matter how the odds are stacked, when and if they fight it's always the smartest person who comes out on top. Obvious when you test my theory on family clashes you gauge the family as a whole an you can only confirm or deny once one family has completely won the war. not counting individual battles that occur before one i proclaimed the victor. Also consider that most characters intelligence level was always changing based on what knew at the different points in time of their different battles. So Each time you want to test my theory you must recalculate their intelligence level based on what they've experienced until that point
    using this logic the end makes a lot more sense in terms of where the surviving characters end up. Smartest got the best fate. and the dumbest got the shortest end of stick. using that you can arrange the characters from who you think was the most fortunate to the unluckiest and that will give you smartest to dumbest, respectively.

  • Rayven Modine
    Rayven Modine 8 days ago +1

    "they did the best the could" did NOT age well at ALL

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 9 days ago +2

    White Walkers, how could they not deliver?? How??? I don't know how but somehow they didn't deliver at all, D&D undid everything great that they set up.

  • Spielmann
    Spielmann 10 days ago

    Well, the white walkers thing certainly didn't hold up, did it?

  • KesselRunHero
    KesselRunHero 11 days ago +1

    We Don't love Theon Greyjoy the traitor and baby killer- he got what he deserved. Theon being turned into Reek is one of the very few instances in the books where we get truly satisfying justice.

  • Leyton Breese
    Leyton Breese 11 days ago +3

    Remember when the White Walkers weren't jump scare reliant?

  • george yarbrough
    george yarbrough 12 days ago

    This just needs to be updated....! Lol

  • Kevan Dalzell
    Kevan Dalzell 13 days ago

    Wilko Johnson is still alive; he beat his cancer!

  • Clay Heinzerling
    Clay Heinzerling 13 days ago

    For me it was the complete exclusion off Nymeria from Arya's story and the diminished importance of the dire wolves in general

  • Gina B.S.
    Gina B.S. 14 days ago

    Oh boy the White Walkers part... it didn't age well xD Loved Hardhome, too, in fact I love the Wall storyline so much! And am I the only one who's upset about the fact they changed Satin for friggin' Olly? I always thought this character will be more important in the future. And Dorne... My favourite House, I was so happy that Dorne was filmed in my country and now... I just want to forget xD

  • Marie Cramer
    Marie Cramer 14 days ago

    They kept aegon just not in the same way

  • Tensions
    Tensions 15 days ago

    The only defense to marrying Sansa to Ramsey is providing a way for Reek to become Theon again... idk

  • Deborah Meltrozo
    Deborah Meltrozo 16 days ago

    4:03 how is the high sparrow a dick at all?

  • DameOfTheRose
    DameOfTheRose 17 days ago

    I thought Ilyn Paynes actor got cancer so they wrote him off but I thought he recovered

  • Hal Erickson
    Hal Erickson 17 days ago

    Lol. I've heard so many different outlets talking about Wilko Johnson dying. Dude had a cancer scare but he is still alive. #LongLiveWilko

  • GoBuckeyes554
    GoBuckeyes554 17 days ago +1

    "because you really get what game of thrones is about with these two characters"

    *sigh used to be about

  • Major Frazor
    Major Frazor 17 days ago

    24:12 they mention Jons last word and addressing it in number 4 but don't, anyone have an idea what they meant? Or did they mean number 6 with the warging?

  • Ryan Richards
    Ryan Richards 17 days ago

    Well we have some new changes to talk about now. Don't we, D&D?

  • TheSacredEntei
    TheSacredEntei 18 days ago +4

    No one:
    Comment section: tHiS DiDnT aGe wElll

  • I- -A
    I- -A 18 days ago

    This is so good because its more like a podcast and not some lame list that the person talking didn’t even wright, good work.

  • Gabriel Dugo
    Gabriel Dugo 18 days ago +1

    Dany isn’t 13. Glad we don’t have to see a 13 year old pounded by Khal Drago.

  • mischitary
    mischitary 19 days ago +1

    I actually think that no. 1 is spot on. A lot of the problems of the final season I felt were a negative consequence of not having the Young Griff character. Like, imagine Daenerys' whole "they don't love me, they love him" schtick being about someone who actually WANTS the throne and is actively trying to get it instead of some knucklehead constantly going "buh i dunt want it" over and over again. It also makes so little sense. The people of Westeros don't love Jon Snow, the people of the North do. The populace of King's Landing probably don't even know who Jon Snow is let alone love him.

    The only thing I really disagree with is the White Walkers being done better in the show. I feel like this is mostly just a consequence of us not really having seen much from them in the books thus far, but at any rate I vastly prefer the mysterious and ethereal quality they have in the books. For example, one of the coolest details they explain about them in the books is that when they walk on the snow, they don't sink into it and leave no footprints. Just how they sort of feel like they're the cold incarnate.

  • Helter Skelter
    Helter Skelter 19 days ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that hated Toman more than Geoffrey. He’s my most hated character. I can’t stand a feckless man.

  • Helter Skelter
    Helter Skelter 19 days ago

    I’m so glad to find people that feel the way about I do about Toman... I hate Toman so much more than Geoffrey

  • Dirt Fisher
    Dirt Fisher 20 days ago

    “Night King”,.. not Nights King

  • El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon 20 days ago +12

    Watching this video after the show's finale just makes me sadder.

  • XxMazziexX
    XxMazziexX 20 days ago

    @24.44 its not original or unique for jon to warg into ghost and come back that way. Robin hobb wrote something very similar many years ago and George rr martin loves her work so I think thats an influence from her. It's still a cool idea tho.

  • Alexis-Jade Elston
    Alexis-Jade Elston 21 day ago +1

    Euron and Dorne were the most disappointing elements of the show for me. Euron was so fucking cool and baller in the books, and is like this massive powerhouse of potential, and in the show he's just some dick swinging basic bad guy. So lame

  • Charles Turner
    Charles Turner 21 day ago

    I liked Euron, fite me.

  • Michael_S_K
    Michael_S_K 21 day ago

    Top 1 worst change: books are written by GRRM, series is written by D&D

  • stan loona stan talent

    i agree with sansa's storyline!! the writers think that sansa has to go through really tough shit for her to improve and their disregard of the whole jeyne poole plot really makes me feel like it was kinda dumbed down. im pretty happy that sansa may be safely plotting in the eyrie in the books.

  • Black Romulan
    Black Romulan 24 days ago

    If all you know Jonathan Pryce from is "Pirates of the Carribean" you need to get to know him from the 80s classic "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

  • George Hennon
    George Hennon 24 days ago

    14:25 Welllllll, this part of the video didn't age to well.....

  • Darky
    Darky 25 days ago

    Ouch ouch white walker part didnt age well :/

  • Slaytounge
    Slaytounge 25 days ago

    Good stuff

  • TheTajessa
    TheTajessa 25 days ago

    Watching this post Season 8 makes me sad.

  • Sora Blue
    Sora Blue 25 days ago

    Ramsay is by far the BEST GOT villain in the show. Ian plays him so well, and elevates his creepiness from the books. His good looks lend to that charming psychopath way he plays Ramsay instead of the greasy gross Ramsay in the books.

  • Tim Flobug
    Tim Flobug 26 days ago

    House of the undying- Dany walks up to the throne... then walks through the gate on the wall at *castle black* (aka- Jon Snow) into the afterlife.

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young 26 days ago +4

    The honourable mention for best change in the show is definitely the aging-up of the younger characters. GRRM himself regrets making them so young because he had intended to do a time skip at some point in the books so that it would skip forward and they would be older, but it didn’t end up happening.

  • The Myke Show
    The Myke Show 26 days ago

    Lady Stoneheart ADDS to the red wedding, because she is like the tomented personification of the sheer HORROR that happened there.

  • The Myke Show
    The Myke Show 26 days ago

    15:21 I felt like I just got punched in the stomach.

  • double OT
    double OT 27 days ago

    Best scene EVA

  • Aidan
    Aidan 28 days ago +2

    The animation in this video is so lame. Like just allow the audio to be its own thing the animation is so cringe.

  • Ann Leslie
    Ann Leslie 28 days ago

    Never felt bad for Cersei. She finally got SOME reckoning

  • hossein mehdipour
    hossein mehdipour 29 days ago +2

    15:20 "the final showdown would be so much better because we've been patient so much, they are going to deliver, i mean HOW CAN'T THEY" lmao

  • Emm Haneline
    Emm Haneline 29 days ago

    "I love Barristan. And I'll never forgive them. I hate this show." i've never felt such kinship before

  • T M
    T M 29 days ago

    The storyline with Davos and the Manderlys trying to find Rickon being cut out really irritated me. I love the Manderlys in the books and they are basically cut out of the show. Also, the way they ruined Stannis is completely disgraceful, he wouldn’t burn Shireen like that, and he wouldn’t lose that badly to Ramsay. The battle between Ramsay and Stannis is almost an afterthought in the show, but in the books it’s building up to be a huge event where many characters are converging (Stannis, Jon (was planning on it), Theon, Asha, and Mance).

  • ka
    ka 29 days ago +4

    "They're going to deliver, because I mean how cant they."
    Oh, you sweet Summer child

  • Trung Kien Nguyen
    Trung Kien Nguyen Month ago

    Now i wouldn’t have been that pissed with the Sansa/Jeyne Poole thing if they have given her some agency, show her purposefully manipulating Ramsay, she’s at her home, at her full power. Now i know Theon needed that rescue plot, but still, they could have at least shown Sansa did sth (now i know she gave that this is my home speech, but what did she actually DO). Like make her manipulate Ramsay, but when she found out that Bran and Rickon are still alive + learns abt Jon or sth, she try to escape and messed up, alerting Ramsay, which triggers him to be more violent, and then give Theon the rescue plot.

  • airsoftgod211
    airsoftgod211 Month ago

    oh my sweet summer child your hope is so sweet.

  • Andrea L
    Andrea L Month ago

    The actor that played Ilyn Payne is still alive - just an FYI.

  • KingTekins
    KingTekins Month ago +2

    Lmao @ the idea of Euron Greyjoy being a good change (I know this video is old)

    • Dom Sjuk
      Dom Sjuk 27 days ago

      Didn't they claim the exact opposite 20:40?

  • Cherry! Bomb
    Cherry! Bomb Month ago

    I loved Ramsey as a character in the show like you said he was like a Joker character and Jon Snow was like Batman to his Joker and Battle of the Bastards was the one of the BEST battle yea Im one of the few that loved the Ramsey character😁

  • Stephen Waterman
    Stephen Waterman Month ago

    It's awesome.. they are going to deliver, because.... how cant they....
    I am so asshurt they let us down

  • TheNovellaB
    TheNovellaB Month ago

    You need to watch Pryce in Taboo.
    Think Nerd Soup would like it.

  • Keith Bentley
    Keith Bentley Month ago +1

    Lol during the White walker section...

  • Commander Keen
    Commander Keen Month ago

    Reminds me of the life and times of Tim

  • Merbear
    Merbear Month ago

    15:32 oh we were sweet summer children back then weren't we?

  • Rosemary Evans
    Rosemary Evans Month ago

    Wilko Johnson didn’t pass away, he is alive and well!

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago

    "They're definitely going to deliver. How can't they?"
    Yeah, about that...

  • Averno Garro
    Averno Garro Month ago

    Hard to judge Varys and Little finger in the show since they lose 15 IQ each season for no particular reason.

  • Loretta
    Loretta Month ago

    Brienne is gonna tell Gendry who he really is in the book

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson Month ago

    Dragons versus white walkers, they're going to liver, how cant they....... Oh boy, they can't

  • Roger Patterson
    Roger Patterson Month ago

    Dear Mr White Walker: you don't swing with a spear

  • Alberto Ruiz
    Alberto Ruiz Month ago

    “They are going to deliver because how can’t they?” ... well... that part of the video didn’t age well.

  • Steve Bousfield
    Steve Bousfield Month ago

    So I watched this after season 8 final... oh sweet summer child

  • Carl Carlson
    Carl Carlson Month ago +2

    I defended the show a lot but there is very little left anymore that you can say the show did better than the books. The show feels so hollow.

  • Conner Pavan
    Conner Pavan Month ago +1

    I think we need a new #1 worst change. All of season 8

    • Mazekial
      Mazekial Month ago

      I mean, it can’t be a “change” if it hasn’t happened in the books yet...

  • T hart
    T hart Month ago

    15:24 .... oof

  • Matthew Briand
    Matthew Briand Month ago +1

    Listening to this now hurts, because of what happened with the white walkers..

  • paco louvat
    paco louvat Month ago +1

    hahhahahahaha "there gonna deliver cause how cant they" WELL THEY DONT

  • Soggy Toast
    Soggy Toast Month ago

    I’ve shared this with so many friends!

  • centurionmurphy
    centurionmurphy Month ago +1

    Can we get an updated version of this video after what we got from season 8

  • sabitsuki
    sabitsuki Month ago

    best changes
    & from
    worst the book

  • Yuco Play
    Yuco Play Month ago

    i realy enjoy Ramsay xd

  • Gruagach. Iron Shoes

    And we thought it couldn't get worse after last episode , ffs Dumb and Dumber have ruined it, HBO offered them more time and resources and the took a year extra and gave us the crappy ending an ending the epics that were seasons 1 to 4 and certain epic episodes in seasons 5 to 7 and 7 was pretty poor but had spectacle and we thought it better because we were sold the Night King and his White Walkers as a threat unlike any to have about 9 people die including extras and the long night being as long as any night ffs , the Night King was written to be a bitch and one shotted, video games from the 90's had better story dialog and plot than season 8 , truly gutted and gutted for all the GOT fans , this stings

  • Joey van Vuuren
    Joey van Vuuren Month ago

    Still think the same about the white walkers?

  • Rafael Toledo
    Rafael Toledo Month ago

    Kinda sad hearing how excited you guys were about all these plot lines...not knowing the lackluster conclusion they actually received

  • Matthew Rowley
    Matthew Rowley Month ago

    "The Night King is going to be amazing, he has could they mess that up?" You asked and D&D answered lol.

  • TMD4
    TMD4 Month ago +1

    This video didnt age well

  • Nathan Senters
    Nathan Senters Month ago

    The positive changes are mostly just "it looks cooler on a screen"

  • Arcane Aardvark
    Arcane Aardvark Month ago +2

    "No clan can stop them, the free folk can't stop them, the nights watch can't stop them and all the southern kings can't stop them. Only together, all of us. And even then it may not be enough but at least we'll give the fuckers a fight." lol

  • Solana Avila
    Solana Avila Month ago

    I feel like they tried to take viserys/aegon\varys plot and give it to jon and dany, like viserys was going to be this crazy conquerer and aegon this worthy king and people were going go prefer aegon blah blah in the last couple episodes you see varys trying to do the same with dany he makes her look like tha bad choice (which she ends up being) so jon will seem like a better option

  • Daniel Richerson
    Daniel Richerson Month ago +1

    If only they knew what was really coming, and it aint winter

  • Saffeya H
    Saffeya H Month ago

    Varys n little finger are storytellers for the show I can watch them continuously. Love their witty ness

  • Tyiriel
    Tyiriel Month ago

    They're going to deliver... because, how can't they?
    I believe you've gotten your answer.