The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Game Boy Color De-Make


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  • Ayy doi ten tao
    Ayy doi ten tao Hour ago

    Now teach us how to shield surf

  • Yogess Limboo
    Yogess Limboo 10 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • Yogess Limboo
    Yogess Limboo 10 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • José Luis Díaz Forchue

    Esto da cierta nostalgia..

  • KrAkoOmZy
    KrAkoOmZy 18 hours ago


  • Ninjago Stream
    Ninjago Stream 20 hours ago +1

    Awesome! Nostalgia

  • GRieSi Griesi
    GRieSi Griesi 21 hour ago


  • Mound'N
    Mound'N 21 hour ago

    Even this rendition of the theme achieved goosebumps at the end where that sudden pause happens, it's something about it that just immediately blasts my skin with goosebumps. I love the rendition btw, theme sounds amazing where link exits the cave.

  • Dolly com Biscoito
    Dolly com Biscoito Day ago +1

    Mom,where is the download link? 😂 😂

  • Dutchy Duts
    Dutchy Duts Day ago

    Nah it's fake. The gbc doesn't have backlight so the screen would've never been this visible.

  • Skylord
    Skylord Day ago

    How the fuck

  • W. D. Gadd
    W. D. Gadd 2 days ago

    Someone make this a rom

  • El Flaco
    El Flaco 2 days ago

    pasa la room XD

  • Wolf Style
    Wolf Style 2 days ago


  • Greg Henley
    Greg Henley 3 days ago

    Imagine playing that entire game on that lil ass screen lol I can see me jumping out a window now 😂

  • benj guim
    benj guim 3 days ago

    plz, someone make it happen....!!!!

  • Toshinori Penniman
    Toshinori Penniman 3 days ago

    Awsome 😮❤️❤️❤️

  • Simon Ingelsson
    Simon Ingelsson 3 days ago

    You don't get a rusty sword or the champions tunic first man

  • DDX Gaming
    DDX Gaming 4 days ago

    Thats so cool :D

  • campside sketch
    campside sketch 4 days ago

    Oh my God I love it

  • Moose Niga
    Moose Niga 4 days ago +1

    You forgot the trousers m8 😂

  • Touching Evil
    Touching Evil 4 days ago

    I would buy this game day one. MAKE IT HAPPENED :)

  • Laurent L'Hoest
    Laurent L'Hoest 5 days ago

    This made me shiver, this is an amazing job !

  • gamer central
    gamer central 5 days ago

    This NEEDS to really exist

  • Tyler P
    Tyler P 5 days ago

    I’m super baked and seeing this made me cry. I loved seasons and ages so much.

  • Larry Kincer
    Larry Kincer 5 days ago

    Pleez rom make neow

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 3 days ago

      Larry Kincer They arent game makers

  • Samuel Cuzens
    Samuel Cuzens 5 days ago

    Please make an actual download for this 🙇‍♂️

  • クマノミナイト


  • sidious king
    sidious king 7 days ago

    Maps are small but looks like a fin game

  • Revolver Ocelot
    Revolver Ocelot 7 days ago


  • Diego Zavala Xed
    Diego Zavala Xed 8 days ago

    THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!

  • Hector Arenas
    Hector Arenas 8 days ago

    Beautifully done. Congratulations.

  • Mercedes Guerrero
    Mercedes Guerrero 8 days ago

    Please make a hack rom of this

  • Data
    Data 8 days ago

    I love de-makes.

  • badwinkles
    badwinkles 9 days ago


  • rom trullcor
    rom trullcor 9 days ago

    Oooooohhhhh!!! Beautiful..... Beautiful...!!!!!!

  • Dylan The Cat
    Dylan The Cat 9 days ago

    would totally play this

  • tontolava2
    tontolava2 9 days ago

    So cool. Release it, I will buy it

  • Tattle Boad
    Tattle Boad 10 days ago

    link's awakening is the greatest game of all time
    its not even close

  • Neo Games
    Neo Games 10 days ago

    Is a piece of art

  • Neo Games
    Neo Games 10 days ago

    Es una obra de arte

  • Shawnenjump
    Shawnenjump 10 days ago

    If this was an actual game I'd buy it

  • Mac Tills
    Mac Tills 10 days ago

    This was insane!!!

  • Balmung Rabenhaupt
    Balmung Rabenhaupt 10 days ago

    I would play this game. ☆.☆

  • Carl Relyea
    Carl Relyea 10 days ago

    Im serious though someone should take the gameboy zelda engine and make fir example if minecraft had an anniversary a gameboy edition would benefit from this anniversary.

  • 光子
    光子 10 days ago

    When he realizes he forgot to put the tunic on and is standing naked above a steep cliff.

  • めあり
    めあり 11 days ago

    It's amazing!!!!
    This game was made by you,wasn’t it??
    I’d like to play it:)♪

  • Daeriko
    Daeriko 11 days ago

    Wish we could actually play this

  • 김동현
    김동현 13 days ago +1


  • Bowen Dodson
    Bowen Dodson 13 days ago

    Ik it's not but plz be real

  • AetheralMeowstic
    AetheralMeowstic 14 days ago

    Make this an actual GBC rom!

  • Faggimus Prime
    Faggimus Prime 14 days ago


  • Renato Mendes
    Renato Mendes 15 days ago


  • JaneTheSilent
    JaneTheSilent 15 days ago

    I would play the fuck outta this ❤

    SEA SPONGE 16 days ago

    Perfect 👌

  • Scott Morel
    Scott Morel 17 days ago

    That castle is quite phallic. 11/10 would point out its phallic nature again.

  • Yeison JMV
    Yeison JMV 17 days ago +1

    Y el link del juego? :v

  • MrSlashfreak27
    MrSlashfreak27 17 days ago

    Feeling nostalgic. Good job!

  • BartmanBegins
    BartmanBegins 17 days ago

    I would pay a lot of money to Nintendo if they ever made a GBC-style version of "Breath of the Wild".

  • Claudiadude -
    Claudiadude - 17 days ago

    I love how back in the day we all were like: Man I hope someday there'll be an HD 3D Zelda game
    We all nowadays: PiXeL cOmE BaCk

  • Ernesto Acosta
    Ernesto Acosta 17 days ago +1

    Wow Nintendo please make it happen like a indie game gbc would be awesome great work ppl still love the retro version till these day.

  • Zander Taylor
    Zander Taylor 18 days ago

    I really love the game boy color zelda games

    WOOD MINER 19 days ago

    Both are great games.

  • Noname Nobody
    Noname Nobody 19 days ago


  • Real Person
    Real Person 19 days ago

    If someone goes creating this hack in the future, please leave the link for it below.

  • Weddlz
    Weddlz 20 days ago

    holy crap, I had a dream about this...


  • slightly normal
    slightly normal 21 day ago


  • Fredpointtwo
    Fredpointtwo 21 day ago

    pls release for ds or 3ds

  • Mldub
    Mldub 21 day ago

    I would pay to play this

  • petite Cerise
    petite Cerise 22 days ago

    Wow ! I'ts just amazing

  • Chit-Chat Gaming
    Chit-Chat Gaming 23 days ago

    I would play the hell out of this!

  • Lilith Sahl
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  • Raquel Santos
    Raquel Santos 24 days ago

    Can you do pokemon mystery dungeon gates to mystery in the NES?

  • TheHypergod Himself
    TheHypergod Himself 25 days ago

    Legend of Zelda | Game and Watch demake

  • Xan.
    Xan. 28 days ago


  • Ethan L
    Ethan L 29 days ago

    i love this

  • Oliver Scott
    Oliver Scott Month ago

    this is fucking beautiful

  • Poket head
    Poket head Month ago

    Just take my money

  • Luca Robertson
    Luca Robertson Month ago

    all you need to do is get this video Nintendo, and they might make the game published AND Re-produce gameboys!!

  • あああ
    あああ Month ago


  • Mayes Jam
    Mayes Jam Month ago


  • Ivan Bravo
    Ivan Bravo Month ago


  • Wishful Thinking Channel

    This was amazing! I was upset when it stopped! Please please make more of these. You’re brilliant. No wonder you have so many views and subscribers. You should be proud of yourself.

  • R S
    R S Month ago

    Romhacks are very easily done for this game. All the tools are already there. Hop to it.

  • Stefan Eilenbrock
    Stefan Eilenbrock Month ago

    WOW ...take my money

  • Nicholas FitzGerald

    I would totally get this if it was a thing.

  • PMG4 Games
    PMG4 Games Month ago

    Sprite animation lol

  • Gamer All
    Gamer All Month ago


  • Cloudy Rainbow
    Cloudy Rainbow Month ago +1

    How did he make this?! I love 8bit type of things and I wanna make things like this :( idk how tho

  • Ryan Ramírez
    Ryan Ramírez Month ago +1

    Y el link? Entendieron?! LINK!!! :'D

  • Pedro Manuel González N

    vine porque pense que me darian la rom del juego para emulador

  • Santino Colombano
    Santino Colombano Month ago

    Wow dude, im impressed. Make more of this cool videos! Finnally a cool channel to watch!

  • Mikaela Heisler
    Mikaela Heisler Month ago

    Wow. This made me go back and replay Link's Awakening in an instant. Still one of my favorite Legend of Zelda formats, I would play this version of Breath of the Wild in a heartbeat!

  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi Month ago

    Please if someone actually made this I'd play the crap out of it

  • El Christian
    El Christian Month ago

    Al ver esto me entraron ganas de volver a jugar los juegos de zelda el oraculo del tiempo y las estaciones

  • Julian Romero
    Julian Romero Month ago


  • Jeremiah Bourget
    Jeremiah Bourget Month ago

    This is... Interesting...

  • The way of Aang and Korra

    Did you make this? Its incredible

  • tom rogers
    tom rogers Month ago

    I'd buy it xD

  • Utkarsh Kumar
    Utkarsh Kumar Month ago

    So many years have passed and GBA games still outshine the current gen... (I know this isn't real, I just mean the other GBA games, like Zelda, DBZ, Megaman BN, etc.)