The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Game Boy Color De-Make


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  • acicon
    acicon Hour ago

    I want this to be a real thing

  • Charles
    Charles Hour ago

    Agh. I feel like I'm the only person who grew up in the game boy era that doesnt like these retro games. I find them boring even if it's a nostalgia thing. I much prefer modern games.

    KENZYXD 4 hours ago

    When you deliver the same chills as the original you know you did a good job.

  • Roger Young
    Roger Young 5 hours ago

    Idk why this made me emotional...

  • Nexus of ice
    Nexus of ice 6 hours ago

    Link's Awakening was still way better than Breath of the Wild.

  • Ancient_Ys
    Ancient_Ys 6 hours ago

    Bro, how can I get that booklet shown in this video? Hook me up?

  • Dante XE
    Dante XE 6 hours ago

    Why the fuck you didn't make it in SNES.

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey 19 hours ago +1

    That would actually be a really cool retro spinoff. A shame Nintendo doesn't necessarily listen to their fans or support fanmade games.

  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster 20 hours ago

    Jaw well and truly dropped! Kickstarter and a Nintendo licence please so I can get a copy!

  • Axiom Floor care
    Axiom Floor care 23 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • sublimevisions
    sublimevisions Day ago +2

    More please(:

  • Link Oc :v
    Link Oc :v Day ago +1

    Theres no ROM?

  • byDaniGG19
    byDaniGG19 2 days ago

    You are a god.

  • Xnx Gaming
    Xnx Gaming 2 days ago


  • stryk3r s
    stryk3r s 2 days ago

    If that game existed i was going to buy right now
    But that is a good idea

  • USSPotemkin
    USSPotemkin 2 days ago


  • Moros Mokhtar
    Moros Mokhtar 2 days ago

    So where do I pre-order?

  • pp gungi
    pp gungi 2 days ago


  • David Kurniawan
    David Kurniawan 2 days ago

    All I could think about was the Blood Moon scene. How is it gonna be, a sudden red moon popped out, or no animations at all, just suddenly there!? 😂😂😂

  • Squidward
    Squidward 3 days ago

    Please someone make this a real game to download on PC

  • gabriel Torreswithbaby

    Let me cop that 👌🏻

  • Benjamin Ramos
    Benjamin Ramos 4 days ago

    Zelda nunca se tratou de gráficos, queria que a Nintendo fizesse algo assim novamente

  • HPlay 1227
    HPlay 1227 6 days ago

    Se fosse de GBA seria melhor, mas ficou ótimo

  • Edson Paschoal
    Edson Paschoal 6 days ago

    It's so beautiful! Very similar to GBC games!

  • Samplay 06
    Samplay 06 6 days ago

    Donde está el rom?

  • Retro
    Retro 7 days ago

    Quiero este juego!
    Como puedo conseguirlo?

  • RockHyde777
    RockHyde777 7 days ago

    Love the mock visuals.

  • Fumetsu Golder
    Fumetsu Golder 8 days ago

    I want this version NOW! :D

  • Le Capuchon
    Le Capuchon 10 days ago

    Verry Good

  • DragonKoal
    DragonKoal 11 days ago

    Nicely done, except for one problem: Link's movement is too slow and it's not at the same speed as oracle of age/seasons.

  • Juan Aguiilar VLG
    Juan Aguiilar VLG 13 days ago

    ROM? Xd

  • Andreas Hetz
    Andreas Hetz 16 days ago

    Love it

  • Peep Xz
    Peep Xz 17 days ago

    The moment you realize they’ve made Pokémon let’s go Pikachu on gameboy color

  • Artemy Umnov
    Artemy Umnov 18 days ago

    I want it !

  • Young link Deku child
    Young link Deku child 29 days ago

    Um link put on some pants please

  • Gavin Honholt
    Gavin Honholt Month ago

    That scene with the castle made me so nostalgic

  • Thomas Mortensen
    Thomas Mortensen Month ago

    Lol, I've never played Breath of the Wild but I absolutely love Oracle of Seasons and Ages. Kinda funny seeing Link wake up, not really remembering much, probably drowzy, finds his usual clothes and sword near his resting place as the Protector, goes out and takes a look at Hyrule, and sees the big bad darkness. "Welp... here we go again"
    Stunningly well-made video! 👍

  • fanjapan
    fanjapan Month ago

    Muito bom 😊

  • GreenFiire
    GreenFiire Month ago

    Oh god i would love to play that D:

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago

    Can I buy?

  • luispedro Carrillo Zea

    I almost cried when I hear the music. Great job, feels like something real

  • Fadly Shalimi
    Fadly Shalimi Month ago

    Omg imagine the scene where all the divine beast blasts ganon with their cannon.

  • Chente Arreola
    Chente Arreola Month ago

    I would buy this shut up and take my money

  • Mayushmallow
    Mayushmallow Month ago

    Can we please have this?😭❤️

  • Do me a fascinate *bork*

    100% would buy

  • Roms Roms Green Greens

    Fan game?

    • Skull Kid
      Skull Kid Month ago

      É uma hack rom, quero achar o download

  • Roms Roms Green Greens


  • Roms Roms Green Greens

    Like si tienes my old boy free

  • Xxsdf
    Xxsdf Month ago +1

    I love the music and great quality nice work :)

  • Know11ledge
    Know11ledge Month ago

    So natural wtf it’s perfect

  • Shawny Shawlts
    Shawny Shawlts Month ago

    botw was a terrible zelda game and installment to the series, and I don't feel positive about any new Zelda games coming out, it was the furthest thing from a zelda game

  • Slevin
    Slevin Month ago

    Would be better.

  • Fågel Mannen
    Fågel Mannen Month ago

    But the Game boy color come 1998 so its very soon 90s

  • Quetzali Guillen
    Quetzali Guillen Month ago

    I really love How much it actually looks like a Legit Game

  • ThePikaBand
    ThePikaBand Month ago +1

    Excellent video ! Thank you ! But I was expecting how a Guardian would look like in 8bit. :)

  • Zelda 194
    Zelda 194 Month ago

    Fuuuck this is amazing

  • SlapClap BackPack
    SlapClap BackPack Month ago

    Can this be made please

  • Flare Plays
    Flare Plays Month ago

    U forgot the butt scene

  • Ninja Kirby Gamer
    Ninja Kirby Gamer Month ago

    Someone should make a home brew Gameboy Color Zelda breath of the wild

  • Pokéfan Day
    Pokéfan Day Month ago

    Sell this and link song

  • XxNinjaStarz
    XxNinjaStarz Month ago

    Wow the music is absolutely spot on! I'm getting all goosebumps from this. c;

  • donoroko
    donoroko Month ago

    Oh man, i love you

  • Gemuse Mann
    Gemuse Mann Month ago

    That would be E B I C

  • Juggalo Jesus
    Juggalo Jesus Month ago


  • Rick Chop
    Rick Chop Month ago

    i like the music

  • C Stove
    C Stove Month ago

    Why would anyone dislike this video?!

  • Jo Michael
    Jo Michael Month ago

    They should do a Homebrew for the SNES that would be great

    JORDIASEKES Month ago

    Awesome music and awesome look!!! This is amawing!!!

  • Gattogaming04
    Gattogaming04 Month ago

    1:00 Cpu 100% Gpu 100% Ram 100%

  • Minis Minichu
    Minis Minichu Month ago


  • Lourelin
    Lourelin Month ago

    Simply perfect!

  • Charizard360
    Charizard360 Month ago

    Why did he get the champ tunic and a sword in the shrine of resurrection

  • Keeno
    Keeno Month ago

    Links awakening sounds!

  • Gnolls
    Gnolls Month ago

    The Legend of Crystalis: A Link to the Future

  • Carlo Nassar
    Carlo Nassar Month ago

    That would mean the Switch/Wii U game would be a remake.

  • Thejacky fish
    Thejacky fish Month ago


  • Elijah Bryce
    Elijah Bryce Month ago

    Smh disliked the video bcs it should've said "Your rusty sword is badly damaged." when he killed that enemy.

    I'm just kidding it's a joke this was really well done and I wish Nintendo would keep making 32-64 bit games still.

  • legend botw
    legend botw Month ago

    This is awesome

  • Logan Browne
    Logan Browne Month ago +2

    Somebody make this real now

  • Celesty
    Celesty Month ago

    I wish this was an actual game

  • itsnotgood
    itsnotgood Month ago +2

    Ooooh if I was a 90s kid and I got this for my birthday id flip

  • Ike Eichenberg
    Ike Eichenberg Month ago +1

    Can this be considered ASMR?

  • OnePunch Man
    OnePunch Man Month ago

    This could be made into a room hack

  • owo
    owo Month ago

    Anyone know where I can find the music with no sfx? BTW Amazing job.

  • The Legendary Gamers Of Awesomeness

    this is great

  • RaDDy
    RaDDy Month ago

    I love it really nicevwork

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    How much does the disc cost?

  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer Month ago

    This is beautiful

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man Month ago

    This is really well done

  • solo otro men
    solo otro men Month ago


  • Sleepy Kirby Video Animations and Real Life Videos.

    You should make a hack and turn it into a game card

  • tabletown
    tabletown Month ago

    this is quite possibly the coolest thing i've ever seen. the music is amazing.

  • Ellie the Animator
    Ellie the Animator Month ago

    This is amazing and makes me miss the old cute style well done!

  • Scythe Sin
    Scythe Sin Month ago

    I want this as an actual game now!

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 Month ago

    looks like botw but in gbc

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link Month ago


  • fearofchicken
    fearofchicken Month ago

    You need new batteries.

  • General SPanda
    General SPanda Month ago


  • Silver77cyn
    Silver77cyn Month ago

    This is so cool!!!

  • David Camppo
    David Camppo Month ago

    That's rad!