Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise


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  • Kennedy Jones
    Kennedy Jones 2 hours ago

    This is brilliant.

  • joshua ellery
    joshua ellery 3 hours ago

    For some reason I thought you were going to call her scarlet.....black hahaha

  • ChanoCyber9Avila
    ChanoCyber9Avila 3 hours ago

    Do Thor Ragnarock please

  • liamclarke91
    liamclarke91 3 hours ago

    The presentation in this video was nothing short of captivating and inspiring.

  • JCBeastie
    JCBeastie 3 hours ago

    I'm glad you mentioned Elizabeth Olsen's performance, I distinctly remember the feeling of relief when she turned to ash and faded away. I was that cognizant of how much loss and pain her character was feeling that I was happy she died. Aint that a trip!

  • DivineLion
    DivineLion 3 hours ago

    Best marvel movie ever

  • WDESJ3
    WDESJ3 4 hours ago

    The prasie is a million times better than the rants. Too much hate in the internet

  • Exploding Minecart
    Exploding Minecart 4 hours ago

    When I saw hulk v.s. Thanos when I was watching the movie I felt like my dream came true because earlier that day I had talked about how I wanted to see that

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 5 hours ago

    Excellent video.

  • Zeg
    Zeg 7 hours ago

    Summary of the movie ends at 35:05

  • Simon-peter Williamson

    Why doesnt thanos double the resources instead of killing half the population

  • Malal
    Malal 8 hours ago

    "Doesn't ant man Hamnnuhman" ....what?

  • ---------------------
    --------------------- 9 hours ago

    I just noticed how much this movie looks like the first part of Final fantasy 6.

  • George Cowsert
    George Cowsert 9 hours ago

    All you have to do is remind Thanoss that people can still reproduce to the point where they're right back where they started. All it takes is time.
    Also question whether Thanoss took into account who honestly deserved to die and who didn't. Corrupt politicians do nothing positive for any society, so they should obviously be purged from the population, but scientists actively trying to make the world a better place should be kept alive at all costs, since any one of them could find an alternate solution to Thanoss' problem. If Thanoss killed the guy who could provide a solution, then what?

  • Arsch Dee
    Arsch Dee 10 hours ago

    TLJ made super sense but now it's like he hates every new movie that gets hyped up lmao

  • Alvin Nobody
    Alvin Nobody 11 hours ago

    I loved this, and I want to see more. Positivity is great

  • Bobby Down
    Bobby Down 13 hours ago

    I would absolutely love to see more videos like this. I also like the unbridled rage videos as well. Keep em all comin!

  • Scott Knudson
    Scott Knudson 13 hours ago

    Can you please please please do an unabridged rage agaisnt the Dark Knight Rises? That movie got so much praise and it makes nooooo sense.

  • thehopelesshelper
    thehopelesshelper 14 hours ago

    The scene with Tony and Peter was fantastic at the end.
    A con for the movie was that Captain america leader role wasn't at the forefront but as it was in Wakanda he had to take a back seat just felt his character could of had more.
    Be interesting to see if Hawkeye family disappeared in front of him as the original 6 would be alive and I can see them all getting together and sacrificing themselves in part 2 to allow new generation.
    Waited for Thanos for years wasn't disappointed Gamora story arc was a nice added part to both characters.

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 14 hours ago

    Of course Thanos gets the Space Stone right away.
    So the writers have a convenient way to get him from place to place.

  • Tow Mater
    Tow Mater 21 hour ago

    Video made me like and subscribe. Loved this movie review.

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 23 hours ago +1

    Question. I'm not a big Marvel guy so I don't really know. If the gauntlet gave Thanos such raw, unadulterated power how come he just didn't make the resources infinite? People get to eat, no one has to suffer, and most importantly no one has to die.

  • Intenxsify
    Intenxsify 23 hours ago

    Fucking amazing video

  • SupremeWolf Vlogs

    Noice a 2 hour movie told perfectly in detail about pretty much everything in about 30 minutes

  • rightpa
    rightpa Day ago

    51:15 THIS! Fucking this right here. Fuck you Rian Johnson.

  • J. Tudor
    J. Tudor Day ago

    Why doesn't Thanos use the reality stone to just create more resources instead of killing half the population? Seems like an obvious plot hole.

  • Ben Sherson
    Ben Sherson Day ago

    If Thanos had already manually destroyed half of the life on Drax's planet, why did he involve them in the annihilation via the gauntlet? That would mean he 1/4ed the population.
    And we KNOW he did it, because Drax died.

  • The Saltiest Shake

    Are you just going to tell us everything that happens in the film in a monotone? Is that what you do here?

  • DrKlRd
    DrKlRd Day ago

    Well I can do you one better.

    WHEN is Gamora?

  • Rudy D'souza
    Rudy D'souza Day ago

    Plot twist, avengers 4 is shit

  • Gungan
    Gungan Day ago

    Best pop culture epic since Empire Strikes Back. Come at me!

  • Nick Gong
    Nick Gong Day ago

    I sorry but i cant in good conscience watch this review.......you kept calling pewdiepie captain America thats just rude.....bastard.....

  • Chris Handley
    Chris Handley Day ago

    I'd like to see you do a review which covers both the positives AND negatives of a film... (Very few films are completely bad, and none are completely good.)

  • Cole Viloria
    Cole Viloria Day ago

    I really wasn't prepared for this movie, when I saw it in theaters there was a kid in a Spiderman hoodie super excited to see his favorite hero, when Peter Parker died on screen begging I looked down the row and the kid was clutching to his father asking why. I cried.

  • Unfinished Br34kfast

    Is this from his camera in the theater, or off the internet

  • Brave rabbit
    Brave rabbit Day ago

    Tony stark calls the telecenises alien squidward, yet Spider-man has to always refer to 80's films as ''these really old movies'' just because he is a teenager.

  • Lorendrawn
    Lorendrawn Day ago

    Back at the doughnut, we see that Doctor Strange is being tortured by Squidward.
    Best sentence in a TheXvid video ever.

  • Ereder
    Ereder Day ago

    Thanos is as strong as hulk (stat-wise).. exept he know how to fight while hulk is just brute force. and since the hulk can't overpower him not outlast thanos .. it's a curbstomp. Awesome scene. much like watching a pro boxer beat the shit out of a heavyweight beginner

  • Aleksandar Vidaković

    I vote MOAR. :D

  • Slow Heavy
    Slow Heavy Day ago +1

    7:36 nano machines son

  • Garrett C.
    Garrett C. 2 days ago

    Don't have to explain every second of the film, buddy.

  • ytguy066
    ytguy066 2 days ago

    Amazing video!

  • XxXVideoVeiwerXxX
    XxXVideoVeiwerXxX 2 days ago

    *cough* why not use the power of infinity to make more instead of take away?

  • Berg
    Berg 2 days ago

    pewdiepie should watch this

  • Blue GT
    Blue GT 2 days ago

    If Thanos has the power to create and destroy anything with all 6 stones why not just create more resources for the sentient life instead of killing half of them

  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 2 days ago +1

    your voice is so sexy.

  • SuperDude312
    SuperDude312 2 days ago

    38:05 hadn't noticed that :o

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 days ago

    Please do more of these unbridled Praise.
    Also I will be back

  • Alex Tomasek
    Alex Tomasek 2 days ago

    Ebony Maue = Squidward

  • Joshua Karchut
    Joshua Karchut 2 days ago

    This was great!

  • James Wheeler
    James Wheeler 2 days ago

    How was vision so useless in this movie? He's supposed to have near godlike powers but he was repeatedly beaten by a shitty elf thing

  • Angel Castillo
    Angel Castillo 2 days ago

    Could you imagine that after all that, that Thanos can’t snap so nothing happens

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 2 days ago

    Corvus glave I thought died in the beginning? I must of missed his encounter with the vision in wakanda or maybe that was when I went to the bathroom lol

  • Rogelio Baez
    Rogelio Baez 2 days ago


  • Fuse bomber
    Fuse bomber 2 days ago +2

    Damn this made me love the film even move, thanks for making this film even better for me!

  • Ian Banda
    Ian Banda 2 days ago


  • SimplyMasonZero
    SimplyMasonZero 2 days ago +1

    Marvel's writers are genius. The fact they had a huge auidence to follow the Infinity Stones is an achievement. There were so many ways it could fail

  • Dor Sivan
    Dor Sivan 2 days ago


  • Dylandorf
    Dylandorf 2 days ago

    Last Jedi is a good movie. Fight me.

  • Darius DarkShadow
    Darius DarkShadow 2 days ago

    Wait...if Thanos wanted to kill half the universe because there weren’t enough resources than why not just make more resources? If you have the power to wipe out half the universe with the snap of your fingers surely you can make more food.

  • cef silverio
    cef silverio 2 days ago +1

    I love you, I love this. Thanks :)

  • MrYurMomm
    MrYurMomm 2 days ago

    Please do more reviews, I'd love to see a video on Deadpool 2, Solo, Ant-man and the Wasp, Incredibles 2, and Jurassic Park

    And if your considering "reviewing" trailers, I'd love a quick short vid on your thoughts for the new Predators teaser.
    Definitely subscribing man.

  • Devis613
    Devis613 2 days ago

    This was awesome

  • Asian dis Kool
    Asian dis Kool 2 days ago

    Honestly the writing in this story literally takes a massive dump on Rian Johnson’s cancerous story

  • WolvesbaneNetwork
    WolvesbaneNetwork 2 days ago

    Damn dude. You just earned a sub from me.

  • CheesyKitty - food enthusiast

    I didn’t actually realize that, you’re right! Iron man knows what Star lord is going to do, I knew that. But the way he immediately realizes because he has done the same and is yelling at him to stay calm and is trying to help him think clearly. When I hear people say Star lord was stupid, I get mad. TELL ME, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU LOST THE ONLY WOMAN THAT YOU LOVE.
    He has lost everything, he snapped and so would you.

  • bloxrocks
    bloxrocks 3 days ago

    if thanos got all the stones why not make like, 10x the resources

  • brandito 98
    brandito 98 3 days ago

    So infinity war just took a big shit on the ending of roagnorak (spelt wrong) and I love it.

  • Winged Paragon
    Winged Paragon 3 days ago +1

    I can't agree with this video enough. Especially with what you said about Thanos and the comparrisons to Iron Man as well. Maybe could have touched on the whole Hulk/Banner dynamic: is it cowardice from the Hulk? Or is he just tried of saving Banner all the time? It's an interesting take on him.

  • Phil V
    Phil V 3 days ago +5

    Sacrifice for the greater good is a theme of this film. The heroes were unwilling to sacrifice Vision to destroy the stone and in their greed in trying to remove it first failed. Star Lord was unwilling to complete the mission and get the glove off without finding out what happened to Gamorra and failed. Thor was unwilling to make a deathblow so he could gloat at his revenge and failed. Thanos on the other hand was willing to do whatever it takes including kill the only thing he loved and won.

  • Phil V
    Phil V 3 days ago +1

    I like how you call Peter Dinklidge's character Tyrian lol

  • Cojer52
    Cojer52 3 days ago +1

    So good - the movie and the review. Most movies can be given a review in a few paragraphs or a few minutes in a video. Infinity War needed a long video review because it (and it's sequel) is the culmination of all MCU movies. I'm sure it took a lot of time and effort to write and edit this video. Thank you.

  • lmn222002
    lmn222002 3 days ago

    Take note fucking Last Jedi that's how a movie should pace and end...still have night terrors over the last jedi...

  • Xero
    Xero 3 days ago

    Great video! Given what we know about parallel universes from the Doctor Strange movie maybe Thanos split the universe in two, leaving half of all humans in one and the other half in the other or something like that. Even though I like the idea of the filmmakers doing a bold thing like killing half, the Marvel money machine will not allow it.

  • bkkhngr0000
    bkkhngr0000 3 days ago

    I'm only slightly drunk and only four minutes in an I'm lost, possibly more than I was when I actually watched the movie.

  • Incredible Pepe
    Incredible Pepe 3 days ago

    Plz let korg live

  • Saeol Manton
    Saeol Manton 3 days ago

    How did Pinoy known that there was a space ship when Spider-man only said to "Distract the people"?!

  • Saeol Manton
    Saeol Manton 3 days ago

    How come Doctor Strange did not known about Thor and the rest of the Asgardians and could not teleport them to earth?

  • rogerthat155
    rogerthat155 3 days ago +1

    A rather large clue for Avengers 4 is that Winter Soldier's metal arm disintegrates too. Because his gun drops. All of the heroes and their clothes plus uniforms are taken. Spidey's suit. All of Star Lord's gadgets. Black Panther's suit. Even Falcon's goggles disintegrate. If the purpose of the stones used like this was to simply kill people, destroy their living material and turn it to dust, then it would have left the technology behind. This may have been a detail oversight but I see it as a clue. The gun dropping, but his arm not dropping, leads me to believe that these people have been transported somewhere - not simply destroyed.

  • Lucas Hilton
    Lucas Hilton 3 days ago

    You know, why didn't Gamora just kill herself? That way, there would be no access to the information she has. But other than this, it's a flawless movie.

  • shazmosushi
    shazmosushi 3 days ago

    I gave up the after the first 10 minutes or so of this video a few weeks ago (after enjoying your TLJ work earlier). After reading a comment here saying the first 30 minutes or so is a rehash of the plot and the last 20 minutes is actual insights, I watched the last 20 minutes. It was actually good.
    I agree with the other comment, rehashing the plot for no reason is completely unnecessary and could have been removed from this video. I don't like the idea of full bias one way or the other: Unbridled praise should talk about the negatives, and unbridled rage should talk about the positives. It's about encouraging better content by analysing what went well and what didn't

    • shazmosushi
      shazmosushi 3 days ago

      Sorry, like I say I did watch the first 10 minutes of your video a week or two ago, so my memory may be a bit hazy and/or wrong. I do enjoy your "unbridled" series, they are some of the most thorough reviews on TheXvid and discuss some good points. Keep it up.
      I might give the first part a rewatch given your defence of it just now.
      I'll just quickly add, whether you consider the "unbridled" series as entertainment, and a seperate critique video series as a more balanced look is up to you. Personally the reason I like your videos (on Star Wars and the MCU) and Captain Midnight's videos on MCU stuff is they find ways to make me consider why I liked movies like Spiderman Homecoming and Thor Ragnorok so much, any why other movies like TLJ has made me not excited for Star Wars anymore. You've certainly struck some level of gold with your style, the same way RedLetterMedia's Star Wars reviews did

    • MauLer
      MauLer  3 days ago

      That's a shame, even in the opening minute I break down Loki's history to inform the events, there are several hints dropped as I perform the plot summary to act as pay off's for the progression, it is not a simple retelling, it is very deliberate.
      I covered Rhodey's development within the MCU, Stark and Thanos as reflections of each other, the continuity of Civil War, the conflict of Strange, Tony and Quill as they all develop as egocentric in their own films.

      All of this and more before even reaching the "analysis" section, so forgive me for ignoring your ignorant perspective. As for Unbridled Rages and Praises, i'm going full steam ahead, they are a massive success with the majority of my audience as pieces of entertainment.
      I will save the extensive and objective assessments for my critique series'. Though I appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective.

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 3 days ago

    Seriously Tony has literally suffered the most i mean his whole origin story came from being tortured in a cave he has always been my favourite and i hope they give his character a fitting ending whether it be happy or sad

  • excsesspool
    excsesspool 3 days ago

    Enjoyed the praise rant! Thank you. And keep 'em coming.

  • Corvo@AZ
    Corvo@AZ 3 days ago

    So film is better than what the trailers made it out to be?

  • ЭХОВ
    ЭХОВ 3 days ago

    Good shit
    Now hate the Solo movie =)

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 3 days ago

    It’s New York not Kamar-Taj hence how they go out onto the street

  • Edwin Pagan
    Edwin Pagan 3 days ago

    Amazing analysis.

  • sharpshiell
    sharpshiell 4 days ago

    yes loved the movie and your review

  • Swaay 420
    Swaay 420 4 days ago

    Absolutely appreciate the appreciation aspect. Personally I'm interested in both aspects of film. Please don't stop doing what you do sir. And thank you for YOUR time and effort.

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor 4 days ago +1

    Where do you get the footage of the actual movie from?

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  • Jared Guevara
    Jared Guevara 4 days ago

    this is some dickriding i can get behind, beautifull done

  • justin carrillo
    justin carrillo 4 days ago

    Lol i thought u couldnt destroy infinity stones 🤔

  • Atmosphere Productions

    Maybe perhaps like don't just explain the movies synopsis for the first half of the video.

  • Axelphim
    Axelphim 4 days ago

    No homo, but your voice is hot 😂😂

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper 4 days ago

    I remember someone saying thing about "character assassination" in a Last Jedi review but it was not mentioned here for some reason. Everyone who dies was to service the toxic waste that is Carol Danvers who they already are trying to suggest that we owe for the return of the characters they just destroyed to grandfather her in to the audience while she can't get through 5 relaunches (not to mention, hasn't even been on screen). Keep Spider-Man dead. I was there for his wedding in Shea Stadium and never seen such a disservice done to him. Something the New Testament canon understood that Arthur Conan Doyle would have to learn is that once a character comes back from death, they no longer can be the focus. I don't care how a resurrection High Schooler deals with his prom date and fighting crime in Astoria for the same reason Rey isn't interesting- I can't relate

  • RFSA180
    RFSA180 4 days ago

    Brilliant mate. Really enjoyable listening

  • GuyandGirlGaming
    GuyandGirlGaming 4 days ago

    I thoroughly enjoy your normal content but I definitely enjoy this as well. Keep up the good work!

  • bonkoboy
    bonkoboy 4 days ago

    It's much easier to complain about a bad movie and it's flaws than it is to praise a good one. To stand up for something is always a bigger risk than it is to destroy it, so I definitely like this angle --- it's endearing. While the dismantling of The Last Jedi was already very entertaining, it becomes an even stronger and more convincing stance when compared to another, positive review like this one. Nice work.

  • Fred the fish from Spongebob

    It's amazing how good this movie is... Yet it still doesn't even graze the masterpiece that is Spider-Man 2