Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise


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  • James Coddington
    James Coddington Hour ago

    Whether you love it or hate it doesn't really matter. What's so enjoyable is the wit and the Keen sharp eyes.

  • f00dify
    f00dify 4 hours ago

    I honestly like seeing these positive movie reviews. Not that I have anything against the ones bashing movies, but it's a good change of pace​ and lets us know you can do both.

  • Shane Rants
    Shane Rants 6 hours ago

    I think there was at least a month between Thor Ragnarok and infinity war. The change in Thor’s costume and the mention of the destruction of xandar demonstrates they do not happen right next to one another

  • Mr. Justice
    Mr. Justice 8 hours ago

    The primary motivation of Thanos makes the whole plot fall apart for me. That and the fact that it would be very easy to stop him if anyone was actual willing to make a sacrifice. However, in the end none of this mean anything anyway because it's a superhero film filled with magic after all. I will at least give them credit for creating a three dimensional villain, that was surprisingly nice to see. But I would also like to see them cutback on the philosophical monologue a little bit more. Why do villains always need to give speeches about everything?

  • Natty
    Natty 9 hours ago

    Amazing review

  • Leave the Comment Section

    Thanos is the smartest guy in this movie (regardless of his retarded idea of how to save the universe) because he's the ONLY GUY WILLING TO LET SOMEONE DIE TO COMPLETE THE OBJECTIVE ! I don't care how good the movie is, the bad guy only won because nobody let anybody die except the bad guy.

  • Troll With A Purpose
    Troll With A Purpose 20 hours ago

    51:18 y tho?

  • Mezari Sage
    Mezari Sage Day ago

    You make good points about almost all of this but I just couldn't let go the stupidity and oversimplification of the whole overpopulation argument, I'm sorry, it just ruined the movie for me. I liked deadpool 2 better even if it was arguably an inferior movie.

  • vladislav petkov

    39:39 - translation: Thanos is too thick-skulled to get it inside his head, that now matter how much math he does, there is no way to effectively even out the population and resource demand.

  • katanamaru1
    katanamaru1 Day ago +1

    I liked your video, and I like your rage videos. Make either one and I'll watch them.

  • dilan thivanka
    dilan thivanka Day ago

    you just retell the whole movie for 35 min WTF?

  • pll9000
    pll9000 2 days ago +2

    The MCU is Marvel's crown jewel atop decades of comic book lore. Their lore. Disney only *bought* Star Wars. It's just a money machine to them. They have no further investment in the IP. Dare I say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is this generation's Star Wars (done right).

  • Trovek Snovad
    Trovek Snovad 2 days ago +1

    Now if they would put this team to work on star wars

  • AliJeh Yah Reik
    AliJeh Yah Reik 2 days ago

    The Samuel L Jackson scene at 50:29 what movie is that from????

  • Ty Denstorff
    Ty Denstorff 2 days ago +1

    Mauler you're amazing I love the videos and I love the positivity. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy the rages, but it's nice to see variety. Keep up the great work!

  • Gary Bengtsson
    Gary Bengtsson 2 days ago

    hate this

  • Jack Landry
    Jack Landry 3 days ago +1

    Love this

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 3 days ago

    Mr.MauLEr... I DoNT fEeL So gOoD....

  • Punabuttah
    Punabuttah 3 days ago

    I’m pretty sure James Gunn wrote the dialogue for the Guardians

    Xx_MLG- NOSCOPER_xX 3 days ago

    Good to see someone else refer to peter Dinklage as just Tyrion

  • Hello There
    Hello There 4 days ago

    I think I've listened to this review about 10 times already. Sometimes it just comes on autoplay, but there's no reason to turn it off. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi: An Unbridled Rage," is another one I've listened to a few times. Your speaking voice is incredible. It would have been great if you had narrated, "The Universe (TV series)."

  • Admiral Sean
    Admiral Sean 4 days ago

    I wont say that Thanos is a bad villain, or a bad character, but he is a fucking idiot. He thinks that killing half of all living souls will create balance? That only delays overpopulation, if population grows exponentially, then cutting it in half won't solve the problem, like putting a band aid on a sucking chest wound, you might stop bleeding out, but the real damage is not as superficial as a population number. If he is as smart as he claims to be, then why is his motivation such a failure of logic? Why? Why? WHY!!? Thanos is the most evil being to exist if he understands the flawed logic in his goal, then he knows he will have to cull the universe constantly, but in doing so he will wipe out all vestiges of life, until there is only one left, as only the fastest growing populations with be able to last, the slower ones will eventually be wiped out because not all populations reach over saturation at the same rate, and who is Thanos to know when it's time to kill half of all life? He acts so self righteous as if he has found the deus ex machina to save the universe, but he has only found a way to commit the greatest act of genocide ever, it makes me mad :( If you have anything to add, or to say to me, please do, I am very lonely, and need the attention.

  • Kelly Peart
    Kelly Peart 5 days ago +1

    I don't care how silly it may sound to other people Avengers: Infinity War is now my favorite movie of all time.

  • void735
    void735 5 days ago

    "You should have gone for The head... " *snaps fingers*
    Fuck my spine shivered
    that scene was so fucking good

  • Seb C
    Seb C 5 days ago

    The worst part of Peter dying is that his spidey senses went to defcon 1 and told him he will die way before it happened and he never saw it coming. 😭

  • Zexon Hairi
    Zexon Hairi 5 days ago

    What if in avengers 4 tony quites being ironman and takes up his fathers mantle at shield

  • PurE DemOn
    PurE DemOn 5 days ago

    I just saw Infinity War a couple days ago. I had seen this video weeks ago. But I gotta say I super disagree. There are a handful of shitty design decisions that are so impactful they ruin the film for me. I think you have seen so many shitty movies, that when you see one that is "Okay", you think it is amazing, or Praise Worthy.

  • Brandon Sarsland- brunner

    Dormamu I've come to bargain

  • z3rocool420
    z3rocool420 6 days ago

    It must be raining in my room cause my face is wet as shit. Great job man.

  • Postulate 5
    Postulate 5 6 days ago

    People always assume that because Dr. Strange said nothing, Peter was supposed to lose his cool and they were supposed to let Thanos get the Infinity Gauntlet back. Of course, there could always be the alternate, that there was no way in hell that they were going to get the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thanos.

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 Day ago

      Or a step further: even if they got the gauntlet off him, Thanos would have still killed them afterward and taken the gauntlet back. Remember, this is the guy who took down the Hulk in 15 seconds-flat. Whether it would be immediately afterward or tracking them down years later, Thanos probably would have won either way.

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden 6 days ago

    I really enjoy your Unbridled Rage videos, but also appreciate this one. Feel free to give Unbridled Praise where it's deserved.

  • edwin henri
    edwin henri 6 days ago

    I loved this, it gave me chills

  • obsidianchilly
    obsidianchilly 6 days ago

    I've watched this video 30+ times (usually listening like a podcast) and through it, I've become certain of 3 things -
    1) You have a very soothing and smooth voice
    2) You provide great insight to this movie, which made me love it even more.

  • Emonkey12345
    Emonkey12345 6 days ago

    Yo lemme get more appreciation vids pls

  • Micaiah Flores
    Micaiah Flores 7 days ago

    this is fucking gold and yet they shit on starwars.... and use no name directors dude that's only clame to fame is LOST and the other thet not only fucked over starwars BUT HAS TWO THREE? MOVIES UNDER HIS BELT in TOTAL... THANKS KATHLEEN YOU FUCKiNG CUNT...

  • mrmdemeter1
    mrmdemeter1 7 days ago +1

    I personally enjoyed this overwhelmingly positive appraisal of this movie as it voiced many of my own sentiments. It was refreshing to hear a review that focuses on the pros of a film as I often find reviews are far to commonly negative. The style of your delivery made this far more enjoyable than any nitpicking critique. This is the third time I have watched this as it feels like I am listening to someone tell the story of the movie. Great Job!

  • dogmiagy
    dogmiagy 7 days ago

    Fantastic reviews
    Hugs from Portugal!!

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 7 days ago +1

    “I cant tell you any details why this film is good” Uh-huh. Unsubscribed.

    • The_Holy_Ghost
      The_Holy_Ghost 7 days ago

      DrTheKay Your four comments all have one like, I wonder who it is

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 7 days ago +1

    I literally stopped liking this film after reading how retarded this comments section is. What the heck was even the point if this video? All you’re doing is sayinf EXACTLY what happened. “DUUUH DIS FILM IS GOOD CUZ WOW EXPLOSIONS AND HE SAID DIS AND DAT WOOOW SO CUUUL”

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 7 days ago +1

    ‘Balance’ according to Mauler is blinding hating one thing and blindly loving another thing. What a kid.

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 7 days ago +1

    Aplogist. Hbomber style. “DIS FILM IS GUD CUZ WOW HE SAID DIS AND THEN HE SAID DAT” srsly all you’re doing is saying exactly what you saw. Just wow. Easiest UNSUBSCRIBED I’ve ever clicked.

  • B O Y
    B O Y 7 days ago

    spiderman dying made me cry even though its a meme

  • _Bagginshield
    _Bagginshield 7 days ago

    I LOVEd this video so much omg and it almost made me tear up at the end. I absolutely love it how you point out every little single detail and just... omg

  • Darth Dingus
    Darth Dingus 7 days ago

    Too bad Lucasfilm didn't have the Russo Brothers write/direct Star Wars.

  • Google it
    Google it 7 days ago

    I ant you to do something like this for The Last Jedi, not because it deserves it, but because it would be a fun challenge to do.

  • KiCKER
    KiCKER 8 days ago

    The only problem I had with this movie is that it fucking made me so damn confused as of what to think after watching it.

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 8 days ago

    I'm not sure how many fans have really pointed this detail out, I feel like I haven't really seen it much talked about, but just as far as "the Cap phone", that cell that Steve sends to Tony in case he needs him. For as many mixed feelings as Tony still has toward Steve, but he obviously ALWAYS has that phone on him whenever he goes at all out of the house. I mean, as far as Tony knew he was just hanging out with Pepper in the park that day, then they took the portal straight to Strange's place. So apparently Tony genuinely always has that thing on him no matter how casual any out of the house trip might seem, every single goddamn day.

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer 7 days ago

      There’s a deleted scene mentioning how he always has it on him.

  • Dapper Productions
    Dapper Productions 8 days ago

    I wonder why none of the plant life around Wakanda didn't turn to dust...

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer 7 days ago

      Cause plants provide, and aren’t sentient life.

  • Ian B.
    Ian B. 8 days ago

    Between this and the TLJ reviews, I think I'm getting a serious man-crush on you. Thanks, asshole.

  • Deadblox 2758
    Deadblox 2758 8 days ago

    After seeing this movie 3 times it still gives me chills

  • ChaotiX
    ChaotiX 8 days ago

    Drax's people are supposed to be stronger than the Kree, right?
    So how then, did Ronan the Accuser beat Drax the Destroyer so easily in open combat??

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer 7 days ago

      Yeah, I’ll agree that’s bugged me for along time. In the comics he’s defeated Thantos a number of times, so him losing to Ronan is disappointing.

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 8 days ago

    I dont like how you have to watch every single marvel movie to know whats going on. You have to watch the other movies to know whats happening in the Avengers movies and on and on. I was totally lost in the early parts of this movie. I get so sick of the shoehorned comedy bits. This would never fly back in the golden days of action movies like Terminator, Predator, Aliens, etc. Even the old X-men and Spiderman cartoons were more serious and more down to earth.

    • Daniel W
      Daniel W 6 days ago

      I know full well what cinematic universe means...Hollywood making shitload of movies that dont even fit together and making money off of you. And no Star Wars is a complete series that spans many different characters and events and every movie stands alone in a much more understandable way. I have seen every single marvel movie except Ant Man and they do not connect in a good way.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 6 days ago

      It's just your problem you're living in the past, can't comprehend what cinematic universe means and don't understand why Wolverine couldn't be in Infinity War. :)
      Star Wars are just single franchise. It's like it was 10 movies about Iron Man. It's not cinematic universe. And no, even in the case of Star Wars you MUST know what happened in previous parts, otherwise you would be very confused.

    • Daniel W
      Daniel W 7 days ago

      You dont have to watch any of the previous Star wars movies in order to fully grasp whats going on. Thats a shitty excuse for movie companies suckering you in to buy all the movies. Movies should be able to stand completely on their own even if they are in a series. Some people might have no interest in Dr. Strange or Black Panther but do want to watch the Avengers. Some of these extra characters are clearly shoehorned in just like the crappy comedy relief. The guardians of the galaxy were never even involved with the whole Infinity war saga and a bunch of others including Wolverine were involved. Hollywood has you licking its balls and enjoying its mediocre movies. Im glad I have pirated all of them.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago

      This is Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's great that characters meet together. It was always consider unshootable and it's like dream come true (or comics come real). If you can't follow the story, it's only your problem. It doesn't mean the idea is bad.
      Also, if there weren't all the previous movies, how would anyone understand such movie? It's same as Harry Potter, you can't have 7th book without the first one, because you wouldn't know the characters and their stories and motivations.

    • Daniel W
      Daniel W 7 days ago

      You dont watch installments you watch movies from a completely different series. Its like watching all the Alien movies to know whats going on with Predator. They make this whole "Marvel Universe" like this so you pay money to see all the movies. Ive collected and read many comics from Marvel and there was no shoehorned comedy. No its perfectly legitimate to compare something from today with something from before, You are clearly stuck in your own head with that one. And Star Wars says hello if you want a bunch of characters and and a flushed out villain.

  • Alex Da Phoenix
    Alex Da Phoenix 8 days ago +1

    Actually he said:
    "How can I be a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman if there is no neighbourhood?"

  • Michael Her
    Michael Her 8 days ago +1

    My god the analysis was SPEC-TACULAR!!! MAGNIFICENT job man and yes I would love to see more of this.

  • TheKrigeron
    TheKrigeron 8 days ago

    Wait. Is this guy just gonna recount the film? K
    Edit: 35:10
    Holy shit talk about padding.

  • CipherEnigma
    CipherEnigma 8 days ago

    Infinity Gauntlet equals Infinite Resources. Its still a well told story though, and thats all that matters

  • GtheMVP
    GtheMVP 8 days ago

    As much as I love your ranting on a shitty/disappointing film, and as much as it's made you notorious, it makes any praise carry extra weight. My favourite pieces from you have been with your Soma/Amnesia coverage. Those two games were very special experiences to me, just as Infinity Wars was.
    I love the MCU, it's like an epic tv series. Like any great series though (Babylon 5 comes to mind) there are episodes better than others, and some that were downright disappointing (cough Black Panther, Thor 2). Babylon 5 had some suspect episodes, but like Infinity War, they still helped build to a compelling and satisfying payoff.
    So long as Fage and the Russo bros and leading the charge, we're in for even more epic installments, I can't wait!

  • Thinking Out Loud
    Thinking Out Loud 9 days ago

    The fucking video starts at 35 minutes. For fuck's sake. 99% of everything before then is explaining every fucking scene in the movie for viewers who must've been complete idiots.

  • J.R. Horsting
    J.R. Horsting 9 days ago

    You did great. Cap's story is worth a chapter of your view too. Nice work.

  • my God is Yahweh
    my God is Yahweh 9 days ago +1

    I loved the movie.
    And you do a fantastic job making your videos and pointing out the right and wrongs of a movie.

  • Javier B
    Javier B 9 days ago

    300 dwarfs? thats a fuck load of dwarfs , how did they kill them? thats a point in the movie that makes little sense, plus all the Thor need a hammer shit, when clearly he doesnt need one

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago

      Thor needed the weapon not to cast lightning spells, but to kill Thanos.
      He literally says "a Thanos killing one".

  • Darien Barth
    Darien Barth 9 days ago

    So is Spider-Man Far from home going to take place before infinity wars II? Or is Spider-Man dar from home going to be the film where all the characters that turned to ash come back?

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago

      It's several minutes after Avengers 4.

  • kittah4
    kittah4 9 days ago

    Personally I was completely taken out of the film by "meta knowledge", which I suppose isn't the fault of anyone but those providing said knowledge.
    You know they literally can't leave anyone who has a movie coming dead, therefore even if it "completes" the arc of someone like Tony Stark, it still feels cheap with that outside meta knowledge.
    That and I found Thanos boring because basically only anything he does matters. When the heroes try a sacrifice, he just says "lol nah", but when he does it, its tearfully meaningful for him? I don't buy that at all. They do try to show he cares for Gamora, but I don't really buy that because he's a genocidal abuser. Also him just randomly being stronger than the HULK in hand-to-hand without the visual benefit of the stones basically makes the Hulks much-touted strength pointless if some random guy of a race can be so much more powerful.

  • Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber

    This movie was so shit in every conceivable aspect. It astounds me how the DC films are so unpopular yet Marvel's far worse movies go by unscathed.

    • AOR xMinxG
      AOR xMinxG 6 days ago

      Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber So we are just going to forget how Superman can just kill batman without hesitation when Louis can snap him out....
      And how one dimensional and robotic everyone is? Wonder woman went from a strong optimistic witty character to a Instagram girl within a movie...

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago +1

      Well, most of people would disagree with you. ;)
      Marvel movies have cool and likeable characters you can root for.
      DC just ruined one of the most known heroes, Superman, by making him depressed destroying antihero...
      And that's just one reason.

  • Ninja Derp
    Ninja Derp 10 days ago

    18:18 "Back at the doughnut we see that Doctor Strange is being tortured by Squidward"

  • joelouis321
    joelouis321 10 days ago

    Thanos killed half the world because he had a hard on for the goddess of death and he was trying to win her. What you said is rewriting the script.

    • joelouis321
      joelouis321 6 days ago

      True, some of these stories ans plots need updating. The whole split in civil war was really weak in my opinion and could have been settled with one sit down conversation. Like "hey guys, we actually saved the world....twice, and you know all that bad stuff they accused us of? Well, that was actually the bad guys fault when THEY ALMOST DESTROYED THE WORLD...twice." Next guy " oh yeah, I forgot about that. I guess we're not marauding criminals after all. Cool!" Group bro hugs and walks out. End Scene.

    • my God is Yahweh
      my God is Yahweh 7 days ago +1

      Mike Dasik
      It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

    • my God is Yahweh
      my God is Yahweh 7 days ago

      Mike Dasik
      I Agree.
      The movie would have been Dumb if he did for a chick.
      Mistress death.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago

      I KNOW that's like that in the comics. But the story is almost 30 years old. And if you want to do cool villain now, you just can't make him needing revenge or loving some chick...
      They need realistic and good reason to be evil.

    • my God is Yahweh
      my God is Yahweh 7 days ago

      Mike Dasik
      It's comic book history.
      It's crazy by any standard, but their are comic book Experts on TheXvid and they devote their channels to talking about this stuff.

  • Ryan Luther
    Ryan Luther 10 days ago

    The amount of people who just came here and don't know how this guy's videos work is astonishing.
    "So u just go thru da movie and comment on it occasinoly"
    Stop it. You guys don't know shit about this channel, let him run it how he wants to.

  • Matthew Pearson
    Matthew Pearson 10 days ago

    Honestly I still think Dark Knight is far better. For instance they only had one film of build up. One character instead of 18 to connect to. One villain who only had one 5 second tease instead of 3. Plus it made Heath Leader a myth in film making. That film turned Christopher Nolan into a legend. He barely had any thing to give us the same if not better material, yet he pulled off a near perfect film (to be fair I still think the Batman voice is ridiculous). Also while I like most of the MCU I most confess, I hate the fact that it just cant end.

  • chicopluma
    chicopluma 10 days ago +3

    listening to your description on how the writters understand and respect the characters just makes me sad for how dc handles their cinematic universe

  • Dante Sephora
    Dante Sephora 10 days ago

    Again, awesome video!
    Could you do a video (hopefully an unbridled praise) about Mission Impossible Fallout??

  • Plocký /)
    Plocký /) 10 days ago

    i think the stupidest thing was them going to knowwhere to try defeating thanos alone? or even just preventing him from getting the stone. this mission was doomed at the beginning xd

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything 10 days ago +1

    We've seen the fucking film, we don't need a 20 minute run down of the plot.

    • AOR xMinxG
      AOR xMinxG 6 days ago

      Question Everything Hmm, seems you don't have a simple concept of patience or attention span.

    • Question Everything
      Question Everything 9 days ago

      my God is Yahweh yes, he manages to say something bland at the end, totally amazing!...

    • my God is Yahweh
      my God is Yahweh 9 days ago

      Question Everything
      Did you watch the whole video ?

  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 10 days ago +1

    man, do the details! also the balance of drama and humor is far from perfect in the mcu

  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 10 days ago

    thor ragnarok was shit

  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 10 days ago +1

    besides the out of place forced humor the movie is pretty good

  • Megatto
    Megatto 11 days ago

    DC should really start to take notes

  • Swam
    Swam 11 days ago

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now so large that you can't feasibly watch all of it if you haven't seen any of it up to this point.
    Iron Man
    The Incredible Hulk
    Iron Man 2
    Captain America: The First Avenger
    The Avengers
    Iron Man 3
    Thor: The Dark World
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Avengers: Age of Ultron
    Captain America: Civil War
    Doctor Strange
    Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Thor: Ragnarok
    Black Panther
    Avengers: Infinity War
    Ant-Man and the Wasp
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5 seasons)
    Agent Carter (2 seasons)
    Inhumans (1 season)
    Daredevil (2 seasons)
    Jessica Jones (2 seasons)
    Luke Cage (2 seasons)
    Iron Fist (1 season)
    The Punisher (1 season)
    The Defenders (1 season)
    Runaways (1 season)
    Cloak and Dagger (1 season)

    It, take you like a month of marathoning to watch all that

    • Swam
      Swam 9 days ago

      Yeah I mean let's say you watch the films over a 2-4 day period. Then you watch a season of the tv shows every day. That's 19 days total and even then, I highly doubt most people would be able to finish an entire season of TV shows in one day and not get burned out of it after a while.

    • my God is Yahweh
      my God is Yahweh 9 days ago

      LOL a month ?
      I'll try it when I'm retired

  • Walter Streete
    Walter Streete 11 days ago

    We love positivity why do u think this is your most viewed video

  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide 11 days ago

    Going in to the movie I was like whatever you do don't kill Tony. And then Peter dies.... and I realized that was even worse. Possibly the most emotional scene ever.

  • GammaCatch
    GammaCatch 11 days ago +1


  • Kyle Carey
    Kyle Carey 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought the film was kinda a mess? And that the way it was played especially in the middle was repetitive and kinda obnoxious? The beginning and end were solid but the entire center was just kinda a clusterfuck, now again idk how you remedy this but I definently thought that behind all the hype and behind all the build up was a film that was entertaining but from a film perspective was really mediocre, repetitive, and messy

  • David McDole
    David McDole 12 days ago

    Great review man. I like all of your stuff. I've told my friends to check out all of your stuff. Stay cool man

  • Alex Staufenstedt
    Alex Staufenstedt 12 days ago +1

    I saw this movie today and to be honest my expectations werent high and in the end i was still disappointed. Its not extremly bad, a decent movie and i wont judge an action movie too hard for some logical errors and so on.
    But why are people seriously reviewing this movie as even better than the hype. WTF.
    I think the most disappointing things are the motivation for Thanos, which for some freakish reason kills half the universe, because of too many people are bad and his home planet suffered from overpopulation, what is cleary applicable to all planet in the UNIVERSE. So instead of using the infinite power of the infinity stones for a nice universe, better lets kill half the population every few decades within a second, much lesser time consumption but thats cool because so he has more time to sit in the nature and having time to think about (spoiler) how he killed the only person he loved. great. This is his movie because he has huge amount of screen time and the mega bunch of avengers and otherwise cooperating heros wont even have a chance to bring up any good plot.
    The other thing is the stupid marvel evolution since Black Panther. Are there any rules for this universe left?
    Now Stark owns literally an even better version of the Black Panther suit with nanobots and who the fuck cares how many of his bots are destroyed, keep going and transform to every shit you like.
    Or for example Jarvis who fucking owns an infinity stone yet gets only stabbed in the chest because reasons. Or his redhead girlfriend who was already powerful but in the end really delays thanos who already has four infinity stones.
    Your characters and their abilities need rules. There can be plotholes, but it definetly ends where those holes get so huge that i need to concentrade to ignore the shit the creators throws at me.
    This makes me sad because the movie started promising and some single parts are really good.
    Holy fucka moly, but what do i know, 8,7 on imdb, i mean it has to be awesome...

    • LordManda2
      LordManda2 12 days ago

      It doesn't have to be awesome, you can just have a different opinion than most other people. It's not uncommon. :) But as for Thanos' motivations, doing what you said is what a rational and sane person would do. But Thanos is not called the Rational and Sane Titan, he is the Mad Titan, driven insane by being forced to watch his people starve and kill each other into extinction because they wouldn't heed his plan. Now his perception of the world is so distorted, his mind so out of touch with reality, that he thinks the torture and training he put Gamora and Nebula through was true fatherly love, that slaughtering half the galaxy is necessary, and that all other options are simply out of the question for the 'greater good' of saving the rest of sentient life from going through what he did.

  • Matthew Vido
    Matthew Vido 12 days ago

    9:38 They had 18 movies to learn all these characters. I would hope they understand each heroes

  • Ray Rendleman
    Ray Rendleman 12 days ago

    Great video, the best MCU one I've seen......nuff said

  • Toxin of meeenes
    Toxin of meeenes 12 days ago

    In Avengers 4 I think they might kill of Captain America, because Chris Evans's contract with Marvel is coming to an end.

  • Mr Evan
    Mr Evan 12 days ago

    It's not even praising anything. It's just a break down of events from the film.

    • Mr Evan
      Mr Evan 12 days ago

      ok. I take that last comment back.

  • Trending Now
    Trending Now 12 days ago

    Such a great video

  • Iva Shuu
    Iva Shuu 12 days ago

    was corvus glaive called goblin?

  • Spencer Vaughn
    Spencer Vaughn 13 days ago

    I know it probably won’t... but this movie should absolutely when some award just for existing. It is a cinematic accomplishment never before seen and deserves recognition.

  • Dank Dan
    Dank Dan 13 days ago

    Everytime i see your videos in my recommendations i just feel like i hear distant screams

  • Marco Rosales
    Marco Rosales 13 days ago

    What mic setup do u use? idk if it's your voice or your gear. But everything about this video was amazing. But Sound quality 👌🏿

  • Marco Rosales
    Marco Rosales 13 days ago

    Dude. This was amazing

  • Starwars is Dead
    Starwars is Dead 13 days ago

    My review of IW: meh
    The CG used on Grimace in several spots made his shirt and pants look like they copy and pasted old Jar Jar Binks footage from the Star Wars prequels. Also, why does Thanos walk like he has Iron Man shoved up his arse (bad animation)? There was so much CG, I am surprised that they even call Infinity Wars a live actions movie.
    It seems that Who Framed Roger Rabbit used more practical effects than IW. It was good to see Grimace get work after being fired from McDonalds.

    • Starwars is Dead
      Starwars is Dead 6 days ago

      Oh I'm sorry. I should maybe look at the story instead. A mass murdering Gary Stu villain goes places and kicks the crap out of everyone and wins, but doesn't win cause we all know someone is going to unsnap things in the next movie anyways. Sorry, I gave up on the MCU after Civil War story wise. Now I just watch them for free when I can.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 7 days ago

      If you just care about amount of CGI in the comic book action fantasy movie, I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously...

  • gninja92
    gninja92 13 days ago

    Even though there is A part 4. Minus one or two things This movie could have ended the series here and had a solid ending

  • gninja92
    gninja92 13 days ago

    Thanos has the Indomitable Will equal to Batman

  • Matt Poeschl Jr.
    Matt Poeschl Jr. 14 days ago

    Well said. You are a great writer

  • Plutot Crever
    Plutot Crever 14 days ago

    That kick in Rian Johnson's nuts was awesome.

  • Carter Dahl
    Carter Dahl 14 days ago

    This is the best movie ever made