Binging with Babish: Chocolate Cake from Matilda

  • Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • Matilda, Danny DeVito's thunderous directorial follow-up to Hoffa (1992), features an inexplicably tempting chocolate cake, despite its open admission of containing bodily fluids. Sit down and consume this entire confection today alongside Dan Pashman of The Sporkful. Patreon exclusive coming soon: Goose-Liver-Stuffed-Donuts from The Fantastic Mr. Fox!
    Hear The Sporkful's Roald Dahl Special, "What if Willy Wonka Was Your Dad?" at the link below! Thanks for coming by Dan!
    Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free
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  • Omar Sukar
    Omar Sukar 5 hours ago +1

    The first 15 seconds was so nostalgic for me

  • Tdflky
    Tdflky 22 hours ago

    DAN: You didn't tell me you had herpes, Andrew.
    ANDREW: Well, you don't tell me you had aids, Dan.
    DAN: We probably shouldn't have put each other's sweat, and blood in cake, and then eat it.
    ANDREW: You're right. Next time, we should put our finger nails in it.
    DAN: Great idea!

  • Thubelihle Sibiya

    Eww gaddammit

  • Buchanan Winchester

    Fucking christ

  • Neel Barot
    Neel Barot Day ago

    This is howtobasic if he wasn't crazy

  • mtb fantic
    mtb fantic Day ago


  • Benjamin Altube
    Benjamin Altube Day ago +1

    I was looking forward to this until I saw the blood and sweat

  • 음악
    음악 Day ago +1

    Oh my God, I can’t believe he made this!! 😂😂😂 it looked so good in the movie

  • Devils' Advocacy Productions

    I honestly wouldn't mind eating it. I trust Babish washed his hands and saw a doctor beforehand

  • macks
    macks 2 days ago

    this is the tastiest chocolate cake ever.

  • Paladin JN01
    Paladin JN01 3 days ago

    Wait, Danny DeVito directed this movie?!?

  • Mae Holliday
    Mae Holliday 3 days ago


  • Isa R
    Isa R 3 days ago

    But why

  • Meow121325
    Meow121325 4 days ago

    vampires now consider you one of them dio does too

  • batshark 007
    batshark 007 4 days ago

    1:24 "dude, what the f*ck!" - everyone

  • Davi Ruela
    Davi Ruela 4 days ago


  • Shado Shahad
    Shado Shahad 4 days ago

    I hope it's just joke, blood ‼

  • Sheila Quinn
    Sheila Quinn 5 days ago +3

    As a small child I always thought it was foolish to cut off the top of cakes that were layered. It's a great excuse to have more icing.

  • VentoAura
    VentoAura 5 days ago +4

    Made this for my non existing girlfriend and she got HIV. Infecting with babish

  • Asher Lee
    Asher Lee 5 days ago

    I gagged

  • Jaeden Vig
    Jaeden Vig 7 days ago

    seeing him put in blood and sweat in the sweat me:*puking noises*

  • M.D. Webster
    M.D. Webster 7 days ago

    OHHHH NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Blood and sweat is suppose to be metaphorical! GROSS!

  • night_creeps
    night_creeps 7 days ago +6

    I honestly felt bad for the kid, even though it was a movie, anyway.

  • Atiana Warren
    Atiana Warren 8 days ago

    This is foul 🤣

  • Faith Nina Mesina
    Faith Nina Mesina 9 days ago

    Chocolate cake with a side of aids lol

  • Madi McG
    Madi McG 9 days ago +3

    100% sure that..that was metaphorical blood and sweat

  • Menacing knife
    Menacing knife 10 days ago

    I think if you try this you shouldn't put the blood and sweat in it...

  • Anime lover 101
    Anime lover 101 11 days ago

    I can't look at Babish the same way...

  • Elizabeth Kobel
    Elizabeth Kobel 12 days ago

    How would you say the blood and sweat affected the flavor?? 🤣🤣 You forgot the tears 👌😞

  • D S
    D S 12 days ago


  • Ember Winds
    Ember Winds 12 days ago

    I am so nauseous but mad respect

  • Nelsonramos21
    Nelsonramos21 14 days ago +1

    Great now when I receive Cakes as a present from my friend I'm going to be very suspicious

  • Ila Medlin
    Ila Medlin 16 days ago

    You can "flour," a chocolate cake ban with cocoa powder!

  • Badgiirlshe India
    Badgiirlshe India 16 days ago

    I think I’m more concerned about him cutting the tops off the cakes than the blood and sweat. Use baking soda and baking powder baby; double leveners will flatten your cake tops out so you won’t have to waste your batter.

  • Krizzy Boom
    Krizzy Boom 17 days ago +3

    Please never make the pie from the help.

  • Coolfoorguy
    Coolfoorguy 18 days ago

    I feel like vomiting, wtf

  • Pigeons 14
    Pigeons 14 18 days ago

    It was fine to eat the blood and sweat the bacteria was killed while baking in the oven

  • Remy Elysee
    Remy Elysee 19 days ago

    I feel sick.

  • Lee Doyle
    Lee Doyle 19 days ago +2

    All fun and games until your cake/human hybrid of a son starts calling you "dad"

  • Fahad Al-Thani
    Fahad Al-Thani 19 days ago

    Isn't drinking someone blood cannibalism

  • that one pretty closeted kid

    Anyone dare to recommend him make Minnie's Pie from The Help?

    • Tehilla Wolf
      Tehilla Wolf 3 days ago

      that one pretty closeted kid


    • Chanel M
      Chanel M 14 days ago +1


  • Arlon Mattos
    Arlon Mattos 20 days ago

    I mean I wouldn't mind having babish's sweat for dessert

  • RIckey Thomas
    RIckey Thomas 21 day ago

    ummm what??

  • Elisabeth Blackwood
    Elisabeth Blackwood 22 days ago


  • Lammergeier
    Lammergeier 23 days ago

    You didn't have to be so accurate...

  • Damian starr
    Damian starr 28 days ago


  • Matt Hardy
    Matt Hardy Month ago

    I’m so confused when people don’t add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to frosting.

  • hi how's your day enjoy life

    Friend:Asks what's in the cake
    Guy: just normal cake stuff and also my blood and sweat
    Friend:Lol ahahahhahahah

  • jesuguru
    jesuguru Month ago

    Where are the tears? WHERE ARE THE TEARS???

  • Trista Ferencik
    Trista Ferencik Month ago +1

    I used to watch ASMR videos before bed; now I watch your videos. I love your voice!

  • razeu
    razeu Month ago

    Reminds of hair cake and vomit cake

  • Debadyuti Bhattacharya
    Debadyuti Bhattacharya Month ago +92

    "Add some kosher sweat and some freshly ground blood."

  • riviell
    riviell Month ago +4

    I'm betting the one from the film had fudge icing, not chocolate buttercream. There *is* a difference...

  • james bonner
    james bonner Month ago

    I don't believe I would've ate that.

  • Andiee
    Andiee Month ago

    Is it me or does this channel look like a more serious version of 'You suck at cooking'

  • Kitti Lumpo
    Kitti Lumpo Month ago

    alRIght Lets BLE E D in thIs CAKE!!!!

  • wl
    wl Month ago

    is this cannibalism

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez Month ago

    Gross lol

  • Chase Maracle
    Chase Maracle Month ago

    eats cake
    HIV: Hi there

  • anon nothing
    anon nothing Month ago