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  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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  • EmKay
    EmKay  Month ago +3047

    *notices community subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/EmKay/ * OwO? What's This?

  • Yodle Ehoo
    Yodle Ehoo 42 minutes ago

    this is how you get away with being the mastermind

  • Star Blazing
    Star Blazing 2 hours ago

    0:55 I don’t think any dog should be named, “Newly dead body I ate to hide the evidence”

  • navi Blu
    navi Blu 3 hours ago

    I don’t think naming my dog “mom” is a good idea.

  • Rachel Knight
    Rachel Knight 10 hours ago

    Damien is now reading the pound sign as "dollars" just to fuck with us

  • JkProSG
    JkProSG 13 hours ago

    found my post at 7:45
    ( I posted the post not the comment )

  • Fx Luna Killer
    Fx Luna Killer 16 hours ago +1

    0:55 Dorito

  • Austin Tremble
    Austin Tremble 19 hours ago

    *im just trying to see if bold works*
    *edit: holy shit it works*

  • WinterKeuperz zhen
    WinterKeuperz zhen 21 hour ago

    "Last thing you ate is what you name him"

    I umm.... the last thing i ate was a candy warper.

  • Erica Alvarado
    Erica Alvarado Day ago

    @11:47 Is that really michael reeves? Lol

  • Che 242
    Che 242 Day ago +1

    EmKay: *HysTerICaL laUgHiNg*

  • I'm Sorry
    I'm Sorry Day ago


  • HappyHarrold PlaysMehGames

    The guy who commented on the "licking your switch" thing is a worker from Nintendo

  • Jizeru1
    Jizeru1 Day ago

    11:48 Micheal Reeves is the best. He has a hilarious TheXvid channel where he makes robots do stupid shit.

  • Ethan Kaiser
    Ethan Kaiser Day ago

    Wait so I have to name that dog. The souls of inoccent children.

  • Gacha Pan
    Gacha Pan Day ago

    Yess my post was at 9:05

  • Hayden Reighard
    Hayden Reighard Day ago

    Dark mode?

  • Droopypacman
    Droopypacman Day ago

    The dog would be named wonton soup broth

  • gzngreen
    gzngreen Day ago +2

    Don’t think I should name my dog Vaseline

  • BlueCassio
    BlueCassio Day ago


  • Lemo Timez
    Lemo Timez Day ago

    for the dogs name his name is going to be small noodle

  • david watts
    david watts Day ago


    me : NUGGET

    human: Grandad's ashes

    me: ok

  • Oliviine
    Oliviine 2 days ago

    Your laughter is funnier than the posts tbh 😂😂

  • Ace of weebs
    Ace of weebs 2 days ago

    3:04 "come here little timmy I promise to be gentle" the kid: "but my name isn't timmy?" "sorry I'm just so used to f*cking the next door nabors kid"

  • Mike D
    Mike D 2 days ago

    *lenguine* is so cute

  • •Sonnerie•
    •Sonnerie• 2 days ago

    *ok but your laugh makes my day*

  • Ravens 235
    Ravens 235 2 days ago


  • - Xyrex -
    - Xyrex - 2 days ago

    chill man! lmao 2:56
    edit: I mean lyao

  • Roozyj
    Roozyj 2 days ago

    Tbh, if every sexual fantasy came to life, I'd probably go to jail too xD Or maybe not me but other random people...

  • jake paul
    jake paul 2 days ago

    burger king

  • Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson 2 days ago

    Anyone on here see the post of the girl who lost her arm? She said she lost her left arm but its her right arm that's missing. Damien didnt catch it either. I've watched this whole video a few times and it just drives me crazy 🙂. I keep wishing he would say heeeeeeyyyyyyy wait a minute.

  • Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips 2 days ago

    The man died lol. 6:05

  • 0verwhelmed_Trash
    0verwhelmed_Trash 2 days ago

    to the thumbnail i say human liver

  • Emil Ahmed
    Emil Ahmed 3 days ago

    Wait but like wtf the little dog looks so cute

  • shortea
    shortea 3 days ago

    Imagine if the angel statue was a weeping angel like in doctor who

    TERRY THE GRAND KENYON 3 days ago +1

    2:58 are you the voice of Dark signed Kallin Kesler.

  • Becca M
    Becca M 3 days ago

    3:51 literally almost every Fanfiction

  • MGgaming14
    MGgaming14 3 days ago +1


    That’s. That’s the name

    I’M KHAOS 3 days ago

    0:48. Cutting peoples hair, then giving them a wig

  • darius has pets
    darius has pets 3 days ago

    meat ball doggo

  • ZY Chang
    ZY Chang 3 days ago +7

    Emkay : It's the fi- *wHeEZe*
    Tries again : It's the fi- *WhEezE* do do do do doooo

  • ouru 1523
    ouru 1523 3 days ago

    10:59 she’s missing her right arm not her left

  • bryce hall
    bryce hall 3 days ago +1

    The name of my dog will be "dog"

  • DamienDev
    DamienDev 3 days ago

    10:05 He posted that on 9/11/13

  • guinea pig girl vlogs? ???????

    I once was attacked by a horde of feral 3 year olds, let's just say I sent their families the uh, tip top of them.

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson 4 days ago

    How does one steal from a Library? Easy, get a library card, get a book, and don't come back.

  • Ze buetifuol
    Ze buetifuol 4 days ago

    Crazy names for the dog
    Chicken breast
    Pig poop
    Your face
    Fat men
    Sour cream and onion potato chips
    Ur mom

  • The Assassin Official
    The Assassin Official 4 days ago +1

    The laugh of the gods

  • Brady McCullough
    Brady McCullough 4 days ago

    5:43 asmr

  • wolp playz 3016 AUTTP

    Welcome to my story LOL 😂 UwU owo ùwú
    O wake up and I go to school 😂
    I died crying cause I miss my mom 😂
    The end :)

  • wolp playz 3016 AUTTP

    3:48 some sex going on

  • lazi
    lazi 4 days ago

    all would be well unless you're Jirou-
    (Refer to My Hero Academia)

  • Oofer Man
    Oofer Man 4 days ago


  • Jelena Djokic
    Jelena Djokic 4 days ago +2

    xD I love when he reads the entire post and goes
    "Hey waitaminute---!"
    I don't even care what the post is about anymore xDDD

  • milwaukeerican5
    milwaukeerican5 4 days ago

    1:11 is that blood under the suitcase

  • Hiyoulittle IDIOT
    Hiyoulittle IDIOT 4 days ago

    F*ck at the 3rd comment i was bursting laughing

    TIGER LILLY 4 days ago

    That's.. not a B.. wtf . XD that's not a BJ JACKET!

  • Arctic Meme
    Arctic Meme 4 days ago

    This was the only time I’ve actually participated in one of the posts in these videos. May or may not have posted Granddad’s ashes.

  • Caso
    Caso 4 days ago

    hmmmmmm......What did i last eat i belive it was.....THE SOULS OF 300,000,000 CHILDREN

    AXOLOTL ARMY 4 days ago

    the goat and human one... omg.... FRISK AND CHARA ARE REALLY MONSTERS