HIGHLIGHTS | Wolves 1-1 Manchester United | Premier League | 19th August 2019

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
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    Highlights from Molineux Stadium as Wolves take on Manchester United at the Molineux Stadium.
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Comments • 2 295

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 13 days ago

    United 1-0 0:39

  • Tom Marshall
    Tom Marshall 14 days ago

    All of the goals United have conceded have been errors. Why on earth does Neves have 10-15 yards to himself outside of the box from a corner? He's the best long range goal scorer in the league.

  • Cal Frezi
    Cal Frezi 15 days ago

    1:32 look at all the wolves fans in the left corner rush over to the man united end lol

  • Oldskoolmercs
    Oldskoolmercs 22 days ago +1

    1:29 What a *SCREEEEEEAMER*

  • abt _03
    abt _03 22 days ago

    Pogba and Xhaka: we're the best at long shots
    Neves: Hold my beer

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller 22 days ago

    United are so shite lol

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 22 days ago

    I dont think that was a penalty anyway, Pogba was fallen before any contact and contact was minimal no effort from Pogba to get round the player, the defender made no movement towards Pogba either.

  • jake emmingham
    jake emmingham 23 days ago

    Pogba needs to be transfer out

    INTERBET 23 days ago

    Wolves are fast becoming a serious Premier League team. Top 4 finish?

  • Christopher Ojapah
    Christopher Ojapah 23 days ago

    Wolves are the most underrated team in the premier League. They have 4 or 5 players that should be in a top 4 club am a Liverpool fan I would have neves and Jota at Liverpool

  • PepeSpliff *
    PepeSpliff * 23 days ago

    Pogba got some karma that was never a pen

  • Mo Johal
    Mo Johal 24 days ago

    Patricio & of course Neves!!!!

  • dan catto
    dan catto 24 days ago

    Ruben Neves can only score worldies it’s unbelievable!!⚽️

  • HiWetcam
    HiWetcam 24 days ago

    Has Pogba ever had a go in goals?

  • Max Clitherow
    Max Clitherow 24 days ago

    I'm a Villa fan, but Ruben Neves is amazing. That technique is like no other.

  • dok951
    dok951 25 days ago

    Here we go again another season with nancy boys feckin things up in midfield a manager who does not know his best first 11 neither does he know when to make substitutions. He allows chaos to ensue by not clearly stating who takes penalties confusing everybody by saying who ever is up for it can take it. That is not managing. I am off up to the Etihad for the rest of the season you lot are welcome to this tripe I have had enough go on City

  • the rainbow robloxian
    the rainbow robloxian 25 days ago

    Should've been 2-2 I think

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee 25 days ago +1

    Pobga dives! for pen. Glad he missed HAAAAR HAARR HARDY HAAARR! The Neves scores a sublime goal from outside the box BOOOOOOOOM! Get In There! :O)

  • AlmightyBollo
    AlmightyBollo 25 days ago

    Pogba you cost me £400

  • Pjd Songwriter
    Pjd Songwriter 25 days ago

    The penalty taker was flying through the air before any contact was made as so many do

  • George Groves
    George Groves 25 days ago

    I’m sorry this is just FIFA commentary

  • Dan Chusti
    Dan Chusti 25 days ago

    Listen my fellow red devil brothers: I know pogba's penalty wasn't as expected to be but that doesn't mean we should cancel him from penalties. All he needs to do is practice his penalties against De Gea and he will shine. Lingard needs to be respected too for all the energy he puts out there. We aren't Madrid who brainlessly sell their players. Against palace we will be class. GGMU

  • Zak Finch
    Zak Finch 25 days ago

    Ha haaaaaaaaaaa! Pogba

  • David 67
    David 67 25 days ago

    Hate to say it, but that didn't look like a penalty to me, looked like pogba threw himself out of the way

  • Colin Allen
    Colin Allen 25 days ago

    Neves goal was class but I don’t think he deserved motm Adama traore coming on at half time was the turning point for wolves he made Shaw look silly my motm united fan btw

  • Jason Goldsworthy
    Jason Goldsworthy 25 days ago

    Never a penalty

  • seekNdestroy
    seekNdestroy 25 days ago +1

    Wolves played the better football

  • Kian Igoe
    Kian Igoe 25 days ago

    I see martial is improving

  • Kakzy.
    Kakzy. 25 days ago +1

    *who else is thinking about Martial's weak foot finish*

  • Shaun Bahra
    Shaun Bahra 25 days ago

    Oh Pogba, you cost us a big 3 points missing that penalty. First bump of the season, get it sorted and let Pogba take free kicks and Rashford take pens.

  • V Hash
    V Hash 25 days ago

    Gomez in Lingard out

  • Harley Ratcliffe
    Harley Ratcliffe 25 days ago +1

    I hate pogba man he's so overrated it's unbelievable

  • Harley Ratcliffe
    Harley Ratcliffe 25 days ago

    There is no physical way on earth that that was a penalty either way rui would of saved it

  • The Woken one
    The Woken one 25 days ago

    I like how their playin though tbf their attacking well

  • ProMaxElite
    ProMaxElite 25 days ago

    For all the Lingard haters, the first goal wouldn’t have happened without him 👍🏻

  • marlon blackwood
    marlon blackwood 26 days ago +1


  • SY KO
    SY KO 26 days ago

    That's what happens(pogba) when ya boots are too big for the game.!.
    Cmon Blades.....
    Come checkout my TYSON KOs on ufc2 (with pissed up commentary/insults)..._👊👊💪💪👊👊
    Read more

  • Keith MacNeill
    Keith MacNeill 26 days ago

    You can kind of sense Manchester United miss Sir Alex Ferguson

  • Ivor Scrotumic
    Ivor Scrotumic 26 days ago

    Tammy Abrahams... Dived for a penalty in Super Cup & missed a penalty in the shoot-out.
    Pogba...Dived for a penalty here & missed it.
    Two cases of Karma.

  • Hugo Shaqar
    Hugo Shaqar 26 days ago +1

    was never a penalty anyway...good to see manks drop points

    • Niall Dowling
      Niall Dowling 25 days ago

      Wow. Football has really changed. People used to celebrate their team winning, not other teams losing. Quite sad really

  • One and Only
    One and Only 26 days ago +1

    Even though we got the draw this new Man Utd side looks strong

    • dok951
      dok951 25 days ago

      This man Utd side is not strong ! there is a core of nancy boys around midfield who will ensure the ball always goes back or sidewards. James is nothing meep meep road runner who struggled to get one decent cross into the box
      The manager is pathetic he sounds more and more like the players shop steward than a manager

  • Terry Carr
    Terry Carr 26 days ago

    Justice if ever there was watch pogba as soon as he's knocked the ball a little too much ahead of the defender he's in the air pretending to be the wolves goalkeeper in the near future that's why the keeper saved it pogba had coached him haha

  • H Soundz
    H Soundz 26 days ago

    Neves goal is 👌 doesn’t touch the net

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L 26 days ago

    Would take Angel Gomes over Pogba

  • Lee Flavell
    Lee Flavell 26 days ago

    Pogba 😂😂😂 what a over rated over paid flop!!

  • Alex Gandy
    Alex Gandy 26 days ago

    Both teams back to there old ways. FeelsGoodMan

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 26 days ago +1

    VAR did justice in this game and they robbed City blind
    VAR is not fair

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee 26 days ago

    Flopping for the penalty.

  • Thomas Newell
    Thomas Newell 26 days ago

    Nice to see Man Utd still suck.

  • Mr. Wig.
    Mr. Wig. 26 days ago +1

    Awesome game..

  • Open Wide
    Open Wide 26 days ago

    Holy crap that second goal left me in shook mode.

  • Ves†a_J
    Ves†a_J 26 days ago

    make th highlights longer they feel rushed

  • CJP 1710
    CJP 1710 26 days ago

    1-1 against WOLVES LOLLL

  • Richard Messer
    Richard Messer 26 days ago

    I don't care cause i'm a burnley fan....better team spirit, better manager, better run club

  • Ki Todd
    Ki Todd 26 days ago

    Least pogba didn’t do his ten minute run up to the penalty and miss it that would of bin something to be pissed off about least he put his mind on just putting it in just a great save he hit it hard usually keepers wouldn’t of got that even guessing the right way got to give credit to the keeper for the save with the power that pogba put on it

  • Ryan Hudson
    Ryan Hudson 26 days ago

    It was never a pen

  • ggss11
    ggss11 26 days ago


  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 26 days ago +1

    Man united are paying sky sports rent🤙🏾

  • Ayat khalid Darr
    Ayat khalid Darr 26 days ago

    Man united should of done well Pogba shame you missed!!

  • Flinch Maruf
    Flinch Maruf 26 days ago

    #1 on trenidng lool