• Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • BIG THANKS TO: Madmanmechanics
    for building this R1 Powered Raptor For Me!
    Yo Guys!
    So here is another RAW FOOTAGE video of us getting pulled over x2.
    The first two officers were cool AF....
    The second officer was a bit of a DOUCHE at the beginning! LOL
    Lord Timepieces:

    For all Bookings & Enq: info@Seventy6ix.co.uk
    Video Recorded & Edited by: ME
    Music by: TRCProducer
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  • MG's Motors
    MG's Motors Year ago +616

    That officer at the petrol station was a complete stubborn prick for pulling you up cause he assumed you were riding with no number plate despite the fact he had no clue as he never even saw you riding. Usually I think people start acting like dicks when they get stopped by the police but you were completely right to say what you said cause they stopped you for no good reason.

    • 《》Rahan2003《》
      《》Rahan2003《》 5 days ago

      It's police officers looking for mula and ruining people's lives.

    • John Meyer
      John Meyer 2 months ago


    • Farmer Fpv
      Farmer Fpv 3 months ago +1

      @J H Exactly and these kids on here are feeding of these guys, they clearly have the entitlement disorder, they were most likely breastfed a little too long all the way up into adulthood... 😉😂

    • J H
      J H 4 months ago +1

      You know what I think your deliberately bringing attention on yourself. Then trying to make the police look bad.

  • Paul Russel
    Paul Russel Day ago

    I'm from Ont Canada were ATV'S are not legal on mane streets are ATV'S street legal in London should we in Canada be changing our law

      CF MOTO SQUAD 4 hours ago

      Quad’s are road legal in pretty much every country except America and Canada.

  • Da
    Da 5 days ago +1

    “you must have a lot of followers don’t you”- sarcastic fed
    *1.4 million views* 😂

  • Jimmy T Tkacz
    Jimmy T Tkacz 12 days ago

    would of been face down on the ground and beat in the states !! lol lol . Great video guys!!!!

  • Diy type of guy
    Diy type of guy 13 days ago

    Those legal to ride on the street 😳

      CF MOTO SQUAD 11 days ago

      Uh yeah quad bike are road legal in England, and pretty much all of Europe, how the hell do people not know this?

  • szefu0
    szefu0 13 days ago


  • Media King
    Media King 13 days ago

    What camera you using on your head?

  • Luka Nedic
    Luka Nedic 14 days ago

    2:21 best password 444999

  • Oran Fitzsimons
    Oran Fitzsimons 17 days ago +3

    No one:
    Yt: *10 ads is it*

  • Kaleem S
    Kaleem S 17 days ago

    "........these motherfuckers......." Touche

  • Jalfreezy Curry
    Jalfreezy Curry 20 days ago

    Rat bastards

  • Edward Morford
    Edward Morford 21 day ago

    Anywhere on Edgware Road in and around central London feds don’t patrol for vehicles like tht, they rely on ANPR so if da cameras can’t read your plate, your getting flagged

  • Rocko .45
    Rocko .45 22 days ago

    Rahhh same fed that bagged me fucking scumbag

  • Oxy_ Ryz
    Oxy_ Ryz 23 days ago

    I would if ran

  • Northwestbest muzzer
    Northwestbest muzzer 24 days ago

    Why does that officer keep going close to him

  • dave knight
    dave knight 24 days ago

    Is this Birmingham or London,

  • Jason Wray
    Jason Wray 26 days ago

    Yes bruv loving it..sweet video man got this. safe re spek.. one time. 😋

  • xool121
    xool121 27 days ago

    I would not stop for da police

  • Marek Lukac
    Marek Lukac 29 days ago

    Fucking piggy bastards

  • LordOfSquirrels
    LordOfSquirrels Month ago

    Your behavior was quite poor tho, NGL.

  • GMR Rbxl1
    GMR Rbxl1 Month ago

    Bro I legit think you showed us your phone number

  • onetrue rodney
    onetrue rodney Month ago

    So you can ride a quad on the street but don't have to run mirrors. Goofy place.

  • team Xoqx Eu
    team Xoqx Eu Month ago

    Ur so funy ma g u just got a new sub

  • Heatley Noble
    Heatley Noble Month ago

    Those quads have rear diffs? They're illegal if not.

    • Heatley Noble
      Heatley Noble Month ago

      @CF MOTO SQUAD fair enough. I know there are a lot of 'road quads' that get miss sold to people.

      CF MOTO SQUAD Month ago

      Heatley Noble Well I have a Cfmoto 520cc which is fully road legal (not Agri) and mine has 4X4 diff, front diff lock, rear diff lock, 2WD, 4WD, and I drive mine around in 2WD. Never in need of 4X4 on tarmac

    • Heatley Noble
      Heatley Noble Month ago

      @CF MOTO SQUAD if the quad doesn't have a rear diff it is not road legal. 99% of quads don't have rear diffs. Apart from a few road specific ones. Farmers can go from field to field on public highway (under 3 miles) but that is it.

      CF MOTO SQUAD Month ago

      How is a rear differential illegal in the UK? I don’t understand that.

    • Heatley Noble
      Heatley Noble Month ago

      Just saw they don't. They're illegal under UK road laws.

  • Mandy Fitzgerald
    Mandy Fitzgerald Month ago

    Checkey feeds man why did thsy pull over to you if they sore an lambbo they would not

  • K9Addict ;3
    K9Addict ;3 Month ago +1

    2:22 now everyone knows your password bro

  • Rory Conyngham 28
    Rory Conyngham 28 Month ago

    That policeman was so stubborn

  • Mitch
    Mitch Month ago

    lol if you would have went in to pay for you gas with him there like that in na they would freak out and pull there gun

      CF MOTO SQUAD Month ago

      Well police can’t do that in the UK. The guy was legally paying for his petrol, the fuck is anyone going to about that? What the fuck is ‘na’ that you said anyway?

  • mistymcnoodle1
    mistymcnoodle1 Month ago +2

    Why are the police feds are we now in America?! Also your driving is really dangerous no doubt you will be up for a Darwin award some time soon, just hope you don't take anyone else with you

  • Break the Chains Free the Minds

    Red eye killing them bad....

  • _RC_KING_
    _RC_KING_ Month ago

    Brush ur phone screen

  • eamh2002
    eamh2002 Month ago

    And 1 more interesting fact, they are more interested in some plates while the other guys got a bald right front tyre, safety first right? Naahhh, lets just see if the plates are shiny LOL

  • eamh2002
    eamh2002 Month ago

    If you argued with the police like this in america you'd get tasered then shot then taken to jail before hospital, then morgue when the doctors come to check on you :D
    Very chill cops though

  • Twan Muishout
    Twan Muishout Month ago +1

    What does it cost in the UK to build a quad like yours? A roughly number?? People here in the Netherlands ask a shitload of money to build one for me.. It's mental

  • Rocking in a free world

    To the time wasting police. They are called road legal quads for a reason!

  • Ladinate
    Ladinate Month ago +1

    their holding up a petrol station bussiness for fuckall

  • key& Balance
    key& Balance Month ago

    Police ain’t allowed to stop you in station

  • maneeb anwer
    maneeb anwer Month ago

    The officer in the petrol station prob hasnt had sex in years and just takes his frustrations out on members of the public. Im sure he treats his wife with the same contempt

  • chasing midnight
    chasing midnight Month ago

    Police wasting time with wrong people... Ffs nice bikes lads 👍 really want one

  • H C
    H C Month ago

    intro song?

  • R5gtturbo
    R5gtturbo Month ago

    There all like serious jobsworth robots , maybe jealous of the bikes , maybe picked on at school so need some kind of power trip , or just a fucking bullying prick of a cop , who knows which one but it’s definitely one of the above . Sad fuckers the lot of em 🙄

  • shane walker200
    shane walker200 Month ago

    Those feds are dicks I know how u feel

  • Artificial intelligence dissident

    What's a bread bin ??

  • A Dot
    A Dot Month ago

    HE switched up his vibe because the bikes turned out to be legit and there was nothing to be wary off... its nothing personal... they're checking if everything legal.. if it is then cool

  • MrBigBoy
    MrBigBoy Month ago

    *ARGUMENT* 😂😂

  • Tim Kay
    Tim Kay Month ago

    Cops are a annoying

  • fernandez cartel
    fernandez cartel Month ago +1

    Baldy must not be getting what he wants back home. Little waste fed.

  • Belta21 21
    Belta21 21 2 months ago

    You police boys better be careful man.. times are changing and video/internet/TheXvid are your biggest threat... we are all in the same boat here.. don’t forget this... we are already looking fucked up to the rest of the world where political issues ( and much more ) is concerned.

  • troy5007
    troy5007 2 months ago

    Cops = Government Corporate hired Domestic Terrorists.

  • Mukzz
    Mukzz 2 months ago +3

    Ngl i feel his anger its flippin annoying when your gettin stopped everywhere everytime fml 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 2Stroke Tyson
    2Stroke Tyson 2 months ago

    If you did that in America they would shoot you in the head & say STOP RESISTING!!!

  • 7ami_ r
    7ami_ r 2 months ago

    Pc dickhead

  • Tee Smith
    Tee Smith 2 months ago +1

    Typical cunts (police)) trying to play the victim ( when the controller said you falseify details about them )when they provoke. WHAT A FUCKING WANKER HE IS . WHAT A FUCKING WANKER. You have deserveably obtained over a millions views- not to mention money from this vlog and have brilliantly exposed what a fucking wanker that officier is . Big up to you my brother!! He is clearly fresh out of the KKK Police academy.

  • Ewan Fairgrieve
    Ewan Fairgrieve 2 months ago +2

    “If I wasn’t legit I wouldn’t have stopped bruv” hahah class

  • Downfall202
    Downfall202 2 months ago

    That white female PC had a disgusting attitude, just like the rest of them in the force. Chill darling, you're only another tax paying citizen without the uniform..

  • IlianMX
    IlianMX 2 months ago

    What model are ATVs

      CF MOTO SQUAD 2 months ago

      Yamaha Raptor R1 (you can’t buy it)

  • WorldMinuteOne
    WorldMinuteOne 2 months ago +1

    Your Tax expired 18 Oct 2019.....you must not have the bike no more or it's off road

  • Qash Madskull
    Qash Madskull 2 months ago


  • Kelby_803
    Kelby_803 2 months ago

    Go help them do real crime😂😂😂😂

  • Lucian gomes
    Lucian gomes 2 months ago

    Hulle poes