Red Like Roses Part II by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams with Lyrics

  • Published on Nov 14, 2013
  • The Complete Version of Red Like Roses Part II (Not the version from episode 8 of Roosterteeth's animated show RWBY) by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams and featuring Sandy Casey!
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  • Eric Verde
    Eric Verde 21 hour ago

    As depressing as the lyrics may be it is deeeefinitly balanced out with the high pace and hard rock in the background. Makes me think of a fighting scene and gives me goosebumps 😍😤

  • Doddster3
    Doddster3 Day ago

    Anyone else feel like this relates to Adam's potential thoughts about blake - I reckon he was trying to do good but it got flipped on its ass

  • Andrew Retorez
    Andrew Retorez 4 days ago

    I listen to this song and think of pyrrha and jaune tbh

  • Brody Will
    Brody Will 9 days ago

    My mom died when I was 12 and for some reason this song reminds me of her

  • Ane Kingcobbler
    Ane Kingcobbler 9 days ago

    i love this!

  • BrookeAndBud 122
    BrookeAndBud 122 9 days ago +1

    Ay anybody still watchin' this in 2019? 😆😆😆

    ERISSIA STUBBS 10 days ago

    why does ruby mom have to die

    • Laxus Dreyar
      Laxus Dreyar 7 days ago

      Because she chose to be a huntress and being a hunter/huntress means resigning your self to the possibility of dying in battle against the seemingly endless numbers of Grimm in the works

  • Dank Souls
    Dank Souls 10 days ago

    Tucker Did It!

  • Jade
    Jade 11 days ago

    I have never seen this show nor do I ever plan on it but this song bops dude

  • Chris AndBros
    Chris AndBros 12 days ago +1

    **rap starts**
    oxygen:Wait that's illegal

  • Ayman
    Ayman 14 days ago


  • Ayman
    Ayman 15 days ago +1

    Xzxzxzxz my hands

  • SneakyJoe's Salad RUS
    SneakyJoe's Salad RUS 15 days ago

    I admire the vocals in the very beginning.
    I also adore the fact that they cleared breathing out. I wish more songs had this.

  • pick tiny winberlli tv / pick tiny cupcakes tv

    Do you think ruby rose your senpai?
    1 like= your senpai
    2 like = ruby rose always safe you
    3 like = best friend with ruby rose

  • Snupp bot
    Snupp bot 17 days ago


  • mnl
    mnl 17 days ago


  • EduDZN
    EduDZN 17 days ago

    Flying tuna DTHDRX

  • ツroux
    ツroux 17 days ago


  • Awe Santos
    Awe Santos 17 days ago +1

    How to loop on mobile lol.

  • FOUR
    FOUR 21 day ago

    nothing will ever take the place of you

  • teamsrs
    teamsrs 21 day ago

    I love rubys voice xD

  • Grand Priest
    Grand Priest 24 days ago

    This song hits me the hardest because i lost my brother of the age of five and I don’t remember it but I remember being day he left for work and when i was expecting him to come home I remember my dad getting a call while I was getting a call and hearing his soul shatter...the feeling of dread in a room from a father who heard his son has died is one of the strongest feeling anyone could ever feel....even I a 5 year old who couldn’t comprehend death knew something was wrong and I felt so such a empty feeling in my stomach in the car ride to his work...I ended up seeing him carried out in a stretcher from the car, this song and Ruby’s character hit very personally to me

  • Kristal K9
    Kristal K9 25 days ago

    Well guess who is gonna have on their grave stone for how they died well mine is gonna say died from trying to sing a song without taking a breathe

  • Sierra Gacha
    Sierra Gacha 26 days ago


  • starflame34
    starflame34 27 days ago +2

    This has been the last "Red Like Roses" we've gotten. How many songs has Weiss gotten since then, like 4-5?
    Who's the main character of this show again?

  • Bėłłä Gäčhä ゲーミング

    Summer 💔💔

  • catlover67803
    catlover67803 29 days ago

    This is part of the 14 year old girl on Tumblr starter pack

  • Tamaninja1
    Tamaninja1 Month ago

    Anyone else here because he likes jumps in Osu?

  • Joey Crosby
    Joey Crosby Month ago +1

    Well obviously this song starts with referencing Ruby's mom but the knight in shining armor part makes me think Lancaster is confirmed

  • Harley Suckling
    Harley Suckling Month ago

    Is this a hint summer is dead or no? Sorry for bringing this up now

    • Harley Suckling
      Harley Suckling Month ago

      Since this is about summer is this meant to be a conversation between ruby rose and summer rose

  • ïtz Gächa
    ïtz Gächa Month ago

    why is it that all that I hear is Casey spitting into the microphone... :/

  • Abigail Shepp
    Abigail Shepp Month ago

    The drums and background music is great tho 👌👌

  • Jay Hayes
    Jay Hayes Month ago

    So, apparently thanks to this depressing song we know that Ruby has nightmares about her mothers death, and most likely brutal ones.That’s messed up.

    ERROR ANONIMO Month ago

    This is more heavy after the new shit we know from v6

  • 안혜인
    안혜인 Month ago

    Huh I never knew that the lyrics was THIS DEPRESSING. I didn't know the lyrics and I was like "heh, some good song." but this..... Umm Ruby you okay there?
    Wait but is this song about Summer or Pyrrha or Pennu or all of them. I mean... They were all someone important to Ruby and they all... Died....? Like right in front of her....?

    • Harley Suckling
      Harley Suckling Month ago

      I think it's about summer rose because of the things like baby and how it talks about leaving her like summer did and how it said i thought I would see you when I get back home. That leaves Pyrrha out of this and don't think penny would have a song like this either

  • Kobe One
    Kobe One Month ago

    The Williams family is amazing, just saying.

  • DarkRed
    DarkRed Month ago +1

    When you wanna watch something else but the song is just too good

  • SourApple
    SourApple Month ago

    Is it chill to just be a Casey Williams fan and not watch RWBY? Because I am LOVING her voice.

  • Kihyunnie_Trash Monbebe_Kpop

    Ruby and Summer, just i can feel their pain also for SUMMER, which i kinda get why Ruby is upset..and WHY Summer regrets what she did. But for the series RWBY in general is intense and great!

  • Kihyunnie_Trash Monbebe_Kpop

    O O F. I've been practicing on this sing alot and now i can sing it now also when it's in a fast pace ^^

  • Sercan Yılmaz
    Sercan Yılmaz Month ago

    I still can hear hitsounds

  • Did you see my bag
    Did you see my bag Month ago

    I wanna learn this to impress my cousins cause they really like the show

  • swap sans the abomination

    Name something that red

  • AlexKaragezyan
    AlexKaragezyan Month ago

    I have to say this

    E D G Y

  • Naruto123

    This feels more like ruby at pyrrah
    Cause ya know her extreme reaction

  • Owen Cole
    Owen Cole Month ago

    0:53 I’m the one you left to win this fight. What do you think this means?
    1:32 did what exactly?

  • Cjelli
    Cjelli Month ago


    I couldn't take it, couldn't stand another minute
    Couldn't bear another day without you in it
    All of the joy that I had known for all my life
    Was stripped away from me the minute that you died
    To have you in my life was all I ever wanted
    But now without you, I'm a soul forever haunted
    Can't help but feel that I had taken you for granted
    No way in hell that I can ever comprehend this
    I wasn't dreaming when they told me you were gone
    I was wide awake and feeling that they had to be wrong
    How could you leave me when you swore that you would stay?
    Now I'm stuck inside a nightmare every single effing day
    It's like a movie but there's not a happy ending
    Every scene fades black and there's no pretending
    This little fairy tale doesn't seem to end well
    There's no knight in shining armor who will wake me from the spell
    I know you didn't plan this
    You tried to do what's right
    But in the middle of this madness
    I'm the one you left to win this fight
    Red like roses
    Fills my head with dreams and finds me
    Always closer
    To the emptiness and sadness
    That has come to take the place of you
    I know you're broken down by anger and by sadness
    You feel I left you in a world that's full of madness
    Wish I could talk to you, if only for a minute
    Make you understand the reasons why I did it
    I wanna tell you that you're all that ever mattered
    Want you to know that for eternity I'm shattered
    I tried so hard just to protect you but I failed to
    And in a prison of abandonment I've jailed you
    I never planned that I would leave you there alone
    I was sure that I would see you when I made it back home
    And all the times I swore that it would be okay
    Now I'm nothing but a liar and you're thrown into the fray
    This bedtime story ends with misery ever after
    The pages are torn and there's no final chapter
    I didn't have a choice, I did what I had to do
    I made a sacrifice but forced a bigger sacrifice on you
    I know you've lived a nightmare
    I caused us so much pain
    But baby, please don't do what I did
    I don't want you to waste your life in vain
    Red like roses
    Fills my head with dreams and finds me
    Always closer
    To the emptiness and sadness
    That has come to take the place of you
    You're not the only one who needed me
    I thought you understood
    You were the one I needed
    And you left me as I always feared you would
    Would I change it if I could?
    It doesn't matter how
    The petals scatter now
    Every nightmare just discloses
    It's your blood that's red like roses
    And no matter what I do
    Nothing ever takes the place of you
    Red like roses
    Fills my head with dreams and finds me
    Always closer
    To the emptiness and sadness
    That has come to take the place of you

  • Chris Kozlik
    Chris Kozlik Month ago

    Can anyone tell me the backstory- what's this song actually about? Suicide?

    • Jon Johns
      Jon Johns 26 days ago

      I assume you don't know the story of RWBY so I can give you a quick background. Skip this comment if you would prefer to watch the show (you should, it's Great) but if you don't want to, here it is:

      The show is basically about a group of 15-17 year old students attending a special school where they are being trained to be Huntsmen and Huntresses which are these Special warriors who yield impressive weapons to defend humanity from monsters that inhabit the world they live in. Think Harry potter but with Martial Arts Training instead of Magic spells. One of the Main protagonists of the show is Ruby Rose. She is a Very Eager, upbeat (if somewhat socially awkward) 15 year old kid who believes in heroism and is determined to become a huntress along side her 17 year old half sister Yang and her 2 other team mates Blake and Weiss. Through out the course of the show we find out that sometime when Ruby was young (no exact age but fans estimate 5 years old) Ruby's Mother (and Yang's step mother) Summer Rose who was a huntress went out on a mission and never came back. She is presumed dead and we see Ruby visit her Grave Marker every time she is at home. How it happened, what went down, is she REALLY dead? are all questions people still have no answer to. What is certain is that Ruby was hit hard by this and it helped shape her desire to become a huntress herself. Yang too was hit hard by this as she didn't know until that point that Summer was not her biological mother.

      This song is basically Ruby (present day) having a conversation with the Ghost/Spirit/Memory of her mother (not literally) about how she feels about the loss of Summer and how it effected her while Summer's Ghost tries to explain/apologize to Ruby for having left her alone like this. We hear Ruby (Voiced by Casey Williams who was 15 at the time of this recording) expressing the sense of loss she feels, a loss that can't be filled regardless of what she does in her life. While Summer's Ghost (Voiced by Casey's Mother Sandra) tries to explain to Ruby that she didn't intend to leave her, she had a duty and made a sacrifice for the good of the people as true Huntsmen and Huntresses.

      The song is incredible piece of music on its own, but when you add in the fact that this is the only time we get a glimpse into the mindset of Ruby and see how much pain she is in, something that she hides Very well in the show You really feel for that little girl.

    • ITryToPlayGaming
      ITryToPlayGaming Month ago

      Apparently it's from RWBY

  • Rachiel Playzラキエルプレイ

    I tried singing it but i ran out of air

  • Da CuTESt
    Da CuTESt Month ago

    What if

    Ruby was singing to her cookie!? No sorry in all seriousness it's actually pretty sad

  • Reaper Rinxi
    Reaper Rinxi Month ago

    I feel like this is drawing a parallel between Salem and Ruby. Like if Ruby breaks down She'll become as bad as Salem or _worse_

  • Jamie_gachablox :3
    Jamie_gachablox :3 Month ago

    Sing 1st time: But in the middle of this....
    Red like roses
    I couldn't keep up but now I can do it

  • Dead Bloxed
    Dead Bloxed Month ago

    god i listen to this so much it should be a good thing

  • SkyHiSurvivor
    SkyHiSurvivor Month ago

    This song is the reason I started watching RWBY.

  • Cyteleus
    Cyteleus Month ago


  • Stachurka267
    Stachurka267 Month ago

    Kiedyś to kurła było

  • jason francese
    jason francese Month ago

    Who else hopes that they remake this song at some point later, maybe after Oscar joins JNR so that we have ORNJ, or Orange, fighting Salem alongside RWBY? Make it happen CRWBY!

  • marq riggins
    marq riggins Month ago

    Is this song really about ozpin and salem?

  • -為啥能把這麽 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑-

    Better than part I no contest

  • Naruto123

    I know this is rubys song but honestly its seems more like tai at summer/raven jaune at pyrhha ruby and penny
    Its just really sad

  • some boi who just don't give a damn no more

    After watching Vol. 6, that last part of the second verse has taken on a whole new meaning.

  • Donovan Davis
    Donovan Davis 2 months ago +1

    2nd best RWBY song after "I May Fall"

  • Maty Aban
    Maty Aban 2 months ago

    Esto es un anime ':v ???

  • Almond
    Almond 2 months ago

    Why do I like this??

  • space uber
    space uber 2 months ago

    Theory, this song is supposed to take place at the end of the show

  • Jacob Hodgkiss
    Jacob Hodgkiss 2 months ago

    So... quick thought.
    What if this song is between Yang and Summer? Because we know from Volume 2 that Ruby doesn't really remember Summer, but Yang does. Yang also has big time abandonment issues from Summer's death and finding out that her real mom left her too.
    I think about this show too much.

  • Oliver Cane
    Oliver Cane 2 months ago

    This song is RWBY singing about Monty.

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth 2 months ago


  • chief boii
    chief boii 2 months ago

    This is triggering my PTSD in a good way

  • Vincent Ramirez
    Vincent Ramirez 2 months ago

    Forgot to capitalize the I on some parts.

  • ramennoodlelover
    ramennoodlelover 2 months ago

    Man, after watching the volume 6 finale, I remembered this song existed. It's been such a long time since this first came out. Now that we have an actual appearance of Summer, albeit in flashback form, I would love to see the foreshadowing in this song come to life.

  • joshingyou299
    joshingyou299 2 months ago +1

    I just realized this is salem's theme song

    volume 6 viewers will understand

  • Diya Mehta
    Diya Mehta 2 months ago +2

    The foreshadowing _oof_

  • Hula McFlyer
    Hula McFlyer 2 months ago +1

    What if this is of the P.O.V. of Salem and Ozpin? Like, it makes since, right?

  • Vitor Diniz
    Vitor Diniz 2 months ago +2

    here after the end of volume 6 to remember the good times :)

  • Halo K
    Halo K 2 months ago

    How can you tell that it’s supposed to be a duet with ruby and summer?

  • Had Plays
    Had Plays 2 months ago


  • Fam4sta
    Fam4sta 2 months ago

    Dang this song is so powerful. First time I listened I teared up

  • DrFlaggstaff
    DrFlaggstaff 2 months ago

    Any chance this is Salem and Ozma's song?

  • Raj Reddy
    Raj Reddy 2 months ago +2

    I am so obsessed with this songs

  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith 2 months ago +1

    I singed this proudly in lesbian and I didn't take a breathe it seemed easy

  • Christoper Putt
    Christoper Putt 2 months ago +1

    Really hope this song is or will be considered canon. It gives ruby's character so much more depth than we get to see.

  • Шунечка
    Шунечка 2 months ago

    osu at 1:25

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 2 months ago +2

    And this is why you respect


  • Sarcastic Raspberry
    Sarcastic Raspberry 3 months ago +1

    after the latest info... with salem and oz....

  • Milly KawaiiKitty
    Milly KawaiiKitty 3 months ago +1

    Rwby show singing this after Monty died
    Because yeah, fight and Adam wasted

  • Zofia Andrews
    Zofia Andrews 3 months ago

    I just came back to listen to this song since I was on a RWBY soundtrack kick...made me cry once I heard the lyrics again because my dad committed suicide last year.

    • Zofia Andrews
      Zofia Andrews 2 months ago

      +ruffus de duffus thanks man

    • ruffus de duffus
      ruffus de duffus 2 months ago

      Oh shoot this comment took a turn, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hopefully, things would get better for you.

  • KingArthur55555
    KingArthur55555 3 months ago

    Hey weird question but can't seem to find an answer, can someone tell me what kind of genre this song is? I want to look up more like it and I am kinda illiterate when it comes to guessing music genres...

  • Kimi Na No Wa
    Kimi Na No Wa 3 months ago

    How did she rap so fast? That's incredible. Can a human do this?

  • Nitzel
    Nitzel 3 months ago


  • xX Gachawolf Xx
    xX Gachawolf Xx 3 months ago

    The beginning is my favorite kind of rock

  • Griffin Croghan
    Griffin Croghan 3 months ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue if you don’t like this song fuck you

  • ItzSilent _Senpi
    ItzSilent _Senpi 3 months ago

    Omg i didnt even know when it said "I feel like i left you in madness" it was summer part that means that songs from RWBY can give you things about the anime

  • Imbel xox
    Imbel xox 3 months ago +1

    I didnt have an account when I first heard this song so....

  • Im bored oof
    Im bored oof 3 months ago


  • I am owly50
    I am owly50 3 months ago

    I do this all correct

  • shabo xx
    shabo xx 3 months ago

    Just one thing

    Shouldn't the moon be half shattered?

  • Spark
    Spark 3 months ago

    remember that this song means that ruby knows the f-word

  • Crong Tractor
    Crong Tractor 3 months ago

    who died