Red Like Roses Part II by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams with Lyrics

  • Published on Nov 14, 2013
  • The Complete Version of Red Like Roses Part II (Not the version from episode 8 of Roosterteeth's animated show RWBY) by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams and featuring Sandy Casey!
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  • tonib000y
    tonib000y Hour ago

    Why do I get a feeling that this song fits perfectly the story of Salem and Ozma?

  • Casey Spark
    Casey Spark 6 hours ago

    Salem and Oz anyone? Given 6:3.

  • Andy Domz
    Andy Domz 13 hours ago

    Re-hearing this song/Analysing all the lyrics plus seeing how Ruby is acting so far in V6 is slowly starting to confirm my theory that she is very much dead inside and will only care for her teammates and family members, that the happiness she displays is a facade and now in V6 the mask is starting to crack and the morbidness of this song is finally gonna start making sense as her true emotions(Possibly; Volatile anger, crying outbursts, cold heartless stares as she kills grimm,)slipping through the cracks turning her from Little Red Riding Hood with a Scythe to the literal Grim Reaper.

  • しぇるぼー
    しぇるぼー Day ago


  • Damani Miguel
    Damani Miguel 3 days ago +1

    Is this a girl or a boy

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H 3 days ago

    So is it possible this is qrow and summer? Instead of ruby and summer.

  • Ruth Lucille
    Ruth Lucille 3 days ago

    This is sad, like I watched the ' what this song means' thingy, and I cried.

  • Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara 4 days ago

    “But baby please don’t do what I did, I don’t want you to waste your life in vain”

    Omg volume 6 chapter 3 this line suddenly comes into perfect light 😬

  • Grey Ghost
    Grey Ghost 5 days ago

    I think this is about Oz and Salem;))))))

    GIGIKI 5 days ago

    this gave me chills

  • CrazyPanda
    CrazyPanda 5 days ago

    This song is breath taking...
    because while your listening you can feel yourself losing breath from the DAMN SINGER!

  • kyle tosczak
    kyle tosczak 5 days ago

    I love how it's a mother daughter song in all senses then Jeff comes through with one line and makes it a family song beyond the obvious inclusion of the instrumentals

  • Colt
    Colt 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that some of these lyrics sound a little bit like Salem in terms of how she was after Ozma died?

  • Giselle DoCarmo
    Giselle DoCarmo 6 days ago

    “And no matter what I do nothing ever takes the place of you” D;

  • Kenzie Kratz
    Kenzie Kratz 6 days ago

    Part 2 for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mamia papia
    mamia papia 7 days ago

    I find that I am similar to ruby but everyone sees that I = unexistant mental stability.

  • Angel Anna
    Angel Anna 7 days ago

    im gonna tell my fans about your channel...keep it up cause you might become youtube fam..😎u wanna collab i have 28k subs

  • Mobile Task Force Officer

    Had to come here after the 8bitdrummer

  • Raymond Rayovak
    Raymond Rayovak 8 days ago

    My favorite from Rwby ❤️

  • Andrew Stirling
    Andrew Stirling 8 days ago

    It is strange how this song is so awesome despite morbid lyrics.

  • ExplosiveClay_
    ExplosiveClay_ 8 days ago

    So I'm not the biggest fan of Rwby. I've only seen the first 2 seasons. But the songs never fail to entertain me.

  • Stefan Djukanovic
    Stefan Djukanovic 9 days ago +2

    can't help but think that this song is about Salem and Oz now.

    • Tristan Jordan
      Tristan Jordan 8 days ago

      Completely agree fits ch.3 almost perfectly.

  • kyoto PL
    kyoto PL 9 days ago

    Poland 😍🙆🙅👈

  • Proffesor Mittens
    Proffesor Mittens 9 days ago

    0:23 'feewing'

  • Toon World
    Toon World 9 days ago

    me when my computer was off for days weeks months because of housing

  • Allegra MoawadSchuarz
    Allegra MoawadSchuarz 10 days ago


  • Ethan Arrow
    Ethan Arrow 10 days ago

    This song has a fucking awesome rhythm

  • Emma Kaiser
    Emma Kaiser 10 days ago

    I know its about Ruby and her mum, but *reminisces Phyrra sadly*

  • Calista Winchester
    Calista Winchester 10 days ago +1

    This song is awesome but I cried.... imagining ozbin and Salem, singing this to each other!! It’s a story!!! Maybe this is the story!!!! This is what oz was hiding?!

  • Ava Catty
    Ava Catty 10 days ago


  • adam barlow
    adam barlow 10 days ago

    Lol this song never lasts more than twenty seconds in Blaz Blue Cross Tag Battle.

  • Johnny Gat
    Johnny Gat 11 days ago

    Are both parts the same person?

    • Betül Ikiz
      Betül Ikiz 8 days ago

      Johnny Gat no I don't think they are. It says in the description that it features sand Casey as the other voice and Ruby as Casey lee williams

    • Johnny Gat
      Johnny Gat 9 days ago

      +Betül Ikiz i mean the singer

    • Betül Ikiz
      Betül Ikiz 9 days ago

      Johnny Gat no one is Ruby and the other one is summer(Ruby's mother)

  • Giselle DoCarmo
    Giselle DoCarmo 11 days ago +1

    Let’s Sing Red Like Rose Part: 2-
    I’ll start-

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno 12 days ago +1

    I just realized. Besides from this song, is there any other song in the show that is from Ruby's point of view? Also from my opinion for someone who looks like the most positive in the group Ruby has one of the darkest songs. It's also says the "It's your blood that's red like roses" and she says "Red like roses fills my dreams and finds me" Well, her dreams certainly look dark.

  • MrBox009
    MrBox009 12 days ago

    "Think you can make the shot?"

    "Hphm, can I"


    "Of course I can!"

  • Mags to the Max
    Mags to the Max 13 days ago

    This song is beautiful and makes me want to cry happily but I still like the song so much....

  • peridot237
    peridot237 14 days ago

    i realized something while listening to this agen the beginning sounds like the beginning of "Thank you for the venom" by mcr. was rooster teeth inspired by them or is it just me?

  • Spider Byte
    Spider Byte 15 days ago

    RIP Penny

  • 風幻的遊戲日記
    風幻的遊戲日記 16 days ago


  • meyoudodo
    meyoudodo 16 days ago

    when is part 3?? soon i hope

  • Froppy Fancalls
    Froppy Fancalls 17 days ago

    y tf am I crying? lma0

  • Lilith arts
    Lilith arts 18 days ago

    Is this song to summer and another part of the song summer singing to ruby?

  • superdude 2411
    superdude 2411 18 days ago

    Anyone else think that seasons 4 and 5 don’t hold a candle to the first 3? Even if they have higher animation quality

  • Kewldestroyer1
    Kewldestroyer1 19 days ago

    Who’s here cause marshmallowswirl?

  • -Nicky Luck-
    -Nicky Luck- 19 days ago

    1,5 for DT

  • Jamieson Crier-Small
    Jamieson Crier-Small 19 days ago

    It's a great song until you realize that it's Ruby singing about her deceased mother..

  • { FNAF } Spring Bonnie
    { FNAF } Spring Bonnie 19 days ago +1

    Best song ever!!
    { 2018 anyone }

  • Never Ending Dream
    Never Ending Dream 21 day ago

    CASEY WAS 14

  • テンペストリムルン


  • mh Zaman
    mh Zaman 22 days ago

    damn phyrrha will you ever come back???!😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mr. Apricot
    Mr. Apricot 23 days ago

    Okay but just this is great but it's so unfitting to pretty much everything except volume 3 and 4 the others were just too happy and well... RWBY

  • Little Lexa14
    Little Lexa14 24 days ago

    My friend can rap this and I really like rwby and I'm waiting for more eps

  • Raemel V
    Raemel V 25 days ago

    So... This is summer and qrow's song? I mean.. Seriously

    • Proffesor Mittens
      Proffesor Mittens 22 days ago

      I don't think so. They say it's Ruby and Summer having a conversation idk

  • Gary Pearson
    Gary Pearson 25 days ago

    I like this more than caffeine

  • Mavu-in Kirugoa
    Mavu-in Kirugoa 26 days ago

    for those who are trying to sing this
    please learn how and when to breath when singing

  • mchurricane84 plays
    mchurricane84 plays 26 days ago

    this song is between ruby and her mother summer who died on a mission

  • Sonic Boom
    Sonic Boom 27 days ago this metal rock
    It better not be
    I mean if it's rock I'm fine

    • Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom 19 days ago

      +Systamatic I know just that I was curious if it was

    • Systamatic
      Systamatic 19 days ago +1

      there's nothing wrong with metal

  • Eluney Lezcano
    Eluney Lezcano 27 days ago


  • Matthew Estevez
    Matthew Estevez 28 days ago

    Need more kazo pl0x

  • Wayne Behrens
    Wayne Behrens 28 days ago

    1:25 second half

  • BMS BG
    BMS BG Month ago

    This is better than part 1

  • Cthulublade
    Cthulublade Month ago


  • Durtsu
    Durtsu Month ago

    This is the shit i like this better then any of the ops

  • Maryu Daiku
    Maryu Daiku Month ago

    This So Iconic my friends. Thanks.

  • SyokaTheDark
    SyokaTheDark Month ago

    after ACTUALLY listening to the lyrics i actually started crying

  • SAB2301 - Sebastián Bruno

    Loved the rhythm... 🌹🌹🌹

  • Megan Bottazzi
    Megan Bottazzi Month ago

  • The UK Plays
    The UK Plays Month ago +1

    Oof the amount of people didn't know this song before BlazBlue

    • YaBoyAero
      YaBoyAero Month ago

      I started watching RWBY because I planned on maining Ruby from day 1.

  • Anna Modesier
    Anna Modesier Month ago

    This song is my rocking music in 2018!

  • JRae Munoz
    JRae Munoz Month ago

    imma just say things be getting intense

  • Katrina Hunter
    Katrina Hunter Month ago

    i noticed that its "I'm the one left to win this fight" not "I'm the one *you* left to win this fight."...

  • Online User
    Online User Month ago


  • Pikachu Pocky
    Pikachu Pocky Month ago

    this music is related to summer rose(ruby's mother)

  • Moonlit Animations
    Moonlit Animations Month ago

    "Fills my head with dreams and finds me" that line sounds so familiar and I have no idea why this is the first time listening to the song

  • Brian brush
    Brian brush Month ago

    My favorite part

  • Nylaina Tsetso
    Nylaina Tsetso Month ago

    "baby please don't do what I did I don't want you to waste your life in vain"
    This indicates summer went after Salem and died. Right? Am I correct?

  • Crescent Rose
    Crescent Rose Month ago +1

    Playing this at 0.5 is kinda funny

  • yarn糸
    yarn糸 Month ago

    Is it bad that I think the singer is a child? Is she a child? Hmm...

  • Roberta 29
    Roberta 29 Month ago

    Thank you so much for cutting our the intro
    It’s pretty cool, but it’s long as hell and i keep singing at the wrong time and- ok, just thanks

  • Cookiecat 3601239
    Cookiecat 3601239 Month ago

    I dont know how i could keep up with this song. Im actually telling the truth. Even tho im a child i could sing this but sometimes i would cough.

  • Spencer
    Spencer Month ago

    deathnote soundin ass

  • Katrina
    Katrina 2 months ago +3

    i couldn't take it couldn't stand another minute
    couldn't bear another day without you in it
    all of the joy that I had known for my life
    was stripped away from me the minute that you died
    to have you in my life was all i ever wanted
    but now without you I'm a soul forever haunted
    can't help but feel that i had taken you for granted
    no way in hell that i can ever comprehend this
    i wasn't dreaming when they told me you were gone
    i was wide awake and feeling that they had to be wrong
    how could you leave me when you swore that you would stay
    now i'm trapped inside a nightmare every single fucking day
    it's like a movie but there's not a happy ending
    every scene fades black and there's no pretending
    this little fairy tale doesn't seem to end well
    theres no knight in shining armor who will wake me from the spell
    i know you didn't plan this
    you tried to do what's right
    but in the middle of this madness
    i'm the one you left to win this fight
    red like roses
    fills my head with dreams and finds me
    always closer
    to the emptiness and sadness
    that has come to take the place of you
    i know you're broken down by anger and by sadness
    you feel I left you in a world that's full of madness
    wish i could talk to you if only for a minute
    make you understand the reasons why i did it
    i wanna tell you that you're all that ever mattered
    want you to know that for eternity i'm shattered
    i tried so hard just to protect you but i failed to
    and in a prison of abandonment i've jailed you
    i never planned that i would leave you there alone
    i was sure that i would see you when i made it back home
    and all the times I swore that it would be okay
    now i'm nothing but a liar and you're thrown into the fray
    this bedtime story ends with misery ever after
    the pages are torn and there's no final chapter
    i didn't have a choice I did what I had to do
    i made a sacrifice but forced a bigger sacrifice on you
    i know you've lived a nightmare
    i caused you so much pain
    but baby please don't do what i did
    i don't want you to waste your life in vain
    you're not the only one who needed me i thought you understood
    you were the one i needed and you left me as I always feared you would
    would I change it if i could?
    it doesn't matter how
    the petals scatter now
    every nightmare just discloses
    it's your blood that's red like roses
    and no matter what I do
    nothing ever takes the place of you

  • jacob keke
    jacob keke 2 months ago

    I Like the song I do..... Why is it so tempting to hit the dislike button.

  • YT FriskyGamer
    YT FriskyGamer 2 months ago

    Who came here from RWBY

  • J/Ash/Bran
    J/Ash/Bran 2 months ago +1

    Here’s what we know about Ruby. She’s attached to Yang, the only mother she’s known. She doesn’t handle loss well. She’s always happy, masking how scared or sad she’s feeling. She attaches herself to people to fill a void she knows will never close. And she charges in without think no because she needs everyone including herself to see she can handle herself. That she’s grown up.

  • IDKanymore
    IDKanymore 2 months ago +1

    I thought this song was about jaune and pyrrha

  • CalamityFrenzy
    CalamityFrenzy 2 months ago

    Idgaf this song is mad lit and it will never leave my mind, like honestly. This shit goes **IN** and I could always jam out to this without hesitation.

  • Candi Cumbest-Ford
    Candi Cumbest-Ford 2 months ago +2

    I didn't know Ruby would cuss XD

  • Salt ._.
    Salt ._. 2 months ago

    Perfect song for mcd

  • Nasty ash Main
    Nasty ash Main 2 months ago +2

    Rwby I'm gonna have to ask you to breath and take two steps back

  • Serenity Darkness :3
    Serenity Darkness :3 2 months ago +1

    Puts on earbuds full volume- NOW ITS READY TO PLAY

  • Gravios 96
    Gravios 96 2 months ago

    Indie artist has better lyric and song than mainstream artist... .-.

  • Burnout88
    Burnout88 2 months ago

    Next song... Collapse (Post-Amerika) by Rise Against

  • Andronious
    Andronious 2 months ago +1


  • Bill L
    Bill L 2 months ago

    Crackpot theory here.
    What if this song was more than about Ruby and Summer? What if it was between Summer and her daughters Ruby AND Yang?
    Hear me out.
    Some of the lines in the song show an intense fear of abandonment, something that Yang, whose birth mother left her as a child, feels very strongly about. For Yang the biggest nightmare she could have is Summer abandoning her like Raven did. "You were the one I needed and you left me like I always feared you would."
    A lot of Summer's lines could also apply to Yang as much as Ruby.
    One example is the line: "I made a sacrifice but forced a bigger sacrifice on you." Could apply to Ruby as a Silver Eyed Warrior like her mother who needed to take down the Grimm. And to Yang being forced to take care of her baby sister in place of her mother and protect her.
    Another is the Chorus could refer to Ruby being Yang's last link to Summer. That Ruby fills her dreams but is so close to the emptiness and sadness Yang feels after Summer's death.
    Honestly it could be written that way so that it does apply to both, just in different ways.

  • Description Untitled
    Description Untitled 2 months ago


  • Sunnyside64 ._.
    Sunnyside64 ._. 2 months ago


  • Serenity Darkness :3
    Serenity Darkness :3 2 months ago +2

    What if summer isnt dead...??

    Me:YES PLS

  • RedLoganninja
    RedLoganninja 2 months ago

    Blue like tears because season 5 ended
    Edit: Isn't the moon shattered?

    • Bloody Evolution
      Bloody Evolution Month ago

      RedLoganninja yes but there are times were it the un shattered side faces remnant