Sony Bend Is Starting Work on Their Next Game for PS5, Is it Days Gone 2?

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • We recently got the news that Sony first party studio, Sony Bend, is now in the pre-production phase of their next game for PS5. This is great news and makes you wonder, what game could they be working on? The obvious and most likely answer is Day Gone 2 or a sequel to Days Gone of some kind, Days Gone is currently the 6th best selling PS4 exclusive of this entire generation so it just makes complete sense. Some are speculating it could be a completely new game or even Syphon Filter related.
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  • MBG
    MBG  Month ago +54

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is a sequel to Days Gone that Bend is starting to work on, it is the 6th best selling exclusive on PS4 so far and it hasn't even been out for one year. Imagining a Days Gone sequel on PS5 sounds awesome and I can't wait to see what they end up doing and showing in the future. Do you think it's Days gone 2 or something else?

    • Hermania3000
      Hermania3000 29 days ago

      I always enjoy your videos, however I honestly prefer when then are a litte bit short, like this one. Sometimes they last for 13-14 minutes, and the message could easily have been told in 4-5. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • josh sight
      josh sight 29 days ago

      O'brien's boss next deacon nemesis in daysgone 2

    • Cutter Elf
      Cutter Elf 29 days ago

      @Shalashaska Days Gone gets a lot of things unexpectedly right. I play a lot of open world games and this was one of the few I enjoyed every moment until the end.
      The story has depth and characters are so well written, gunplay feels really good with realistic recoil and great sound design, defeating hordes consisting of 500-1000 zombies who are either at their nests during the day or move around the world at night were a blast, bike handling/physics are amazing so it is always enjoyable to traverse the world and the way set up the progression system makes you feel like everything you do matters as you are working towards somethingor get better. No boring pointless bussywork.

    • JEDIAL9
      JEDIAL9 29 days ago

      Still not a fan of zombie anything games, tv shows, or movies! The Last of Us 2 is it for me! I just can't get into running from hordes of drones, I mean zombies, I mean group thought, or was it the zombie polarization of games!

      ALPHA GAMER Month ago +1

      dg2 for sure

  • Batooony
    Batooony 19 days ago

    If Days Gone 2 happens, I'm getting it on day one. Had no expectations for this game and it blew me away. One of the most entertaining games I have ever played.

  • gidkidd -maddcity
    gidkidd -maddcity 26 days ago +1

    It's definitely days gone 2 and for all the people who hated days gone foh. Yall just followed the bandwagon of hate from reviews and never actually played the game. It was deff worth it and fun.

  • Marco Aiello
    Marco Aiello 27 days ago

    Can’t wait for a new days gone the first one was fantastic 💯👍🏻

  • Tim Shrimp
    Tim Shrimp 27 days ago

    I really hope so the game was fucken awesome

  • That nigga Zion
    That nigga Zion 28 days ago

    Never finished it

  • theguyinthere
    theguyinthere 28 days ago

    I REALLY want another Syphon Filter and Splinter Cell game before i die i di want days gone 2 but that story can wait give me another Syphon Filter PLEASE.

  • kevinl edwards
    kevinl edwards 28 days ago

    I'm praying it's DG2

  • Feltylifts 45
    Feltylifts 45 28 days ago

    I played days gone start to finish, and I don’t like it, it’s jut my opinion

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 28 days ago +1

    Please to do Dg2! :)

  • Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel

    Days gone 2
    Marvel spiderman 2
    Horizon Zero dawn 2
    God of war 2
    Gran Turismo 7

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 29 days ago

    Was the game really that good? What do y'all think? Is it worth playing?

  • omar jamaleddin
    omar jamaleddin 29 days ago


  • rockyramsy
    rockyramsy 29 days ago

    Based on the secret ending I would say it's probably gonna be Days Gone 2

  • SaltTheory
    SaltTheory 29 days ago

    Sony bend was looking to hire people who had experience in game engine creation which means they were looking to build an in house solution of their own and that takes approximately 2 years to do. I wouldn't go in expecting a days gone 2 as a ps5 launch title, it sounds outrageous. If anything I'm assuming that if a 2nd one is in the works it should release maybe 2-3 years into the ps5's life cycle, not before.

  • DOOM 173
    DOOM 173 29 days ago

    Days Gone was AWESOME!!!!

    PHXNTXM 29 days ago

    I still have yet to buy Days Gone, but I’m glad that Sony Bend is moving forward with their next project, and I’m hoping that it is Days Gone 2. I can only imagine the sequel harnessing the power of the PS5, as well as a higher budget from Sony. Days Gone 2 could seriously be a southpaw sucker punch to any game in whatever year it releases next gen. Looking forward to it.

  • christopher Barham
    christopher Barham 29 days ago

    I liked days gone but I think they should do syphon filter for that missing void of splinter cell. It’d sell like hot cakes. Then start developing days gone part 2

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 29 days ago

    I think I’m the only one in the comment section that hated Days Gone. Could not stand the protagonist. Deacon was such a doofus. “Deacon out”

    NIXNE 29 days ago

    Still havent got around to playing the first one yet.

  • l-Resentment-l
    l-Resentment-l 29 days ago

    2:25 Surprise muthaf*cka lol

  • King Oso
    King Oso 29 days ago

    Days gone was bullshit waited like 4years for apocalypse motorcycle simulator

  • Ali Abadi
    Ali Abadi 29 days ago

    I loved days gone still clearing the hordes in survival difficulty it is a blast. Bend studio deserve support because they care abt consumers whether it is days gone 2 or a new ip I can't wait I'm on board.

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 29 days ago

    Days Gone 2? Oh lord, me and my money are waiting for it.

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 29 days ago

    One of my favourite games...gave approximately 80 hours of fun.
    Days Gone may have not been perfect but was awesome and Bend Studios will only do better on what ever they are in the process of creating.
    The genius of SIE is how they take middle of the road studios and give them an environment which helps them to develop into some of the most amazing game studios ever.
    Look at how much Naughty Dog has grown under SIE's of the most amazing studios ever!!!
    Bend Studio has an incredibly amazing future ahead of them.
    And gamers will be the better for it!!!

  • TrapLord Beerus
    TrapLord Beerus 29 days ago

    No way bro everyone knows it's a Syphon Filter reboot.

  • Eric H
    Eric H 29 days ago

    Especially since Naughty Dog axed Nathan Drake...GET LOW!!!

  • PlanetCheat
    PlanetCheat 29 days ago

    If Days Gone is the 6th most sold PlayStation exclusive for PS4, that's incredible. I'm glad it sold well; it deserves the attention. IGN and other lame reviewers only gave it a negative reception because it wasn't a paid review.

  • OwtDaftUK
    OwtDaftUK 29 days ago

    I think it'll be DG2 because they will be able to use a lot of the code from the first game and make another relativily quick.

  • Jj Blackmon
    Jj Blackmon 29 days ago

    If you didn't expect days gone to tlou or good of war it was a fun game

  • rizal ruhizat
    rizal ruhizat 29 days ago

    Oh yes! I need more freaker hoards!

  • • Beta •
    • Beta • 29 days ago

    Buying a Ps5 when Days Gone 2 arrives.

  • xoxLeexox
    xoxLeexox 29 days ago

    I couldn't understand how this game didn't get amazing reviews. This is easy one of my top 5 favourite games of all time. They did a phenomenal job with it and with the secret ending there has to be a part 2!!

  • SpookyPal
    SpookyPal 29 days ago

    I can't wait for better AI on ps5

  • Redwald Cuthberting
    Redwald Cuthberting 29 days ago

    Not too bothered about Day Gone 2 if it is that.

    PRK BGG 29 days ago

    Am I the only one that wants a sequel to the order 1886?

  • Robert Mckenna
    Robert Mckenna 29 days ago

    Not gonna lie ,Days Gone is not one of my top 5 or even 10 games. It certainly wasn't the worst but it definitely left a lot to be desired. If this is indeed a sequel I sure hope it has a better story, the scope and pacing needs to be improved upon as well.

  • Vexxzer
    Vexxzer 29 days ago +1

    The team on this game now know what people loved and hated and can make they next game great

  • Patrick Hernandez
    Patrick Hernandez 29 days ago +1

    this is up there of being one of my favorite games this year, really didn't think I was going to like it, but nope! really loved everything about it, I'd be so stoked if it were days gone 2, I don't mind replaying this over and over until they do

  • minibeast21
    minibeast21 Month ago

    No brainer there will be a sequel. Solid games with lots of potential, but rough on the edges. Lessons Sony Bend would've learnt & be able to apply to improve sequel is exciting

  • Anub1sMenph1s
    Anub1sMenph1s Month ago +1

    Hope they take it's time to do good and optimize game, first one had its issue but was not that bad.

  • Mingo P.
    Mingo P. Month ago

    Yea, don't bother with days gone. Looked great until it isn't. Main character design looks like a typical biker gang but acts and moves like some queer ass. Who tf did his motion capture?

  • Mohammad Hussien
    Mohammad Hussien Month ago +1

    I fucking love this game. This news brings smile to my face.

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez Month ago

    Pleaase no 2....

  • slpn9t 1
    slpn9t 1 Month ago

    I'll just go to this petrol Bowser and fill up in a post apocalyptic world, fuck out of here!

  • Eugene Schutte
    Eugene Schutte Month ago

    I loved days gone! And a second days gone will be awesome😎

  • slpn9t 1
    slpn9t 1 Month ago

    I don't want to be a hater, but Days Gone was mediocre, boring, empty, uninteresting, full of bugs with an open world that was bare as my bank account. If I was the boss at Sony, none of you would be seeing this game again.

  • Dun Barc
    Dun Barc Month ago

    YES PLEASE!!! I loved this game. A sequel is a sure buy for me

  • Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad Month ago

    *_SIE Bend Studio_** revive **_Syphon Filter_** & I'll die a happy man!*

  • Thondup Andrugtsang

    Days Gone was amazing and I'm thrilled to learn of a sequel.

  • Puddle Jumper
    Puddle Jumper Month ago

    I'm always open for a new IP, and I'd love it if they had their own private engine (or Decima), but it'd be silly for them to throw out all they learned. Give us Days Gone 2 so Sony Bend can show us what they're really made of! :D

  • Rob Wallaby
    Rob Wallaby Month ago +1

    Days gone was great I would score it 8.5/10. Got screwed over by some reviewers with SJW agendas. Bugs have been fixed and looking forward to a PS5 update to let the game really shine. Days gone 2 on PS5 should be jaw dropping.

  • Nathan Pham
    Nathan Pham Month ago

    I just hope Deacon’s flashlight beam doesn’t spin around him in the sequel. If you know you know.

  • Mighty Hadi
    Mighty Hadi Month ago +1

    PS5, The Last of US 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk, FF7 Remake and all PS5 games . We will spend a lot of money next year. I need to find second job, tighten my belt and do some fasting .

  • SkemeKOS
    SkemeKOS Month ago +3

    I cant wait to see how incredible Days Gone 2 is gonna be on the PS5. I was truly impressed with the first one.

  • Rev
    Rev Month ago +2

    I love Days Gone, I'm all in.

  • Brandon Child's
    Brandon Child's Month ago +1

    Wish we could’ve got some DLC for it

  • NotSee Chucky
    NotSee Chucky Month ago

    Days Gone Isn’t All That 😒IMO
    Hope They Remake The Whole Game-
    Game Needs Improvements Before Doing Another Risky Release. Especially On My Beloved PS5 😌👎. Maybe Release 3 years After The Release of The PS5....

  • Chills B
    Chills B Month ago

    Short answer. No

  • Tom.C
    Tom.C Month ago

    Please be Days gone 2