The Beatles - Oh! Darling (2019 Mix / Audio)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Music video by The Beatles performing Oh! Darling (2019 Mix / Audio). © 2019 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)
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  • Imre Orro
    Imre Orro 21 second ago

    no abbey road vibe and dramatizm rehersal by coverband

  • Gonzalo Barrionuevo
    Gonzalo Barrionuevo 12 hours ago

    En toda la canción canta Paul !?

  • raffa ojeda
    raffa ojeda 19 hours ago

    Paul he is a leyend since the 60s we are lucky to still having a leyend now!!

  • Shula'la Nails Gonz.
    Shula'la Nails Gonz. 23 hours ago

    It's forever my love

  • Harrison Powell
    Harrison Powell Day ago

    Had a dream with this song in it...had to hear it again. Much love✌

  • paul tiberi
    paul tiberi 2 days ago +2

    These kind of vocal performances from the Beatles proved that John, Paul, and George were very gifted lead vocalists who could crank out an overwhelming lead vocal or shine very bright on background harmonies. Its what made them unique...awesome singing, playing, and songwriting combined with brilliant packaging. Still the best ever in my book.

  • Cuca Peluda
    Cuca Peluda 2 days ago +1

    0:00 oh! Darling 1:41 oh! Johnny ??

  • jakk joloz
    jakk joloz 3 days ago +2

    The latest release by the Beatles 2019 Oct.! Wow! Fantastic! An enduring song!

  • Asdrubal Figueroa
    Asdrubal Figueroa 4 days ago +1

    He muerto y revivido de nuevo.

  • pavan chawhan
    pavan chawhan 4 days ago

    I'll never do harm
    Am I overthinking?

  • Carlos R Miguens
    Carlos R Miguens 4 days ago +1

    Hermoso tema para escuchar conduciendo mi coupe chevi ss por mis rutas Argentinas salud amigos.

  • salvatore bartolomeo

    Bass guitar is nice.

  • Rick
    Rick 4 days ago

    Love Paul's Little Richard impression

  • The Godd
    The Godd 4 days ago +5

    One of the best song vocals ever

  • Yara Torres
    Yara Torres 5 days ago

    Love! Love! Love! 🇧🇷 💓💞

  • Yovas Mendoza
    Yovas Mendoza 5 days ago

    Ay paola :'c
    By: ivan Drack :'c

  • Ramon Fraga Farah
    Ramon Fraga Farah 5 days ago +2

    McCartney the best.

  • Jawa in Moscow
    Jawa in Moscow 6 days ago

    Чет видосов нет...

  • Bradley Hurrell
    Bradley Hurrell 6 days ago +2

    I wish Paul would sing this amazing song live. A perfect song and I love the changes and curves it takes. Another Abbey Road masterpiece

  • hempchimp
    hempchimp 6 days ago +1

    Listened to this song hundreds and hundreds of times including the Day it was originally released (I'm Old) but thanks to the 2019 Remix, I believe this is the 1st time I really noticed the "Classic 3 Part Harmony" of Paul, John and George soaring in the background here.
    Wow... Just Wow.

  • Kat F
    Kat F 6 days ago +2


  • Besouros Assassinos
    Besouros Assassinos 7 days ago

    01:40 Oh! JOHNNY?

    • Bella
      Bella 5 days ago

      inevitable comment

  • roomandaroom
    roomandaroom 7 days ago

    this is a fucking awesome song, and it's really fun to play on guitar!! especially if you slide down the fretboard after some of the chords.

  • Marcus Phelan
    Marcus Phelan 7 days ago

    For the nerds: I don't know why this hasn't been done before - maybe it has but I just haven't seen it. Anyway, after my last Beatles tribute band gig, before our "John" had put his Epiphone Casino in its case, I thought I'd test for sure whether only that guitar could play the last notes on the recording, proving that John played the guitar on Oh Darling (and it goes to say he didn't play piano on it.)

  • Eigsha Ji
    Eigsha Ji 7 days ago +6

    I just wish they captured singing this masterpiece live

    • Bella
      Bella 7 days ago +1


  • InflatablePlane
    InflatablePlane 8 days ago +3

    Those background vocal harmonies just melt me into a puddle.
    They seem more prevalent in this remix. Like different levels were used.

  • MisterMasterShafter1
    MisterMasterShafter1 8 days ago +3

    The backing vocals really stand out in this mix!

    SUSAN MEYER 9 days ago

    Believe me tooooo, oooooooooh..

  • Kalae Kong
    Kalae Kong 9 days ago +6

    Man like if the Beatles are amazing and the greatest band ever

  • Alexis Pillalaza
    Alexis Pillalaza 9 days ago

    arriba españñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vintage Playback Hifi
    Vintage Playback Hifi 10 days ago

    Simon Cowell should sign them up

  • Malva Deza
    Malva Deza 10 days ago

    rasga meu coração!

  • Ram Bo
    Ram Bo 10 days ago +15

    Paul McCartney, the God of Music.

    SUSAN MEYER 10 days ago +1

    The World needs The Beatles....(I like the remastered versions the best!.X)

  • Gabie Guillory
    Gabie Guillory 10 days ago +2

    Can we get a Revolution 9 remix?

  • Blair christie
    Blair christie 11 days ago

    I like this song

  • Allik & Olga Travels
    Allik & Olga Travels 11 days ago +1


  • Todd Drummer
    Todd Drummer 12 days ago

    This is what's stereo for! Thank you!

  • Bust-A-Nut
    Bust-A-Nut 12 days ago

    This one goes to you,Vanda
    I still have feelings for you.

  • Ramon Riley
    Ramon Riley 13 days ago

    Oh! Darling :3

  • facupwinners78
    facupwinners78 13 days ago

    And it’s a yes from me!

  • jeon hoseok
    jeon hoseok 13 days ago +2

    Oh! Darling...
    Oh, darling
    Please, believe me
    I'll never do you no harm
    Believe me when I tell you
    I'll never do you no harm
    Oh, darling
    If you leave me
    I'll never make it alone
    Believe me when I beg you
    Don't ever leave me alone
    When you told me
    You didn't need me anymore
    Well, you know, I nearly
    Broke down and cried
    When you told me
    You didn't need me anymore
    Well, you know, I nearly
    Broke down and died
    Oh, darling
    If you leave me
    I'll never make it alone
    Believe me when I tell you
    I'll never do you no harm
    Believe me, darling
    When you told me
    You didn't need me anymore
    Well, you know, I nearly
    Broke down and cried
    When you told me
    You didn't need me anymore
    Well, you know, I nearly
    Broke down and died
    Oh, darling
    Please believe me
    I'll never let you down
    Oh, believe me, darling
    Believe me when I tell you
    I'll never do you no harm

  • Sabahan Sabahan
    Sabahan Sabahan 13 days ago +4

    One of the best Beatles song that I love best!

  • Carvalho
    Carvalho 13 days ago +6

    Its my first time listening to this... And i cant believe that is the same Guy singing the First part and the second one.. its amazing

  • Musimike Battle
    Musimike Battle 13 days ago +7

    Interesting artistic choices in this new mix. Less reverb in the bvocals, less bass. And God, what an incredible band. Paul rocks my world!

  • LogrusUK
    LogrusUK 14 days ago +3

    That is such a genius audio take. The others must have had goosebumps on their goosebumps when that one was laid down.

  • DSneakerking
    DSneakerking 14 days ago +14

    Paul’s voice is so diverse. He goes from dedicated songs to screaming down the microphone and each and everyone sounds phenomenal.

      DIGITAL BRIDGE 11 days ago

      In his prime, Paul could reach six octaves!

    • DSneakerking
      DSneakerking 12 days ago

      his voice is any musicians dream.

    • Vern Pascal
      Vern Pascal 12 days ago

      Yeah this was never one of my favorites,but now man this new mix... it's incredible.

  • XxxSwegMachinexxX
    XxxSwegMachinexxX 14 days ago

    Another hit from the Four Fat Sluts!

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira 14 days ago

    O Carambox, grita erequêremere, na ponte do rio Knork! O Acento circunflêxo, assinala, o som fechado para seguir! O Coração é uma pêra, e tem a forma de lábios, ligados pelo amor! O Mar canta cálidas, notas musicais, orquestradas, pela magistralidade do vento do norte! Os cataventos do acidente, são flores, na lapéla, do cavalheiro distinto! A Amplidão é um caís, no vazío do horizonte, uma obra-prima, esculpida na imaginação! O Sal misto é um igrediente, indispensável na leitura! A Lua é o subterfúgio dos poetas alcoolátras, que recitam versos inebriantes! O Karabaque é um fenÔmeno, da transcendÊncia dos costumes hodiernos! Ninguém pode acorrentar as palavras, porque, elas escorrem, pelos dedos, da alma e do coração! Não vos conformeis, com este século; mas, transformai-vos! OS Bouleváres do meu coração, são caminhos abertos para todas as nações! O Medo de gente é um traço, desarmonioso, da personalidade humana, e bagunça, a natureza ao redor! O Homem das Palavras é um proletário das idéias, e cava buracos, procurando, veios de águas transparentes! A Espada Geométrica, está dentro, de sua cabeça!

  • sandra paola quisca tipula


  • Rod Els
    Rod Els 14 days ago

    Paul sang it well. But JL was right. He would have done better taking the lead in this song. I would have loved to hear John's raspy voice soar in this one just like it did in This Boy!

    • douzilles
      douzilles 14 days ago

      hard to imagine a better singing...

  • MiFĄ- Studio
    MiFĄ- Studio 15 days ago +1

  • SadHero
    SadHero 15 days ago

    She just left me again for the I don't know how many times already. I just love her and I can't leave her. I guess it will be the last time. Won't let her hurt me again. Thank you beatles for making me feel right.

  • Golden Carmichael
    Golden Carmichael 15 days ago +3

    Great mix, very happy. I love that even though it's been 50 years since the beatles existed as a group, they are still extremely relevant. I'm only 14 and I love them with all my heart

  • M. M.
    M. M. 15 days ago +19

    best singer foever the planet . 2019

  • Javier Sanchez
    Javier Sanchez 15 days ago

    What a deep soul ballad!!

  • Alan Vargas
    Alan Vargas 15 days ago +2


  • em jay
    em jay 16 days ago +1

    Excellent, and so nice to hear the background vocals to the fore! John Lennon's voice has always been the most distinctive sound in the Beatles history. Yes Paul is singing lead, but right from the very first album John's voice has always cut right through everything else. Two thumbs up for a great remix!

  • Paul Mccartney
    Paul Mccartney 16 days ago

    And the bass?? 2009=+ strong bass

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