Play Drums Without a Drum Set!

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Aerodrums motion-capture electronic drum kit allows you to play drums without drums!
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    What's cooler than being a rock star drummer? How about being a rock star drummer with an invisible drum kit!
    Aerodrums is a musical instrument without the instrument. Instead of reverberating skins stretched over tubes, simply drum on the air in front of you.
    The reflectors on the drumsticks are captured by the included camera and interpreted as drum hits by free software you download on your own computer. The result is an amazing way to experiment with music that actually creates impressively realistic sounds without requiring a dedicated space for a kit!
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Comments • 1 622

  • Megan Hovv
    Megan Hovv 17 hours ago

    Jon popped off

  • Mini Pig
    Mini Pig 19 hours ago

    captured by the ps3 camera

  • Joshua Dcosta
    Joshua Dcosta 6 days ago


  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy 9 days ago

    Can we acknowledge how fucking awesome the midi track at the end is though?

  • Santtu
    Santtu 9 days ago

    Cross promo!!

  • EmmanuelJose_RBLX And more

    Danny should have been the drummer

  • AnaqiTube TV
    AnaqiTube TV 18 days ago

    Uhh so basically you remade the purpose of the wii

  • Unr4v3l
    Unr4v3l 20 days ago +1

    Plot twist: The drums is a paid actor.

  • Cooper DeGolyer-Heinrichs

    Can you make it more cheaper

  • Thomasito Ferrari
    Thomasito Ferrari 27 days ago

    Schizophrenia drumset

  • ???Mysterious Thing???

    Attomoz probably got one of these

  • Chad Gaming
    Chad Gaming Month ago

    The future drums

  • Josephine tube HD
    Josephine tube HD Month ago

    Wait so I’m paying bout 200 bucks for two sticks and a camera basically???????

  • Owen Chesebrough
    Owen Chesebrough Month ago

    You can’t practice there is no bounce back

  • Rajesh Patel
    Rajesh Patel Month ago

    for anyone who watched this, its cheaper to get a real Mendini drumset

  • JohnFromPhilly Vlogs
    JohnFromPhilly Vlogs Month ago +1

    Imagine going to a concert and the whole band has air instruments

  • Elliot Francis
    Elliot Francis Month ago +1

    I thought this was a joke at first

  • M!LOS
    M!LOS Month ago

    and it turns out to be more expensive than a drum kit anyway

  • Cooper DiBerardino
    Cooper DiBerardino Month ago

    How are you supposed to know where everything is?

  • arandomduckdog
    arandomduckdog 2 months ago


    ELIJAHBOSS 2 months ago

    Why is there 2 people playing B A S S more importantly why aren’t all band like that we need more B A S S S L A P P

  • Lara McGallion
    Lara McGallion 2 months ago

    200$ nope 100000$ vbucks

  • InnovaShil Rocks
    InnovaShil Rocks 2 months ago

    Dang looks cool
    Well actually it is just some drumsticks
    And the feet reflectors look clumsy so i mean

  • Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez 2 months ago

    1954: we well have flying cars in 2018
    2018: invisible drums

  • MikaelaGrande
    MikaelaGrande 2 months ago

    *how to look like you’ve been on crack*

  • mr langustinos
    mr langustinos 2 months ago

    Their’s no rebound it’ll be harder for beginners

  • Bleach
    Bleach 2 months ago

    how the heck do you roll the snare?

  • MDdiester MDdiester
    MDdiester MDdiester 2 months ago +1

    It does look pretty dumb, esspecially in public

  • Kasey Marriott
    Kasey Marriott 2 months ago

    why did it sound very dirty with your eyes closed?
    me and my birty mind

  • Amanda Teoh
    Amanda Teoh 3 months ago

    This will make my mum so happy

  • CyberHero176 [GD]
    CyberHero176 [GD] 3 months ago

    0:37 I like the music

  • koko localhero
    koko localhero 3 months ago

    Haven 19 how did you gonna use the Drum without seeing the drums

  • Bledsoe Gaming
    Bledsoe Gaming 3 months ago

    You guys are actually good at drums

  • Iced _ Pineappls
    Iced _ Pineappls 3 months ago

    **flashbacks to that one episode in regular show**

  • Nothing in Common
    Nothing in Common 3 months ago

    Cant help but notice you put the shop link where the video link is supposed to be.

  • Trick Room
    Trick Room 3 months ago

    Who saw that cross promo at 19 seconds

  • Lionman 11011
    Lionman 11011 3 months ago

    $200?! aww.... c a n i t b e f r e e s o m e t i m e s ?

  • Jacob conard
    Jacob conard 3 months ago

    Vat 19 is the best!!!

  • Tibe That Guy
    Tibe That Guy 3 months ago

    *Tomodachi Life VR Drumming intensifies*

  • GXeast
    GXeast 3 months ago

    Endin music was lit👌💯💯💯

  • irie sky
    irie sky 3 months ago

    Up Next: How to See Without Eyes

  • Johnny Perez
    Johnny Perez 3 months ago

    These are expensive they cost $200

  • Heidi Jensen
    Heidi Jensen 3 months ago

    What about airo guitar.

  • Simpson vlogs 101
    Simpson vlogs 101 3 months ago

    Ok so fans will say if your a band with this drum they will say / what the F$#& HOW THERE IS DRUM SOUND?!?!

  • d1zzy_75
    d1zzy_75 3 months ago

    0:22 PS3 Motion Camera

  • Conriflexer
    Conriflexer 3 months ago +1

    0:20 cross promo

  • stephen valentino
    stephen valentino 3 months ago

    Now I can break it without breaking it....

  • Peppermint Candy
    Peppermint Candy 4 months ago

    cool ;]

  • Jacob Lauridsen
    Jacob Lauridsen 4 months ago

    Who Saw The Man At The Start Wearing the Hickeis When They Showed The Reflectors.CROSS PROMO!

  • Taren Waddell
    Taren Waddell 4 months ago

    0:00 We just got a letter

  • Trick Room
    Trick Room 4 months ago

    did anyone see that cross promo at 20 seconds

  • PhantomWolf 90
    PhantomWolf 90 4 months ago +6

    Next Video: Use WiFi anywhere for free without an internet box.

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name 4 months ago

    Next up: A Guitar with No Strings
    A Piano Without Keys
    A Lauchpad Without Music
    and finally
    A Flute without Lung requirements

  • {Octavia Randomness}
    {Octavia Randomness} 4 months ago

    *Look ma, no drums*

    MINARI JJANG 4 months ago

    Next episode: taking a bath without using water

  • GøthicJester
    GøthicJester 4 months ago

    Pls tell me u hav the third drumbeat inputted? I wood like to play that 🤘😝🤘

  • Kendal Montgomery
    Kendal Montgomery 4 months ago


  • Paty Sote
    Paty Sote 4 months ago


  • Jake Gaming Studio
    Jake Gaming Studio 4 months ago

    What the first song ?? 0:00

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