• Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • "The first thing United have got to do for the fans, is make the team like them again!" - Gary Neville went head-to-head with our very own Adam Mckola on the Sky Bet, Big Season Debate. Some feistiness and lots of interesting chat from Gary to be heard about signings, Glazers and Woodward! 🔴🗣⚽️
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Comments • 2 039

  • array s
    array s 2 days ago

    Pogba, Martial, AWB, Lingard, Shaw are all injured. I wonder if that rat face neville still thinks we dont need more signings now. 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Reay
    Michael Reay 3 days ago

    Nev talking sense

    • Michael Reay
      Michael Reay 2 days ago

      @array s all I can smell is your breath from all the crap coming out your mouth

    • array s
      array s 2 days ago

      No he isnt. Wake up smell the coffee.

  • Ian Rothera
    Ian Rothera 3 days ago

    Typical fan who experienced success before failure. You’re an embarrassing entitled knob.

  • AndreasNV
    AndreasNV 3 days ago +2

    the only reason he got heated was that he had a bellend interrupting him all the time

  • Reynaldo Villasenor
    Reynaldo Villasenor 3 days ago

    Mckola sounded like a spoiled brat. Bro quit bitching.

    • Reynaldo Villasenor
      Reynaldo Villasenor 2 days ago

      @array s when a team is so dominant, it spoils its fans to the point that end up sounding like whiney little bitches when something goes wrong. Then the opposition fans will soon stereotype the United supporter. Fuck that I'm for United and will always will be. We got the most premier league titles I repeat we are the Grandest.

    • array s
      array s 2 days ago

      Spoiled brat? Lol. Go take a look at our squad.

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 7 days ago

    Lukaku, and fellani were shit mate!! If you think they are a loss!! You shouldn’t be on this video

  • #441
    #441 7 days ago


  • New Thought
    New Thought 7 days ago +1

    'Adam' needs to realise he is what many dislike about Man Utd. Please just shut up mate!.

  • New Thought
    New Thought 7 days ago

    G Nev is spot on. Panicking is for children, Man Utd fans neet to get a fucking grip.

  • Newell Preston
    Newell Preston 8 days ago

    and big rom keeps scoring for inter. idiots

  • Cassius Clay
    Cassius Clay 8 days ago

    G nev is right no need to panick ffs Utd will come back eventually if it takes couple yrs so be it

  • ChrissyShmurda
    ChrissyShmurda 8 days ago

    Champions of Europe 2019

  • Abel Csabai
    Abel Csabai 8 days ago

    Jesus, asks Neville a question and interrupts within 20 seconds already. Total misunderstanding of how a back and forth should work.

  • Ski 86
    Ski 86 9 days ago

    “We” lol this fan ain’t from fucking Manchester with that accent 🤣🤣🤣 “we”. Fucking Mark.

  • Ski 86
    Ski 86 9 days ago

    Utd fans like 😭😭😭. Support your shit team now that’s what being a fans about fucking marks. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Philip Hyde
    Philip Hyde 9 days ago

    Who wants to live in gloomy Manchester when you can live in sunny Turin?

  • Theo Blignaut
    Theo Blignaut 9 days ago

    Oh I am so clever! Gary

  • ad34rt
    ad34rt 10 days ago +1

    Bissaka, Maguire, James are all quality signings which will probably work out (at least 2 i'm sure). It's better to get 2 or 3 right, than 5 expensive signings and only 1 or 0 working out. They fixed what was worst in the club. Next year, add another 3 signings that you've made sure are good and you've got a quality team capable of challenging, and hopefully the manager will have proven himself by then. Gary's right it's not all bad, and it's probably better to go slow, focus on your new signings and keep sifting out the deadwood/work out what's useful. The biggest issue wasn't the glazers, it was the amount of signings that ended up as flops, and the huge deadwood in the squad. I don't think it's a coincidence these new signings all have more experience playing in England, they don't want to take huge risks, just sign people who they are almost 100% sure will do well in England. No wasted signings.

  • Yaser Rahimi
    Yaser Rahimi 10 days ago

    6 times bitches

  • Ian Bentley
    Ian Bentley 10 days ago

    Fuck you neville herarra was the beating heart of that team mate we should never have let him go and never have give sanchez such a stupid fucking deal

  • jes wes
    jes wes 10 days ago

    oh god its good so see scum fans cry...

  • Milton Borrows
    Milton Borrows 10 days ago

    As much as I don't really like Gary Neville from a personality point of view, I do agree with almost everything he says. Man Utd will take a while to get back on top again. It's not going to be this season, and it probably won't be next season either. But with a manager who knows what makes them tick, they'll come good. I'm still not sure about David de Gea. He's let United down when it matters soooo many times. So yeah, he sometimes plays out of his skin. But sometimes isn't enough. When United were 2-1 up against West Ham in 2016, it is my belief that he intentionally gifted those two half chances from 2 of West Ham's defenders in order to make sure he got his own back on Louis van Gaal, who had binned his offer from Real Madrid that year. Ensuring his dismissal for failing to secure a Champions League place a few days later. I don't trust him. Sergio Romero deserves a chance, because this season looks like being a repeat of last season. I did write to Manchester United PLC to warn them against Jose Mourinho, but it fell on deaf eyes.. and blind ears. £450,000,000 later... You should have listened to me. No, this isn't my real name... but I could have saved you half a billion quid. Imagine Gary Neville was yer best man at yer wedding...~~~~~everyone dribbling into their soup with boredom~~~~~ ZZZZzzzzZZZZ ''let me finish...'' ZZZZZzzzzzZZ

  • Jay Funky
    Jay Funky 11 days ago

    Adam Mckola speaks sense and Gary Neville talks stupid. Liverpool have a great chance to win the league over the next couple of years and Man Utd are no where near so for him to say that Utd will win it before Liverpool is silly and so biased and it’s just wishful thinking on his behalf when he says Salah will leave next season. Liverpool are European Champions now them and City are the two best teams in Europe, Salah isn’t gonna make the same mistake Coutinho made

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 11 days ago +1


  • Qahir Makhani
    Qahir Makhani 12 days ago

    Stopped saying yes?? Are you serious?
    You can almost see Woodward pulling Nev's strings

  • Terankar
    Terankar 12 days ago

    It is a great debate and total pro stuff from Gary. However! Carragher is sitting there, with his smuch face, FINALLY experiencing what he enduring for so long.

  • thangstheking
    thangstheking 12 days ago

    Gosh this Adam guy is rude and can’t he let Neville finish his sentence

  • Bhumitra Khadka
    Bhumitra Khadka 13 days ago

    Now I m not liking this guy mycola or something

  • Bhumitra Khadka
    Bhumitra Khadka 13 days ago

    Adam u should learn basic of human being...first learn to listen

  • karan5m
    karan5m 13 days ago

    Typical disrespectful glory hunter.

  • Aniq Ahmad
    Aniq Ahmad 14 days ago

    The owner is the problem if you get rid the leech glazers and their useless yes man in their board maybe we can actually move the club forward

  • Robiulayeshaaakifa Uddin

    Greatest manager ever lol pep is better

  • M WJ82
    M WJ82 14 days ago

    I am starting to like Gary Neville.......I know, Shocking! As much as his Voice annoys me, he knows what he is talking about!
    Fellani, herrera & Lukaku are dead wood. The 3 singings you have made will stand tall by the end of the Season. Especially James, you have a world class prospect there and he's hungry to win! For me let go of Pogba, and then use that money to rebuild!

  • Robert Jacob
    Robert Jacob 14 days ago

    Gary is right! We don't need to win the league what we need to do is stick with the manager and build.... Its called supporting your team

  • Peter Horvath
    Peter Horvath 14 days ago

    Im sorry, but Gary full of shit. He protects that full of crap whats been going on at United in the last few years.

  • Joseph Lalhlimpuia
    Joseph Lalhlimpuia 14 days ago

    Gary you do not get the point or do not want to get point.

  • Ahmad Fuad
    Ahmad Fuad 14 days ago +3

    who is the person who ask the first rude..and he think he knows a lot..

  • ML H
    ML H 14 days ago

    thought I'd stumbled across an alternative Mike Bassett England Manager then..........dont people realise it's not THAT's not terminal cancer, nobody is going to die, nobody has been raped, it's a football team and a game. Some perspective is seriously needed, football is in danger of disappearing up its' own arse.

  • peter fletcher
    peter fletcher 14 days ago

    Does Adam Mckolathink everyone has switched on to listen to him. stfu

  • Tina Owens
    Tina Owens 14 days ago +1

    Neville is obsessed about us . Salah has said over and over he loves Liverpool and the fans but Gary knows better 👍🏻

    • Tina Owens
      Tina Owens 12 days ago

      chavkill1 what about Ronaldo ? United fans still think he on loan 🤣🤣🤣

    • chavkill1
      chavkill1 14 days ago

      Like suarez and coutiniho you mean 😂

  • Tina Owens
    Tina Owens 14 days ago +1

    Good see Gary speaks for Liverpool fans about our players . We love hendo and Milner as players . Btw they are CL winners ! 🙄

    • Collins LFC
      Collins LFC 13 days ago +1

      Not only that, Henderson is the CL winners captain.

  • Hassan Fayad
    Hassan Fayad 14 days ago +12

    there is no way on this earth united is winning the league before liverpool in the next 3-4 years no way

    • Geoffrey Wright
      Geoffrey Wright 10 days ago

      Hassan Fayad it’s okay.... we’ve held that silverware before so we know the feeling. X

  • Ashreddevil88
    Ashreddevil88 14 days ago

    Mckola got owned. you fucking rat. Good job, shut your mouth and listen to someone who understands what he's talking about, unlike you, you TWAT!

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 15 days ago

    This hasn't aged well

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 15 days ago

    It might even happen in 2

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 15 days ago

    Get in there Adam. 😂😂😂 I agree with nev when he says what’s the rush. 3 seasons of this rebuild and hopefully we have an end product

  • Kaine
    Kaine 15 days ago

    Manchitter United

  • Jason Boonyong
    Jason Boonyong 15 days ago

    Man U will win the league before Liverpool hmmm big statement there.. the only way I can see it if they have Ferguson back... he the only reason they win it no he no longer there Man U may as well never win it again for at least 10 ,20 year as long as city have the same owners as well it will be harder than during fergie time

  • James Potter
    James Potter 15 days ago

    Gary's not wrong.

  • Gideon Obeng
    Gideon Obeng 15 days ago

    Both Gary and Carrager were just a little above average. Don't hail them like they were world class players

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 16 days ago

    Well said Gary Neville.

  • Michael
    Michael 16 days ago

    God that idiot who keeps interrupting Gary Neville while ecplaining is a fucktool.

  • Jack Winstanley
    Jack Winstanley 17 days ago

    I agree with them both really. Adams right, United need to act with more ambition and I agree with Gary that galacticos are not the way to go. But United should have done much more in the summer. Nicolas Pepe and Bruno Fernandes would have been ideal signings. The players United should look to are ones that will see United as a challenge, ones that have excelled elsewhere, ones that are looking up at united not down and can provide years of service. People need to come here for the right reasons. For example, Pepe (I know he went to Arsenal, great signing for them) would be leaving behind Lille for United and would see the change as a step up. Whereas Dybala would be leaving a domestically dominant, European contenders Juventus to join United in the Europa League for a pay rise. *Manchester United is not Real Madrid, "Galticos" don't work here!*

    • Priince Brvce
      Priince Brvce 16 days ago

      Galactico *

    • Priince Brvce
      Priince Brvce 16 days ago

      Jack Winstanley You say you don’t want galactico and you want Manchester United to spend intelligently, but you want Manchester United to spend 80 million on Pepe, who’s had only one good season. You’re speaking as if Manchester United will never replace players ever again. Of course they will replace, but in due time. We should be patient as fans. And I’m from London by the way.

    • Jack Winstanley
      Jack Winstanley 16 days ago

      @Priince Brvce Where are you from anyway?

    • Jack Winstanley
      Jack Winstanley 16 days ago

      @Priince Brvce Look mate, stop calling me plastic. I went to Old Trafford for 10 years, I've lived in Manchester and I love the club. You can't say I don't care. Otherwise I wouldn't be here and if I was plastic I'd be a City fan. Now for the last time: I don't want galatico signings, I don't want them to spend stupid money I want them to spend intelligently. I'm very happy with the signings we got but it wasn't enough. We needed a midfielder and a right winger at the very least. By ambition I mean progression - I wanted to see United have a successful summer, I wanted us to sign the players that all knew we needed. If you don't agree with me that's fine - I don't care. But ask yourself *Could United have done more in the summer?* and *Should they have bought a midfielder*

  • Jack Winstanley
    Jack Winstanley 17 days ago +8

    McTominay is nowhere near as good as Herrera Gary. He might give %100 every game but so did Herrera.

  • joo12342 1
    joo12342 1 17 days ago +1

    United will win the league before liverpool? are you joking Gary? deluded.

    • seth1455
      seth1455 15 days ago

      I think what he's saying is, this is Liverpool's time, but City will get in the way. When the cycle comes around that Klopp's and Pep's reign end United will be on the rise again.
      I hope he's wrong

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 17 days ago

    Gary Neville pissing on Liverpool’s owners is BS ! Liverpool has a structure and they have players for the future and Man Utd don’t.

    • Priince Brvce
      Priince Brvce 16 days ago

      Stop. Just stop. Liverpool’s owners are worse than ours. The only difference is that it’s working out for them. Liverpool fans don’t talk about the incompetence of their owners anymore but they’re winning. It’s the same with us. When we were winning trophies, people seemingly forgot about their hatred for the Glazers and Woodward.

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott 17 days ago

    Gary ,Henderson and milner have been brilliant for Liverpool so I think your chatting bubbles lad lost the plot now bury have gone as well United them days are over of course the fans are panicking Gary you've lost it big time ynwa6 super cup

    • Priince Brvce
      Priince Brvce 16 days ago

      Stop lying, Liverpool fans despise Henderson. When Liverpool lose a game, they instantly make Henderson the scapegoat.

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott 17 days ago

    I thought man United might off been a better team this season I don't think ole will be in charge this year get rid of Pogba lukaku was to bulky for the premier

  • peter warren
    peter warren 18 days ago

    Gary your a twat

  • peter warren
    peter warren 18 days ago

    Man utd irrelevant