Out of Many, One | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • True to its founding identity, the United States is still a nation of immigrants. Through the lens of five immigrants who are on their journey to U.S. citizenship, this film depicts some of the many threads that continue to weave the tapestry that is America. It is a reminder of its national motto, “E Pluribus Unum”, Out of Many, One.
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    Out of Many, One | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 175

  • Mary Mullane
    Mary Mullane Day ago

    These immigrants know more about American history, the Declatation of Independence & the US Constition than any in the current administration, including (especially) Trump.

  • Emerson Sanders
    Emerson Sanders 2 months ago +1

    I am excited to get my US Visa too!!! I can't wait to live in a First world country, the best country United States of America 🇺🇸 . Getting the best life I deserve

  • Quincy Raven
    Quincy Raven 6 months ago +5

    When will people realize illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants. If you care about immigrants you have to chose to favor illegal or legal ones. Democrats favor illegal immigrants because they are easier to oppress and manipulate into voting democrat. Simple as that.

    • Mary Mullane
      Mary Mullane Day ago

      So....your ancestors received special invitation from the Native Americans to land on their shore, steal their land, commit their genocide?????

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 6 months ago

    If this is what they are brainwashing applicants to think about America, I could see 3 out of 5 Citizens opting out,
    only to find out what racism, bigotry & socialism Really looks like.

  • stormsabre22
    stormsabre22 6 months ago +2

    Build the wall !

  • Backpacker Mike
    Backpacker Mike 6 months ago

    Such an awesome doc! Touching for sure!

  • Andrew Dow
    Andrew Dow 7 months ago +2


  • Isaac Conejo
    Isaac Conejo 7 months ago

    OMG I was the 3rd born American Citizen. And from the min the Justice spoke I cried throughout. Because this is as Hooked on Phonics as you can get to understand what it is To have a human story. Yet so many born Americans don't understand..

    • T BEEM
      T BEEM 7 months ago

      A human story should not be titled with a lie. Our national motto is not "Out of Many One (e pluribus unum)'. It IS 'In God We Trust".

  • R C
    R C 7 months ago

    I have watch this.

  • Thalia Baptiste-Alexander

    Don't let politics be bigger than God. Where is the love?Don't let them divide you. Get back to basics, plant your own food, help each other the best you can, petition for aid to the ppl who are in those countries trying to come over etc. God is love. The UN is supposed to exist to help countries, there is a body created and what are they doing about supporting these countries?Where is the funding being spent? Depending on one state for everything will make everything desolate. Start getting right with God. Leaders (each nation) need to be guided on how best to assist and develop their own country. Bouncing off ideas with other leaders is one thing but selling out to one rule will never be good. Humans are too many times swayed to corruption. Only God can handle power and still have a heart!

    • T BEEM
      T BEEM 7 months ago

      Speaking of God, our official national motto is "In God We Trust", NOT E Pluribus Unum.

  • Thalia Baptiste-Alexander
    Thalia Baptiste-Alexander 7 months ago +2

    I love all people.... but this (I could be wrong) seems to reek of New World Order system being formed. We do not need a one world government unless governed by Jesus from on high (new earth/Jerusalem build from God Himself as written, not current Jerusalem), no antichrist system. No fake love and peace with hiddem agenda governed by the elite. People wake up and get right with Jesus, He loves you, is very alive (as many still experience), we are in the last days, and He is coming very soon. Repent daily and often, follow His teaching, read the Word yourself especially the New Testament and baptize for the Holy Spirit/Spirit of God who will guide you. Its about relationship with God through Jesus whose blood covers your sins if you will ask. Live in His love. His commands love God with all your heart, strength, mind, and soul and love your neighbour AS yourself. Very simple. Forgive everyone, keep no grudges. God loves you, time to wake up!

  • Collectorofminiatures Kazzz

    Jamaican motto🥰

    • T BEEM
      T BEEM 7 months ago

      You are correct!! It is not OUR national motto. Our national motto is "In God We Trust."

  • Chris Beal
    Chris Beal 7 months ago

    Love this Documentary Short! This should be on TV and in the news, not Trump!

  • Solomon Chan
    Solomon Chan 7 months ago +1

    Such a great film

  • Allie lopez
    Allie lopez 7 months ago +1

    I’m believe that yes we can migrate to other countries but why have the same right as the ones born there if we are or where from a different country. I think this is what immigrants are really fighting for, but if your born in la la land than try to make the best of la la land you know what I mean?

  • T BEEM
    T BEEM 8 months ago +1

    OMG!! What a lie!! Our national motto is "In God We Trust". Plus, even if it was 'Out of Many, One" (WHICH IT IS NOT), that statement is not about immigrants. It means out of many states, one nation. Please educate yourselves to find the real truth and question this type of propaganda.

  • A.O
    A.O 8 months ago +1

    Netflix where's my Cuban people at ?
    Jokes aside I'll definitely watch this

  • Gio Lue
    Gio Lue 8 months ago +2


    • blue heaven
      blue heaven 8 months ago

      It was always okay to be white, but was it always ok to be colored? No and it's still not

  • Gio Lue
    Gio Lue 8 months ago +1


  • Gio Lue
    Gio Lue 8 months ago +2


  • Amber Turner
    Amber Turner 8 months ago +2

    No stop spreading theses lies. This country belong to the natives and was built by my ancestors that was stolen from Africa during slavery. Yes we have immigrants here in the US but this country was not built by no immigrants.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 8 months ago +24

    Lmaooo at these nativist American racists up in arms. Your country was built on stolen land using stolen people, but no go off about why this is “your” country 🙄

    • Alec Schambach
      Alec Schambach 6 months ago

      You realize pretty much the whole continent is "stolen land" by that logic, right???

    • Nick C
      Nick C 8 months ago

      Gio Lue who

    • Gio Lue
      Gio Lue 8 months ago +1

      Nick C I’m Native American they couldn’t hold down shit

  • Chris Logan
    Chris Logan 8 months ago

    Netflix, you better come out with daredevil season 4!!

  • SilentPhil
    SilentPhil 8 months ago +15

    It's mind boggling how a country, founded and built by immigrants from all over the world (mainly european), can still be nowadays populated by so many racists and xenophobes

    • Gio Lue
      Gio Lue 8 months ago +1

      Ya except Europeans are the best

  • Concerned Gamer
    Concerned Gamer 8 months ago +1

    Disney’s taking ALL their stuff off your shitty streaming propaganda service!!! Can’t wait.

  • Idee Vee
    Idee Vee 8 months ago +2

    I don't live in America, but I know how you guys feel to have to put up with this bullshit!!! I mean the immigrant thing

  • godfatherNYC
    godfatherNYC 8 months ago +5

    Welcome, immigrants. True Americans know that _you_ make our country even greater.

    • Pillar and ground
      Pillar and ground 3 months ago

      godfatherNYC no,we don’t know that. Hopefully they all quickly learn English, assimilate, and by a lot of guns and become Christians

    • Steve Lee
      Steve Lee 8 months ago +3

      godfatherNYC *legal immigrants

  • deagleninja
    deagleninja 8 months ago +2

    0:30 she came here fleeing from Venezuela....but she's waving that flag, not a US one.
    someone's full of shit

    • Idee Vee
      Idee Vee 8 months ago

      yeah, they do, this is clearly PC, my god

  • New User
    New User 8 months ago +1

    Trump disliked this video

  • Michael Carr
    Michael Carr 8 months ago +11

    She came here to the United States in 2012 and is glad to be here, and yet she walks around waving the Venezuelan flag. WTF

    • Michael Carr
      Michael Carr 7 months ago

      @Eleanor McKelvaine I bet your family wasn't waving the Scottish flag when they immigrated to this country. And what I said wasn't hateful, it is the truth.

    • Eleanor McKelvaine
      Eleanor McKelvaine 7 months ago +2

      My family came from Scotland in the early 1700’s, I wave a Scottish flag sometimes, doesn’t mean I don’t love the US! Ease up on the hate.❤️

    • Nick C
      Nick C 8 months ago +2

      Michael Carr 👏👏👏👏👏

    • Michael Carr
      Michael Carr 8 months ago

      @Nick C LOL Sounds to me like you graduated from the school of retardation.

    • Nick C
      Nick C 8 months ago +3

      Michael Carr oof, wrong again friend. It follows the grammatical conventions of AAVE; specifically, using an infinitive copulative to express habitual action

  • RonVandeil
    RonVandeil 8 months ago +1


  • FaDeNitroz
    FaDeNitroz 8 months ago +8

    No European immigrants?

    • Pillar and ground
      Pillar and ground 3 months ago


    • PatrickMCcolley
      PatrickMCcolley 6 months ago +1

      They caught the earlier boat. When entry was free. These folks have to pay.

    • Pattarapol P
      Pattarapol P 7 months ago +3

      The teacher in the show was dutch.

    • New User
      New User 8 months ago


  • Ordinaryguy82
    Ordinaryguy82 8 months ago +2

    This is the soul of America. Thank you Netflix.

  • Faylum1
    Faylum1 8 months ago +2

    Your audience is predominantly white and yet you keep making these race baiting shows that fuck all people care about. Hows about investing in a tv series that was done like the film Outlaw King? Or a fantasy type with no political or sjw agenda. I don't care who acts in it so long as its got a good plot and no current day bullshit. I just want a medieval historical epic. None of this constantly repeated wank. With the same dead cliche topics and agenda. People don't fucking care anymore. You're losing you subscription base to this leftwing garbage.

  • Nathan Rothschild
    Nathan Rothschild 8 months ago +1

    Murica! On the verge of collapse, God willing

  • Jay Hines
    Jay Hines 8 months ago

    Will this be on kids

  • Uhohhotdog Gaming
    Uhohhotdog Gaming 8 months ago +18

    I wish TheXvid had a love button

    • Magnum Jesus
      Magnum Jesus 8 months ago

      It’s called a “clitoris.” 😉

  • lovelydovely
    lovelydovely 8 months ago +60

    White people really invaded a country, killed its citizens and then have the nerve to tell other people they can’t come here 😂

    • T BEEM
      T BEEM 3 months ago

      So now what are you going to do?? Live in the past or get on with it?

    • Magistar
      Magistar 7 months ago


    • Xaomi Oppo
      Xaomi Oppo 7 months ago

      it wasn't a country back then. the truth is whites hard work and ingenuity built the u.s.a (well most of it) into what it is today.. whether some people want to accept the truth or not

    • Stephen Ochieng
      Stephen Ochieng 7 months ago

      @Gio Lue read 'bury my heart at wounded knee' . It's very detailed and insightful. God bless

    • Stephen Ochieng
      Stephen Ochieng 7 months ago

      @The Last Danite read ' bury my heart at wounded knee' . I think it's very detailed and insightful

  • lovelydovely
    lovelydovely 8 months ago +16

    Fun fact immigrants paid 22 billion in taxes and gained nothing.

    • Xaomi Oppo
      Xaomi Oppo 7 months ago

      immigrants cost u.s taxpayers over 128billion dollars in welfare, grants, benefits and unremitted taxes each year. that is enough to pay for 20 walls on the southern border

    • deagleninja
      deagleninja 8 months ago +5

      fun fact, you're a fucking liar

    • ricky
      ricky 8 months ago +6

      fun fact they got to live in the US. if they had stayed home they would have payed nothing.

  • Michael
    Michael 8 months ago +2

    Less of a country more of a supermarket.

  • IanGeeee
    IanGeeee 8 months ago

    Oscar bait galore. Might be good still.

  • nathan alvarado
    nathan alvarado 8 months ago +3

    Screw illegal immigrants

  • Charles Eye
    Charles Eye 8 months ago +23

    Bless all those who love this Country enough to respect our laws and come here legally. I'm proud to call you my fellow Americans.

  • TheNamesMandi
    TheNamesMandi 8 months ago +1

    The truth is, most immigrants come legally and do what is necessary and lawful to gain citizenship or residency.
    Only about 5% of the US population is made up of ILLEGAL immigrants. Within that 5%, approx. 40% of them come via airplane.
    To add, in my opinion, this constant focus on illegal immigrants in the USA is really just a way to distract Americans from the what’s really destroying the country, the capitalism that is controlling our government, labour market and health care.

    • Ben Twilleager
      Ben Twilleager 3 months ago +1

      TheNamesMandi there are more illegal aliens in the country than citizens in other countries. 5% is too many. And a wall would save us money and legitimize legal immigration.

    • deagleninja
      deagleninja 8 months ago +2

      Capitalism BUILT this country you idiot
      what's killing it is all the bums that have their hands out for free shit

  • SaRaDa AS
    SaRaDa AS 8 months ago +2

    Nice Netflix

  • baberuthistheman
    baberuthistheman 8 months ago +14

    Build the Wall.

  • Hadrian Augustus
    Hadrian Augustus 8 months ago +31

    As much as I support the plight of migrants and immigrants in America, you could be more subtle with the propaganda films Netflix.

    • Hadrian Augustus
      Hadrian Augustus 8 months ago

      @Rachel Serkin Yeah...total propaganda.

    • Rachel Serkin
      Rachel Serkin 8 months ago +2

      This is not propaganda. For the past two years the New York Historical Society has been running a program called the Citizenship Project. The project is helping immigrants prepare for the citizenship exam by using the museum's collection. It is a poignant and moving way for these new citizens to understand and connect with their new country's history.

    • Horizon
      Horizon 8 months ago

      This is a divided time. They just tryna link everyone up lol

    • TheAwkwardMaître D'.
      TheAwkwardMaître D'. 8 months ago +7

      This is from your Country’s own Constitution you pleb. how is it propaganda when it’s from your own forefathers.

    • Concerned Gamer
      Concerned Gamer 8 months ago

      Why should he?

  • Wil Morales
    Wil Morales 8 months ago +5


  • Nadrzędny Porządek.
    Nadrzędny Porządek. 8 months ago +25

    Thank you Netflix. I will definitely will be watching.

    OG-SPANKYOURFACE -1776 8 months ago +27

    And I fully support people coming to our country but coming to our country legally not in a giant army trying to Stronger Arm there way through our borders that I cannot accept they are criminals, and knowing people that have paid and done the right steps to come into this country is a disgrace to them and a slap to their face!!!!

    • Ritapita73
      Ritapita73 6 months ago

      Just out of curiosity, are you indigenous American? If not, then you're an immigrant, and most likely, somewhere along the line, someone in your family came here without paperwork. It's a statistical likelihood.

    OG-SPANKYOURFACE -1776 8 months ago +3

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a dirtbag I can't wait till Donald Trump replaces her with the new Supreme Court Justice that actually cares about our country!!! Netflix has just become a tool of liberal propaganda and hatred towards our country, the Democratic party or some of the biggest criminals in Washington today and hopefully in Trump's 2020 WIN he can finally drain this disgusting swamp of lunatic insane liberals

    • Eleanor McKelvaine
      Eleanor McKelvaine 7 months ago

      Paranoid much? I don’t believe in the great trumpkin Charlie Brown! 🤡

  • MajorKerina
    MajorKerina 8 months ago +76

    LEGAL immigration.

    • Super Rabbit
      Super Rabbit 6 months ago

      I'm so fucking sick of this term, is so disingenuous, is like saying to a black person "You're one of the good kind"

    • The Last Danite
      The Last Danite 8 months ago

      @Two-Face Why?

    • Two-Face
      Two-Face 8 months ago

      CaptainRidley it shouldn’t be that easy...at least a year

    • The Last Danite
      The Last Danite 8 months ago

      @Two-Face Should take ten minutes.

    • Two-Face
      Two-Face 8 months ago

      Rhyan Bullard and only takes like 10+ years

  • bm2g
    bm2g 8 months ago +3

    is this a fucking joke?

  • The Last Danite
    The Last Danite 8 months ago +9

    There is literally nothing wrong with illegal immigration

    • Magistar
      Magistar 7 months ago


    • The Last Danite
      The Last Danite 7 months ago

      @Faylum1 Only said in the absence of an actual argument.

    • Faylum1
      Faylum1 7 months ago

      @The Last Danite cuckoldry

    • The Last Danite
      The Last Danite 8 months ago

      @Steve Lee Do a simple background and security check. That was America's immigration policy for most of our history.

    • The Last Danite
      The Last Danite 8 months ago

      @Rhyan Bullard Allow me to repeat myself: If your problem is they are illegal we should make it easier to legally immigrant. Problem solved.

  • I'm Getting The Surgery
    I'm Getting The Surgery 8 months ago +26

    Paid by Democrats for 2020. You do realize it's all about power? Democrats will give 3 million citizenship to 3 million illegals not legal, refugees or economic migrants. but to illegals so that they can vote democrats for the rest of their fake lives. Don't think for a second that Democrats care about you. At least conservatives encourages you to go a border checkpoint like a normal human being.
    Coming here illegally is a slap to the face to those who waited 10+ years to get a citizenship.

    • Rhyan Bullard
      Rhyan Bullard 8 months ago +1

      @Darkspoon1506 no they do not have a legal right to cross that border without going through the proper channels. Millions of people come to this country by first getting a work visa, then save money, then become a U.S. citizen. What they do not do is lie about their legal status, drag their supposed children thousands of miles, and demand that a country should accommodate them. American citizens who immigrate to foreign lands learn the language, adapt to the local culture and contribute to the new land, why shouldn't these same people do the same? You wouldn't let a stranger into your house without doing a background check at the very least, so why should we as a citizens allow these invaders into our home country simply because of a sob story?

    • Darkspoon1506
      Darkspoon1506 8 months ago +1

      Rhyan Bullard The point is that Republicans use illegal immigrants as a scapegoat. The migrant caravan “invasion” consisting of unarmed families, is hundreds of kilometres away. They have a legal right to seek asylum. Yet somehow, that warrants troops being sent to the US-Mexico border. The only reason that caravan turned into such a huge thing was the mid term elections. People don’t seem to care about facts when it comes to immigration.

    • Rhyan Bullard
      Rhyan Bullard 8 months ago +1

      @lovelydovely no, Republicans want immigrants that will actually contribute to this land, not come here illegally and continue illegal activities such as drug dealing, gang violence, and racketeering. Democrats have done the same bull since the 1800s, trick illiterate immigrants to vote for them and to stay in power. Giving citizenship to millions of illegals who have no love for this country just so they can vote for the same policies that destroyed their homelands is what Democrats want.

    • Blake Prescott
      Blake Prescott 8 months ago

      @I'm Getting The Surgery Please tell me how caring for my fellow human beings makes me a sheep.

    • I'm Getting The Surgery
      I'm Getting The Surgery 8 months ago +1

      @Blake Prescott I meant politicians not its sheeps.

  • Mustafa sultane
    Mustafa sultane 8 months ago +1

    Omg😱😱6 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna have 6million but I never gonna get 😕😔