David & Nicole Binion - Hope Awakes (feat. Steffany Gretzinger) [Official Live Video]

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • David & Nicole Binion Feat. Steffany Gretzinger
    Song: Hope Awakes
    Album: Dwell Christmas
    CCLI# 7136250
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    Hope awakes in Bethlehem
    In humble stead a baby lays
    The stars declare that He is come
    A virgin holds God’s only Son

    Shepherds stare and wise men bow
    Angels sing with songs of joy
    A light is blazing in the night
    The glory of the promised Christ

    Hope awakes, hope awakes
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem
    Heaven smiles on His face
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem

    Hope awakes in Bethlehem
    Can you hear the wondrous sound?
    The silence breaks, creation sighs
    Come and see the Word alive

    Infant eyes of majesty
    Tiny hands that hold the world
    Swaddling clothes could never hide
    The Saviour born for all mankind

    Hope awakes, hope awakes
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem
    Heaven smiles on His face
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem

    Lift your eyes, offer praise
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem
    Heaven smiles on His face
    Hope awakes in Bethlehem

    Turn your eyes to David’s town
    Will you bring your King a gift?
    Come and worship and adore
    Age to age, forevermore

    Come and adore
    Come and adore
    Worship forever

    Written by: David Binion & Mitch Wong
    © 2019 Integrity Worship Music/David Binion Music/ASCAP, Integrity's Praise! Music/BMI (adm worldwide at CapitolCMGPublishing.com, excluding the UK & Europe which is adm by Integrity Music).
    CCLI# 7136250
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Comments • 109

  • Nandi 07
    Nandi 07 25 days ago

    It has become all time favourite song on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

  • dragon in winter
    dragon in winter 26 days ago


  • SMoovem80
    SMoovem80 29 days ago +3

    I was one of the cellists in this video, absolutely beautiful finished song!

  • S Lull
    S Lull 29 days ago

    So beautiful

  • Selma N
    Selma N Month ago +1

    Wow wow. Powerful lyrics. Merry Christmas 🎁 every one. Our Lord is born.

  • Diane Moody
    Diane Moody Month ago

    This is my first time hearing this my goodness it is so absolutely beautiful.

  • Laone Motseonageng
    Laone Motseonageng Month ago

    So peaceful 💕🙌

  • Cassie Beryl
    Cassie Beryl Month ago +1

    I am going to sing this song at my church on the 22nd...Please pray that I sing for God's glory alone...Its the only gift I have for Jesus our Lord and Savior this Christmas

  • Lynette Streak
    Lynette Streak Month ago


  • April
    April Month ago +3

    I was blessed by this song by a friend today. It's timing was perfect. I shared in my reply that two radio hosts spoke of Christmas as a sad time of year for some and asked how do we share the joy of Christmas with them? Here is the rest of my reply:
    "There were many suggestions given on the air, but none were quiet or contemplative, much like I believe was the case on that one Holy Night after Jesus was born. Tired, worn, perhaps cold and uncomfortable, Mary and Joseph may have had heavy hearts themselves given the immense responsibility to care for the Messiah whom generations had waited to receive. Yet, they praised Him in the midst of the exhaustion; and that was sufficient for our mighty God.

    The lyrics are clear and melody so simple; the song quiet enough to cut through the noise of sorrow. The lyricist simply instructs, “Lift your eyes, offer praise.” It doesn’t say to be happy as the world insists. No, it simply says to lift your eyes and offer praise.
    And that is sufficient for our mighty God this Christmas and every day. Thank you David, Nicole, and Steffany for sharing your gift and awakening hope in hearts who need it most.
    Bless and be blessed...

  • Diana S.
    Diana S. Month ago

    So happy to hear Nicole Binion again...it was very beautiful and a great match with Stephany Grezinger. Hope to hear more from Convenant Worship, along with Nicole & David Binion in 2020. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with God's abundant blessings for the new year!

  • oohellosaweenaoo
    oohellosaweenaoo Month ago

    ❤️🙏🙌🏻 so beautiful!

  • rooftopworship
    rooftopworship Month ago +2

    Singing this song over precious Olive. Oh LIVE little one!!

  • rooftopworship
    rooftopworship Month ago +1

    My fav artists doing a song together!! What a blessing!!!

  • Keesha Lenard
    Keesha Lenard Month ago


  • Esther Riungu
    Esther Riungu Month ago +2

    Beautiful voice, powerful words from the most beautiful life story😘
    So touching

  • Daniela Solis
    Daniela Solis Month ago +10

    Man do I miss seeing more of Steffany's worship. Reminds me just how gifted she is.

  • Andie L.L.
    Andie L.L. Month ago


  • Shannon Page
    Shannon Page Month ago

    Oh what a wonderful world it will be

  • Raine Ann
    Raine Ann Month ago

    heart and soul touching...beautiful! ♥️

  • warrior1975ify
    warrior1975ify Month ago

    This is beautiful !!!

  • Confession time with leah

    So stunning

  • Terry Riggleman
    Terry Riggleman Month ago

    Just beautiful!

  • Juliana de Oliveira
    Juliana de Oliveira Month ago +5

    So beautiful Jesus hope of all nations ..amazing 💖

  • veon nkonjera
    veon nkonjera Month ago


  • Enoch Omaset
    Enoch Omaset Month ago +1

    Beautiful song

  • varani 757
    varani 757 Month ago +6

    THE LYRICS😨😨😮😮😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sophi Nkutha
    Sophi Nkutha Month ago

    Steffany Gretzinger 🖤

  • Ginny Day
    Ginny Day Month ago +4

    What a beautiful song perfect for this time may the world receive this in there hearts 🙌🙏🏻❤️

  • jessie gonzalez
    jessie gonzalez Month ago +3

    His name is Jesus and only Jesus the one true Jesus our hope for salvation their's no other way....
    John 14:6. . .🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌☝️📖

    • jessie gonzalez
      jessie gonzalez Month ago

      HALLELUJAH ? Christ is born for all humanity to know Him personally as your savior Lord God Father helper and friend forever..📖

  • kosmici87
    kosmici87 Month ago +3

    Wow ,Im so glad I clicked . This was so beautiful and heart felt .

    PLBC TV Month ago

    Check this out too:

  • Kaitlyn Pena
    Kaitlyn Pena Month ago


  • Maryjoy Galicia
    Maryjoy Galicia Month ago +2

    I so love it. This is the real reason for this season.

  • Alejandra María Mora
    Alejandra María Mora Month ago +1

    Lovely song💖

  • Ophira-Tikvah
    Ophira-Tikvah Month ago +5

    The harmony they have 😍😍😍 So beautiful.....🙌🏻

  • Jacs Spoor
    Jacs Spoor Month ago +3

    Tiny hands hold the world..... Deep.. loving the song

  • Frantzy Charles
    Frantzy Charles Month ago +6

    I love the presence of God on this song. I feel it when listening.

  • T Lo
    T Lo Month ago +1

    Beautiful, Thank You Father, amazingly wonderfully orchestrated symphony of worshipful praise!!! Lovely ladies leading worship from the heart, AMEN!

  • Tann Smith
    Tann Smith Month ago

    My GOD, YES!!! These tones!! #MaskMunkeys loves this!:)

  • Gladys Karuaera
    Gladys Karuaera Month ago +33

    We love Christmas ....We love Jesus. . We love Christmas centered around Jesus...

    • tjiuezatheo
      tjiuezatheo 25 days ago

      @Kietha Joseph-Noel I am from Namibia and its currently 40 Degrees Celsius...

    • Kietha Joseph-Noel
      Kietha Joseph-Noel 26 days ago

      Winter Solstice has been celebrated in cultures the world over for thousands of years. This start of the solar year is a celebration of Light and the rebirth of the Sun. In old Europe, it was known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning wheel.
      Today, many people in Western-based cultures refer to this holiday as "Christmas." Yet a look into its origins of Christmas reveals its Pagan roots. Emperor Aurelian established December 25 as the birthday of the "Invincible Sun" in the third century as part of the Roman Winter Solstice celebrations. Shortly thereafter, in 273, the Christian church selected this day to represent the birthday of Jesus, and by 336, this Roman solar feast day was Christianized. January 6, celebrated as Epiphany in Christendom and linked with the visit of the Magi, was originally an Egyptian date for the Winter Solstice.
      Additional resources
      Most of the customs, lore, symbols, and rituals associated with "Christmas" actually are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures. While Christian mythology is interwoven with contemporary observances of this holiday time, its Pagan nature is still strong and apparent. Pagans today can readily re-Paganize Christmastime and the secular New Year by giving a Pagan spiritual focus to existing holiday customs and by creating new traditions that draw on ancient ways. Here are some ways to do this:
      Exert from: Celebrating Winter Solstice by Selena Fox... This is what you love

  • Beatrice Kpaku
    Beatrice Kpaku Month ago +3

    Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍🙌😭🙏

  • Keith Vier
    Keith Vier Month ago +22

    I'm already crying and the entire video hasn't played yet.

  • clarkotube
    clarkotube Month ago +1


  • Olubodun Jeremiah
    Olubodun Jeremiah Month ago +45

    TheXvid wont stop recommending me videos with Steffany. It sure knows how much I love her. This song is perfect for Christmas.

  • Kiell Dinklage
    Kiell Dinklage Month ago +1


  • RaQuira Welch
    RaQuira Welch Month ago +3

    Such a beautiful song. ❤️❤️

  • Damaris OG
    Damaris OG Month ago +4

    Amazing! Amazing! Beautiful lyrics. Spirit breathed!❤❤❤

  • Mike Reylow
    Mike Reylow Month ago +7

    Steff ❤❤❤

  • David Danso Mainoo
    David Danso Mainoo Month ago +2


  • Oluwatosin Isikalu
    Oluwatosin Isikalu Month ago +1


  • Allison Rodgers
    Allison Rodgers Month ago +8

    The glory of the promised Christ. Thank you Lord for a new Christmas song this year. All praises and glory and honor to you our King!

  • Colleen Roberts Solomon

    Beautiful! #HopeAwakes

  • Maria Sekaja
    Maria Sekaja Month ago +4

    So gloriously beautiful!!!

  • Cleopatra Mokokoane
    Cleopatra Mokokoane Month ago +1


  • Nwakaego Nzeteh
    Nwakaego Nzeteh Month ago


  • anita banitah116
    anita banitah116 Month ago +4

    love looove looooove hope awakes in my room ❤

  • Rucy Sahlie
    Rucy Sahlie Month ago +3

    Absolutely beautiful ♥️ Jesus our great Hope!

  • Joseph Valdez
    Joseph Valdez Month ago +3

    Drop Dead Beautiful!!!

  • Vekho Nienu
    Vekho Nienu Month ago +2

    •Worship Forever• 🙌