• Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • 1 Million Subs!! We got a car for free that had no life and gave it the ultimate send off. Appreciate all the support and love from you legends! #44Club
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Comments • 10 803

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Year ago +5601

    I say 658 trick shots and my favourite one is the 8 wood bounces and getting bull's eye because it is really hard #44club you are LEGENDS

    • Liz Rea
      Liz Rea 13 days ago

      Blueberry good job on getting pinned mate

    • Ali Tourkaman
      Ali Tourkaman 26 days ago


    • Kyle CHOI [6H]
      Kyle CHOI [6H] Month ago

      wUt hOw u Do tHaT

    • Darth Default
      Darth Default 2 months ago

      @Thomas Hicks "Favorite" is the American spelling, "Favourite" is the spelling of almost every other English-speaking (British) country. Have to take that into account before correcting someone. :P

    • Dallas's Vlogs
      Dallas's Vlogs 2 months ago

      Piss off

  • TJ Schramm
    TJ Schramm 21 hour ago

    Love the Watermelon "breaking sound barrier" at 8:23 where it goes through the other watermelon juices in the air.

  • Melanie Guevara
    Melanie Guevara 2 days ago

    12:18 that spray can is flying

  • HHR Wheels
    HHR Wheels 5 days ago

    I like what you did to the car like your video's every video you pot i will thums up all over video's.

  • FeliPro 524
    FeliPro 524 5 days ago


  • Thomas Teichman
    Thomas Teichman 5 days ago

    Your the best

  • David Greenawalt
    David Greenawalt 5 days ago

    I have watched this so many times.

  • Lethalbacon 3306
    Lethalbacon 3306 5 days ago

    how did they clean this car up? or did they just tow it away?

  • Baconess The Fluffy
    Baconess The Fluffy 5 days ago

    Views in 2019?

  • Baconess The Fluffy
    Baconess The Fluffy 5 days ago

    That ice would have gone right through the engine!!! To badly damaged to check. LOL!!!!

  • Finn Veselsky
    Finn Veselsky 8 days ago

    I got u your 159.900 likeshout me out plzz

  • rubbermaidable
    rubbermaidable 8 days ago

    Pretty sure that's a Mitsubishi Gallant, boys, at least in America it is. 👍 You guys are awesome.

    JAMES RESTER 9 days ago

    the Australian dude perfect

  • Creativeaccount0
    Creativeaccount0 10 days ago

    The Demolitia is here!!!

  • Vegeta3197 sayin prince

    3:35 is music to everyone's ears and same with 10:22 and 5:02

  • Vegeta3197 sayin prince

    It's a fuking 4 cylinder

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook 12 days ago

    Y'all should do a giant french fry maker and dump a ton of potatoes off

  • Lachlan Wilson
    Lachlan Wilson 12 days ago

    All the darts hitting was soo satisfying

  • Zac Oros
    Zac Oros 12 days ago

    95% of dislikes are from convicted burglars and k2 salesmen

  • Byron henderson
    Byron henderson 12 days ago

    At 10:23 there a pretty go beat

  • zaine coughlan
    zaine coughlan 12 days ago

    The wertermelo opened the door

  • Pa LOW
    Pa LOW 13 days ago


  • Miles Welch
    Miles Welch 14 days ago

    The slow motion watermelons is amazing

  • Off-road Rampage
    Off-road Rampage 14 days ago

    So glad they did that to the bits are shity.

  • Sebbeninja Hongkong
    Sebbeninja Hongkong 14 days ago

    Best video!😅😅😅

  • Edward White Sox Fan
    Edward White Sox Fan 15 days ago

    The ice block 😩😩😩

  • Prosaime Scuff
    Prosaime Scuff 17 days ago

    Should have put a go pro in the car

  • GamerRob112 Quack
    GamerRob112 Quack 17 days ago

    Who watching this in 2019

  • michael squires
    michael squires 18 days ago +2

    My fav tricks shot are this video and you have done 100 videos so at least 444

  • michael squires
    michael squires 18 days ago +1

    They have 5.2million

  • Seth
    Seth 18 days ago

    For 10million they should drop a Mitsubishi Mirage on a Honda Accord

  • Seth
    Seth 18 days ago

    Good job using a Mitsubishi cuz Mitsubishi is the worst freaking car company that ever lived the only good Mitsubishi is the legendary Mitsubishi 3000GT Trust me I love cars like heck

  • Super Senti
    Super Senti 19 days ago


  • Hurricane 200
    Hurricane 200 19 days ago

    How be the cast on the arm?

  • Dylan Plays games
    Dylan Plays games 19 days ago

    I’m suprised it didn’t blow up

  • Hamza Güngör
    Hamza Güngör 19 days ago +1

    Gerizekalilar karpuz atacaniza fakirlere verin

  • Nicolas Gattorno
    Nicolas Gattorno 21 day ago

    Dive that down town

  • Funny Crew
    Funny Crew 22 days ago +1


  • jaseswinconos
    jaseswinconos 23 days ago

    The anvil in the front seat "mum I'm ready to go" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ayandhe van Os
    Ayandhe van Os 23 days ago


  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 24 days ago

    Did Mitsubishi pay you to destroy that crappy car.

  • Chloe Animals
    Chloe Animals 25 days ago

    At 5:20 I would’ve picked Up a golf ball and thrown it at the glass windscreen and see the satisfaction as it shattered EVERYWHERE

  • Julian Davis-Aquilia
    Julian Davis-Aquilia 25 days ago

    I love how ridiculous

  • Tardyface TM
    Tardyface TM 25 days ago

    I have an idea... Do bulletproof glass vs lots and lots of thing and see how long it will take

  • Trinity55632 AJ
    Trinity55632 AJ 25 days ago

    This video is heartbreaking to me.

  • Huggybear
    Huggybear 25 days ago

    Its simple, it’s an old but a goody, “WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN BOOOOOM”!

    THELEGOKING43 ! 26 days ago

    Well this was made a long time ago

  • LJK 7
    LJK 7 26 days ago

    #1million #44club #giantdart

  • Crazy_gamer 104
    Crazy_gamer 104 28 days ago

    10.53 #RIP ROOF

  • Stormslinger
    Stormslinger Month ago

    Best TheXvidrs what’s your vets

  • Stormslinger
    Stormslinger Month ago


  • Thatone P
    Thatone P Month ago

    Me: I want something to make me look sharp.
    Barber: Say no more

  • Official Everything

    They could GM a watermelon and they could use it as a nuke :)

  • Chris VanDervort
    Chris VanDervort Month ago

    Hi get thia comment to 1k likes if you love How Ridiculous!

  • Craig Formby
    Craig Formby Month ago +2

    I’m that car on Monday morning

  • Spring Bennie
    Spring Bennie Month ago


  • Will In The Woods
    Will In The Woods Month ago

    You should drop the big atlas stone on a car

  • Day Old Doritos
    Day Old Doritos Month ago +1

    A year and and a half later 5,160,662 subs

  • Just Shoot'em
    Just Shoot'em Month ago +3

    Should have looked under the hood after the anvil nailed it

  • Eli Cook
    Eli Cook Month ago


  • alex melissa gabrielle elijah

    2019: 5.1M SUBS

  • Nobot TheRobot
    Nobot TheRobot Month ago

    1000 trick shots

  • Arnulfo Moreno
    Arnulfo Moreno Month ago

    And then Scotty said “ Let there me Viddys” and Viddys where born.

  • Lia Flexx
    Lia Flexx Month ago

    Hi guys, Demolition ranch sent me!

  • Karla Wright
    Karla Wright Month ago

    I say put mannequins in the car and drop stuff on the car

  • ksavi 325
    ksavi 325 Month ago

    Cool nice! BRO 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Shravan Bhardwaj
    Shravan Bhardwaj Month ago

    You guys should try and start up the car now.

  • Shravan Bhardwaj
    Shravan Bhardwaj Month ago

    i would say 1000 because they could has gotten the trick shots accidentally and while they weren't filming

  • Aidan Van Os
    Aidan Van Os Month ago

    13:33 End of Vid

  • Adventure Bros
    Adventure Bros Month ago

    what hapend arm

  • dylan brown
    dylan brown Month ago

    that looks like will pin ya

  • Trax Tax
    Trax Tax Month ago

    Can you German?

  • Wesam Kataieh
    Wesam Kataieh Month ago

    You published this video on my birthday 👍👍👍👍😂😂🤣🤣👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Sam Nevin
    Sam Nevin Month ago

    Have you ever dropped obleck?

  • ellie summerhayes
    ellie summerhayes Month ago

    who else is laying in bed 10 watching HR and saying "alright one last video" then watches like 5 more videos