This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Get into the holiday season and watch Rie help Crystal and Rachel bake cookies for their loved ones.
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    This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty
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Comments • 1 643

  • shaik ansar
    shaik ansar 8 days ago

    Made me cry.

  • ohtrueyeahnah
    ohtrueyeahnah 12 days ago

    This was like an episode of LOST.

  • kyne gee jallan
    kyne gee jallan 13 days ago

    I just cried on a Tasty video and it's not because I was replicating a dish while cutting onions. Damn!!!

  • Aparna Awhad
    Aparna Awhad 20 days ago

    Rie is my favourite person in the tasty.its fun to watch her cooking and making things simple Fancy.

  • Hope Wild
    Hope Wild 22 days ago

    I cried as much as them without even a chance to smell their cookies ! lol Thanks for this delicious moment

  • MyRandomAwesomeness
    MyRandomAwesomeness 23 days ago

    Well thanks, now I'm crying ! 💀💀

  • Moke moke
    Moke moke 24 days ago

    Brooo this made me cryyy omgg

  • Tadashi Daichi
    Tadashi Daichi 27 days ago

    Rie is ❤️

  • Katrina Bucud
    Katrina Bucud Month ago

    im not crying you're crying

  • jhlord 2
    jhlord 2 Month ago

    See Rie should re place gordan ramsy

  • a nice otocie
    a nice otocie Month ago

    This warms my heart❤

  • marie
    marie Month ago +1

    i didn't want to cry tasty omg

  • Princes Samson
    Princes Samson Month ago

    Rie always make me smile. Now she made me cry with this video. 😭

  • Veronica Velez
    Veronica Velez Month ago


  • adam heeley
    adam heeley Month ago

    Make it rain??? haha sooo good, Rie.

  • Hope Johnson
    Hope Johnson Month ago

    *I can't see.*

  • I'mgonnashitinyacheerios

    This video made me tear up a little 😢

  • I'mgonnashitinyacheerios

    I love Rie she's so sweet and lovely and kind

  • vanessa nepia
    vanessa nepia Month ago +2

    Huge hugs to these selfless people who help 2 little girls broken hearts heal and grow into beautiful loving young woman...

  • lindaeri
    lindaeri Month ago

    I think they put onions in the cookies

  • Sophia McCartney
    Sophia McCartney Month ago

    The most emotional I have ever been watching a Tasty video!!!😢😢

  • Nida Meerza
    Nida Meerza Month ago

    Ah man I can't stop crying!!

  • Janine C
    Janine C Month ago +1

    Ninjas chopping onions 😭

    EVELINE MAKI Month ago

    Am I the only one who cried? It's so emocional

  • Stizzieink
    Stizzieink Month ago

    What Rie said was very true. Baking for someone is so sentimental and intentional.. you go shopping, prep, make the cookies or whatever goodies you set out to make all the while thinking of that person. What may seem like a simple treat is totally a token of love and thoughtfulness. I loved this. So beautiful. Totally cried.
    Cheers and kudos to all my fellow bakers who put their heart and soul into their lovely confections just to brighten up someone's day 💕
    I'm gonna shamelessly plug my bakers IG here its @ _periwinkleco .. and if anyone who has a baking page please feel free to reply to my comment with your handle I would love to support you 💕

  • Dariani Burgueno
    Dariani Burgueno Month ago

    This made me cry fr

  • lolo mo
    lolo mo Month ago

    Im a simple man i see rie i click the video immediately

  • ana Hasani
    ana Hasani 2 months ago

    Man i hope that man that adopted the gurl never dies

  • imrc media1
    imrc media1 2 months ago

    Love Love Love Love :)

  • jocelyn reyes
    jocelyn reyes 2 months ago

    Daum hate pms 😭

  • Shannon Marie
    Shannon Marie 2 months ago +1

    Awh shit I cried my eyes out. This is just so god damn beautiful and the humans that made these ladies what/who they are today are absolute hero’s and beyond. ❤️

  • christine runkel
    christine runkel 2 months ago

    Literally stopped the video to go hug and kiss my parents 😭... This is the cutest video ever❤️

  • ♡Laskwatsera♡
    ♡Laskwatsera♡ 2 months ago

    Ohhh Rieee!💕😘😍😍😍 you should make a Calamansi Pie 🥧 😋💖

  • patrick davis
    patrick davis 2 months ago

    anyone get this in their recommendations 6 months later?

    i did

  • Joaash Alcaidde
    Joaash Alcaidde 2 months ago

    Rie, I'm not a Chef but you make me want to work in TASTY. I was a teacher before in Japan in Hiroshima and now I' a teacher in the Philippines now, i was just touch by this video because of how food makes someone really really happy,cause in the school where i am serving pupils there are coming even they are not having breakfast so my heart was pinch when i saw this i feel like oh gosh my pupils need help.

  • Just Tweet
    Just Tweet 2 months ago

    Ahhh! Holding in the tears!!!
    Gosh no! I'm about to cry y'all!

  • Jack Patterson
    Jack Patterson 2 months ago

    The feels 😢

  • Natalie's Channel
    Natalie's Channel 2 months ago

    Awwwww I literally cried!!!💛

  • LatteLeo
    LatteLeo 3 months ago

    Tasty recipe for this vid is: Queen Rie, some baking ingredients and a whole bucket of tears :)

  • TKN26 Xxx
    TKN26 Xxx 3 months ago


  • Mj Tia
    Mj Tia 3 months ago

    i cried ❣️😭

  • Hannah Mae Diaz
    Hannah Mae Diaz 3 months ago

    Rie surely has a golden heart. I looovveee heeeeer 💖

  • Holly Stewart
    Holly Stewart 3 months ago

    I cried so hard

  • Salve Regina Gracia Renacia

    OMG!!!! RIE IS AN ANGEL!!!!

  • LiliaHawthorne
    LiliaHawthorne 3 months ago

    I did NOT sign up for these feelings!

  • BuTt_SmAsHer 0000
    BuTt_SmAsHer 0000 3 months ago

    *I came for the food not to cry dammit*

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar 3 months ago

    It's so much emotional like rollercoaster rides....

  • Chris L
    Chris L 3 months ago

    So touching

  • Aiyana R. T.
    Aiyana R. T. 3 months ago

    Oh shit I’m crying

  • Lenin Karl Cope
    Lenin Karl Cope 3 months ago

    This is so inspirational:'(:'(

  • Hayden Daviau
    Hayden Daviau 3 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting to cry watching a Tasty video but here we are. Oh my WOW! This is so stunningly beautiful ❤️

  • Alex Scholl
    Alex Scholl 3 months ago

    Ok i'm crying

  • Butterflicious 28
    Butterflicious 28 3 months ago

    This must be Rie's doing :')

  • Melanin Johnson
    Melanin Johnson 3 months ago

    Ik there's a reason why I scrolled pass this video so much times without clicking on it. Gosh it made me cry so hard. Omg

  • kenpop dillydoo
    kenpop dillydoo 3 months ago

    Chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips are legit just chocolate cookies

  • Shakila 08
    Shakila 08 3 months ago


  • Riyaan Palik
    Riyaan Palik 3 months ago

    Love rie so much.. I think without her every tasty video is incomplete.. so" this chef " is not this but our's "the rie "

  • Therese Lavisores
    Therese Lavisores 3 months ago

    Crying at 1AM over a cookie videooo 😭😭😭

  • Dylan Bradshaw
    Dylan Bradshaw 3 months ago

    Rie is so wholesome I love her, Keep on rie! We love you. ❣️

  • Ellie Gachas
    Ellie Gachas 3 months ago

    dude I think my brother just became a master chef he’s cutting onions in my room