Jim Harbaugh Interview Gets so Painfully Awkward Colin Cowherd Abruptly Ends It Surprise

  • Published on Jul 2, 2015
  • Horrible Interview of Jim Harbaugh by Colin Cowherd
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  • BenChi
    BenChi 22 days ago

    Man this was... this was just...I mean...man!

  • Ten Second BuickGN
    Ten Second BuickGN 2 months ago +1

    Some people just don't do well when interviewed by a weasel. Having said that, Jim Harbaugh isn't exactly socially gifted. What I find comical is how ESPN constantly pulls down his pants and blows him at the beginning of each season when he has done NOTHING for Michigan. Maybe it's because Harbaugh fits the leftist ESPN narrative by taking his players on trips to South Africa to visit Nelson Mandela's old prison?

    • Devin Mills
      Devin Mills Month ago

      Lol, this comment is so absurd and I'm a Buckeyes fan.

  • Sam Iannarino
    Sam Iannarino 2 months ago


  • 818 BASS
    818 BASS 3 months ago

    jim is a fuckin toad fuck this mofo some beeeech !!!!!

  • 818 BASS
    818 BASS 3 months ago

    fakkiu u coach of the teams

  • Rick S
    Rick S 3 months ago +1

    horrible questions

  • Raymond Rojo
    Raymond Rojo 4 months ago

    About the 4:30minute mark he was rude get a grip trick. Then you hang up the phone rule unethical host

  • Silverobot
    Silverobot 4 months ago

    I agree with Cowherd sadly

  • Isaac Barrow
    Isaac Barrow 4 months ago

    Jim was high lol

  • Clay Page
    Clay Page 5 months ago +1

    I read the comments first and thought they were exaggerating. They weren't. Either Harbaugh was stoned, CTE'd, or there is some history where he didn't like Cowherd and tried to submarine it, thus explaining Cowherd's EXTREMELY abrupt ending.

  • Kevin Koperniak
    Kevin Koperniak 5 months ago +1

    Hey Cowherd, I don't think you said "I love him" enough!

  • Aedan
    Aedan 5 months ago

    I never heard of cow turd until bill burrs interview, but the first min I saw him I got such a sleezy disgusting vibe from him and his tall desk so his guests can't look him in the eye

  • Ethan Boyd
    Ethan Boyd 5 months ago

    that was bad

  • Casey Louis
    Casey Louis 5 months ago

    I can see why Harbaugh hasn't worked out at Michigan.

  • swag 1one
    swag 1one 5 months ago +2

    Jim Harbaug has never been a clever guy. Ever since I listened to him in the NFL when he started coaching the Niners. How does he recruit I college. Colin is absolutely right. It's why he didn't last in San Francisco. The guy doesn't know how to converse. He freezes up all of a sudden doing an interview. This is the guy that buys $10 slacks from Walmart that he wears on the sidelines & he makes all that money. His wife even told him to stop buying the $10 pants from Walmart, lol.

  • BuzzLOLOL
    BuzzLOLOL 6 months ago +2

    Harbaugh shouldn't have smoked that enormous blunt before this interview...
    This show is almost 4 years ago... why is it still popping up... ?

  • 70hoovie
    70hoovie 7 months ago

    I wouldn't let my dog stay at Harbaugh's house.

  • jimmy5634
    jimmy5634 7 months ago

    Harbaugh is a mesmerizing speaker isn't he?. I just couldn't stop listening to his responses especially when he gets pissed which he invariably does.
    The two of these idiots deserve each other. Now that Harbaugh is a failure, Cowturd's cred just dropped to a new low.
    Cowturd actually made the Kool Aid the Michigan faithful is still drinking. Good stuff.

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston 7 months ago +3

    Behold, the manifestation of CTE in the brain of Harbaugh

  • Ned Mar
    Ned Mar 7 months ago +2

    Harbaugh doesn't understand rhetorical questions. DUH !

  • Ten Second BuickGN
    Ten Second BuickGN 7 months ago

    its amazing how many talking heads love this weirdo. 62-39

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago +1

      Ten Second BuickGN
      But wait, there's more...
      Who's got it better than those Michigan Boosters who actually part with their cash for this?

  • Mike Prout
    Mike Prout 8 months ago +1

    Watch him interview jamis Winston. Priceless

    • Kevin Koperniak
      Kevin Koperniak 5 months ago

      I agree. His facial expressions alone were worth watching in that one! Then he asks Winston," you a sex addict!?"

  • Dubble-SS
    Dubble-SS 8 months ago +2

    Harbaugh is like talking to an impostor wearing a Harbaugh mask with his voice. He doesn't know. That's his response to everything. Now i see why he can't beat the buckeyes lol

  • RevanJJ
    RevanJJ 8 months ago +1

    How did Colin get his own show...twice?! He’s an idiot.

  • jOSE Cant SEE
    jOSE Cant SEE 8 months ago +2

    Colin is auditioning to be a CNN reporter. But they are much worse so he failed.

  • wjatube
    wjatube 8 months ago +4

    Was it THIS Jim Harbaugh that 'motivated' his team to give up 62 points on Saturday?

    • Trey Garrow
      Trey Garrow Month ago

      Low blow man

    • BuzzLOLOL
      BuzzLOLOL 6 months ago

      Yep... Harbaugh is always spaced out... coaches the same way... is it low I.Q.?

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago

      Yes and then went out and let Florida score 42 in the bowl game.
      This guy is remarkable, just ask him.

  • Zach
    Zach 8 months ago +1

    Only The UofM would be stupid enough to pay a fraud 7 million dollars for them to lose to Ohio state.

  • Chris Bly
    Chris Bly 8 months ago +1

    So when does he start recruiting??? LOL and quarterback Guru??? LOL LOL they haven't had a quarterback there in 20 years lol

    • Chris Bly
      Chris Bly 7 months ago

      @Tw1 number one ranked defense playing the likes of Rutgers Maryland and Iowa LOL what happened to that number one defense when they played in Columbus? They are not a number one defense they didn't play anybody this year in fact the Big Ten was very weak this year and that's not their fault but that wasn't even close to a number one defense

    • Chris Bly
      Chris Bly 7 months ago

      @Tw1 yes Maryland and Rutgers are a disgrace they brought them in to have to Patsy's to beat up on no doubt about it but Michigan is supposed to be one of the greatest programs of all time yet they are laughing stock

    • Chris Bly
      Chris Bly 7 months ago

      @Tw1 if Harbaugh is such a great coach why can't he win anything? Why can't he recruit even a three-star quarterback? No Michigan is not the number two team pal they got embarrassed in their bowl game I would rank Penn State Michigan state-wisconsin all ahead of Michigan regardless of past years records they are just better programs Michigan is a joke

    • Chris Bly
      Chris Bly 7 months ago

      @Tw1 fun to watch? So you like watching quarterbacks that go 12 out of 32 for 110 yards? LOL

    • Tw1
      Tw1 7 months ago

      @Chris Bly I respect Patterson because I like the way he plays and he's fun to watch, he's not a heisman contending superstar but he just does a lot of things well and has a high football IQ. Harbaugh is an iffy personality obviously, (as demonstrated here) but he has won where ever he goes NFL or CFB so I'm not gonna deny the truth.
      Maryland, Maryland is a disgrace to the conference not Michigan. Didn't they just have the #1 ranked defense for pretty much the whole season?

  • Molon Labe
    Molon Labe 8 months ago +2

    How long does he get to turn it around....5 years, 7 years? Obviously, 4 hasn't been enough.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago

      He gets as long as the boosters keep sending the checks. My best guess is if he loses to Ohio State in 2019, the boosters will lose it.

    • Zach
      Zach 8 months ago

      Molon Labe lmao

  • Drew Williamson
    Drew Williamson 9 months ago +7

    These teams dont need to sell their program on the "herd" dude

  • Nightowl333
    Nightowl333 9 months ago

    I like Colin, and Jim might be a little dull, but either way these questions are terrible lol so I can’t really blame Jim, the most basic generic questions that don’t even really have an answer. Annoying

  • Fred Jaminson
    Fred Jaminson 9 months ago +13

    I couldn't understand Colin either. Bi? Bye? Buy? No, I think Jim smoked some pot and was out of it.

  • Dawson Garret
    Dawson Garret 10 months ago +4

    It's funny because Harbaugh was getting annoyed with cowherd first and cowherd didn't want to get embarrassed so he cut of Harbaugh before Harbaugh cut him off. Nice flip

  • Slim Reaper777
    Slim Reaper777 10 months ago

    Asks a coach if he’s a pushover nice job ameteur!

  • Good Guy Ty
    Good Guy Ty 11 months ago +40

    Cocaine vs Pot

  • George Washington
    George Washington 11 months ago +24

    LOL! This is like a SNL skit from the 1990s!

  • Chofly Gaming
    Chofly Gaming 11 months ago +13

    Colin should have bailed on this 3 minutes before it went bad. It was obvious Jim didn’t want to do it, he was providing no energy and no answers.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago

      Chofly Gaming
      Watch any of his interviews. He's always boring as a tree stump. I seriously think he has mental issues.

  • Ronin 77
    Ronin 77 11 months ago +1

    Colin Cowherd is a complete dickhead. I can't stand Harbaugh either, but how the hell was the guy supposed to deal with Cowherd's ADD?

  • Bobby Andrews
    Bobby Andrews Year ago +8

    I love watching cow turd struggle

  • FantasyAnd
    FantasyAnd Year ago +1

    Harbaugh was acting like an a--. Thats why he's having trouble recruiting.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago

      He seems to have trouble existing.

    • Law Games
      Law Games 9 months ago

      What trouble recruiting? LOL

    • Latti Latti
      Latti Latti 11 months ago

      boxing first
      HAHAHA...boxing first?
      or should I say colin cowherd...

  • Right As Rain
    Right As Rain Year ago +15

    Actually Harbaugh didn't provide much. Was asked easy questions, and he was like a deer in the headlights.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts Year ago +3

    Actually I don’t like either guy . Harbaugh sounds a little off his rocker .

  • Play That Funky Music Robot

    "I like INTENSE. Most of my friends are INTENSE. I'm kinda INTENSE."

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago +1

      Play That Funky Music Robot
      What friends?

  • Brian
    Brian Year ago +2

    He was eating boogers

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 7 months ago

      Brian ...and climbing a tree

  • Peter R
    Peter R Year ago +2

    Colin is horrible.

  • Keanan Rice
    Keanan Rice Year ago

    Fucking clown

    THOMAS SODOMIZER Year ago +33

    Colin Cowherd is the biggest doucebag in Sports Journalism.

    • Steve L
      Steve L 3 months ago +1

      I love Colin

    • Tweachie Mercer
      Tweachie Mercer 7 months ago

      @Wanneka Peak - clay is not a beast he's an azz. I tried to listen to his morning show and I've had to turn it off twice. I was taking my 10 old grandaughter to school both times and he started talking about how much he liked boob and having sex. For what is suppose to be s sports talk show it was just ridiculous. I've also seen him being interviewed and out of no where he blurted out "I like boobs", the female interviewer was befuddled by what he said and had to ask him if he really just said what she heard him say.Yes Clay is an azz not a beast..

    • Wanneka Peak
      Wanneka Peak 7 months ago

      @Tweachie Mercer clay is a beast. You mad he tells it how it is. You also probably jelly of the sec

    • grayson 311
      grayson 311 8 months ago

      Victor Petrescu Rome = best

    • Victor Petrescu
      Victor Petrescu 9 months ago +3

      Wrong. Jim Rome

  • Felipe Smith
    Felipe Smith Year ago +1

    oh god

  • Amir Neptune
    Amir Neptune Year ago +4

    The funniest shit ever

  • Todd Gjesvold
    Todd Gjesvold Year ago +10

    Good Lord Jim was an absolute idiot. What a miserable human being.

  • jakethemuss3
    jakethemuss3 Year ago

    Cowherd is such a fucking idiot.

  • Patrick DeSantis
    Patrick DeSantis Year ago +9

    Harbaugh stuck up but hasn’t won shit 🤔

  • EaZy DuzZlT
    EaZy DuzZlT Year ago +1

    Have some respect fuck your clunky interview Jim Harbaugh was just being himself, I was confused at the bye/buy question too lol then he just hangs up on the guy

  • Rick M
    Rick M Year ago +8

    Harbaugh is a mental. End of story.

  • Jeb Hack
    Jeb Hack Year ago +5

    Yea, I mean, Jim handled the questioning well (I was even confused by the bye/buy thing). Seems to me Cowherd needs to just slow down. Like, chill out man...

    • BuzzLOLOL
      BuzzLOLOL 6 months ago

      Harbaugh chilled out too far... like you do...

  • hawkman2111
    hawkman2111 Year ago +8

    colin is such a fucking faggit

    • rima cidih
      rima cidih Year ago

      hawkman2111 Jim are you an intense guy? -colin Jim do you wake up thinking your a push over ? - colin

  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 2 years ago +3

    Colins you are the best

  • ginger
    ginger 2 years ago +26

    Jim Harbaugh handled the interview very well, the questions he was asked were asinine and so required an appropriate response.

    • Ned Mar
      Ned Mar 7 months ago

      It's call rhetoric. duh.

    • Samuel Jackson
      Samuel Jackson Year ago +3

      ginger “what was the first thing you changed at Michigan” he could’ve had a 10 minute answer for this one.

    • rima cidih
      rima cidih Year ago

      Balmy how do you put in the work? Lmaooooo

    • rima cidih
      rima cidih Year ago

      Balmy at Michigan I would say your all in , would you agree? Lol .... What were you doing when you decided to go to Michigan? This guy is retarded ... Stupid ass quistions

    • rima cidih
      rima cidih Year ago

      Balmy are you an intense guy? When did you wake up and say your a push over? Lol wtf kind of quistions are these .