I spent a day with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

  • Published on Mar 3, 2020
  • I spent a day with plurals who have dissociative identity disorder to learn the truth about this severely misunderstood disorder.
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Comments • 69 591

  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  2 years ago +105

    🙋thank you

  • Maria Cillan
    Maria Cillan 2 years ago +13

    “Everything is different because we’re not alone anymore”

  • De idotjes

    I love how no one hates Anthony and he’s like the only person entrusted to talk about literally any sensitive topic

  • Anella Carmen
    Anella Carmen 21 day ago +1

    watching Kyle express his feelings towards people teaching others about DID through ‘Split’ broke my heart, and the person that asked “It’s not gonna be a murderer, right?” made me FURIOUS. I hate how most mental illnesses/diagnosis all come with nasty stigma, even people with severe depression and anxiety (like myself) would be asked similar questions like “Are you dangerous? Will you cause harm? Should I be worried?” etc. People should know not all mental health problems are PSYCHOPATHIC* (you learn something new everyday, hoping some people won’t make the same mistake as me by using the word “psychotic”) , just because we’re mentally unwell doesn’t make us PSYCHOPATHS.

  • Ignacio Catalán

    it's so weird to watch this again now knowing that Kyle and Nin integrated into Kya and, to a certain level, that means they don't exist anymore, still Kya is amazing and i love her and the entire DissociaDID system

  • Attakrus
    Attakrus 14 days ago +883

    Nin’s Child Alter… earlier, Nin and Kyle were fine about talking about DID but he/she’s very emotional about it compared to those two that it’s heartbreaking to watch that this kind of sadness is what is inside of people with DID.

  • PubertFlubert
    PubertFlubert 19 hours ago +350

    I know that the portrayal of DID in Moon Knight wasn’t a completely accurate representation of someone with DID, but I’m glad that it brought awareness of it to me, I didn’t know much about it at all before the show and now I get to explore all these cool videos with all these unique people

  • Meap
    Meap 2 years ago +67

    Can we just take a moment to realize how kind, unbiased, and non-judgemental Anthony is?

  • Starfish
    Starfish  +698

    Nin’s little alter is so adorable! I wanted to reach out and give her a hug too after she started crying <3

  • Andie Hernández

    I had been hesitant to watch this video since it came out. I thought it was just one of those sensationalist videos and I dismissed it. The first couple of minutes were kind of confirming my prejudice, but once the interviewees arrived I was gladly surprised. I was happily wrong about the video. The host is a very nice guy. He genuinely wants to educate others while depicting human beings talking about their differences and normalizing them. It was beautiful. I learned, smiled, laughed and cried.

  • Vorfeed Corp
    Vorfeed Corp 21 day ago +406

    My wife/partner has DID, and many other disorders. She has been missing since 2020, Police will not look in to her case properly and refuse to listen about the fact that she has DID. She had a mental breakdown in 2020 and someone took advantage of it.

  • SirStrange
    SirStrange 14 days ago +156

    Seriously watching Nin switch alters was genuinely crazy. She feels something in her brain and realizes it’s happening, and then, her face goes emotionless. You can physically see the moment she dissociates and she becomes empty. Providing the next alter to emerge. Suddenly, her facial expressions are different, her voice is slightly different, and her actions become different. Seeing that moment of dissociation before the switch is kind of terrifying. We can only begin to imagine what it feels like in the moment for her. How her brain and body are reacting. Really it’s nothing you think about until watching a video, you realize so many things.

  • HuskyCruxes
    HuskyCruxes 12 hours ago +62

    I feel bad saying this but watching (Nin) disassociate in real time has to be one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.

  • Ethan Butland
    Ethan Butland 2 years ago +20

    Anthony has developed into such a skilled interviewer, the professionalism shown when NIN switched was so so respectful. Shouldn't even be a meme...best interviewer ever!!!

  • Nyah
    Nyah  +290

    anthony needs a fucking deserves the world. he’s so goddamn respectful each video and was able to talk to nin, kyle, and the little alter all at once. the way he made them feel comfortable is amazing. it’s a yes from me.

  • PumkitDrawz

    the fact that people think DID is cute and quirky and pretend to have it for clout is disgusting. even if they genuinely think they have it, you cant just compare the symptoms and declare that you have it.

  • Grae
    Grae 21 day ago +327

    the Little had me crying, it's like I could literally see the bad memories she's talking about flash by her eyes, especially with how relevant her choice of words were.

  • Rian Lyons-Copeland
    Rian Lyons-Copeland 21 day ago +635

    Take it from me: DID blows. The fact that my partner is still with me despite how my 3 antagonistic alters treat him (and they treat him like utter shit. He knows it’s not me, so he can forgive their behavior because he’s a veritable saint). I’ve lost friends who didn’t understand what DID was and how it operated. My primary antagonistic alter, Callum, has legitimately tried to murder me using my partner’s medications and I ended up in ICU with not one clue how I got there or why I was there. The only thing that saved me was that my partner insisted that they give me Narcan. If they hadn’t listened to my partner I would have died, no question. DID isn’t cool, it definitely isn’t fun, it isn’t “trendy”, it’s miserable and it can be lonely and you can lose everyone you hold dear. Those of us with DID need love and support not to be pestered and questioned about every little thing. Now, if the person with DID says that they’re okay with being asked questions (like myself, for example. I’m all for visibility at all costs so I’m willing to answer pretty much any questions but I’m the exception, not the rule.) then, ask away. Otherwise, please respect their privacy.

  • Dolofónos Esostrefís
    Dolofónos Esostrefís 21 hour ago +109

    Damn this was 2 years ago? I've just finished Moon Knight and am trying to learn more about D.I.D. This really helped and reinforced some of the stuff I've looked up and increased my knowledge in certain areas.

  • AveInstinct
    AveInstinct 2 years ago +22

    wtf anthony is so smooth with WHATEVER person he speaks, its insane