How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.6 / 9.3.5 No Computer & No Revokes! (2021) iPhone 4s, iPad 2/Mini, iPod 5!


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  • Pinch Soft
    Pinch Soft  10 months ago +5

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  • Stratemegise
    Stratemegise 9 months ago +33

    How is the phoenix you download already verified?
    Can't get past verification step.

  • Marco Testa-Ryan
    Marco Testa-Ryan 7 months ago +26

    Hey man, thanks for your video. I managed to install Phoenix ok but when I click on the app icon it opens for a fraction of a second then crashes. Any suggestion at all? Thanks!

    • gnusci
      gnusci 6 months ago +2

      Delete Phoenix, then download the Phoenix6. Install and run sidloadedly and connect it phone/iPad to the computer. Drag the phoenix file on it and fill in your apple id and press start. Then comeback to 3:15 and start jailbreak.

    • Daniel Kronengold
      Daniel Kronengold 6 months ago

      Same problem for me on iPad 2

    • Diego Gutiérrez
      Diego Gutiérrez 7 months ago

      @Monique Phillips i tried, but is the same

    • Monique Phillips
      Monique Phillips 7 months ago

      Open the app in airplane mode

    • Njjoe Oliveros
      Njjoe Oliveros 7 months ago +3

      Same here

  • jason smith
    jason smith 8 months ago

    It works 100% hit the airplane mode it turn the wifi off toggle it back on to disrupt the download no issues

  • Hal Smith
    Hal Smith 3 months ago +8

    I have an Ipad 2 with 9.3.5 and tried unsuccessfully 8 times to install Pheonix. I would hit airplane mode just as it was showing install. Am I doing something wrong?

    • DreamBoy2161
      DreamBoy2161 Month ago

      Well this was like 8 months ago and so by that means by now apple might off patched this somehow. So I would suggest finding a latest video. If your lucky

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D 9 months ago

    I did the jailbreak step by step and Phoenix says its jail broken but I’m showing the same 9.3.5 version on my iPad mini 1 and I’m unable to download TheXvid or anything else what did I do wrong

  • Robert F. Jobin Jr.
    Robert F. Jobin Jr. 5 months ago +10

    Update! It was Windows defender deleting the files. I turned it off and it worked.
    Unfortunately this is useless. I am unable to do it "fast enough". Also the tool you mentioned always fails at the download verification step of the jailbreak. Guess I'll just continue to live without jailbreaking. It's too bad. The only thing I wanted to do was remove the background on the dock, and yet I can't.

  • MsGrumpyPants
    MsGrumpyPants 8 months ago +14

    The app opens and closes fast, I can't do anything. I have the 9.3.6 version installed and I cannot use any computer cause I don't have one. It keeps crashing over and over again. Please help I'm about to break my ipad out of frustration!

  • Product Reviews
    Product Reviews 8 months ago

    🙏 Thank you very much you are the best

  • Hispanoturk
    Hispanoturk 8 months ago

    Hello and thank you! Everything went fine, but when I open Cydia it crashes every time. I have rebooted my iPad 3 and still crashing. (Cannot go further than 5:07 on this video. What do I do? Can I send you a video with the problem? Thank you.

    • Cool Awesome Boi YT
      Cool Awesome Boi YT 4 months ago

      @Hispanoturk sorry i didnt respond, as of right now i cant find non revoked no pc methods

    • Hispanoturk
      Hispanoturk 4 months ago

      Is this still working?? Can’t install Phoenix. Is it revoked?

    • Hispanoturk
      Hispanoturk 4 months ago

      @Cool Awesome Boi YT is this still working?

    • Cool Awesome Boi YT
      Cool Awesome Boi YT 8 months ago

      @Hispanoturk Reopen Phoenix and kickstart jailbreak

    • Raj Shekhar Kasarle
      Raj Shekhar Kasarle 8 months ago

      @Hispanoturk re-jailbreak it

  • JB Higuera
    JB Higuera 9 months ago +17

    Any way I can just do it on the computer without having to deal with the whole airplane mode? I’ve tried so many times and still no luck. Thanks for your time.

    • JB Higuera
      JB Higuera 9 months ago +1

      @Pinch Soft you are the man it worked. Now I have another issue. It wants to remove Pangu 7.1-7.1.x Intethered…. But it won’t complete and I can do anything till it’s gone. Any ideas there?

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  9 months ago +5

      Yeah you could use 3utools. They have a 1 click Jailbreaker built in.

  • Micheal Meenan
    Micheal Meenan 9 months ago +30

    I tried this on my iPad mini but at the step where you verify the app it doesn’t verify for me :( it shows a little loading animation but still says “not verified”

  • Potato 🥔
    Potato 🥔 9 months ago +9

    Thx for this now my brother can watch youtube

  • oussama philo
    oussama philo 9 months ago +1

    Thank you so much
    Please we want you to explain us how to downgrad iphone 4s from ios 9 to ios 6.1.3 and get jailbreak in this version !😁

    • Geeta
      Geeta 3 months ago +1

      @Flurn Lagurin Make sure the 'J' in jailbreaks.html is capital

    • Flurn Lagurin
      Flurn Lagurin 7 months ago

      Everytime i type the link it says 404 not found!

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  9 months ago +2

      Sounds good! I'll get to work on that soon!

  • 28. Siddhant Gupta 10E
    28. Siddhant Gupta 10E 6 months ago

    Mine rebooted but can’t see cydia… what should I do?

  • Lop01
    Lop01 9 months ago +3

    Hey can i get some help here ive tried to reinstall checkmate store multiple times but it still says This application requires ios 11.0 or later could i get some help here

  • Mr. Techie
    Mr. Techie 10 months ago +5

    Hello can you please do a video on jailbreak tweaks to speed up older devices like this?

  • Fabien et Anne-Catherine Godelaine - Dheur

    Hello, I did try with two iPads (9.3.5 and 9.3.6). Everytime I try launch the app it opens and closes straight away I have trusted the app and all that stuff. Any ideas?

  • jure dobosic
    jure dobosic 8 months ago +2

    I've installed Phoenix and Cydia icons, but when i open Cydia and hit button changes nothing is happens...there is no update options...field is completely empty....i've tried with reload cydia but result is the same

  • P W
    P W 6 months ago

    Got as far as downloading Phoenix, got it verified. But won't open. Any suggestions

  • Eric Wilis
    Eric Wilis 4 months ago +4

    2:54 no matter how many time I tried, it always fail :(

    • Nathan H
      Nathan H 3 months ago

      Me too, I’ve pressed just after, on point and just before… it keep failing

  • Bjarne
    Bjarne 6 months ago +2

    As many wrote before: The App crashes everytime after starting it. Any advice or solution?

    • Wojtek Kunique
      Wojtek Kunique 3 months ago

      Das not work

    • Sensei-Floppa
      Sensei-Floppa 4 months ago

      @gnusci what if you don't have a computer ?

    • gnusci
      gnusci 6 months ago +1

      Delete Phoenix, then download the Phoenix6. Install and run sidloadedly and connect it phone/iPad to the computer. Drag the phoenix file on it and fill in your apple id and press start. Then comeback to 3:15 and start jailbreak.

  • iipostupii ツ
    iipostupii ツ 10 months ago

    Ty it worked

  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo 6 months ago +5

    Phoenix crashes every time I try to open it, any suggestions?

  • Andres Moran
    Andres Moran 6 months ago +3

    Bro, i can’t verify it in settings… do you know what could it be?

  • AydenZgamer
    AydenZgamer 5 months ago

    Every time I open Phoenix it crashes immediately. Is there a fix to this?

  • Ma.Marivi Largo
    Ma.Marivi Largo 3 days ago

    I had I installed the phoenix but when I click it, it's only flashing.. I can't open

  • Jony Kahler
    Jony Kahler 8 months ago +24

    Everytime I try launch the app it opens and closes straight away I have trusted the app and all that stuff

  • Juno0099 ee
    Juno0099 ee 8 months ago +1

    Hi man i dont know why i cant go in phoenix app it says vertified but i cant still open it

  • Мишка фрэдэ
    Мишка фрэдэ 4 months ago

    what if in cydia all tweaks are gone and gives a lot of errors

  • Unrequited Taste
    Unrequited Taste 9 months ago +1

    Jailbreak was successful but I'm having problems with cydia the sources and packages are not showing any idea how to fix this issue. Using an ipad mini 2 here. Thank you in advance.

  • Craig Boliek
    Craig Boliek 4 months ago +1

    Tried multiple times, watched multiple videos and it still will not work. I have an iPad mini running 9.3.5. Every time I try to launch the Phoenix app it crashes/closes on me…

  • Teez
    Teez 6 months ago

    i can not open it phoenix crashes each time i try even after doing the steps in the video over and over again

  • Mr. Techie
    Mr. Techie 10 months ago +1

    Can you help me fix this error? How to Fix Cydia Error “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status” on iOS 10? - 3uTools
    This tutorial doesn't work because I can't download one of the files but my jailbreak is broken right now :(

    • The Sheepster
      The Sheepster 9 months ago +2

      Tap and hold on the jailbreak now button inside Phoenix and it will do a fresh install

  • Princess Abad
    Princess Abad 6 months ago +2

    Can’t go further after opennig phoenix as it’s closes right away! Any advise please?

  • Christian Anaafi-kwapong

    how do i download new apps after jailbreaking

  • Taco
    Taco 9 months ago +1

    Can you do one with IOS 7.1.2 plz

  • xyxy yxyx
    xyxy yxyx 6 months ago

    ipad2 cellular, fresh reset, even with a new Apple ID, phoenix just crashes in a second i touch... sad story :(
    edit, still thanks!

  • Mr. Techie
    Mr. Techie 10 months ago +1

    You should put this on your homepage

  • FBI
    FBI 9 months ago

    I press verify but Phoenix does not verify. Any ideas?

  • Little Reaper
    Little Reaper 2 months ago

    @pinch soft at 1:21 it says 404 not found what do I do?

    • Little Queue
      Little Queue 2 months ago

      capitol J when typing the address

  • Päblõ
    Päblõ 5 months ago +2

    It doesn’t work i tried many times, What a waste of time and data usage

  • Dylazzz On60fps
    Dylazzz On60fps 10 months ago +1

    It says on phoenix your ipad is not jailbroken help?

  • DailyClipsOfDestiny
    DailyClipsOfDestiny 7 months ago +10

    I tried doing it for a solid twenty minutes to finally do it then realise the app just crashes every time you open it what a bummer.

    • Jonathan K
      Jonathan K 6 months ago

      @gnusci what is sideloadly? Do you have a vid?

    • gnusci
      gnusci 6 months ago +2

      Download the Phoenix6. Install and run sidloadedly and connect it phone/iPad to the computer. Drag the phoenix file on it and fill in your apple id and press start. Then comeback to 3:15 and start jailbreak.

    • ALT_dragon
      ALT_dragon 6 months ago +1

      same thing for me

  • jason smith
    jason smith 8 months ago +1

    So after jailbreaking 4 devices there is one step left out . It a issue with Cydia and the update . DO NOT UPDATE ANYTHING JUST HIT REMIND LATER.
    If you you do the update there is a misconfiguration which will cause a issue and force a iTunes restore . DONT PULL A ME . The airplane toggle not needed . You update it will fail on anything installed after that if u update

  • BlackHalo🦖
    BlackHalo🦖 10 months ago +1

    Can you do how to get revoked apps on android

  • Yurt Hasret Özkan
    Yurt Hasret Özkan 8 months ago

    Empty sources ? I cannot find Filza File Manager because the sources is empty please help me

  • GeneralPickleton
    GeneralPickleton 10 months ago +8

    Are you sure this works on iPad mini 9.3.5? I swear I tap airplane mode faster than light could, but it never works, I've been at it for like 10 times now lol

    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson 8 months ago

      lol @ faster then light could

    • Hikmet Berhan Özcan
      Hikmet Berhan Özcan 8 months ago

      @GeneralPickleton did it works bro?

    • SpeechLess Heart
      SpeechLess Heart 9 months ago +1

      i did try multiple times too. Finally it works.

    • GeneralPickleton
      GeneralPickleton 10 months ago +3

      @Pinch Soft Ok, thanks I'll give it a try. Never thought having decent wifi would end up being an issue for anything lol

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  10 months ago +2

      Just keep trying, it could be your internet speed. Try moving further away from your router.

  • gnusci
    gnusci 6 months ago +1

    Delete Phoenix if installed, then download the Phoenix6. Install and run sidloadedly and connect it phone/iPad to the computer. Drag the phoenix file on it and fill in your apple id and press start. Then comeback to 3:15 and start jailbreak.

    • Pixelplayz2215
      Pixelplayz2215 5 months ago

      But with sideloadly dont you need to keep resideloading thr app every 7 days?

    • Psycho IV
      Psycho IV 6 months ago +1

      Pls share how to download Phoenix6 and how to complete this process. Thank you

    • Jonathan K
      Jonathan K 6 months ago

      Okay, everyone listen to this dude! This got the app not to crash!!

  • MatyalJatt
    MatyalJatt 9 months ago +5

    The website fir jailbreak does not work

  • Diesel
    Diesel 9 months ago +6

    What a bummer. Impossible to even get it installed because of the speed with which Airplane mode must be applied.

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  8 months ago +2

      It is hard, but doable, just takes a few tries.

  • Emma Wickens
    Emma Wickens 8 months ago

    Every time I try to open the app it just opens and closes

  • drew b
    drew b 3 months ago +7


    • Carl Osowski
      Carl Osowski 2 months ago +1

      I know right?!
      These types of videos are all just scams.

    • Katsumi
      Katsumi 3 months ago +2

      These were the best days since iOS 4-8 after that……

  • JWalkers Conner
    JWalkers Conner 7 months ago

    Will it work for a iPad?

  • ItzThomas
    ItzThomas 6 months ago

    It crashed when trying to load it

  • Riddhi pareek
    Riddhi pareek 9 months ago +4

    Bro Phoenix Does Not Verify Pls Help

  • zero0xygen
    zero0xygen 3 months ago

    It’s saying I have to verify the app

    • Carl Osowski
      Carl Osowski 2 months ago +1

      Yep, those are scam/fake apps to "jailbreak" your device.

  • SerahLumaer
    SerahLumaer 9 months ago

    Can't verify the app

  • Jack Does Game Stuff
    Jack Does Game Stuff 6 months ago

    when a iphone 4s is faster than my ipad mini 1

  • Antoine
    Antoine 4 months ago +1

    Does this work with iPad mini two

    • Fortnitesocki
      Fortnitesocki 3 months ago +1

      Only if you still have it on iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 9.3.6

  • Mir F
    Mir F 10 months ago +1


  • Vernadette Lean Alcantara

    Can't verify my phoenix.. what should i do?

  • Fraser
    Fraser 9 months ago +4

    when i open phoenix it closes the app straight away

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 9 months ago

    I get to Phoenix and I hit the "get" button but nothing happens. Any reason why?

    • Kade McBride
      Kade McBride 8 months ago

      Go into safari settings and disable the pop up blocker. I had same issue.

  • Shane Clifford
    Shane Clifford Month ago

    Doesn't work. That site gives a 404 not found page

  • Syaz azeem
    Syaz azeem 7 months ago

    can you help me pls my pheonix just crsahing and i try again its keep crashing (COMMENT HOW?)

  • Md.Monzur Morshed Shohugh

    Hey man non of the online jailbreak methods are working. Help me to jailbreak my iPhone 5 (9.3.5) without pc.

  • Lab Qho
    Lab Qho Month ago

    Why my phooenix auto close after I restart my phone help me please 🥺🥺 iphone 4s

  • J. Junior
    J. Junior 4 months ago

    I can't get Phoenix verified. :(

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 3 months ago +1

    404 not found when I enter html :(

    • Konstidog
      Konstidog 3 months ago +3

      make sure you use a capital J in Jailbreaks.html

  • Noelyn Arong
    Noelyn Arong 5 days ago

    It didn't work on mine

  • Mason Man
    Mason Man 9 months ago +1

    How do you do it on iPad mini 5 on newest iOS?

    • Dark1335
      Dark1335 7 months ago

      1. stay on that os and dont update
      2. wait for a jailbreak method to come out for 15.0

  • Um Ali
    Um Ali 9 months ago

    When I press the get for the pheonix it’s not installing

    • Powder
      Powder 9 months ago

      It’s Working for me

  • Mr. Techie
    Mr. Techie 10 months ago

    Pinch Soft do I see you have cell service on that phone? Or am I mistaken?

    • Mr. Techie
      Mr. Techie 9 months ago

      @avraham cohen saban Doesn't need soldering, but it is kind of hard. I think this is what you are looking for
      (if it's an iPod Touch)

    • avraham cohen saban
      avraham cohen saban 9 months ago

      @Mr. Techie with soldering? Cause I don’t have that and at not willing to put that much effort

    • Mr. Techie
      Mr. Techie 9 months ago

      @avraham cohen saban Take it apart and heat up the Wi-Fi chip. Google it first though

    • avraham cohen saban
      avraham cohen saban 9 months ago

      My iPod has lost Wi-Fi and is grayed

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  10 months ago +1

      @Mr. Techie It's because it has a deactivated sim card in it.

  • RocketShift Gaming
    RocketShift Gaming 9 months ago

    Doesnt work anymore. P.S. your monster game doesn't work on my iPod Touch 5 on iOS 9.3.5. It keeps crashing whenever i open it. It loads the whole loading bar then when it gets to the end. It just crashes. Works fine on my iPhone 6S on iOS 13.7.

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  8 months ago +1

      I've heard similar reports of this on iPod Touch 5s. I'll have to buy one so I can troubleshoot that.

  • Hikmet Berhan Özcan
    Hikmet Berhan Özcan 8 months ago

    I tried maybe 20 times but airplane shit didn’t work. Are u sure it works on ipad mini?

  • Carl Osowski
    Carl Osowski 2 months ago +3

    All these types of videos are scams.

  • Azaan Rehman
    Azaan Rehman 9 months ago

    please make another video on how to delete cydia without using cydia and without restoring pls i subscribed

  • Fahmid Nafiz
    Fahmid Nafiz 6 months ago

    Bro need help it's not working 😭😭😭

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 6 months ago +1

    That link can't be found!

  • Haiza Casapao
    Haiza Casapao 8 months ago

    It's not working it says 404 not found

    • Kade McBride
      Kade McBride 8 months ago

      I did too, until I changed to capital “J” in the link “Jailbreak.html”. It appears to be case sensitive.

  • Gazza's Garage
    Gazza's Garage 9 months ago +9

    I get a 404 for tutubox so cant even start

  • louisplayz 24-7
    louisplayz 24-7 2 months ago

    bruh i cant even install Phoenix
    edit: i am super fast is there comes instaling

  • Shinobu Kochou
    Shinobu Kochou 6 months ago +3

    Hi uhmm... i tried this and i successfully downloaded the phoenix app. I also let the app trusted in the settings but as soon i open the app, it just goes back at home screen, like the app crashed or something. Everytime i open phoenix it, it does the same. 😓 i envy those lucky people who manage to jailbreak their ios. Thank you for this vid☺️

    • Ethan Zapien
      Ethan Zapien 6 months ago

      happened to me at first until i just signed the app from my mac

  • Lukio thefiredragon

    dont opens phönix😭

  • Raul Merlan
    Raul Merlan 4 months ago

    Pheonix crashes after changing to trusted

  • chris b
    chris b 7 months ago

    Doesn’t work…

  • BlackHalo🦖
    BlackHalo🦖 10 months ago +1

    Also can you do how to mod a dsi

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  10 months ago

      @BlackHalo🦖 Ok I might do a video of that in the future.

    • BlackHalo🦖
      BlackHalo🦖 10 months ago

      Im thinking of twilight ++

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  10 months ago +1

      That sounds like an awesome idea! However, I need to know what type of mod you're thinking of? Let me know!

  • Hossain MAHIR
    Hossain MAHIR Month ago

    Hey I did everything but went I pout airplane mode noting happen

  • Ghosxty
    Ghosxty 10 months ago +1

    The jsilbresk for iOS 10.3.4 stopped working

    • Ghosxty
      Ghosxty 10 months ago +1

      Pinch Soft tyyy :)

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  10 months ago +1

      @Ghosxty It's coming soon!

    • Ghosxty
      Ghosxty 10 months ago +1

      Pls make an update

  • Shkur777
    Shkur777 5 months ago

    не работает нифига

  • Julius Zietlow
    Julius Zietlow 7 months ago

    The App never installs. Tried about 30 times and always said it can't be installed.

  • holo kolo
    holo kolo 4 months ago

    404 not found error

  • Delo Johnson
    Delo Johnson 7 months ago

    Website is 404 now

  • Chief tain
    Chief tain 4 months ago +3

    404 site not found

  • ThePluralApostrophe
    ThePluralApostrophe 7 months ago +1

    Doesn't work.

  • ITECH Tutorial
    ITECH Tutorial 10 months ago +3

    Website not found

    • Tony Nguyen
      Tony Nguyen 9 months ago +2

      URL’s after the / is always case sensitive. Try capitalizing the J in jailbreak like shown in the video.

    • Kevin Williams
      Kevin Williams 10 months ago

      Sane problem.

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 25 days ago

    tutubox is nit loading. 404 not found

  • Rob T
    Rob T 7 months ago +3

    Doesn't matter how quickly I go onto aeroplane mode, or how many times I repeat the process, this just won't work! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Mehmmet Menla
    Mehmmet Menla 9 months ago +3

    Cant verify Phoenix

    • Pinch Soft
      Pinch Soft  9 months ago +1

      Try the whole process again.