• Published on May 9, 2017
  • Yo Guys! Sorry about missing yesterday's video upload! I was in Texas on Chuck Norris' ranch for work and my computer fried out! Anyway, here is my Playlist vlog and I absolutely love this one. So glad I was able to save it off the hard drive! Shoutout to the Apple store in Sherman Oaks!
    Watch Toddy have an alcohol fueled breakfast and my quest for food with Vincent and Big Nik! Plus, Bart and Shira try and set me up and David and I have a cool meetup. Thank you to all the fans who came out!
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  2 years ago +1173

    Hey Guys, don't forget to check out David's and my podcast 'VIEWS" and thanks for all of your support! Here's the link....

    • mads Meows
      mads Meows Month ago

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    • k-o kick combo creater
      k-o kick combo creater 4 months ago

      Jason Nash yh

    • Veezo TV
      Veezo TV 6 months ago


    • Metal life 420
      Metal life 420 6 months ago

      Jason Nash holy holy 13 yr olds I’m surprised you didn’t get Hannah Montana lips gloss and glitter on you😂

    • Samantha Rolling
      Samantha Rolling 7 months ago


  • bezbeanz Jett
    bezbeanz Jett 16 hours ago

    I'm glad I met you before you died 😂

  • JarredMorrisMusic
    JarredMorrisMusic 6 days ago

    You just look defeated in that pink shirt Merch Photo

  • Cameron Taiki
    Cameron Taiki 9 days ago

    "I'm glad I meet you before you died."

  • Leakzzy
    Leakzzy 9 days ago

    2:10 his name is wrong In the phone

  • Megan Novak
    Megan Novak 10 days ago

    What does david day at 13:37 ? I couldn’t hear

  • Its_All_Random
    Its_All_Random 14 days ago

    Don’t worry Jason.
    Someday I’ll be one of those annoying girls asking for photos with you :))

  • Oceanic :D
    Oceanic :D 15 days ago


  • snivam sharma
    snivam sharma 17 days ago

    Is this a clickbait

  • Sarah Nassar
    Sarah Nassar 18 days ago

    So I'm drunk right now so during this whole thing I was high key stressed because all I wanted was for them to find food and not be mobbed but then
    That kid said that they were glad to meet Jason before he died and I DIED OMG WHEEZING INDUCING
    It's great to watch these vlogs while drunk, I swear.

  • The Devil
    The Devil 19 days ago

    10:54 was on purpose

  • Diana Cañas
    Diana Cañas 19 days ago

    That girl stopping everyone at the elevator, Destiny. MVP. So sweet of her.
    And her friend

  • Eric and Jacob Delgado

    Eric and Jacob Delgado

  • //Ry_Li Cakes//
    //Ry_Li Cakes// 22 days ago

    Your 43? 😂I’m actually dying

  • Mattie Decker
    Mattie Decker 26 days ago

    12:02 that kid looks like Carson Johns, maybe he is

  • Mira Reese
    Mira Reese 27 days ago

    “So he’s going by himself? Is he okay with going by himself?” My heart 💗:(

  • Ivy Roberts
    Ivy Roberts Month ago +1

    It was so cute how David was worried about Alex going alone

  • Ernesto HG
    Ernesto HG Month ago

    "I'm glad I met you before you died" I always come back to this vlog for that moment

  • Jimin Imagines
    Jimin Imagines Month ago

    13:41 “Glad I met you before you die” AKSJXNNDDHX!!!!

  • Kitty Haart
    Kitty Haart Month ago

    "glad I met you before you died!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm screaming!!!

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu Month ago


  • Ramzy Hamzi
    Ramzy Hamzi Month ago +1

    Who’s this girl at 13:17

  • Eddy Infante
    Eddy Infante Month ago +1

    We dont have time too pick up alex but we do have time too eat and drink

  • AiLeEn gUzMaN
    AiLeEn gUzMaN Month ago +2

    David looks so cute!!!!😂😫 ahhhhhhh lol .

  • OSanchezO
    OSanchezO Month ago +1

    "Glad I met you before you died"
    That kid keeps it real lmao

  • Carson Hoffman
    Carson Hoffman Month ago

    Hehehe funny boomer man

  • Strong Vlk
    Strong Vlk Month ago


  • Strong Vlk
    Strong Vlk Month ago

    Made me cry

  • Kayden Helton
    Kayden Helton Month ago

    Daddy o’ five lol

  • crew moeller
    crew moeller Month ago +1

    Y do people dislike Jason’s vids

  • Liam Keane
    Liam Keane Month ago

    Headphones tho

  • Willow & Montana
    Willow & Montana Month ago

    Jason: David , Amanda says hi!
    David: Oh.....cool.

  • Double L
    Double L Month ago +1

    Shouldn’t the title be a David makes fan cry

  • Jessica Meirinho
    Jessica Meirinho Month ago +1

    Jason Nash's anxiety music: Weightless HAhahahaha I can't breathe!! Just kidding Jason,

  • cutiebuttercups yeah
    cutiebuttercups yeah Month ago +1

    Jason you are the funniest person ever

  • iDemonic
    iDemonic Month ago +7

    tods phone: 'David Dorbrick' 2:03

    me: ...yeah makes sense

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Month ago +1

    Jason you have such great hair for your age👍

  • QueenLani_ KayKay
    QueenLani_ KayKay Month ago +4

    Jason: ok bye 👋🏽

    Little boy: ok bye. Glad I met you before you died. 😏
    Me: 🤭😬😂

  • KingFry
    KingFry Month ago +1

    Favorite line “Glad I met you before you died!”

  • juvia locksar
    juvia locksar Month ago

    My dads older then you he’s 46 years old

  • Kitty__ Kisses
    Kitty__ Kisses Month ago +1

    Jason is so good with kids I literally love him he’s the best 😂by I love them all sm

  • R&S Vlogs
    R&S Vlogs Month ago

    Never got the reason why a fan made david cry

  • It’s just Josephine

    Todd looked like sonic when he woke up

  • Diddy
    Diddy Month ago +1


  • lukas boysen
    lukas boysen Month ago

    Why can't he eat in peace?

  • juan gutierrez
    juan gutierrez Month ago


  • FBI `҉`
    FBI `҉` Month ago

    Glad I met you before you died

  • Zhonix
    Zhonix Month ago

    “I’m happy I met you before you died” 🤣 = Good thing I met you before David killed you 🤣😂

  • Shawn Carson
    Shawn Carson Month ago

    Rip head phone users

  • XxYouKnowWhyxX _YT
    XxYouKnowWhyxX _YT Month ago

    I stayed at the same hotel it’s nice

  • Alana Mueller
    Alana Mueller Month ago

    OMG 757 IS MY AREA CODE 😼😼😼

  • Ryan A Wilson
    Ryan A Wilson Month ago

    Mobility scooters are not as easy to drive as they look

  • brynn powell
    brynn powell Month ago

    david was so adorable on the couch

  • brynn powell
    brynn powell Month ago +1

    awh alex sounded so sad on facetime 🥺🥺

  • Ashley Coles
    Ashley Coles Month ago

    “Glad I met you before you died” IM DEAD😂😂😂

  • Kyla Ektera
    Kyla Ektera Month ago

    Love the begging

  • Mario Mejicano
    Mario Mejicano Month ago

    Damm that shit was funny when the kid said glad i met you before you died

  • Kid Winchester
    Kid Winchester Month ago +1

    Jason:lets see if they can see us
    Alex:*takes off shirt*
    All the girls out side:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

  • Erik Mathew Cortez
    Erik Mathew Cortez Month ago

    Jason just got paparazzi

  • Lydia Curtis
    Lydia Curtis Month ago

    Glad I meant you before you died 😂😂