The Shadowy Spirits of Rolling Hills Asylum

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • We dance with the dead in this infamous haunted hospital.
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Comments • 15 855

  • Luna Moonstone
    Luna Moonstone 37 minutes ago

    I know it's Shane's part to be pessimistic but lighten up a little dude. Ghosts do not have a lot of energy to begin with so how do you expect them to do something so profound that you start believing that they exist? Another thing too ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon can sense when someone does not believe in them so they just do not bother in showing themselves in any way, that is why Shane never has an experience and Ryan does.

  • Gabriel Mojica
    Gabriel Mojica Hour ago

    Love Shane

  • Sabrina Collier
    Sabrina Collier 5 hours ago

    You know how there's always like graffiti in some of these places? I really just want for the boys to be in some haunted building and here noises and voices and general spookyness and Ryan be like omg ghosts!!! And come to find out it's just a bunch of kids with spray paint. Is that too much to ask?

  • Aran Denis
    Aran Denis 8 hours ago


  • Eleanor Partington
    Eleanor Partington 11 hours ago

    This place looks so fun to go urbexing in

  • MariusThePaladin
    MariusThePaladin 15 hours ago

    omg how could this place not be robbed/looted to hell ? It's full of antique!

  • Matheus Santos
    Matheus Santos 18 hours ago


  • AM Fitness
    AM Fitness Day ago

    How does no one else realize how funny Shane is???

  • sarcasticx
    sarcasticx Day ago


  • Millie Withington

    So were Poor Houses kinda like the American version of WorkHouses or am I getting it wrong?

  • Shea Cinquemani
    Shea Cinquemani Day ago

    The comment section:
    50% Roy Appreciation
    40% m u s t a r d
    10% boop the snoot

  • anibal narvaez
    anibal narvaez Day ago

    yall should come to San Antonio and check out the insane asylum!!! I went when i was younger with a group of friends. There was massice spots on my camera and in some rooms a massive light where there is not light but the flash of the camera, Also on top of the roof while taking a pic with my gf looking at the pic both of our faces were cover in black! I know what youre thinking my fat fingers where on the lens, so i took many more where i saw my fingers out of the way! Same results!!! finally I told my friend to take more pics and guess what!!! Are faces were all black out like there was someone in the way!

  • kate bigelow
    kate bigelow Day ago

    Were out boys

  • Psychic Medium Ella Dawn

    I love this place I went there many times and always got amazing evidence

  • beavis anderson
    beavis anderson 2 days ago

    im pretty sure roy is the nicest ghost they've ever encountered and they didn't even stay long enough for a conversation 😔 #justiceforroy

  • beavis anderson
    beavis anderson 2 days ago

    they should go to these kinds of places on a very NOT windy night so shane can stop using the wind excuse

  • I Z E N L O U I Z
    I Z E N L O U I Z 2 days ago +1

    When the music got louder it fucking scared me

  • Lily McMenemy
    Lily McMenemy 2 days ago

    Shane: *actually sees ghost
    Shane: -_-
    Shane: Oh c'mon that's fake
    Shane: Nice try
    Shane: I don't believe your nonsense
    Ghost: *Surprised pikachu face

  • William Beveridge
    William Beveridge 2 days ago

    The music is the sketchiest part.

  • ֆքǟƈɛ ɢʊʏ
    ֆքǟƈɛ ɢʊʏ 2 days ago

    Ryan: Are you here with us right now?

    Ghost: No, this is a voice recording please leave a message.

  • shane prichard
    shane prichard 3 days ago

    im i the only one that thinks the camera man should be scared asf he stands at the otherside of the hall way on his own lool

  • Clint Torres
    Clint Torres 3 days ago

    I can't believe the number of views compared to that of Ghost Adventures by Zak and Aaron. Ghost Adventures...Eat Your Hearts Out!!!

  • Sarah Bischoff
    Sarah Bischoff 3 days ago

    This episode made me very sad for some reason

  • colin stillman
    colin stillman 3 days ago

    do you have to use the f word?

  • Alexandra G_1994
    Alexandra G_1994 3 days ago

    I desperately want Shane to have an undeniable, soul shaking paranormal experience that makes him believe lol.

  • Seanna Elise
    Seanna Elise 3 days ago

    0:35, did anyone see something?

  • Madelena DiFabio
    Madelena DiFabio 3 days ago +1

    "Shane said he asked Satan to come here, so that's nice"😂😂😂

  • 34 exceptional lamps

    awwwwh i love the friendly ghosts they're so wholesome tbh like a big 7.5 ft jolly ghost man idk that's nice

  • Excess Label
    Excess Label 3 days ago

    Is this what Hill House is based off of?
    Screaming lady = Bend Neck Lady
    Red Hallway = Red Room
    Tall guy w/ a cane
    Shadow ppl all over the place

  • Angel Dawn
    Angel Dawn 3 days ago

    Honestly i love / hate Shane. Not a very open minded person is he? lol. A demon or Ghost could throw him across the room and he would claim it was the wind or something or maybe possibly a strong fan if one was around. lol. At least he is funny, now if only he could have a open mind.

  • Isaac Sulsona
    Isaac Sulsona 4 days ago

    The old fort in St. Augustine florida, the oldest city in the USA.

  • bryce peri
    bryce peri 4 days ago

    What was that song?

  • Seppuku
    Seppuku 4 days ago

    Shane is actually a super big believer but he knows that once he believes in ghosts the show will be over, this must be why shane acts like this

  • Hanne Maher
    Hanne Maher 4 days ago

    You guys should totally go to the quarantine station Sydney Australia!

  • That Depressed kid
    That Depressed kid 4 days ago

    This should be named Unsolved comedies

  • Breanna Franklin
    Breanna Franklin 5 days ago

    is it just me or did shane's turn end shortly, like really shortly like if u agree :/

  • EdgeBoi Omelette
    EdgeBoi Omelette 5 days ago

    Poor Roy. He just wanted to know their names but all they did was ignore him and started blasting music. Then they walked off.

  • candy72487
    candy72487 5 days ago

    I just realized that when Shane asks if they want to pet their “pretty dog” it’s a reference to the Colonel Wojtek episode of Running History when Ryan was talking about guys who use dogs to hit on girls 😂😂😂

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen 5 days ago

    God is Hank Hill.

  • Emily Garten
    Emily Garten 5 days ago


  • The Chem Class
    The Chem Class 6 days ago

    i kinda want to go there just to chill with Roy. fire up a blunt and smoke with a 7’6 guy .

  • APalafox
    APalafox 6 days ago

    eldery? 3:34

  • Amber Page
    Amber Page 6 days ago

    21:38 the shadow animations always freak me out for some reason!

  • Chadé Campbell
    Chadé Campbell 6 days ago

    16:55 sounds like Scully.. or was it Hitchcock..

  • Well my opinion dont matter But

    you guys needs to do the spirit box sessions longer

  • Azzam Al Hanif
    Azzam Al Hanif 7 days ago

    1:36, so we just gonna pretend that it is nothing?

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 7 days ago

    Ryan: Then who is it?
    Ghost: No one
    Odysseus: laughing hysterically somewhere it the distance

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 7 days ago

    *Shane:plays with the dog for several times*
    *Ryan:Its for kids*

  • Please Send bleach
    Please Send bleach 7 days ago

    Do the crying woman next

  • keef McClain
    keef McClain 7 days ago

    me being scared with Ryan in the intro: *sHANE TURN THE FUCKING LIGHT ON*

  • XBellatriX
    XBellatriX 7 days ago

    “Haven’t you seen Coco?” Lmao

  • ao_865
    ao_865 7 days ago

    23:06 I feel like Shane gets scared and comments on the decode to take his mind off it. Prob just me

  • Алина Александрова

    i would love it to be 3D

  • Olivia Gacha
    Olivia Gacha 7 days ago

    Who saw the weird doll human looking thing in the room a 1:35

  • Nobody Notices Me, Anyway

    Poor Roy... He actually asked them for their names and they didn't respond.

  • lexie painter
    lexie painter 8 days ago

    Poor Roy he didn’t even get to talk they ignored him

  • Marissa Sanchez
    Marissa Sanchez 8 days ago

    He should’ve used the thermal cam in the shadow hallway, he could’ve caught a peeper coming from around the corner👻

  • ina schnieder
    ina schnieder 9 days ago

    ok the music just makes it funnier and scarier at the same time

  • Lucas Devinns
    Lucas Devinns 9 days ago

    Shane looks like Mulder from The X files

  • Brooklyn Ellington
    Brooklyn Ellington 9 days ago

    They need a freaking Netflix Show

  • Selena Elizabeth
    Selena Elizabeth 9 days ago

    I live near here

  • eusinoha
    eusinoha 10 days ago +1

    One thing I learned from this episode was that Shane and Ryan have absolutely no idea how to speak to children

  • The Robeast13
    The Robeast13 10 days ago

    Wait... I live in Rolling Hills and I've never heard of this place?

  • Ridashippu
    Ridashippu 10 days ago

    The intro to this episode, when taken out of context, sounds like to the intro to a horror movie.

  • Sanjali Das
    Sanjali Das 10 days ago +1

    The moment Ryan explained about that dog (testing energy field)
    Shane - that's pretty compelling and scientific !!
    When the dog shows signs of static energy
    Shane - it has nothing to do with science
    Now that's sheer ignorance from his side I feel...

  • Emma Everyday
    Emma Everyday 10 days ago

    “We aren’t dancing” Shane looked quite disappointed

  • Another stimulating comment

    Shane wouldn't turn his light on cause he was having a quick tug getting close to a demented female spirit is the best he's had Lol

  • hail.whit.dancer
    hail.whit.dancer 11 days ago

    Shane: I will respect the ghost
    Shane: "I'll kill ya if you pet the dog"
    Shane calm down there buddy😅

  • Theories16
    Theories16 11 days ago

    for anyone wondering what opera song u hear.

    Its: Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici.

  • Madee Nickole
    Madee Nickole 11 days ago

    LMAO Ryan said" hes probably making jokes and complementing the decor, but when I go down there my minds gonna descend in the darkness" LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • killer_potato killer_potato

    everything only happens to the believer...and who's watching in 1019🤣

  • Olivia Kosel
    Olivia Kosel 12 days ago

    Someone needs to make adorable fan art of Roy the Helpful Ghost🖤

  • Go Faq Yourself
    Go Faq Yourself 12 days ago +1


  • Vatheja
    Vatheja 12 days ago

    I want to go there

  • Vatheja
    Vatheja 12 days ago


  • Keaton The Cretin
    Keaton The Cretin 12 days ago

    “It’s for the kids” “you’re right”

  • Danielisasavage
    Danielisasavage 13 days ago

    Honestly I just wanna go to these places and chill like if I see a ghost COOL if I get killed COOL if nothing happens and I get to explore the place COOL like there’s no downside

  • Layton anderson
    Layton anderson 13 days ago

    Ryan doesn't get enough attention

  • bvitytwrbq
    bvitytwrbq 13 days ago

    the intonations of those voices from the spirit box are clearly from some radio or tv broadcasting and were like that during the entire series

  • Lewis Pitt
    Lewis Pitt 13 days ago

    At 25:00 it sounds like the ghost is saying speak

  • Ibrahim Loha
    Ibrahim Loha 13 days ago

    you could go to bhangarh fort in INDIA perhaps..
    It is in the top of haunted places of whole asia.
    HAVE GUTS...

  • francis derick corpuz
    francis derick corpuz 15 days ago

    What's the song in 16:04

  • butter
    butter 15 days ago

    For some reason I felt this strong connection to the doll at 10:19
    plus this overwhelming feeling of calmness

  • My Mother Is Jin
    My Mother Is Jin 15 days ago

    Is it only me, Roy gives me the creeps...

  • Shion Nezumi
    Shion Nezumi 16 days ago

    Roy asked what their names were... Come on y'all, don't be rude.

  • Kinjokes
    Kinjokes 16 days ago

    11:30 to 12:57 - my last two braincells when I hear a weird sound in my house at 2 am

  • Aurora Cook
    Aurora Cook 16 days ago

    I've been here, and it's actually a rather lovely place.

  • Skai and Me
    Skai and Me 16 days ago

    ..... I somewhat believe in ghosts and all but that didn't sound like a moan. That sounded like a fucking teddy ruxpin book😂

  • Sara Shaffer
    Sara Shaffer 17 days ago

    You ever hear a radio roy ? Well this is kind of like that but it will make you want to shove a pencil in your ear. that had me dead asf

  • Faith Fear Westergard
    Faith Fear Westergard 17 days ago

    My Ex fiance: Gets thrown across tthe room
    Me: Oh my God!
    Ryan; Well this just got weird
    Shane: Sits in silence

  • Jackspear
    Jackspear 17 days ago

    I think a ghost exposed them for acting this.

  • Athena Estrada
    Athena Estrada 17 days ago

    "Who's there?" "No one"
    Lol that's like when my brother asked if i was asleep. The exchange went as follows:
    Bro: Are you asleep?
    Me: Yes.
    Bro: Oh, okay.
    Bro:...Wait a minute!!!

  • iTz TiA1105
    iTz TiA1105 17 days ago

    Shane: any dolls that’ll like to talk to me? Miss?... ma’am?... WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK THERE? YOU THINK I DIDNT SEE YOU???
    omg Shane has no fear like 😂😂💖

  • Arrowbones
    Arrowbones 17 days ago

    Shane; ooOoOHoggh.... IT'S ME.......THE MAN WITH THE BAG. pet the dog.

  • DA BOI
    DA BOI 18 days ago

    17:00 song?

  • Kill Strike xP
    Kill Strike xP 18 days ago

    no shane needs to be more unkind to the ghosts i think its funny

  • Rachael Eliza
    Rachael Eliza 18 days ago

    1:27 why is that teddy bear waiting for it

  • Hana
    Hana 18 days ago +3

    Awwww I wanna talk to Roy. Maybe it was him who was booping the dog's nose.

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips 18 days ago

    at about 3:02 the head of Ryan's shadow moves although Ryan doesn't

  • christhane
    christhane 18 days ago

    ghost: drags shane
    shane: what a strong wind-