PART TWO: We Address Tamar’s Comments on “The Wendy Williams Show”


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  • Fire Child
    Fire Child 16 hours ago

    We know you did NOTHING wrong, Loni! Hold your head up high Soror! Your sorority sisters are so proud of you!

  • Tim Huff
    Tim Huff Day ago

    I feel Loni's hurt when she said "but i didn't do it" Loni was hurt because social media was going ham on her, Fat shaming her saying "she was the reason" after all those year's and she couldn't say much about it because that was her job. While Tamar prolonged that to go on. Tamar knew that she had alot going on for herself (Award shows, The Braxton family values, New album's). The real was all Loni had.

  • Team Julie’s Triple Cs cancer crafts and crops

    I feel for Loni, she tried so hard not to cry.

  • Usman Azam
    Usman Azam Day ago

    Loni is definitely holding back tears 😭

  • PureAloha78
    PureAloha78 3 days ago

    It’s funny how Adrienne here says she hates drama . On another show, Tamera asks Adrienne if she liked a little drama and Adrienne said yes. Lol

  • h town
    h town 9 days ago

    Drama don't follow me either. I stay away from negative energy.

  • Rose Davis
    Rose Davis 10 days ago

    Tamera’s face at 1:23 😭😭

  • Zina Hall
    Zina Hall 12 days ago +1

    Jeanie hardly ever says much when this subject comes up, I believe BELIEVEEEE she specifically had something to do with it, even if the other girls didnt! We all saw the tension between her and Tamar during the show over the years & theyve all mentioned how Jeanie is the plug #justsaying 🐸

  • Alex Xolo
    Alex Xolo 14 days ago

    Also, why would she come to a show that she was fired in.
    Also, media plays an important role in the narrative we consume. She may have been fed information which was meant to create public attention by the producers too

  • Nikki Coetzee
    Nikki Coetzee 15 days ago

    I am a huge fan of this show I have been and I all ways will I senilely know that the show and the girls had nothing to do with this I am so sorry

  • Sita सीता
    Sita सीता 17 days ago +2

    When Jeannie tried saying something on the subject at 2:05 Loni and Adrienne cut her off... I think people who are guilty tend to speak on the defense the most.
    2:56 Loni cut Jeannie off again
    Jeannie really didn’t get to say anything until the end of the clip lol

  • KiwiRosa
    KiwiRosa 17 days ago

    Disgusting ass producers

  • Charlotte Smythe
    Charlotte Smythe 18 days ago +150

    I’m so glad Jeannie didn’t say anything. Because Tamar treated that woman like crap. And Jeannie has always kept it cute.

  • 661 king
    661 king 19 days ago

    Wendy who?

  • Amor Ankh
    Amor Ankh 21 day ago

    Nothing on the show is reall

  • Asia N'Gal
    Asia N'Gal 23 days ago +1

    Tamar will always be my favorite on the real

  • annette garza
    annette garza 25 days ago +3

    Despite this Tamar Drama I can't help but stare at Adrienne nose contour

  • opinions in ASMR
    opinions in ASMR 27 days ago

    i used to find tamera really annoying bc she sort of grouped up with tamar and didn’t really have her own personality. since tamar left, i actually think all the other girls shone brighter. tamar just didn’t bring around good energy

  • Bad Teacher 01
    Bad Teacher 01 27 days ago

    People in the comments saying “Tamar is the realest” lol the woman came from a well spoken family and she’s out here putting on a WHOLE fake ass ghetto personality. Y’all are blind af

  • Maria Caceres
    Maria Caceres Month ago

    I just wanna know what lipgloss Adrienne is wearing 😩

  • V jinmi
    V jinmi Month ago

    Why is everyone saying Jeannie is silent while everyone is talking? The others are talking about women of color to support each other. I don't think Jeannie has the right to speak on that. She did exactly what she was supposed to do - not put her two cents in. Jeannie said it best - they have disagreements and that is it. 3 years ago peeps. why are we still picking at ones behaviour. Speak positivity. Don't sit behind your screens and try to act like you know why "it speaks volume" to whatever the hell their behaviour is. Keep it real ladies. Thank you for speaking on this and saying "move on".

  • Señoritaaa
    Señoritaaa Month ago

    Tamar was the realist one out the show she always spoke her mind and didn’t hold nothing back the show is boring after she left

  • Aileen Ruz
    Aileen Ruz Month ago

    Love the way you guys spoke about it.. no shade, all love. Keep being your classy self's 👏🏻 💖💖

  • Carla M
    Carla M Month ago +6

    I'm in love with Adrienne's look here, absolutely beautiful.

  • Tony Bowers
    Tony Bowers Month ago +9

    Okay so if y’all think Loni was the one with bad intentions and she “did something” then why did Tamar even fell the need to apologize on Instagram in the first place?

  • Ai Sam
    Ai Sam Month ago +1

    Jeanie speaking VOLUMES silently.

  • Nhlanhla Ngwaqa
    Nhlanhla Ngwaqa Month ago +1

    Emmy my foot, people like Beyonce get snubbed on Emmys so stfu somebody

  • N. RQ
    N. RQ Month ago

    when this show started Tamar was more famous than Jeannie. There is no way Jeannie can get them or famous person fired if the powers-that-be didn't want that person fired.

  • kiera danyluk
    kiera danyluk Month ago

    I honestly didn’t like the way tamar treated them they are all so nice to her but that’s just me

  • Anne Cyan
    Anne Cyan Month ago +2

    I started watching the show with the four of them and it's ENOUGH. Why do you need mean spirited tamar when you have sweet temara, bubbly jeannie, hilarious loni and outspoken addriane

  • IBelieveInMiracles
    IBelieveInMiracles Month ago +1

    I have been watching these ladies for years and I can honestly say that it once have I ever felt anyone of them has any ill intent. They’re just not those kinds of women. They all seem to be genuinely kind hearted people.
    I blame the producers or head of the show or however fired Tamar for not clarifying and admitting that it was their own executive decision and nothing having to do with the ladies on the show. They obviously don’t have that kind of authority and it doesn’t take that much intellect to understand. As much as I loved Tamar on the show and was sad she left, I was disappointed about all that she said and insinuated about them after she was fired. It feels like she really did not know them at all. If anything it says more about her character and polished theirs even more. Too bad all of this had to go down. I hope they do leave it here, once and for all. They said it many times and do not need to defend themselves or state that they had no involvement whatsoever any longer. Wishing them all, including Tamar, much success. It would really nice to see that she finally accepts this truth and hopefully reconcile one day and offer a sincere apology of accusing them unjustly.

  • Susan Coronado
    Susan Coronado Month ago

    I’m sorry but who is Tamar??You girls are awesome and real..

  • Silver Oasis
    Silver Oasis Month ago

    I believe the girls...I think Jeanie and tamar never got on so that’s why she was silent...Tamar jsut needs to stop lying and Wendy is jsut jealous cuz she hasn’t won an Emmy

  • adriana 1
    adriana 1 Month ago +2

    Tamar did not make this show.

  • Anthony Mendez
    Anthony Mendez Month ago

    They talk about support but have they really came out and explained why she was let go? You talk about no ill intent but at end of day she lost her job. If one of my close coworkers was fired and I didn't agree I would speak on it and defend my friend.

  • Juan Borge
    Juan Borge Month ago +3

    Tamara is an angel, there's no way they did something wrong

      ACTUALLY ALEXIS ANNA Month ago +1

      Juan Borge Right?! When Tamera said “I’ve been in show business for over 20 years & my reputation is not one of cattiness.” Baby every entertainer/celebrity can’t say that! I grew up watching Tamera & her siblings Tia & Tahj. They’ve always been graceful & classy.

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner Month ago

    Their has never been woman of color on a talk show... did they never watch the view? The view has had many woman of color all throughout the years. Not all woman of color but yes it had woman of color

  • Keisha Sessler
    Keisha Sessler Month ago

    I miss this...

  • Ava Freeman
    Ava Freeman Month ago


  • Ash Kash
    Ash Kash Month ago +1

    Tamar left 3 years ago and the show is still on air...AND they won an Emmy.
    lol yall hate to see it

  • Camille Miller
    Camille Miller Month ago

    Loni may not have gotten her fired,but she knows the people who fired her and she has more power to do something about that than she realizes.Not to mention loni is an actuall producer LMAO.

  • Camille Miller
    Camille Miller Month ago

    Tamar wasnt even really being that shady on wendy and the fact that their bothered by it amd chose to respond to it speaks volumes.

    If you litsen adrienne had the nerve to say that if producers behind the scenes got her fired and her sister stayed she would not ask her sister to leave, BULLSHIT!
    If yall didnt leave when tamar was fired without yall know supposedly then thats shady as well, takes two to tango.

  • Nouran
    Nouran Month ago

    Tbh I like the show better since she left

  • Terry Walker
    Terry Walker Month ago

    Stop talking about Tamar. She wants to remain relevant. She's always the root cause of drama on the show with her sisters. That's proof right there of why the Real needed to get rid of her. The Real is much better without her lip smacking, "won't he do it" antics.

  • Marissa DeLeon
    Marissa DeLeon Month ago +7

    Poor Lonnie. She has some deep feelings and you can see her emotions easily. Tamar is obviously under the influence of her perception vs reality

  • Kali Sarah
    Kali Sarah Month ago

    7 years?!?!?!

  • Talitha Warren
    Talitha Warren Month ago

    YESS you deserve being here! i love this show and I agree with Arianne

  • Lesley
    Lesley Month ago

    was Jeannie sleeping 😂

  • Saimazing Life
    Saimazing Life Month ago

    Adrlienne’s 3LW is coming out here lol #AllForOne

  • Tenisa White
    Tenisa White Month ago +55

    But the way loni said “and I didn’t do it”! My heart fell out of my chest😭. Her and Tamar really had a friendship and this really seems to be affecting her! My heart hurts.

    • Tim Huff
      Tim Huff Day ago +1

      Yeah Loni was hurt because social media was going ham on her, Fat shaming her saying "she was the reason" after all those year's and she couldn't say much about it because that's her job. While Tamar prolonged that to go on. Tamar knew that she had alot going on for herself (Award shows, The Braxton family values, New album's). The real was all Loni had.

  • Bria Barrows
    Bria Barrows Month ago +4

    Girl bye the show is not dry without Tamar. Not with that nasty energy she has. There is peace on this show now

  • I D
    I D Month ago +85

    Tamera is so well spoken. She’s a good person, too.

  • Paola Cuevas
    Paola Cuevas Month ago

    0:45 if Adrienne hadn't helped I'd be a little lost as to where Tamira was heading. Some true colors coming through in this clip. 👏Jeannie, super chill about the right topics.

  • Keita Foxy
    Keita Foxy Month ago +2

    And also the truth is more often than not, all this “SISTERHOOD” only goes so far. This is a job, these girls are all good with each other because their bread is not being threatened. It’s easy to say “what you would do if it happened to you”, until you are the outcast you believe everyone has your back. But this life and we’re all in it for self-interest.

  • Sylvia Camp
    Sylvia Camp Month ago

    They are so full of it.......they got their stories together!

  • s s
    s s Month ago

    Loni reminds me of a friend of mine who is a pathological liar, she seems like she was behind the firing of tamar, maybe Jeanine and tamera are innocent, but adrienne is such a sheep to impress her boss ,she probs tried to impress loni like she did in 3Lw and got that girl fired.

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Month ago +3

    Nobody gets you fired , you get yourself fired.

  • SamAsm
    SamAsm 2 months ago

    Show business. I wish they hadn't split it into two parts. This part is better.

  • lexis Sees
    lexis Sees 2 months ago +1

    Obviously Jeanie is apart of why Tamar has been fired.. I expected Jeanie to say something like "Yes Tamar has been rude to me-" (Everyone saw that) "but i would never go behind her back and say something to get her fired".. But she didnt say that she stayed quiet in guilt of knowing the truth. I get her silence, she just doesnt want to be targeted in any way.

    • lexis Sees
      lexis Sees Month ago

      Myronn Coleman geez okay i understand you - you commented 3 times to me

    • Myronn Coleman
      Myronn Coleman Month ago

      lexis Sees ever thought she stayed quiet because it’s like beating a dead horse... whether she said something or not people would still find her guilty

  • Jasmin Ajayi
    Jasmin Ajayi 2 months ago +1

    Personally I stopped watching the real after tamar left and I do believe that they didn't like tamar and got her fired tbh.