epic fortnite chapter 2 moments

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • epic games made the best season/chapter in fortnite battle royale history (so many epic fun moments and a 21 elimination victory royale)
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  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  28 days ago +3233


    • Brayden Lund
      Brayden Lund 2 days ago

      That ass

    • L3thal
      L3thal 9 days ago

      McCreamy it’s yeetable

    • Faith
      Faith 12 days ago


    • عمر محمد
      عمر محمد 16 days ago


  • MythfullYT
    MythfullYT 15 hours ago

    How weird is it everyone I scroll thru comments I come across a quote as soon as the yt Uber says it? Like I just came across someone saying “ a tractor !”

  • mate 6785
    mate 6785 23 hours ago

    I cried at the first part

  • Rocco Duncombe
    Rocco Duncombe Day ago

    Aim boter

  • rooney nd uh
    rooney nd uh Day ago

    I won my first game too

  • Cody Alexander
    Cody Alexander Day ago

    Fortnite went a long way

  • Tyris Bennell
    Tyris Bennell 2 days ago

    In the first game of fortnite its AI's

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird 2 days ago

    The first game only has bots lol

  • Charlene Townsend
    Charlene Townsend 2 days ago

    We lómß foryñire. XD I'm gy on inh this ßitn my nose that was suppose to say we like fortnites I'm typing this with my nose...

  • Alexsis Littlewood
    Alexsis Littlewood 2 days ago

    Chapter one 👍🏻 chapter tow 👎🏼 😭😭😭

  • Jason Mastrorilli
    Jason Mastrorilli 3 days ago

    The intro is emotional

  • Sacha Merlo
    Sacha Merlo 3 days ago

    Tacs are better

  • Waleed Almahdi
    Waleed Almahdi 3 days ago

    4:00 they are bots

  • Ggames415
    Ggames415 4 days ago +1

    I love how he was sweating so hard against the bots

  • Slapyt 81
    Slapyt 81 4 days ago

    I love Your Crazy snipes

  • TR Ro330
    TR Ro330 4 days ago

    Who else heard,WHAT THE F DID U SAY TO mE U LITTLE SH

  • Squishy Muffinz
    Squishy Muffinz 5 days ago

    I had om another account my first game 26 kill win

  • Keewee burd
    Keewee burd 5 days ago +1

    Da laugh 4:57 it's so cute

    KGZ MIRANHA 5 days ago

    Zapely doo
    Zapely hay!
    Your mom is super gay!!

  • A Random Commenter
    A Random Commenter 6 days ago

    *Bold of you to assume that I’ll live more than 69 years*

  • J N
    J N 6 days ago

    Anyone know what music is playing around 0:37?

  • OG_ Zaid
    OG_ Zaid 7 days ago

    My first game I got a 36 kills

  • Megumin
    Megumin 7 days ago

    Nice to YEET you

  • Foxboy Gaming
    Foxboy Gaming 7 days ago +1

    Who else won their first game with 6+ kills I believe I got 7, couldnt find much people 😂😂😂 like if you won it too!

  • Cody The Fox
    Cody The Fox 7 days ago +1

    so epic

  • KF Brothers
    KF Brothers 8 days ago +1


  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown 9 days ago

    The strart of the video was really cool and i will miss fortnite cuz i strartee from season 1😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aidan dragan100
    Aidan dragan100 9 days ago

    LIER!!!! I subscribed and I didn't have good luck liar

  • kittyX 21alpha
    kittyX 21alpha 10 days ago

    I got 24 my first game u bot lol.
    Ur not a bot though 😀☺😊☺😁😊😂

  • sampleoid
    sampleoid 11 days ago

    I had 18 Kills in Solo so many noobs are in Chapter 2

    • sampleoid
      sampleoid 7 days ago

      For what

    • 3kul59
      3kul59 7 days ago

      sampleoid can you please post TheXvid vids

  • shona campbell
    shona campbell 12 days ago

    Nice bro

  • legoboi studios2000
    legoboi studios2000 12 days ago


  • David 4k
    David 4k 12 days ago

    I like your vidéos bro

  • Tj Clyburn
    Tj Clyburn 13 days ago

    You my daddy jk

  • 60k subscribers with only 2 videos

    If this is grey you dont play fortnite

    (Support me)

  • Faith Ford
    Faith Ford 13 days ago +1

    creamy: “dude im on fire🥵” Everyone else: dude ur playing bots😂” The bots: “😏”

  • SamsDailyLife
    SamsDailyLife 14 days ago

    Check my channel for some fortnite content guys! More uploads coming soon> and don’t forget to subscribe :)

  • LM Bro
    LM Bro 14 days ago


  • kingnoleydrix
    kingnoleydrix 14 days ago

    I was the one you threw into the storm no joke I am so happy

  • ChunkyMike
    ChunkyMike 14 days ago

    Does anyone know his settings?

  • Nye LMOA
    Nye LMOA 14 days ago

    i was nostalgic until they got the season 6 then i was like thank god for chapter 2

  • T B Y
    T B Y 15 days ago +1


  • Raquel Collins
    Raquel Collins 15 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Lil Xero
    Lil Xero 15 days ago

    That carry glitch happened to me I was laughing to hard

  • Garrett Dimaano
    Garrett Dimaano 15 days ago

    If you dont win your first game your a huge not cause everyone's first game of chap 2 is programmed to be a full bot lobby

  • Noodles
    Noodles 15 days ago

    Everyone: wow! Look how amazing the scenery is!
    Mcreamy: A tractor!

  • Chris33134 Gaming
    Chris33134 Gaming 15 days ago

    I could feel the sweat before the video started

  • Itz Spike
    Itz Spike 15 days ago

    Ngl I didn’t know the first match of the game were bots and I really wanted to see the battle pass so I went up to a bot and let it killed me.... I’m kinda annoyed because it was basically a free win

  • Anthony Giafaglione
    Anthony Giafaglione 16 days ago

    Your battling bots you know that right

  • Andri Már Vilhelmsson

    Anyone watching 420

  • Kronky
    Kronky 16 days ago

    First game they were all bots

    DAILY SNIPES 16 days ago +1

    ghost adan gets 46 kills
    chapter two 99

    DAILY SNIPES 16 days ago +1

    what the most biggest thing of fornite
    we like fornite 5x
    today whats the best thing that happend to you season 2

    DAILY SNIPES 16 days ago

    teacher what did you do chapter one

  • ghost-Rizze
    ghost-Rizze 16 days ago

    Itüirluflzdlzsgwkgskgstisitdzlflhdlzeuödnzwlzsjtsjfsjfsjtstkajarjariarksktgkykgföjdtklzflh und der neue Weg zur yhmykgstldözdözwlzslzslgslltsltstlaltalist german

  • Respawnables geek
    Respawnables geek 17 days ago

    that intro lowkey made me cry

  • Tyshaun Cannon
    Tyshaun Cannon 17 days ago


  • Leo and Penny Aiava
    Leo and Penny Aiava 17 days ago +1

    I got 14 kills on the first game and it was a win

  • liping ren
    liping ren 17 days ago +1

    Nice inception music

  • Mike Hoskins
    Mike Hoskins 18 days ago

    First chapter 2 game is all robots