Yubin "Thank U Soooo Much" M/V

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Yubin "Thank U Soooo Much" M/V
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  • JI KIM
    JI KIM 35 minutes ago

    왜 저거 나온당시 유빈 노래를 몰랐지?? ㅇ

  • Brenda SF
    Brenda SF Hour ago

    this song is 🔥❤️

  • taika
    taika 4 days ago +3

    I am only who is streaming?

  • Kellie Bean
    Kellie Bean 4 days ago

    Issa BOP but its not for me, I still think it deserves way more attention cause it's amAZING

  • sumbodyshero
    sumbodyshero 5 days ago

    This is some illuminati stuff right here... you've been reported to Alex Jones!

  • NS LOP
    NS LOP 5 days ago

    Damn this song is lit... it should get bigger... yubin jang!!! 😘😘😘

  • Anurag Gupta
    Anurag Gupta 6 days ago

    wow....where was this song all this time..
    so good

  • certifiedfatshamer
    certifiedfatshamer 8 days ago

    she ate this upppppp

  • baekkim
    baekkim 8 days ago

    one of the best songs of 2018

  • sumbodyshero
    sumbodyshero 9 days ago

    1:48 This graphic is ripped right from the end credits of The Matrix. The numbers even match. They colored it red, removed a vertical column of numbers, and made it pulse.

    • sumbodyshero
      sumbodyshero 3 days ago

      I mean, it's the literal frame from the movie. You can line up the numbers perfectly.

    • Lilly Fdl
      Lilly Fdl 4 days ago

      What do you mean ripped...it's called an "innuendo", there are several obvious references in the mv, not only to Matrix but also to Dragonball Z

  • Elfran Sy
    Elfran Sy 11 days ago +1


  • Valeria Leyva Hurtado
    Valeria Leyva Hurtado 14 days ago +1

    Ya un año de esta joyita

  • Minerva Li
    Minerva Li 15 days ago +2

    Happy one year anniversary to this wonderful song!

  • Amado Gretchen
    Amado Gretchen 16 days ago +4


  • 순후추
    순후추 16 days ago +1

    이 곡이 숙녀처럼 대중적 성공을 이루진 못한거 같은데. 그래도 난 참 맘에 들거든. 이렇게 처음부터 끝까지 잘 정돈된 컨셉과 톤으로 만들어진 컨텐츠는 근래에 없었던거 같아. 정말 잘 만든 곡, 무대, 뮤비, 안무, 거기에 얹어진 컨셉이랑 그걸 잘 소화해내는 유빈까지. 유빈의 또 하나의 가능성을 본거 같고. 약간은 비주류인듯한 이런 컨셉 ㅡ 대중문화의 얇은 한 줄기흐름을 메이저 기획사에서 만든다는것도 좋은 시도였던거 같으

  • Love Twice
    Love Twice 21 day ago +2

    Watch this music video! Recommend this pls! Stop sleeping on Yubin

  • 정민지
    정민지 23 days ago +1

    얼마나! 이 부분이랑 랩 파트 너무 중독성 있음 ㅠㅜㅜ 유빈 언니 랩도 잘하고 노래도 잘해 ㅠ 이 노래 왜 안뜬건지 의문

  • Khadiatou Ndiaye
    Khadiatou Ndiaye 23 days ago

    I love her sooo much. This is just fantastic : the choreo is the best part and that atmosphere tho love love love.

  • blow it like a flute
    blow it like a flute 25 days ago


  • đức duy Võ
    đức duy Võ 26 days ago

    I really enjoy this kind of music. This song is so catchy. I love it in the first time.

  • Fer Conz
    Fer Conz 26 days ago +3

    Es obvio que en la canción se refiere a que el chico le fue infiel pero adoro que aun en esa situación ella no insulte a la amante, sino que hable enojada directamemte con él, el verdadero responsable.

  • VandJungkook And sugakookies

    She’s from wonders girl and she has so much talent why is she underrated

    • ro labrin
      ro labrin 24 days ago +1

      Jyp doesn't know how to promote their soloists

  • hongjoong's iconic laugh

    it's been a year but I still don't know how she does that move with her arms

  • good saf
    good saf 27 days ago

    I'm a new fan I love this kind of music

  • 예빈
    예빈 28 days ago +1

    유빈은 역시 레트로 컨셉이 젤 잘 어울리는 듯

  • Da Shaman
    Da Shaman Month ago

    I would live to debate some of you dumbass doctors and make. You. Look retarded.

  • Kiash Behari
    Kiash Behari Month ago

    Why is so underrated, like this is such a bop👌🏻

  • Da Shaman
    Da Shaman Month ago +1

    Why dont you retards invent a new high speed camera and watch them reset out US Providence in the blink of an eye instead of watching me god damnit

  • so won
    so won Month ago

    I miss why so lonely era of yubin

  • Da Shaman
    Da Shaman Month ago

    Painful natural death for all those who could cherry

  • juyeon jin
    juyeon jin Month ago

    Soooo pretty

  • CheyenneNascha23
    CheyenneNascha23 Month ago

    I love this song and and I love her outfits in this video too 😊😀

  • jing_jing 46
    jing_jing 46 Month ago +1

    언닝 ㅠㅠ 오늘도 뮤비스밍하러왔어요♡♡♡

  • tormentitah h
    tormentitah h Month ago

    She's AWESOME

  • afifah Nurhayati
    afifah Nurhayati Month ago +1

    First time watch YUBIN n i think "wow this is good music to listen"

  • Megan Duncanson
    Megan Duncanson Month ago

    This and lady are seriously so good, they need to be appreciated more

  • isai morillo
    isai morillo Month ago

    I do Love it

  • Michael Harknett-Wilson

    A real Kpop Artist. Fuck Black Pink

  • Anyone Nolza
    Anyone Nolza Month ago


  • 林阿毛
    林阿毛 Month ago


  • epacse-
    epacse- Month ago

    0:41 She's holding a hair dryer lol

  • tormentitah h
    tormentitah h Month ago

    Just woow

  • hellida luna
    hellida luna Month ago

    Yubin aqui es una sayayina!

  • elfi
    elfi Month ago

    this is on my halloween bangers list i love it

  • Lulu Reverie
    Lulu Reverie Month ago +1

    I want nobody nobody but YuBin

  • Bea Bagot
    Bea Bagot Month ago +2

    This song is so good. I love Yubin vibes.

  • Cierra Smith
    Cierra Smith Month ago +1

    I'm so happy and can't wait for her comeback 💜💜💜

  • Solange Life
    Solange Life Month ago +1


  • Kendal
    Kendal Month ago +12

    This is still THAT BOP a year later. Yubin will always be my favorite female soloist, just because of TYSM and Lady ❤️❤️ wish JYP would give her more songs because she is my retro queen

    • Sethei
      Sethei Month ago

      She just had her comeback, go listen!

  • Nikki carl Maxwell
    Nikki carl Maxwell Month ago +1


  • HuiEn Na
    HuiEn Na Month ago +2

    The "You talk to much" choreography at 1:18 thoooo! Haha! Using it in real life for sure

  • Stay Ahgase
    Stay Ahgase Month ago

    Who got this on reco page ? Btw i stan JYP

  • pochemookorova pereshladorogoo

    who is watching before yubin's comeback?

  • Juvia Nanami
    Juvia Nanami Month ago +1

    Wooow shes got a damn scouter💙

  • Na Omi
    Na Omi Month ago +4

    I know no one will care but this song is one of my favorite song from soloist❤️

  • Sther Vine
    Sther Vine Month ago

    Anyone back after Yubins new song teaser release

  • 츄츄
    츄츄 Month ago +1


  • Maz Ch
    Maz Ch Month ago +1

    Love that concept ❤️

  • Astrid Kizy
    Astrid Kizy Month ago +2


  • yoona hwasa rose lisa lisa

    She is so beautiful ❤️💙❤️