Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Samsung’s Galaxy wireless buds were our shiny gleam of hope for cutting the headphone cord. The Galaxy Buds feel like feathers, they’re easy to sit in your ears, and they seem to get Samsung’s claimed six hours of battery life on a charge (with seven more in the case). The small form factor allows the case to easily fit in my pocket, but the problems set in when you begin to use them.
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Comments • 1 632

  • The Verge
    The Verge  2 months ago +306

    What wireless headphones are you using? What do you want to be using?

  • Hemanth Udupa
    Hemanth Udupa 3 hours ago

    is JBL Free X a good alternative for the Galaxy wireless buds?

  • beggarmanthief
    beggarmanthief 18 hours ago

    Got it once, but I returned it because it had audio issues

  • TheMiniBeast
    TheMiniBeast 22 hours ago

    1. Galaxy Buds
    2. Galaxy buds

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz Day ago

    I use an iPhone X with my buds. I also have the Apple air pods. I find that the buds are more comfy and sound better ( due to less ambient sound) .
    However, I can't use them to their full potential as I do not have a Galaxy phone. I'm sure that the sound quality would be optimized with a Samsung device, and I can't download the Wearable Galaxy app, as it is not available from Apple's app store (Android exclusive app).
    I have yet to try the air pods or the buds mics.
    Thank you for your review, awesome.

  • R2D2
    R2D2 2 days ago

    what are you?

  • Guillermo Reynoso
    Guillermo Reynoso 3 days ago

    Guys if you are rhinking of buying the galaxy buds forget this video, the updates samsung has put out has changed audio, connectivity and mic quality jmmensly, plus, she did not have the buds on full volume, to change the volume you have to go to the buds settings, change the BUDS volume to max then change you PHONE volume to max, then you will get audio quality that make these sound like 200 dollar earbuds.

  • Banmeet Singh Dang
    Banmeet Singh Dang 3 days ago

    I have OnePlus 7 pro so which one would be perfect for me

  • God Fearing
    God Fearing 3 days ago

    Yuk liberal dyk

  • Kevin de Beer
    Kevin de Beer 3 days ago

    I am using the Huawei freebuds, and the mic quality is great and the sound is also very great 😍😉

  • alok kumar
    alok kumar 4 days ago

    Gr8 presentation! Details are impressive, ... Subscribed ...

  • Mike Owen's
    Mike Owen's 5 days ago

    To be honest the galaxy buds sounds the same as when you where in the phone or maybe its just me

  • Justin Augustus
    Justin Augustus 6 days ago

    It's so cool, I didn't know colin farrell was doing reviews for verge nowadays

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    I cant believe theres not an air bud mic that u can put in a bike helmet :)

  • shine01120
    shine01120 6 days ago +1

    So 25 seconds in and I already know what you think of the buds. Thanks. Saves me watching the rest of the video.

    • Nho2x
      Nho2x 6 days ago

      I have them and belive me , they are soo good , the sound is soo good

  • catastrophic37
    catastrophic37 7 days ago +8

    Taking calls is not a necessity of headphones. Headphones are made for listening; that's literally their purpose. Calls are a luxury as you put it. I am still temped to try it, but the lack of audio quality I keep hearing is scaring me off at the moment.

  • epi pi
    epi pi 7 days ago

    He looks beautiful.

  • *EAGLE* a c e
    *EAGLE* a c e 8 days ago

    Off course its a step back in technology. It'd be "innovation" only if apple made something from 5 years ago giving it some fancy name and a outrageous price tag...

  • JERRY tm
    JERRY tm 9 days ago

    Everybody gangsta

  • GadgetActivated GA
    GadgetActivated GA 10 days ago

    So you use a Apple USB C to charge your S10 Plus?

  • ( HiT )
    ( HiT ) 10 days ago +22

    This review is a prime example on why you shouldn’t take the word of one person 😏

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 11 days ago +1

    You can download a equalizer from the app store, it makes a difference on the sound quality on any TWS earphones.

  • Richard Avers
    Richard Avers 11 days ago +5

    The galaxy buds are more comfortable, sound better and have better call quality than pretty much anything that doesn't cost $250+.

  • Jay Marvin Villamin
    Jay Marvin Villamin 12 days ago


  • brock lear
    brock lear 12 days ago +2

    Soo should I get a pair of buds??? Im going to get some this weekend but I wanted to watch a video to see what other people think

  • GreenBulletProd
    GreenBulletProd 14 days ago +132

    If it's not Apple, the verge hates it.

  • zSil3nced
    zSil3nced 15 days ago


  • Askerovv
    Askerovv 16 days ago


  • ankur mehra
    ankur mehra 16 days ago +4

    How many shirts she got on 🤔

  • Gavocado
    Gavocado 17 days ago

    Honestly a great review. Nails everything on the head, the call quality just makes it a deal breaker. Otherwise fantastic - if they fix that, I'll happily get the second generation.

  • Dwayne Pinto
    Dwayne Pinto 20 days ago

    Amazing Review.

  • Dana Andrews
    Dana Andrews 20 days ago

    I use them for work and after I adjusted the size they are amazing. This is also someone coming from the original Gear X's. With that being said.... I like how this review is laid out. Well done!

  • Pierce O'Leary
    Pierce O'Leary 20 days ago

    This is a pointless review from this young boy

  • Jamie-Alexander Fenton

    Three minutes into this video and I loved your style of videos and your ideas are great! You have my support

  • Fahad Ghous
    Fahad Ghous 21 day ago

    The sound quality is really good but they have really common issue with the battery alot of people are having issues due to battery, samsung customer service is really disappointing. When I took them for repair apparently I need to wait three weeks to be replaced after using them only for 3 days.

  • Ahmed Nur
    Ahmed Nur 22 days ago

    Do a review of beats x

  • Tievoli
    Tievoli 22 days ago

    Can you use them in bed laying down on the left or right side?

  • Matthew Bortz
    Matthew Bortz 23 days ago

    Well, can't impress everyone.

  • Harold Diaz
    Harold Diaz 26 days ago

    They've been updated. I have been used them for about 2 months and had no problems at all

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 27 days ago +3

    the adapt sound that greatly improves the audio on Samsung cell phones. It's a really cool setup that should be more apparent

  • Juleon Barnes
    Juleon Barnes 27 days ago +1

    I have no problem with the call quality on my Samsung Galaxy buds

  • Mritiunjai Sinha
    Mritiunjai Sinha 28 days ago

    I really wanted to buy these until I saw this review! Thank you, Verge

  • Milos Grujic
    Milos Grujic 28 days ago +1

    Such a great and positive energy 😁😁 one thing are they supposed to be in the charging case? When you are not using them.. Tnx 😁😁👌👌

    • DekuAM
      DekuAM 26 days ago

      No but its smarter to put them in the case so you don't lose them

  • SonicJ3T
    SonicJ3T 29 days ago

    This might actually be the worst, most shallow review I've watched on TheXvid.

  • Louie Stopps
    Louie Stopps 29 days ago +2

    Thanks this was helpful would like to see huawei compete with these wireless earphones

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Month ago

    Great review. I am buying airpods for their microphones, which seem to be best in the realm of truly wireless earbuds

  • Ryuichi
    Ryuichi Month ago +7

    Obviously this video was made before the updates that made Galaxy Airbuds sound better.
    I just got a set and I love mine! They even fit comfortably into my tiny ears.
    Can you do an update video since Samsung rolled out new updates for Airbuds? Thanks!

    • Nho2x
      Nho2x 6 days ago

      Is the mic better ?

    • optimus prime
      optimus prime 18 days ago

      I was gonna say they sound good to me but still a good review tho I just got mines.

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith Month ago

    I actually have Bose wireless earbuds and just got the Samsung truly wireless buds of choice are the Samsung ones...bc the sound is above average but they just look and feel so cool to wear.

    • Justin Smith
      Justin Smith Month ago

      But there's no doubt that I just can not talk on them....which blows

  • Taiseer Al Salihi
    Taiseer Al Salihi Month ago +19

    Please update your review The Verge, cuz there is 3 updates and it works really great 🙄

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb Month ago

    None of the airpods or Samsung buds have good audio quality but if you are looking for good wireless buds with great sound it would be better to get either Bose or Sony

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb Month ago

    Can you have her do all the reviews

  • too steamz
    too steamz Month ago

    Good vid

  • Andrea Rose
    Andrea Rose Month ago

    Just got the buds for free with my phone purchase... considering that... totally not mad about these buds at all!!

  • Mees Rottmann
    Mees Rottmann Month ago


  • Marco A. Heredia
    Marco A. Heredia Month ago

    you need to make a review on the tranya t3 wireless earphones pleas

  • Kaleemulla Shareef
    Kaleemulla Shareef Month ago +1

    I was thinking that my galaxy Buds have the problem, so I was planning to purchase new ones. Thank god I saw your review, and now I will stick with what I have. By the way, great review though. Keep up, thanks again. God bless you.

  • Sam Abla
    Sam Abla Month ago

    i love the smile she kept up while she told us she was disappointed with them at the start. very not weird

  • Barry Smegma
    Barry Smegma Month ago

    cool talking dishwasher.

  • Mutch Louis
    Mutch Louis Month ago

    After this review, to what extent would u recommend the Jabras, if u let go of the falling of problem as compared to the other 2 to an Android user ?

  • isak larsen
    isak larsen Month ago

    Still suing my gear iconx, wanna switch to galaxy buds, but might wait till the next generation samsung buds

  • Bread
    Bread Month ago +1

    I think Samsung nailed the aesthetics and feel for the buds. That being said I hope the second iteration comes out with the best of both worlds

  • andrew J
    andrew J Month ago

    I don’t think the mic was that bad

  • Asif Iqbal
    Asif Iqbal Month ago

    Air pod is best audio

  • Unbaked
    Unbaked Month ago

    The S buds were way too quiet for me. Anybody else?

  • mex55
    mex55 Month ago

    Man...I really wanted these to be awesome. Still not giving up my wired connection

  • Wired Weird
    Wired Weird Month ago

    Your best tip for me was the proper way to insert buds into ears: counterclockwise twist in right ear and clockwise twist in left. I'd been doing it the other way around. The fit is more secure and I sense a little more bass overall. Btw, these buds also work nicely with my Samsung TV. Job well done 🖐😎

  • Corey Burns
    Corey Burns Month ago

    I've had mine for about 2 weeks so far so good I love the fact that they have their own app battery life is decent

  • John W II
    John W II Month ago

    I believe the galaxy buds are awesome! The sound quality of these are nice...yes they could have more base(I really wish they would team up with Bose for the one time)but for a wireless earbud that you can use individually and not lose any sound quality or connectivity or easy comfort..what else can you really ask for? The ambient sound is a mic to the outside world..yeah it might sound a little weird at first but its cool you don't have to take out your earbuds to talk to people. Watch my video it may not be as cool as this persons but a yes get these earbuds review:)

  • Nicolo Don Diego
    Nicolo Don Diego Month ago +1

    The audio quality of galaxy buds is good! Especially on the price of 130's not bad

  • Eskwyre
    Eskwyre Month ago

    I went to a shop to buy these. The till operator machine wasn't scanning. Thought it was a sign? Came to check reviews. I'm glad I didn't buy it. I'll wait for next years. 😀😊 Thanks xx

  • Gaurav Dudi
    Gaurav Dudi Month ago

    Jabra 65 T

  • PrzemVic Gorlach
    PrzemVic Gorlach Month ago

    Good review

  • dcobbism
    dcobbism Month ago

    Just bought these. So far day 1... Hoping for a better experience than you

  • Dumblaster
    Dumblaster Month ago

    I just ordered these they’re coming in in a few days 😏

  • PysRmIneDraws _
    PysRmIneDraws _ Month ago +2

    Yeah, I live in Canada and this is 200$

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +79

    I'm glad I didn't pass on the Galaxy Buds based solely on this interviewer's opinion... so far I've had no issues with my buds

    • Harold Diaz
      Harold Diaz 26 days ago

      They've been updated. I have been used them for about 2 months and had no problems at all

    • blinkgenre
      blinkgenre 27 days ago

      @Ben sorry not looking but thanks bro

    • Ben
      Ben 27 days ago

      @blinkgenre see my comment directly above yours... "In an office setting, I've had no issues with mic/call quality. Hopefully it stays that way. The mic/call quality is diminished whenever you are outside especially in wind, but I'll only be taking phone calls with the buds whenever I'm in my office, so no worries."

    • blinkgenre
      blinkgenre 27 days ago

      Hows the mic?

    • Ben
      Ben 27 days ago

      Just to follow up on my initial comment... In an office setting, I've had no issues with mic/call quality. Hopefully it stays that way. The mic/call quality is diminished whenever you are outside especially in wind, but I'll only be taking phone calls with the buds whenever I'm in my office, so no worries.

  • Nelson Mendes
    Nelson Mendes Month ago

    "the airpods sound better cause the stems are closer to your mouth"...better than what? Jabra's sound was great, Samsung wasn't great but airpods sounded like you were muddy and shrilly. Maybe recording feedback but it was only marginally better than the galaxy buds. Why the bias?? Call the spade a spade

  • 420 Friendly
    420 Friendly Month ago

    Wait, they took away swiping up for volume? Ugh. Don't think I'll be upgrading from my Icons. My only question, one no one seems to know to answer, is switching buds: I use one at a time regularly, and you are forced to use Galaxy Wear to switch buds with my Icons... stupid, but BT 4.2 was the issue. So now that they're 5.0, can we just hot swap?

    • Terror
      Terror Month ago

      I believe so, I am also planning on getting these sometime next month and watched Flossy Carters' video and he tried to hot swap them and they worked perfectly.

  • TLB54321
    TLB54321 Month ago

    andy milonakis son?

  • bigbird232
    bigbird232 Month ago

    Thanks for the review :) really really helpful and the way you went about it was awesome. I was looking for something that would show what the sound quality would be like outside

  • Yacht Master
    Yacht Master Month ago

    What color do you guys like for theGalaxy buds?

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      black since my phone is black and it doesn't stand out as much in my ear as the whites... also the white shows dirt

    • DaddyboneZ
      DaddyboneZ Month ago +2

      randoman750 there isn’t a blue

    • randoman750
      randoman750 Month ago

      I quite like the blue

  • m7tal -
    m7tal - Month ago

    You know the controls are touch right?

  • nicolas lachter
    nicolas lachter Month ago

    will it work on my galaxy s5?

  • BrassProphet
    BrassProphet Month ago +2

    Whos this dude....

  • DrzEstrella
    DrzEstrella Month ago

    Someone here has the same problem with the charging case? Mines are draining by itself. HELP.

  • Raymond Guo
    Raymond Guo Month ago +10

    The Verge is pretty much alone on this one; Engadget, TechRadar and Android Police all consider the Galaxy Buds the best overall TRS earpieces, at least for Android phones.

    • Vortex
      Vortex Month ago

      It all comes down to personal preference.

    • Satyam Kumar
      Satyam Kumar Month ago

      The mic quality is still really bad. I wish it wasn't, otherwise it would have really close to AirPods.

  • Taesthetical
    Taesthetical Month ago

    Better than airpods

  • Peanut Free Meatloaf

    The galaxy buds are just Samsung being salty about people not appreciating the headphone jack

  • Bill Denbigh
    Bill Denbigh Month ago +1

    Great review, really like the reviewers style and presentation

  • Mr.Eks76
    Mr.Eks76 Month ago

    The difference between the three in the outside test was very little. I was expecting a major difference the way you talked about it. Instead I had to rewind 3 or 4 times just to hear. I would be interested in seeing the actual wave patterns on some recording software. For me, calls aren't the main purpose of ear buds, and I prefer having less ambient sound when listening to music. Interesting trade off though.

  • Volkan ERGÜN
    Volkan ERGÜN Month ago

    Actual useful review, great job.

  • Justin Augustus
    Justin Augustus Month ago

    Audio recording was genius

  • nunya bizness
    nunya bizness Month ago

    wireless headphones will give you brain tumors....fact.
    is it worth it?

    • Mr.Eks76
      Mr.Eks76 Month ago +2

      Actually that is not proven to be the case on humans, maybe in lab rats. But the fact that cellphones transmit radiation is. Oh yeah also, the sun can give you skin cancer... worth it?

  • dong won
    dong won Month ago

    it's falling out because of the way you put them on. You aren't supposed to twist them to make the wing tips face more towards the back of the head. I actually used to do that on my gear iconx and it was very uncomfortable with the occasional drops too.

  • young grasshopper
    young grasshopper Month ago

    They are terrible..I got them free when I bought the s10plus... everyone says they vane hear me good and alot of background noise...glad I got them free

  • gunsofsteele
    gunsofsteele Month ago +3

    My buds work great on calls. But, then again, I don't have any earrings. Ha!

  • gunsofsteele
    gunsofsteele Month ago

    App works great with my S10+. Where's the app for my tablet?

    • IG: couldnt
      IG: couldnt Month ago

      it should be on the Samsung app store not the Google play store.. maybe im wrong though

    • gunsofsteele
      gunsofsteele Month ago

      @IG: couldnt yeah, it's the tab but no app in play store

    • IG: couldnt
      IG: couldnt Month ago

      is it the Galaxy tab? i think you need to have a Galaxy product to have the app

  • EthanWheatthin
    EthanWheatthin Month ago +150

    This review is pretty old considering the buds lifespan so far and at this point its inaccurate. There was a software update that fixes the audio quality and the mic works fine now. So this review isnt so great to use as reference

    • Satyam Kumar
      Satyam Kumar 15 days ago +5

      Could you send any resources or update notes for the mic getting fixed?

  • Eric Swenzen
    Eric Swenzen Month ago

    you make the best rewier in the world seriously

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    I've heard about Hissing issues and Left earbud problems with Jabra Elites and I am really confused either which one to buy. Any recommendations (I use a Galaxy Note 9)

    • EthanWheatthin
      EthanWheatthin Month ago

      @First Name compared to the same earbuds(the akg ones) i got in the box with my s10 i would say the buds are slightly worse than them ut the sound is defenitly pretty good and is very close to that of airpods(if you have ever used them) withthe diffrence being these get rid of almost all exgernal sound. Whitch is great except for when you need to pay attention to something.

    • First Name
      First Name Month ago

      @EthanWheatthin Oh Thanks for reply. So comparing it from the earphones that come in box (tuned by akg wired earphones) do they sound better or equivalent? I have heard that they sound tinny with almost no bass.

    • EthanWheatthin
      EthanWheatthin Month ago +1

      @First Name there is very little to none when i watch videos. Sometimes when i reconnect them latency is very obvious and blatant but its fixed by just reconnecting again. As someone who watches a lot of videos in spare time it does well

    • First Name
      First Name Month ago

      @EthanWheatthin Hi, Thank you for the reply. Can you tell me more about Latency when watching videos?