• Published on Jun 24, 2017
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Comments • 1 995

  • Reverse Card
    Reverse Card 2 months ago

    How is having 200 dollars being a hypebeast

  • Lil Chuki
    Lil Chuki 3 months ago

    The other guy won

  • Jake Schneider
    Jake Schneider 4 months ago

    Just Wynn

  • Hennessey. RB26ツ
    Hennessey. RB26ツ 7 months ago

    Jay Z 4:44

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins 8 months ago


  • EL Tamz
    EL Tamz 9 months ago

    Minute 5:20 Lil Uzi Vert XO Tour lIF3

  • Khii
    Khii 11 months ago

    Anyone notice how at the beginning the guy was just randomly walking backwards? Also put on the fit guy

  • Jose Resendiz
    Jose Resendiz 11 months ago

    The one in blue one

  • Anika Horsfall
    Anika Horsfall Year ago

    This guy has ZERO personality and no sense of style. His outfits have no coordination, he chooses the wrong colors in certain pieces and combines terrible pieces and colors with others. Get a grip dog. This guy is boring and a wanna be, a 200 "hypebeast" outfit? That's a cheap outfit. Your shoes and pants should be 200 minimum. Let alone the tops and any layers as in a jacket or a loud sweater piece, not to mention the accessorys or bags. What a joke.

  • Kaushihan Ahilan
    Kaushihan Ahilan Year ago

    Should’ve got the champion crew

  • MRsoggyWAFFLES27
    MRsoggyWAFFLES27 Year ago

    My name

  • S2ME
    S2ME Year ago

    None of u won u both aren’t hype beast ur a ricegum wana be

  • sellittothemigos
    sellittothemigos Year ago

    June 23 is my birthday wtf

  • Icy Polo
    Icy Polo Year ago

    0:16 scared the shit out of me😂

  • newmoneygutta
    newmoneygutta Year ago

    U lost easy

  • CartoonBeast
    CartoonBeast Year ago

    Boiiiiiiiiiii June 23 is my birthday lol

  • Elliott O
    Elliott O Year ago

    Just wynn

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez Year ago

    Idk yalls outfit lowkey sucked

  • Martin Luther King


  • Pranked Bruhh
    Pranked Bruhh Year ago +2

    0:31 ur fit would look valid asf wit sum white air forces 😤

  • Temani Knight
    Temani Knight Year ago

    my name

  • Jordon Roy
    Jordon Roy Year ago

    Dude I am wearing the exact pair of shorts that you bought as I’m watching this video rn

    HH STUDIOS Year ago

    intro song?

  • cameron redmond
    cameron redmond Year ago

    Just wynn

  • Sabrina Barrett
    Sabrina Barrett Year ago

    No offense but just in Wayne one this one

  • Goosemilk
    Goosemilk Year ago

    $83 dollars and u couldnt find ANYTHING else hype??? smhhhhhhhhh

  • Cole Roberts
    Cole Roberts Year ago

    Wynn won

  • Daniel Avina
    Daniel Avina Year ago

    No body

  • Viral Tier
    Viral Tier Year ago

    What kind of shorts?

  • Avantre Fitts
    Avantre Fitts Year ago

    Bro it don't match u shouldb have gotton ripped jeans or something instead of basketball shorts

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield Year ago


  • Vargas Family
    Vargas Family Year ago

    Just wynn

  • Rajath Pawaskar
    Rajath Pawaskar Year ago

    I liked your t-shirt and distressed hat... his shoes and shorts.

  • wassuup
    wassuup Year ago

    I dont it get it why masks are popular

  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz Year ago

    Just wynn

  • Mikaeel Furrha
    Mikaeel Furrha Year ago

    That camo shirt would look dope with those camo nmds

  • Javier Diaz
    Javier Diaz Year ago

    Vans sneakers? Seriously? So basic? Nothing new in this outfit, sorry. The other guy with the camo shoes did it a lot better :(

  • Swbro_2
    Swbro_2 Year ago

    Wynn won

  • Leo Kelly
    Leo Kelly Year ago

    Champion hoodie - $60
    F21 jeans - $20
    Vans - $60
    Adidas tee - $20
    NYC hat - $20

  • Flexed Daily
    Flexed Daily Year ago +4

    Just Wynn won because I love those NMDs so much!

    CLUTCH TV Year ago

    How you put vans with basketball shorts

  • Han Hoa
    Han Hoa Year ago


  • Floodable
    Floodable Year ago

    both outfits are fucking trash wtf

  • Wilfrido Arreola
    Wilfrido Arreola 2 years ago

    Just wyn won the hype beast challenge

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 2 years ago

    Vans are hyped however when people think vans usually they refer to sk8s

  • ohdigit
    ohdigit 2 years ago

    Wynn won

  • noliwo
    noliwo 2 years ago

    Just Wynn

  • Marcus Mattox
    Marcus Mattox 2 years ago

    just wynn

  • Football freaks 123
    Football freaks 123 2 years ago


  • Adjar Suleiman
    Adjar Suleiman 2 years ago

    do this more please!!!

    VRIEZY 2 years ago

    {just lose}

  • Dominic Rosales
    Dominic Rosales 2 years ago

    Wynn won 💯

  • Umar Rahman
    Umar Rahman 2 years ago

    what shoes is Wynn wearing

  • Jacob Brass
    Jacob Brass 2 years ago

    Just Wynn

  • justin dajer
    justin dajer 2 years ago

    just wynn

  • Alejandro Alejos
    Alejandro Alejos 2 years ago

    yo outfit trash

  • Cameron J
    Cameron J 2 years ago

    Just Wynn winned

    SNG TURBO 2 years ago

    Just Wynn

  • Kevin Trust
    Kevin Trust 2 years ago

    he wins cause the shoes are legit 100$. then he matched it hype. he doesn't need the camo shirt cause his shoes are what you need to match your shirt. lol

    CARLOS ASCENCIOC 2 years ago +1

    You you won the challenge