• Published on May 12, 2019
  • Behind the scenes of the Click Hide and Seek in a High School shoot!
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Comments • 585

  • evil_ morty28
    evil_ morty28 6 days ago

    Lol at the end

  • Alex Kraatz
    Alex Kraatz 10 days ago

    Go AFL

  • Jaydoga13
    Jaydoga13 14 days ago

    Yeah Marcus supports afl

  • BlueBerry Lover
    BlueBerry Lover 17 days ago

    Marcus’ dream was to date a lady when he was older and now he is with Lufu

  • Wolfy Gaming978
    Wolfy Gaming978 21 day ago

    Look at lanan in the back ground in the theater

  • Mr Mudkipz
    Mr Mudkipz 22 days ago

    Lannan was shaking with a dreamy face and kept looking down near the end in the lecture hall

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 23 days ago

    Ha the end year exam ( STAAR) test changes every year

  • MGC SwayZ
    MGC SwayZ 23 days ago +1

    I wish I was in click

  • gaming channel 101
    gaming channel 101 28 days ago

    Imagine editing this part 0:32

  • Kdwmrw Winters
    Kdwmrw Winters 29 days ago


  • Bryson Helm
    Bryson Helm Month ago


  • FROSTED 77
    FROSTED 77 Month ago

    Does Marcus have a you tube channel

  • ZubbaYT
    ZubbaYT Month ago


  • Dontstealmymacaroni Ember

    Every time Lannan lifts his skirt
    Take a shot

  • {ケーキ}Cake
    {ケーキ}Cake Month ago

    Literally fucking nobody:
    Lannette the entire video: *lifting skirt*

  • Ollie Mangos
    Ollie Mangos Month ago

    3:18 why is loserfruit holding a gun

  • Sgt Fortnite
    Sgt Fortnite Month ago

    If they were actually in school Marcus would be the cool guy, Muselk and Bazz would be the nerds, Cray would be the weird person in the back of the room watching anime and not paying attention, Lannette would always be in trouble, and I couldn't think of anything for Loserfruit

  • Viggo Brtolin
    Viggo Brtolin Month ago +1

    Great intro

  • Marc Cantos
    Marc Cantos Month ago

    Cray I like anime too dont worry
    Lufu I like Maths

  • J3rry b0ss
    J3rry b0ss Month ago

    The end tho

  • Mari Senpoi
    Mari Senpoi Month ago

    I dislike lufu now.. math and especially history are the worstttt

  • Yeison Bonilla
    Yeison Bonilla Month ago

    Never said a high school drop out

  • Sailou Marvel fan
    Sailou Marvel fan Month ago

    My friend has started TheXvid when we were in yr5 and now we're in yr7

  • KraneXenic
    KraneXenic Month ago

    Read the description:

    *"HIGH SCHOOL SHOOT"*🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Rafay Cheema
    Rafay Cheema Month ago +1

    Everybody: me in highschool
    Lannan: I dropped out of highschool

  • Dane Rogan
    Dane Rogan Month ago

    The lockers at the start are the same as my school’s.
    Proud Aussie

  • johannes foerster
    johannes foerster Month ago +1

    Im german and half kiwi

  • Santi Abiyanto
    Santi Abiyanto Month ago

    I dident know you guys had a jack cooper from titan fall 2

  • nagz-youtube
    nagz-youtube Month ago

    the jig is up cray we all know now

  • Chill
    Chill Month ago

    Marcus would be a jock
    Lannette would be the prom queen
    Lannan would be the jokester
    Lufu would be the smart one
    Cray would be a weeb
    Bazz would be that one kid who everyone thinks plays basketball but actually he is a introvert
    Elliot would be that rich kid who flexed his fancy toys and gadgets

  • RsGy GT
    RsGy GT Month ago

    Why is the kiss scene behind the scene is not here?

  • Kelly Giuffrida
    Kelly Giuffrida Month ago

    Apparently Lannan was a little shit when he was at school! 😂😂

  • Cockle Man
    Cockle Man Month ago

    I get c’s and b’s

    ICONIC PLAYER Month ago

    Is bazza Tall or the other are little

  • MarshmallowGacha XD
    MarshmallowGacha XD Month ago +1

    Class clown- Lannan
    Athletic- Marcus
    Nerd- Bazz
    Teachers Pet- Lufu
    High one- Cray
    Lazy- Elliot

  • jørn husøy
    jørn husøy Month ago


  • xcloudlyy
    xcloudlyy Month ago

    0:50 Bazza makes everyone look so short

  • Erik Lindergren
    Erik Lindergren Month ago

    Litterally every video that Lannan is in i learn that we have something else in common, first when he showed his stram library and i saw he had all my favorit games(many of them aren’t well known), he does the stupidest shit for laughs and attention(me in high school), he slept in class a lot(litterally me everyday in high school, the list just keeps growing.

  • F Spielkind
    F Spielkind Month ago

    Lufu speaks German?!

  • Jessica Lillie
    Jessica Lillie Month ago

    My name is marcus but speld marquis🇨🇰 me🇺🇸

  • xd leachy08
    xd leachy08 Month ago

    afl is amzing

    HNAYPLAYZ YT 2 months ago

    Cray in an asian house

    Comes home with an a boi you better get da a prus before i get my sripper

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet 2 months ago

    You liked german!
    I'm german!

  • Quentin Vos
    Quentin Vos 2 months ago

    Uhhhh.... wow uhhh This is is the best video click & double click created?

  • Laurence
    Laurence 2 months ago

    In School im quiet loud without the teacher and the quietest when the teacher's around so in their eyes im a good guy :)

  • Elijah Futi
    Elijah Futi 2 months ago

    fuck this video mack a now video this funny mack it more funny

  • kRanki1
    kRanki1 2 months ago

    I want to be archterch

  • AGT_ Clapzy
    AGT_ Clapzy 2 months ago +1

    Loserfruit kalimara

  • Martin Erikson
    Martin Erikson 2 months ago

    Why does loserfruit like history

  • mythesto
    mythesto 2 months ago

    bruh you were at my sisters school!!! Black wattle bay!!!

  • Christina Almas
    Christina Almas 2 months ago

    I love it lol

  • Stormy Rowan
    Stormy Rowan 2 months ago


  • NOHAK23 Xbox
    NOHAK23 Xbox 2 months ago

    Ask Marcus what afl team he went for

  • Emily Xxx
    Emily Xxx 2 months ago +3

    Who thinks it would be funny if all the click people went back to school for the day 😂

    Like for the click to notice 😂😂😂😂

  • Kristian Gallegos
    Kristian Gallegos 2 months ago

    2:38 Lannan and cray being gay

  • Mr.Sir.Captain.Dubhington

    Loserfruit=Estatic student/Try everything
    Cray:Teachers pet/Snitch
    Marcus:Cool guy/Socialist
    Lannan:Juvenile delinquent
    Elliot:Passive aggressive

  • Cliodhna x
    Cliodhna x 2 months ago +7

    I just love the fact that in that thumbnail Marcus has his arm on Kath's shoulder ❤️like couple goals

  • Phantom O. O
    Phantom O. O 2 months ago +2

    Cray, what do you think Lannan was like in high school
    Me: I don't even think Lannan made it to high school XD

  • Owen Holmes
    Owen Holmes 2 months ago

    Cray could just shave his mustache and then no one would know it’s him

  • Grae Ghost
    Grae Ghost 2 months ago

    Hi guys love you!

  • TSG_Greenstorm910 !
    TSG_Greenstorm910 ! 2 months ago

    Marcus I’m 11 and I want to play AFL it’s my dream

  • Héctor Murguía
    Héctor Murguía 2 months ago

    Umbrella Academy season 2 leaked

  • Max.Mead_04
    Max.Mead_04 2 months ago

    Lannan didn't go to High School that much.

  • robot
    robot 2 months ago

    Guten tag wie gehts ( german

  • Đời Thường
    Đời Thường 2 months ago

    Hello friends . i am Vietnamese

  • Mystery Self
    Mystery Self 2 months ago

    You know lazarbeam dropped out of high school

  • Mrs-Derpy- Cookie
    Mrs-Derpy- Cookie 2 months ago

    Lannan In a skirt is the funniest thing ever

  • i loves lego's
    i loves lego's 2 months ago

    Love how every video lannen has to do something dumb and crazy

  • Abbie Ford
    Abbie Ford 2 months ago +2

    That final photo is perfect!! ❤️

  • Skidder
    Skidder 2 months ago

    Cray was the good kid but I thought he through a book at Mr.Adamson