Making a Particle Detector (Cloud Chamber)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • I experience JOY when I see cosmic particles passing by with naked eyes!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • Bobby Duke Arts
    Bobby Duke Arts Month ago +1536

    Dude! That is so freaking cool! I want to make one now

    • Richmond L Mungoni
      Richmond L Mungoni 17 hours ago

      I want that !

    • Oscar
      Oscar 5 days ago

      @ElectroBOOM THAT is an incredible good idea!! I want to see this table.

    • Fernando Salgado
      Fernando Salgado 16 days ago

      Bobby duke too?! Omg this is so amazing i need a collab for the trees

    • Fabrizio Brutti
      Fabrizio Brutti 21 day ago

      @ElectroBOOM heyyy!!! You haven't made the three millions subs video!!!
      Ps. Sorry if my English isn't perfect but I'm Italian.... And a last thing... Fantastic video!! I estimate you!

    • Red Stoner
      Red Stoner 25 days ago

      @Droid gamer/Maruf That is fake news

  • Boy Say
    Boy Say 43 seconds ago

    Make Video on PCB motor .

  • sean gallagher
    sean gallagher 16 hours ago

    Hey just to point out that if the smoke detector or banna is giving off alpha particles the plexi glass will stop them and it looks thick enough to stop beta particles aswell. not hating actually really cool to see this stuff

  • WinterFreeze Records
    WinterFreeze Records 17 hours ago

    i love that dave was in this XD slap that bass

  • Green Kaiju
    Green Kaiju 19 hours ago

    2:55 'SLAP' I spat my fucking coffee...Thanks @ElectroBOOM

  • 〈Clex〉
    〈Clex〉 19 hours ago

    Sir I believe you have overdosed on Davie504, we are going to have to take you and your channel to a place far far away now

  • Bryan Espinoza
    Bryan Espinoza 20 hours ago

    4:57 where's the sponsor!? Oh my God, is this Pavlov's conditioning???

  • Elias M.
    Elias M. 21 hour ago

    the davie504 cameo killed me

  • Noo Face Comics Inc.
    Noo Face Comics Inc. 21 hour ago

    I’m getting nastaga from the vacuum chamber video

  • Krzysztof Czarnecki
    Krzysztof Czarnecki 22 hours ago

    Most new smoke detectors don't have radioactive material and use an optical sensor - just an LED and a photodiode mounted in a way that the LED doesn't shine at the photodiode, but smoke particles can reflect some of the light to it. If you want a radioactive one, it must say so on the box or at least it must say that the sensor works for a certain amount of years and not say it is optical. Radioactive ones are more sensitive but they are expensive and have limited life time. You can get tritium vials that glow for a few years from China for just a few dollars, but I don't know if you can import them to Canada. They are pretty small and virtually harmless- the amount of radiation I got from a 22mm one wit a Geiger counter at the university was about 3 times the background radiation with vial pushed right to the detector. The brightness is similar to a chemical glowstick of the same size that was activated two or three hours ago and green ones appear brightest- the output is the same, but human eyes are most sensitive to green light.

  • Raketenudo
    Raketenudo 22 hours ago

    Slapped like for the Davie504 Reference

  • Chiral Dude
    Chiral Dude Day ago

    Just a comment alpha particles does not pentrate solids easily

  • SR71 blackbird A30

    You could slap the box apart!

  • Nikkity
    Nikkity Day ago

    I rarely react in any way besides laughter, but the way you used that jigsaw so close to your fingers made me clench, mehdi why you do this

  • Dadidav
    Dadidav Day ago

    Thanks for this video, it's pretty cool
    Check out this video of Experimentboy :
    It talk about the same effect, but it's very impressive

  • Karthik SG
    Karthik SG 2 days ago

    0:05 This guy hired Vin Diesel for this video

  • rahul tibrewal
    rahul tibrewal 2 days ago

    Slap...davie 504🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Love your videos
    Do make more

  • Alexander Adnan. B.
    Alexander Adnan. B. 3 days ago

    hahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahaha

  • ryan.m
    ryan.m 3 days ago

    Omg shooting stars in a jar. Very niiiicee

  • Avelino Pereira
    Avelino Pereira 3 days ago +1

    E P I C

  • Indian Srk
    Indian Srk 3 days ago

    6:43 consider his wife opens the door😂😂😂😂

  • leon Warner
    leon Warner 3 days ago

    My man for real tried to spit the cold off his tongue 😂😂😂

  • Rangsil G. Momin
    Rangsil G. Momin 3 days ago

    Surprised to see davie here

  • Gary Carone
    Gary Carone 3 days ago

    Is that music @ 3:18 from Earthbound 2?

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma 4 days ago

    MEHDI you are a god damn genius!

  • Francis Ivan Sta.Romana

    Davie504 ✌️👍

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 4 days ago

    i just thought of something.....
    if the peltier device always has a set difference in temp between the hot and cold side and you therefore have to cool the heated side in order to get the coldest temps on teh cold side, what if you rigged up somne sort of ducting and a fan or two to pull cold air from the cold side nd blow it over the fins of the heatsink on the hot side? then you have a fully self contained little unit with the best possible outcome (if your desired outcome is the coldest colds)

  • Sean Ocansey
    Sean Ocansey 4 days ago

    Love the Davie504 reference! 😂😂😂

  • Marckus Balingit
    Marckus Balingit 4 days ago

    Nice opening of curiousity at the end

  • SomeFurryGuy
    SomeFurryGuy 4 days ago

    People at chernobyl be like:why is this full of smoke?

  • CMD RW
    CMD RW 4 days ago

    Next up: Cloud Chamber with micro Lightening Storm. Feel my wrath ants! Whaaat?..its for science

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia 5 days ago

    How do you still have fingers?

  • LockeRobster
    LockeRobster 5 days ago

    That is so freaking cool! Hopefully one day you decide to revisit this invention and beef it up to make it colder and have some kind of radioactive substance to shoot particles in the chamber. Also, really good production overall on the video Mehdi.

  • OnyxSenpai
    OnyxSenpai 5 days ago

    Davie504 approved to slap like on this video who knew he loved science.
    Which made me slap like instantly since he approves

  • Michael Hitchcock
    Michael Hitchcock 5 days ago

    A razor a blade works well for cleaning epoxy from acrylic many hours after drying. It's easier than scraping cal-stickers.

  • Michael Paltzer
    Michael Paltzer 5 days ago +1

    in chat

  • hypnoticatrance
    hypnoticatrance 5 days ago

    EPIC .... Of course yes! I realy like your vids, and also you :)

  • LKLM Media
    LKLM Media 5 days ago

    How about you put the Detector in front of your Microwave...Oh wait you scrapped that for the Transformer...

  • Fernando M
    Fernando M 5 days ago

    hi davie504

  • LORDS Family
    LORDS Family 5 days ago

    you are morocan

  • Spagg Trait
    Spagg Trait 5 days ago

    Are you sure your seeing Alpha radiation in that? It's been a while but as far as I can remember Alpha radiation will not penetrate your plastic box, or even the roof of your house? Probably not even the outer atmosphere?
    So I'm pretty sure you are seeing muons (and maybe gamma rays) or other decay products that come about, when cosmic radiation hit's our atmosphere..
    There are also a lot of neutrinos but you won't see them with this setup.
    Like I said though, It was along time ago when I learned about that stuff and I could be wrong.

  • CrazyWebHacker
    CrazyWebHacker 5 days ago

    You have the same Digi-Key ruler as I do.

  • Dallas Kissam
    Dallas Kissam 5 days ago +1

    If only he lived near cody he could get some of his uranium ore

  • Oscar
    Oscar 5 days ago

    Your stupid little jokes in this video almost killed me. But in a good way.

  • Melody Gurman
    Melody Gurman 5 days ago

    Medhi is a Davie504 fan? EPIC!

  • Ing.Cristopher Aguirre
    Ing.Cristopher Aguirre 5 days ago +1

    I learned more electrical engineering watching "the rectifier" than in my college classes and for that i thank you master!

  • ah shit, here we go again please just click

  • deejayxcrypt
    deejayxcrypt 5 days ago

    That is a one good example of a phenomenon your common person wouldn't have the faintest idea what it is. And the world is full of stuff like that.
    Now think of how many reports there are of ghosts and aliens around the world. There's no way there's a connection there, right?

  • Boi F
    Boi F 5 days ago


  • FL2WAYRF Videos
    FL2WAYRF Videos 6 days ago

    Sigh...was expecting you to use an Alpha source of some sort such as Am241 from the smoke detector. The results would have been so much better than normal background. Still a decent setup. Never seen P chips used for this before and good idea with the sponge and resistors.

  • The Alpha Eagle :0
    The Alpha Eagle :0 6 days ago

    Why dont You just put on Rubber gloves

  • AllradKarre
    AllradKarre 6 days ago

    You forgot the Echo effect on EPIC

  • Kenneth White
    Kenneth White 6 days ago

    Wait he's Canadian. Awesome

  • Frank Tedder
    Frank Tedder 6 days ago +18

    I'm convinced he's just Davie from the future who's life went electric after some kind of freaky bass experiment

  • Gio GAR
    Gio GAR 6 days ago


  • The Predator1337
    The Predator1337 7 days ago

    3:06 why don't you place a vacuum under the saw?

  • playz All
    playz All 7 days ago

    You expected to see Davie 504

  • Connor android sent by cyberlife

    electroboom: btw do you SWAT Canadian residents too
    another agent: we do
    me and electroboom: EAHHHH

  • Jeeva Mohan
    Jeeva Mohan 7 days ago

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