Between JLo & Betty White, There's Me: Supermodel Paulina Porivkov

  • Published on Dec 27, 2021
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    Calling all women between JLo and Betty White!! Paulina's here to remind you you're worthy of being seen, heard, and celebrated. Having always been prized for her beauty as a supermodel, Paulina Porizkova felt completely seen and entirely unheard. At 56 Paulina has broken free, discovering that the loss of her child-bearing body has allowed her to find the most interesting version of herself: stronger, more beautiful, smarter, and wiser. Watch Paulina's video, linked above, to see how the rebel yell of menopause has allowed her to truly find her voice.

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Comments • 7 692

  • Miss Marilyn
    Miss Marilyn 6 days ago +12910

    A supermodel who's accepted that women age and is letting herself age naturally in a world of judgmental narcissists is quite brave. I really respect this woman.

    • Over It
      Over It 7 hours ago

      @Sandra the Fierce Exacta mundo! Women are so set, that we often opt out of engaging to avoid any unnecessary b.s. The gig is up. We run this, whether we know it or not. How do you prevent the BIRTHER of nations and HOLDER/PASSER ON of tradition and culture back?

      You don't.

    • Evan Petelle
      Evan Petelle 9 hours ago


    • Bulk Brogan
      Bulk Brogan 10 hours ago

      Plastic surgery people don't look younger they just look like wax statues that have started melting

    • James Doakes
      James Doakes 11 hours ago

      Yeaaaaaaa as a diagnosed narcissist, this word is completely overused. But on the plus side we’re not even in that kind of world anymore. These are the positives of social media. Yea there’s loads of nonsense, but there’s also collective social restructure. Like the definition of “beauty”. We don’t rely on tabloid magazines and fashion companies to tell us what beautiful is anymore. Now, it’s socially acceptable for natural to equal beauty.

    • Special K
      Special K 13 hours ago

      @Sandra the Fierce ummm you do know the homeless rate of women have gone up right?

  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving Day ago +99

    Betty white was a legend. RIP

  • ✿ niki 彡 ·˚ ༘

    if I looked like her when I was 50, I would feel absolutely blessed, she looks really good!!

  • Amy Lapratt
    Amy Lapratt Day ago +70

    Paulina is and was stunning. Her eyes are amazing and you can tell she is always going to be beautiful! And I love that she's had no work done and still looks like she does.

    • peter womersley
      peter womersley 10 hours ago

      Really beautiful Thanks for showing up this way

  • Cyia Slappy
    Cyia Slappy 2 days ago +19

    I totally get some of what she's saying, especially as I'm quickly approaching my half-century mark. If a person asks my age, I no longer just volunteer that info freely, as I wonder if that will diminish my significance in their eyes. I think the 50s are a literal "gray area" in this regard. You're too young to claim the benefits of "oldness" and too old to still claim your fleeting youth. This is in society's eyes, of course. In reality, I believe mid 40s and the 50s are some of the sexiest ages to be. Especially if you're still cute, healthy, and have that youthful joy and energy about you. Some things that makes a person "old" are having a negative attitude, constantly complaining, meddling in other folks' business, worrying too much about what others' opinions are about you, and handling situations in an immature manner. What makes a mature woman attractive and youthful are being comfortable in her own skin, the ability to still laugh out loud and have fun, an acceptance of her own regal qualities, acceptance of others, etc. Of course, classic clothes, stylish hair, appropriate makeup also help. 😉

  • Nicole Allen
    Nicole Allen 6 days ago +10198

    Not only is Paulina absolutely beautiful, she’s such a beautiful personality, deep, kind, and discerning person.

    • Tj EYM
      Tj EYM 8 hours ago

      @Ramzi Chouk 🤣🤣🤣

    • OhRightOk
      OhRightOk 3 days ago +2

      The woman is sitting half naked on a stool, talking about her looks.

      I dont care if its to do with ageing.

      Its still shallow.

      And shes still sat half naked on a stool.

    • Isabel P
      Isabel P 3 days ago

      Did you not see her on Americas Next Top Model, she isn’t nice or kind yikes

    • Michael Gromyko
      Michael Gromyko 3 days ago

      @Dutch Girl sure ...send us a selfie once you have a friendly lunch with her.

    • Dutch Girl
      Dutch Girl 3 days ago

      @Michael Gromyko I happen to know. She's the real deal. She's awesome.

  • eden.e
    eden.e 13 hours ago

    Period. You look absolutely amazing ma’am, beauty is not just present in youth, but also the process of ageing!

  • alžběta l
    alžběta l Day ago

    Honestly Thank you for this. We definitely need to see the real beauty. And by real i mean exactly this. Woman Who looks great. And still her age. Beauty doesn’t mean just youth

  • Witch Robin
    Witch Robin 10 hours ago +1

    Thank you. I'm 44 now. I to am an ex international Model and I support maturing naturally.. It's actually a huge passion of mine and thank you for staying true.

  • The Butterfly
    The Butterfly 17 hours ago

    You’re so amazing and let me tell ya every single line whether it’s from smiling or time tells a story a very beautiful story of your life and the wisdom you pass on to us😉🦋

  • carolyn nathan
    carolyn nathan 8 days ago +5151

    She's gorgeous and beautiful. This is what I call aging with grace.

    • S A
      S A 3 days ago

      @Joe Kerr haha what now

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 3 days ago

      @S A oh I'm hard, my man

    • Angela Lonis
      Angela Lonis 4 days ago

      @Ellen Carroll thank you that was my questions as well

    • Susan Azinger
      Susan Azinger 5 days ago

      @Don Sin Rostro It's o.k. ! 😊

    • Sue Ladybird
      Sue Ladybird 5 days ago

      @Sailor Mean do you know the name of the show please

  • BeNiceDammit
    BeNiceDammit Day ago +1

    Honestly I love this woman, an actual icon.

  • Valeria Moreno
    Valeria Moreno 2 days ago

    You have aged gracefully and with dignity. You're beauty can't be swept away by plastic surgery. You are a great example of self love.

  • Kali Cosme
    Kali Cosme 2 days ago

    Thank you for this! I'm so angry that people expect 50 year olds to all look like JLo.

  • Adrian Ezzo
    Adrian Ezzo 12 hours ago

    Idk why people always feel the need to spew hate especially at a beautiful woman like this woman? I think she is brave for going up and putting her natural self on display!!😍💖

  • Adrian Ezzo
    Adrian Ezzo 12 hours ago

    Idk why people always feel the need to spew hate especially at a beautiful woman like this woman? I think she is brave for going up and putting her natural self on display!!😍💖

  • Quito Quema
    Quito Quema Day ago +1

    You look absolutely stunning no matter what age you are! I dont think you are invisible...far from are in your face beautiful with none of the "fake" ness common in these times

  • KonigGustavAdolph
    KonigGustavAdolph 12 hours ago

    There is a difference between being respectful of someone and gratifying them. She is a 55 year old supermodel and she looks like it. She should live how she wants. But no one is entitled to the attention of others. And she knows what gets men's attention. She has known that since she started modeling FORTY YEARS AGO.

  • Irockit 247
    Irockit 247 Day ago +1

    She has like 15 times more integrity and class and beauty then mostly all the girls in my generation. Granted age makes up the difference, but like in her hay day, still stand true.

    • Craig Dawson
      Craig Dawson 14 hours ago

      She has 💯 more integrity because the others have a total of ZERO, they are simply simple fluff’s with inflated egos & perceptions of self!

  • ScaryWaffles
    ScaryWaffles 6 days ago +2362

    We need this representation. Women are allowed to age! It's not shameful to age, it's a blessing. A lot of people never get the privilege to get old.

    • Corneliu the groyper Codreanu
      Corneliu the groyper Codreanu Day ago +1

      @mochii your comment is litteraly "women get old, men are to blame"

    • ur mom
      ur mom Day ago

      the way people will LEAP to miss the piont... astounding

    • SharkAcademy
      SharkAcademy 2 days ago +2

      Not being treated special and given the same attention is not oppression. The fact is we celebrate beauty and give too much attention just because of looks as it is. We need to go the opposite way

    • Bryston Armstrong
      Bryston Armstrong 3 days ago +2

      Sure, women are allowed to "grow old": As a side effect, men won't find old women as attractive as young women. That's fair.

    • AMG24
      AMG24 3 days ago +1

      Lmao I’m pretty sure she isn’t talking about getting old lmao 😂 everyone gets old it’s unavoidable? Sorry but you didn’t understand the assignment 🤣

  • Deborah Pollitt
    Deborah Pollitt Day ago

    This woman was one of the supermodels of the 1990s, and ppl troll her about her appearance as an aging women. That’s not about her. It’s about our culture.

  • Mermaid Kelly
    Mermaid Kelly 2 days ago +1

    I absolutely love this, thank you for bringing this up. We weman stand with you love ❤🍾

  • Hope Wykel
    Hope Wykel Day ago

    You have always been my go to when someone asked me "if you could look like anyone" I think you are absolutely beautiful!

  • Mark Miranda
    Mark Miranda 15 hours ago

    Aging is a beautiful thing. To grow old is a blessing, because so many will never. I hope me and my wife look as stunning as this woman but I’ll love my wife no matter how she ages.

  • sewgatormomm
    sewgatormomm 5 days ago +889

    She’s stunning and REAL. We have to normalize aging. Look how healthy she looks. It’s about health and happiness not trying to look perpetually 30.

    • Xander Gold
      Xander Gold 4 days ago +1

      @CyberWarezz05 💯💯

    • CyberWarezz05
      CyberWarezz05 4 days ago +21

      @Marshal Losàntos Aging is fucking normal!So yeah, it is better to normalize aging than plastic surgery!Even if you're 50, you're still a woman and still have worth

    • Marshal Losàntos
      Marshal Losàntos 4 days ago +1

      You people want to normalize everything. Look into the meaning of that word.

  • Sazón Guzmán
    Sazón Guzmán 12 hours ago

    She is amazing.. She was when she was younger And she will continue to be amazing every day for the rest of her natural life..

  • AK
    AK 15 hours ago

    There’s a beauty to aging and our society hasn’t accepted yet they will when they get there.

  • Richard Napierkowski
    Richard Napierkowski 21 hour ago

    People need to see the REAL beauty of people. No cosmetics, no work done, no fillers/filters. REAL beauty I what we need. Kudos to her for telling the truth.

  • Elena McLaurin
    Elena McLaurin 22 hours ago

    Paulina, you are my favorite model/actress. I think you are beautiful and real. You are an inspiration to older women. There is a beauty level that we evolve into as we age. And getting plastic surgery. They lose that natural beauty as they age because of they get work done, that is not natural.

  • OtterThanMost
    OtterThanMost 5 days ago +1413

    This is so true. As a young woman, I’ve always thought older women were beautiful. Scars and wrinkles and spots show you where you’ve been, what smiles you’ve had, how often you’ve been puzzled. As an artist, I think I’d like to capture that beauty.

    • OtterThanMost
      OtterThanMost 4 days ago +1

      @Jon Aichs actually they do. Older men are sought after. Older women are not. It’s because of fertility.

    • Jon Aichs
      Jon Aichs 4 days ago

      Strange,women never say that about older men. Hmm

    • BillBoard
      BillBoard 4 days ago +1

      Men don't find older women attractive because they don't have the same biological cues of fertility (youth) because they're no longer young. So what we can infer from this is that men whom were attracted to older women did not reproduce as much. Its all biological and because of natural selection can't force people to notice older women. Only reason people cared about Betty white is because she lived an unusually long life compared to most.

    • cherrie
      cherrie 4 days ago +1

      💯% agree. My favorite & best paint ever is one I did of my late grandmother, I enjoyed & admired each detail of life, the story told by her skin. The beautiful her face had to tell us what helped me work through my trauma’s of her passing. ❤️

    • Amber Earheart
      Amber Earheart 4 days ago +2

      Yeah me too, but as I start to age I am like terrified of it... It’s so strange

  • Tina Spann
    Tina Spann Day ago

    We're discouraged and shamed for wanting to be sexy. In my opinion, I feel more beautiful today than when I was in my 20s. Self acceptance is 😎 cool

  • kyubi959
    kyubi959 2 days ago +389

    She was gorgeous back then and just as gorgeous now. Those ladies she’s talking about just have better PR and managers…

    • Qodeshim
      Qodeshim 17 hours ago

      @m leon yeah good luck in the friendzone

    • eden5260
      eden5260 18 hours ago

      She doesn't look a day younger than are age and that's o.k .
      The fact she may think people should agree with her because she think she looks younger is silly

    • Nate Solo
      Nate Solo 20 hours ago

      Not just as gorgeous.
      But she can still get it for an old lady.

    • kay
      kay 21 hour ago

      @Chris Houck 😂😂😂

    • m leon
      m leon 23 hours ago +1

      @Qodeshim nah, just knows a pretty lady when he sees one. Let’s see what kind of woman you managed to land? Actually keep it to your self bc she probably ain’t as good lookin as Paulina 🤭

  • George Shop
    George Shop 2 days ago

    You're still beautifully charming. You're not a pseudo beauty, you're just a plain natural beautiful woman.

  • Ralph Peirson
    Ralph Peirson Day ago

    It's not the looks, it's the personality and intellect that makes you attractive. Shallow people don't understand that. I think you look great!😊

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok 5 days ago +1606

    Definitely have felt I'm "fading'', and becoming more invisible the older I get. I'm almost 54. Thank you for speaking out. You are so beautiful inside and out.

    • Dé Srl
      Dé Srl 4 days ago

      @FORMULAtheprod Yuck. Women owe you shit.

    • Miguel Castillo
      Miguel Castillo 4 days ago

      Ur profile pic says otherwise

    • I’m over here
      I’m over here 4 days ago

      Sad part is that people believe this is a comment from an authentic person.

    • kodzuken_
      kodzuken_ 4 days ago

      @first name

    • Sabrina Murphy
      Sabrina Murphy 4 days ago

      Why do you have a young Asian webcam then? Hahah

  • silverstacks
    silverstacks 14 hours ago

    I could not agree more and I’m a man 🤣🤣 I want to see more like her on magazine covers. This motivates me and lets me know that it’s not over for us. We can work hard and take care of ourselves and look good too.

  • Michelle Dearth
    Michelle Dearth Day ago

    How refreshing, a natural beauty. Thank you, Paulina!

  • MyAmerica Forever

    People surprise me, how could they compare you to JLo? Your beautiful as you are, your all real, authentic, not deceiving with having work done. I’m happy you are able to be yourself and be happy just the way you are. People judge others when it’s not their place, I hope you don’t take what they say to heart! Thank you for filling the whole with your beautiful natural beauty 🙌🥰

  • mikoy huio
    mikoy huio 2 days ago

    She is stunning and her personality is sweet. Stay true to yourself!

  • Luanna Myers
    Luanna Myers 3 days ago +400

    I respect her so much. Grateful that she puts herself out there and allows other "mature" ordinary women to see natural beauty changes. Why is growing older naturally such a negative thing in this country

    • XiaoRaMyun
      XiaoRaMyun 2 days ago

      bro its nt only jn tis country its in tis world

    • Lunical
      Lunical 2 days ago +1

      @Hanz ??? this is not the point of this

    • Hanz
      Hanz 3 days ago +1

      She just put on lingerie showing off her physique. Nothing special about it in today's society.

    • Trenton Avery
      Trenton Avery 3 days ago

      To be fair, youth is coveted all over the world, which makes unrealistic (and mostly European/centric) beauty standards are the norm. I am saying this in full agreeable with you though, if that’s not clear.

    • Mauro Cogoni
      Mauro Cogoni 3 days ago

      It is not. It is only if you still think beauty matters. To men beauty stops at 25 roughly, then other qualities are so much important that beauty is irrelevant.

  • Christopher McLeod
    Christopher McLeod 19 hours ago

    Your realism and lack of insecurities makes people uncomfortable, with your confidence you are stunning!

  • Princess Woods
    Princess Woods Day ago

    Now this lady took care of her self 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 now this is real natural beauty 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Micscience
    Micscience 2 days ago +8

    She still has her attraction and feminism. God bless you sweet heart.

    • Micscience
      Micscience 9 hours ago +1

      @Rick adam Paul And ? What about her bags? Put yourself out there and I could pick you apart as well.

    • Rick adam Paul
      Rick adam Paul 12 hours ago

      Yeah feminism didn’t give her those bags

  • Traci Wilson
    Traci Wilson 2 days ago

    We should start a petition from older women wanting to see J-Lo unfiltered and with no makeup on and hair that hasn't been done by a stylist. I'll bet there are millions of us who'd like to see that. I'd be impressed if she was brave enough to do it.

  • bobabooty
    bobabooty 7 days ago +5269

    Agism is so real. That’s the real reason some people are afraid of aging

    • Special K
      Special K 13 hours ago

      @IGot7 Revluv Atiny Army who Stay Once Midzy Blinks so its misogyny because men don't find older women attractive, so is it misandry if women don't find short or men that make less money less attractive, I swear women try to find victimhood in anything. 🤦🏿‍♂️ if men don't find you attractive we just don't find you attractive women act like they are owed attraction from men, if you don't owe me sex I don't owe you attention.

    • Special K
      Special K 13 hours ago

      @crunchy why?

    • Special K
      Special K 13 hours ago

      @Milica honestly I'm really trying to understand this but where is this entitlement comes from? Nobody owes anybody attention, some people need to get over themselves, she's not getting attention so what, and we know the type of attention she's asking for, and no man has to supply that for her, she's not owed attention from men.

    • Suzanne Darley
      Suzanne Darley Day ago +1

      Exactly all these men talking about how she’s insecure? She’s not insecure she’s making a very important point that women of a certain age become invisible. Our dollars matter just as much as a 14 year old kid! Are used to be in the music business and I was reminded continuously that my audience is a 14 year old boy or a girl and that’s who I was trying to appeal to. This is just another barrier that women need to break down. I love that we support all body shapes for example Lizzo. There’s a place for everyone.

    • Elora Rose
      Elora Rose Day ago

      @aWildTomAppeared keep telling yourself this babes

  • workendog 1
    workendog 1 23 hours ago

    I work for a company that gives me a unique perspective that makes it possible to say this lady is actually correct.

  • Alain Fernandez
    Alain Fernandez 21 hour ago

    Natural beauty is the only real beauty, and be ok with being a “natural” THAT IS FANTASTIC !!

  • Linda Adams
    Linda Adams 19 hours ago

    Paulina's beautiful with no plastic surgery, botox injection and lip fillers... And when see took her hair down she looked radiant...❤

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans 11 hours ago

    50’s is the age where true beauty gets reflected from your sole.
    Thats when we become mentors and teachers

  • Delovely 1
    Delovely 1 10 days ago +2320

    Shes so so beautiful. Just a naturally gorgeous lady

    • Killa Division
      Killa Division 16 hours ago

      Sryy she is alr. She is old fuck y’all age like milk 🥛

    • A A
      A A 4 days ago +1

      @SVixiee Lee very good point. i seen this other lady once, shes old but so youthful, i think she exercises and eats right. i dont think you have to be drop dead gorgeous to look glowy and healthy as you age

    • SVixiee Lee
      SVixiee Lee 4 days ago

      @A A absolutely! She chooses not to have any plastic surgery and that’s amazing but I wonder if she wasn’t so naturally gorgeous if she would still choose not to get any kind of treatment. JLo is beautiful too as Gwen Stefani and Monica Bellucci and many other women no matter what their personal choice about their bodies are

    • K S
      K S 5 days ago +1

      No, absolutely not. She’s skin and bones. Sorry if it offends you. There’s nothing beautiful about skin and bones no matter what you wear.

    • jojo jojo
      jojo jojo 6 days ago +2

      You too

  • Rollo Tomassi
    Rollo Tomassi Day ago +29

    Stop worrying about the way you look and start focusing on people’s heart, that’s where real beauty lies.

    • Suzanne Darley
      Suzanne Darley Day ago +1

      You are missing the point. If you are a woman of a certain age you are literally erased and made to feel completely irrelevant. That needs to change.

    • hellboy
      hellboy Day ago +1

      Except she's a model and makes a living off of how she looks lol

    • Thuro Brown
      Thuro Brown Day ago

      Women will always worry about the way they look. They know men aren’t initially “focusing on people’s hearts.”

  • Kurt Hendrickson

    Wow that’s a real woman. All natural beauty can’t be outdone. 🥰

  • Vicky Toria
    Vicky Toria Day ago

    I applaud you for being the real you, JLo is very narcissistic (I mean who wears a shirt with their own picture on it?!?) all her pictures are filtered even when she posts on her personal social media she uses the filters…so hats off to you beautiful! 💚

  • Paula McNeal
    Paula McNeal Day ago

    Exactly, people should age naturally! You look great!

  • Elly wuzzup
    Elly wuzzup 2 days ago

    She's actually really beautiful 🦋❤️ I'm glad she's ageing naturally and gracefully

  • Keume José
    Keume José 13 hours ago

    She should just age with grace, accept aging and learn to deal with the fact that she ain't what she used to be anymore, she should learn to accept other people's preferences and learn to deal with the lesser attention she gets with time. Nobody shines forever.

  • ShoCa
    ShoCa Day ago

    She aged really beautifully. It's kind of strange but she looks like a young person that they made up to look older with wrinkles and makeup in a way. Either way she's a beautiful lady and you can tell she was gorgeous in her younger years as well and probably looked exactly the same without wrinkles.

  • gcmotorman 63
    gcmotorman 63 Day ago

    I'm amazed by how fine she still looks. She was fine then and she's Fine now

  • KFashion  패션 경찰
    KFashion 패션 경찰 3 days ago +454

    She is the perfect example of aging gracefully… what a beautiful beautiful woman and love how her natural beauty just shines 🤩🤩🤩🤩💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • Barney Stinson
      Barney Stinson Day ago +1

      Well not really. I'd say aging gracefully also requires adapting you're aging. This woman writes articles boohooing that young men don't want her because she's older yet her only "personality" trait is her looks.

    • Fuckof Ucunt
      Fuckof Ucunt 2 days ago

      @Amber Haskins well she has intelligence and selfishness, it's not acceptable without the beauty. Hence the moaning videos.

    • Amber Haskins
      Amber Haskins 2 days ago +2

      That woman was on thousands of magazine covers and rock videos and movies. She was such a beautiful young woman. I saw her face all over when I was a teenager. I am now 47 no work done. A people get older the body needs more care period.... I hate it
      .. But I use less or nomake up now.. Women that are older look sickening with it cakes on. This is just life.. Beauty faded there better be something more there like intelligence and sweetness

  • Tony E
    Tony E 11 hours ago

    Very refreshing. Thank you. Virtually no ‘real’ women left. I’m fortunate to be married to one of the rare ones that haven’t fallen into that hole.

  • Socrates A
    Socrates A Day ago

    So let me get this straight, and all the respect to her bc she is a beautiful person, but for the sake of all women: you not only must have attention when you’re young and old, but also those in between years? You just have to have it all then? You can’t go even a few years accepting the fact that you’re just a human being and you have to have value beyond your looks to get attention and what you want? At what point will you humble yourself if you don’t lose these things?

  • Adidjah Clarke
    Adidjah Clarke Day ago

    Getting old is a thing all of us will eventually go through if you want to stay young keep that in your mind and spirit leave the vanity out its really not worth it we're too caught up in what people think about us what matters is a beautiful soul

  • Nicole Knox
    Nicole Knox 16 hours ago

    Lisa Kudrow hasn't had work done and is still just as stunning as ever! She's in her late 40s. Paulina you're an inspiration!

  • Nette A
    Nette A 6 days ago +309

    She isn't beautiful for a 53 y/o...she's 53 y/o and beautiful! She makes a really good point about people being disillusioned about what most people in their 50's look like.

    • Countess Bitch
      Countess Bitch 5 days ago +6

      @mortuusequusphobia Disillusioned is a word that would work in this instance. What they said was correct. No need to tell them that they are wrong.

    • mortuusequusphobia
      mortuusequusphobia 5 days ago

      Not "disillusioned". The word you're looking for is delusional.

  • Chris Rodrigues
    Chris Rodrigues 2 days ago

    Why is it okay for men to age and maintain a "sexy" status even when going gray and going bald but the world misses the beauty of this woman? I am sure 20 year old me wouldn't see the beauty in aging but being young can be dumb. Smart, articulate and super pretty. Rare combination in today's world full of fake

  • Jimmy Skinner
    Jimmy Skinner 2 days ago

    I think you look just fine. Actually you look more than fine. Every one ages differently. I know so many that are my age and look 10 years older. You have always been a beauty and you will always be a beauty. Don’t mess with perfection.

  • Justincase008
    Justincase008 16 hours ago

    She was stunning in her younger years. She looks great in the Drive video. But time flies.. and ftr she looks just fine the way she is.

  • Dj Diamstat
    Dj Diamstat Day ago

    I feel the same way about being bullied my whole life for having a huge butt and big lips and the body I have naturally everyone is paying thousands of dollars to have now. My measurements are 38 28 44 but natural so not perfect so it doesn't count I guess.

  • Brendan Armitage
    Brendan Armitage 3 days ago +1752

    I’m just glad that she’s willing to be herself. She’s a really smart person, as well as being courageous and beautiful.

    • Geess Aess
      Geess Aess 2 days ago

      She's experienced in the law and will def take half yo shit when she gets tired of you to chase the next Chad.

    • Russell's Brand
      Russell's Brand 2 days ago

      Besides trying to look like a teenager she sounds as dumb as unevolved as one too.

    • JesusLovesGunViolence JesusLovesGunViolence
      JesusLovesGunViolence JesusLovesGunViolence 2 days ago

      From a evolution perspective, a girls value is in her fertility. Women skate through life because of men's biological desire to impregnate women until she is about 30-35. Then they cry when they don't get the attention and guys arent tripping over themselves buying them everything anymore. Guys are hard wired to be attracted to women that are fertile...not infertile. It's not ever going to be cool, getting older sucks for everyone but it's much harder for a man. Don't tell men what's attractive because your not extremely overweight, went through menopause ect.

    • Brendan Sierra
      Brendan Sierra 3 days ago +1

      Brendan!! This Brendan agrees with you.
      Loved her in the movie “Her Alibi”

    • Brendan Armitage
      Brendan Armitage 3 days ago +2

      @danny rogers sorry to read that you don’t find courage in being willing to be public as a middle/aged woman. I would strongly disagree with your statement as you disagree with mine. My understanding is that it’s terribly hard to be a wrinkled public woman. I admire her courage to be at the forefront of that push towards middle-aged female inclusion. Wrinkles are cool.

  • Ricky Conner
    Ricky Conner Day ago

    Beauty isn't makeup it's who and how you are as a person looks are an addition.

  • iSaac🎵
    iSaac🎵 2 days ago

    I think she's beautiful...especially for her age. I've seen 55 year olds. She definitely beats em all at how young she looks. I've never understood why we tend to listen to negative thoughts more than positive ones. I was there once when i was a teenager. Now im just a whole bucket of "f*** you im handsome😎"

  • Bill Reagan
    Bill Reagan 21 hour ago

    Nothing is more beautiful than a lady being real, she is definitely a fine diamond

  • Firefly Inspiration
    Firefly Inspiration 2 days ago

    Reminds me of my mom 💕 Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul 💕

  • HaliensExist
    HaliensExist 5 days ago +300

    She's absolutely STUNNING!! We need to acknowledge and appreciate this age group that embraces their natural beauty.

    • HaliensExist
      HaliensExist 2 days ago

      @SharkAcademy we should acknowledge that too. No one said we shouldn't. But here we are talking about beauty standards and the modeling industry. We should encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin and make it so people don't feel the need to change their appearance for others.

    • SharkAcademy
      SharkAcademy 2 days ago

      Why? I’d rather acknowledge people based on accomplishments and stop acknowledging people’s looks and giving attention, that would also help her not feel she’s not getting the same attention

    • j stanton
      j stanton 4 days ago +3

      Aging gracefully is so much more attractive than aging youthfully

  • Sukie 01
    Sukie 01 Day ago

    Men have no idea how hard it is for women to age when the only consistent value that anyone reinforces us for is our beauty. Men stay sexy well through their 50s and often 60s, women over 30 are a totally different vibe. Life has so many awesome phases, very few of which have anything to do with our sexuality or beauty. We should really learn to embrace life, aging, and the parts of us that really matter like our kindness, are knowledge, our skills and our experience.

  • Meladi M
    Meladi M 11 hours ago

    I've always loved Paulina. Now I love her more.

  • Sammie H
    Sammie H 2 days ago

    I can only hope I'm that beautiful when I'm in my 50s! Real women don't look like JLo or half of Hollywood because THEY don't even look like that. You look at images and don't realize a team of professionals worked to edit every flaw from that photo.

  • SharkAcademy
    SharkAcademy 2 days ago

    Not being treated special and given the same attention is not oppression. The fact is we celebrate beauty and give too much attention just because of looks as it is. We need to go the opposite way and give attention to something besides looks

  • Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm
    Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm 4 days ago +2847

    And she’s literally so beautiful, I kind of can’t comprehend how pretty she is.

    • Wheels-n-Tires
      Wheels-n-Tires 8 hours ago

      Yeah,as I just hit 50, its shocking how all the sudden, women in my age group dont look 20 any more. Takes getting used to. Time goes too fast...

    • Loving Social Distance
      Loving Social Distance Day ago

      In my experience, men of any age appreciates the uniqueness a grown woman. Young women on the other hand, are competing with instagram and filters, so for them it’s really only about the looks. Then they see me, 54 and fit, no wrinkles, with my own long silver hair and pearly whites. I present myself confidently and happy..because I am. It’s sad, social media makes some young women spiteful, insecure and fearful of aging, so they lash out calling me, “old”😂 I tell them, they can spackle on all the makeup, hair and lashes they want, beauty is within, and my mirror reflects the truth… just like theirs.😉

    • Darrell Williams
      Darrell Williams 3 days ago +1

      @Invictus BP1Prop you can literally walk down the street n see women her age that look as good as her. What is it that you're seeing that makes her so amazing to you? I'd really like to know.

    • Trucked
      Trucked 3 days ago

      Hope she sees this pal lmao

    • Cosplay Garage
      Cosplay Garage 3 days ago

      @Scott B exactly what I thought hahaha he/she trying so hard to praise her it sounds ridiculous & made em look like an idiot

  • Brandon Andrews
    Brandon Andrews 11 hours ago

    Life is a beautiful thing no matter what stage you’re in people who are in denial of that are sad to see

  • iBleedScarlet
    iBleedScarlet 8 hours ago +1

    I seen a woman on Tik Tok who claimed she was 70, & she was SEXY. Idk if it’s true, but I don’t see a woman saying she’s a great grandma if she’s not

  • Killingtech Vermont
    Killingtech Vermont 18 hours ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous. A ‘real’ beauty. You are way more attractive then any of them, your inner beauty knocks it out of the park, also. 😍

  • John Lone
    John Lone Day ago

    I am a man of five decades, the last time I was so conscious how I looked like was in high school. At age of 17, I joined the US Marine Corps - I have been around the world and seen the many true beauty of all men & women. Unfortunately, many people does not now that - nowadays people have been brainwashed - that plastic figure, silicone beauty, and injectable smiles are the measure. Some worship the celebrities blindly. Paulina Porizkova is a true measure of beauty!

  • Jennie Lawrence
    Jennie Lawrence 3 days ago +2478

    She's pretty, gorgeous and healthy . There's nothing wrong with her. We just live in a judgmental society.

    • Sylar Rogue
      Sylar Rogue 2 days ago

      @mattyy101 that's because women are looking for a meal ticket.
      They had their fun and now they're looking for a real man to take care of them.

    • Sylar Rogue
      Sylar Rogue 2 days ago

      Then stop wearing makeup. You couldn't go a year with no make up.

    • polish2x91
      polish2x91 2 days ago

      It’s not judgmental but who’s looking at pictures of old women when there are 26 year old natural 10’s? It’s like saying where are all the 15 year old surgeons? I’m sure there’s one out of a billion, but you want that person cutting into you or the person who’s done it for 25 years

    • Geess Aess
      Geess Aess 2 days ago

      Kevin Samuels: what product is more valuable when it's used and old. Nothing.
      If she is a car, she is at about 300k miles. Can she go a bit longer? Maybe. But it's gonna be hella expensive and it's already ragidy.

    • Juniper「ジュニパー」
      Juniper「ジュニパー」 2 days ago

      @Abada Abada um....?

  • Dolores P.Caldwell
    Dolores P.Caldwell 21 hour ago

    I love her …55 rocks and she is my hero!

  • carmen lugo
    carmen lugo 2 days ago

    Jlo has aged if you look at her real pictures and looks beautiful. Aging looks different in races, my friends mom is African American and that women looks like she’s in her 20’s 🙌🏽

  • Asha Spacek
    Asha Spacek 11 hours ago

    So freaking beautiful and her body is stunning/priceless- so youthful, thin, sexy & fetching (esp) in what she's wearing [with confidence]. Dare any clueless question...let's see them at this age. Ppl can be so horrible! There are exceptions. There is norm. There is someplace special In-between but still very, very captivating. J.Lo might look younger but she is thinner- no one has it all naturally! Literally, no one. God designed it that way 😉😍✌

  • Mark Goodman
    Mark Goodman Day ago

    You are more beautiful than any Hollywood ’star’. Being with you instead of the Hollywood group would be an honour! Don’t fret. Be as you are. God bless.

  • Kailah Price
    Kailah Price 7 days ago +1724

    Yes yes yes !! Aging used to be such a privilege, and growing old was regal and honored.

    I look forward to growing old with my body. Not completely of courseeee, but we should be proud of our crow eyes from laughing for years and face lines from smiling for decades, all that shit is beautiful

    • mrs. G
      mrs. G 6 days ago +1

      I agree with your statement 100%

    • RatStew
      RatStew 6 days ago +1

      We should but people don’t think that way.. in a society where appearance is taking over any and all kind of other qualities what else do we expect. We are doomed imo l

    • karen hall
      karen hall 6 days ago

      @Idk a username that's it.

    • karen hall
      karen hall 6 days ago +1

      There's absolutely nothing wrong with her. Beautiful lady

    • Lanie Dupree
      Lanie Dupree 6 days ago +1

      Yes ma'am👏!!

  • Sand Stew
    Sand Stew 2 days ago

    I'm not sure if one can grow old gracefully with all that you deal with as you age, just know that it's not easy, it's hard, beautiful, exciting and scary and should be given the respect it deserves. You fight to become as old as Betty white, trust me

  • Nevveran
    Nevveran Day ago

    Star getting work done is them trying to stop time, but they miss the grace and ( completely honest her elegant mature body ) natural beauty that this lady has is a completely different kind of beauty that is in a whole higher teir of its own

  • Mat
    Mat Day ago

    Aging will never change your inner beauty, that’s what’s most important in the end.

  • Mr3016able
    Mr3016able 9 hours ago

    I see that a lot of women are being supportive, reality as women age her beauty fades, but to the man that love her the love is deeper and more meaningful than her beauty. Men are attracted to beauty but once he looks past the beauty it will draw him closer or run him away.

  • Ed Galvan
    Ed Galvan Day ago

    Shes Amazing and Great Sense of humor, Still a Beautiful Woman 🤗

  • Retta Perkins
    Retta Perkins Day ago

    Ma'am you look good keep living and loving.
    Who cares about what other people are doing, let them continue to confuse themselves with the work they are getting done.

  • JasL73
    JasL73 14 hours ago

    Paulina is still beautiful just the way she is! 🔥


    " She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
    She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
    She never likes to choose"

  • Simply Budgeting With Love

    She looks amazing and is aging beautifully! She looks human compared to those celebrities who have so much work done.

  • Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog

    " She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
    She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
    She never likes to choose"

  • [Juliya ]👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 💗

    " She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
    She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
    She never likes to choose"