• Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Fortnite - This glitch got me two EPIC wins!
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Comments • 2 004

  • Epic Kids YT
    Epic Kids YT 7 days ago

    The second glitch happened to me I I did not know I though I was unkillabel and won the match🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamer247
    Gamer247 7 days ago

    U jumped 2 times when u fell from ur skybase

  • Flare
    Flare 12 days ago

    can you please gift me a skin my username is: Flarefuison

  • Redskiii Z
    Redskiii Z 13 days ago

    What’s the music called at 5:07

  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith 14 days ago

    Ali A just wants us to get banned

  • daft pug
    daft pug 17 days ago


  • CER GS yt
    CER GS yt 18 days ago

    👍=for old alia intro

  • Harryscatch8
    Harryscatch8 19 days ago

    If u can see the effects it’s obvs legit that fornite purposely put it in the game so it’s not a glitch it’s just a strat????

  • Petar p
    Petar p 21 day ago

    WaS tHiS a ReAl GaMe

  • J Talks
    J Talks 23 days ago

    Alia:The burst is godly!
    Scar:Why you bully me?

    • Mixed gamer
      Mixed gamer 22 days ago

      @J Talks well maybe

    • J Talks
      J Talks 22 days ago

      I mean am I a joke to u

    • Mixed gamer
      Mixed gamer 22 days ago

      How is having an opinion bullying since the scar never asked to stop so ali dont know it aint constant either so yea aint bullying

  • amanda milewski
    amanda milewski 24 days ago +1

    I will not report you manning

  • Zackary Martin
    Zackary Martin 24 days ago

    But I need to jump

  • Colby Greenberg
    Colby Greenberg 28 days ago +1

    Don’t try it doesn’t work I tried it

    COHEN THILGES Month ago

    Merry Christmas Ali

  • Mythic Man
    Mythic Man Month ago

    u copied lazarbeam u bot
    like if agree

  • Horrible Studios Inc.

    Bro you changed your intro music?!?!?!?
    Original Ali-A Fans: *Angry Noises*

  • Franky Manuel
    Franky Manuel Month ago

    Get high grounded brrrrro

  • DJMarkAnthonyUK
    DJMarkAnthonyUK Month ago

    I did not work with me

  • Leo B
    Leo B Month ago

    Somone tell me what the into song is

  • Camillo Kohl
    Camillo Kohl Month ago +1

    ,,Don’t Jump’’
    Ali-A: Jumps

  • Aden Sagesse
    Aden Sagesse Month ago

    In Fortnite I’m in level 95

  • Doggos Attack
    Doggos Attack Month ago

    we finally saw your hair

  • BLADEZ Troling
    BLADEZ Troling Month ago

    Epic said ur gonna get band on feb 7th

  • Boprider
    Boprider Month ago

    How does one have so many subs when this content is digital cancer..... how to I take my view back

  • ahad murtaza
    ahad murtaza Month ago

    Storm:am I a joke to you
    Evil laugh

  • the warface dude
    the warface dude Month ago +1

    Where is the old ali a meme intro xo lol

  • Oliver E
    Oliver E Month ago

    Everyone knows

    QUANTUM GAMING Month ago

    Fam every TheXvid has done the no fall damage glitch your just slow

  • Carson Spivey
    Carson Spivey Month ago

    Tell him to edit with L

  • Spider Tingle Guy
    Spider Tingle Guy Month ago

    Hi everyone I am talking to all gamers
    Plz can someone buy the battle pass
    I am desperately ill my parents don’t help me
    Plz I am not asking a stranger I am asking A Gamer Friend plz
    My username is Invading Invader

  • Gabi Gabi Martinelli

    You should have gone to the wood farm place near weaping woods

  • Marson Mile
    Marson Mile Month ago

    You just copied lazarbeam

  • KnightBlitz _
    KnightBlitz _ Month ago +1

    Please don't ban Ali-A Fortnite 😳

  • Jedi_Barriemundi
    Jedi_Barriemundi Month ago +1

    Epic vid man

  • Kaelan Carmichael
    Kaelan Carmichael Month ago

    who saw nine people left and he got the achievement "battle ready" where you're the first in the match with full everything

  • josephe binoy
    josephe binoy Month ago

    alia can you add me on fornite i have no wins my epic name is: josephe123456

  • Drift Kylo
    Drift Kylo Month ago

    Ali-A: I Will Be Linking SypherPk In the description!
    Me: tf is sypherpk link it’s only urs.?

  • Charismatic Adventurer

    5:21 cheating
    Me but your cheating

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato Month ago

    Who else was here before he played Fortnite? No need for likes just comments please

  • kavino nagulendren
    kavino nagulendren Month ago

    lazarbeam already
    done this

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed Month ago +1

    Ali-A, please dont get banned

  • leon_M24
    leon_M24 Month ago

    bring back minecraft

  • Alex the Awesome
    Alex the Awesome Month ago

    Lets do glitches in real battle royale...
    epic, bans people for using glitches

  • Ethan Wolanczyk
    Ethan Wolanczyk Month ago

    It works

  • Wendy Brown
    Wendy Brown Month ago

    Ali-A I used ur creater code I'm

  • Mooky man10
    Mooky man10 Month ago

    Plz sub to me if Ali as intro is insane ps whatever floats ur boat

  • Kate Walsh
    Kate Walsh Month ago


  • Kelly Robinson
    Kelly Robinson Month ago

    I've never got a win in fortnite and used code Ali a

  • InevitablePizza
    InevitablePizza Month ago +1

    Ali-A: What’re they doing? CHEATING!
    Me: What’re *you* doing? HACKING!!

  • lawy shkar
    lawy shkar Month ago

    ali a is pro in fortnite hes pro than me

  • Forest Fan
    Forest Fan Month ago


  • Adrian Kornaga
    Adrian Kornaga Month ago

    I did use yore code ali A

  • H8 ght
    H8 ght Month ago

    I love your vids soooooo much

  • H8 ght
    H8 ght Month ago

    When I'm stressed I. Watched your vids to calm down
    Use code Alia

  • Ethan Cuthbert
    Ethan Cuthbert Month ago

    ali can i give you my password because i dont know how to do alter ego chalenges so please but i need your phone number to text it to you ok?

  • RawR_Fanik
    RawR_Fanik Month ago

    And who didn’t no this

  • soccer Daniel
    soccer Daniel Month ago

    His edit button is still o

  • Rhys Gaming
    Rhys Gaming Month ago

    (In jarves vid ) never hack or use glitch lol

  • Tavion Graham
    Tavion Graham Month ago

    He was not playing I'm not l lying

  • scage gamer2322
    scage gamer2322 Month ago

    You might get banned 😅