The First 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments, Day 1 | NYT News

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • Ten candidates in the presidential primary faced off on immigration, health care and the economy.
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  • Curtis Wayne
    Curtis Wayne 17 days ago

    Beto's Spanish can scare the Illegals away he's definitely a good guard dog.

  • Mary Camerota
    Mary Camerota Month ago

    For all showing off their Spanish , Mexican and whatever, speak English, this is America.

  • markwing1975
    markwing1975 2 months ago

    Let’s not forget those Trans lol ... the .00002% of the country

  • oscar orta
    oscar orta 3 months ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Zeus Mob
    Zeus Mob 3 months ago


  • Henry McNeil
    Henry McNeil 3 months ago

    i think Delaney is the only who has a remote chance of beating trump but he seems like hes running with the wrong party.

  • giofyr
    giofyr 3 months ago

    CREEPS !!!

  • Mark Priest
    Mark Priest 3 months ago

    Thank you democrats for speaking. The more u speak to more votes trump gets! You loony loony anti american anti white nazis.

  • Christopher Redden
    Christopher Redden 3 months ago

    What a bunch of delusional goofballs

  • Sajan Philip
    Sajan Philip 3 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • freedom77
    freedom77 3 months ago

    Wow Castro basically said south America should fix thier countries

  • freedom77
    freedom77 3 months ago

    Where's the full debate?

  • J Muoio
    J Muoio 3 months ago

    Can we please ship them all away? Thanks.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 3 months ago

    This was a funny circus. Trump 2020!

  • Addy Eco
    Addy Eco 3 months ago

    I couldn't wait to see these comedians deate with Donald Trump..It will gonna be entertaining to see them defeated..

  • Elsie H Martinez
    Elsie H Martinez 3 months ago


  • Timi W
    Timi W 4 months ago

    Did one of these guys just say I've been raising a black son What the h e double hockey sticks!

  • dev914
    dev914 4 months ago

    I’m a Democrat and I don’t like any of them honestly

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel 4 months ago

    NY times what kind of editing is this. See this is how ppl get their news

  • Oscar Cabral
    Oscar Cabral 4 months ago

    Why did nobody mention A.I. as our greatest threat?

  • TheChristianRight09
    TheChristianRight09 4 months ago

    Its almost like the Republicans got to pick the weakest democrats to run against Trump!!

  • James Dewar
    James Dewar 4 months ago

    democrats. the party of crime, lies, incompetence, obstruction and all talk and no action--- except the destruction of the USA!!

  • jim bob
    jim bob 4 months ago

    Is this Mexico or the US?

  • Ahmed KACEM
    Ahmed KACEM 4 months ago


  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 4 months ago

    None of these fools stand a chance against trump.

  • Cameron Donaldson
    Cameron Donaldson 4 months ago

    I'd get a black son in order to win a presidency nomination too

  • Scooter Merritt
    Scooter Merritt 4 months ago

    Oh wow this is so bad. Pander pander pander pander more and lose. The democratic slogan

  • Vince obi
    Vince obi 4 months ago

    Really it's like they all know trump is gonna win!.. what a joke

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling 4 months ago

    The only thing missing from their raised hands is an armband embossed with a hammer and sickle.

  • jerry graeber
    jerry graeber 4 months ago

    I will buy the Popcorn you buy the coke here comes the clown bus

  • Cosmic Tuxedo
    Cosmic Tuxedo 4 months ago +1

    TRUMP: How desperate are you?
    DEMOCRATIC PARTY: You have made us VERY desperate.

  • Cosmic Tuxedo
    Cosmic Tuxedo 4 months ago +1

    Beto said "westros"?!

  • gangleshmorp k
    gangleshmorp k 4 months ago

    Guys look I'm Spanish

  • Anirudh Venugopal
    Anirudh Venugopal 4 months ago

    The democrats are going to lose again.

  • Ar J
    Ar J 4 months ago

    These guys are running for President of the USA you said? You could have fooled me into thinking it was for Latin America.

  • Francis Marcoux
    Francis Marcoux 4 months ago

    Too bad ocasio-cortez cant run because she s the only one Trump fears

  • gulf city nicholas danca

    Yeah trump has my vote

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P 4 months ago

    I just signed up to vote so these idiots dont get elected.

  • iforgotmyscreenname1
    iforgotmyscreenname1 4 months ago

    Not a single US flag anywhere on the stage, huh? That tells you who these candidates are fighting for and it's definitely NOT for America.

  • Blasian Babies
    Blasian Babies 4 months ago

    President Trump wins the demoKKKrat debates! 👌🏾

  • Mikayla Smith
    Mikayla Smith 4 months ago

    0:23 "iM nOt lIkE tHe oThEr gIRlS"

  • cullenscomedy
    cullenscomedy 4 months ago

    Man SNL really upped their production quality

  • Nard Foru
    Nard Foru 4 months ago

    Economy is fantastic. World seems to be relatively peaceful. Trump is just doing great job based on these. Why would a voter want change and go back to democrat for a president with divisive narrative instead of uniting narrative? Democrat seems to have lost its bearing to serve the hardworking middle class American taxpayer and has become extreme to serve the fringes.

  • Laura Pichardo
    Laura Pichardo 4 months ago

    Victim race!

  • Jared Pinto
    Jared Pinto 4 months ago +1

    And I love how I just read some comments and all of them were talking about how stupid they all are.

  • Trey B
    Trey B 4 months ago

    We do not want a path way to citizenship. Come in the right way. Wake up America

  • Prophet YouTube
    Prophet YouTube 4 months ago

    That was, a f*cking circus, America is f*cked if these idiots get elected, but maybe America deserves it?

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    Land of the opportunity give a price 9ml dream on it mingga

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    The greatest country of all time the great old Indian lol

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    Gulf countries calling the manager weastens calling the teacher Egypt calling papa

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    I also wanna run one time lol

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    I,m the nozzle ma nizzle

  • Jeevan Emmriee
    Jeevan Emmriee 4 months ago

    Seems like running for presedency is a culture in America just like calling the boss

  • Slick Awesome
    Slick Awesome 4 months ago +2

    "Who wants to lose the election in 2020?"
    * image of everyone in the Democratic debate raising their hand

  • Kevin Hawley
    Kevin Hawley 4 months ago

    By stating if elected president, they would pay for health insurance for illegal immigrants, each and every Democrat running for president has obviously admitted there is way, way, way too much tax revenue and no excuse not to cut taxes for every single American.

  • quantomic1106
    quantomic1106 4 months ago +1

    Awesome! Looks like we are keeping Trump in the office!
    Don't be a chump! Vote for Trump!!!
    Trump 2020

  • Schnoz Chan
    Schnoz Chan 4 months ago

    did you guys edit this to look like a joke because literally all it's missing is some clown music

  • Trump Jr
    Trump Jr 4 months ago

    Oh Look the circus is in town.

  • Hans Gruber
    Hans Gruber 4 months ago

    Trump 2020!!!!

  • Ulpian Heritor
    Ulpian Heritor 4 months ago

    We got Mexicans running for president?? Definitely Trump 2020