Mangis Is Getting Picked On By An Orangutan 'Girl Gang' | Orangutan Island

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • One of the younger members of the orangutan community, Mangis, is isolating herself from the rest of the orangutans. A gang of older females who attacked Mangis in the past are trying to assert their dominance by picking on the young vulnerable orangutan.
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Comments • 482

  • haloskin
    haloskin 8 hours ago

    Stay away from Mangis, you animals.

  • Mesothelioma
    Mesothelioma 11 hours ago

    thought it said "mangos is getting picked on by an orangutan...etc"
    and i was like "yeah no shit its a mango?

  • Zachary John
    Zachary John Day ago


  • N Corp
    N Corp 2 days ago +1 sad. They shouldn't have released her into the wild if she was domesticated from birth 😢

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 3 days ago

    Mangis is like the quiet mollycoddled schoolgirl who will grow up to be the baddest ass of them all!

  • Active James
    Active James 3 days ago +1

    #SHOOT the gangs
    Is it that hard? NO
    What happens if mongis is left alone? Killed by the gang
    What shall we do? Kill the gang first!!!!

  • maya summers
    maya summers 5 days ago +4

    "Always nosey and noisy."
    Sounds like my mama.

  • Ladylovesskyy
    Ladylovesskyy 5 days ago

    Nor's a brat

  • Reflux 9
    Reflux 9 6 days ago

    Leave mangus alone :(

  • Wyatt Slater
    Wyatt Slater 6 days ago

    I didn’t see much bullying

  • Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito

    Manggis is what u guys call as "Mangosteen".
    Really. It should be Manggis. It originated from Indonesia. So why the west ppl call it with other name?
    "Mangos" and "teen"? Lol. What the hell is that name. The teenage stage of mangos?

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez 6 days ago

    It’s a lot like Caesar when he was taken in. Bullied then rose to dominance

  • Monkey Desu
    Monkey Desu 7 days ago +1

    No one picks on *Chungus Mungis*

  • SchizoKira
    SchizoKira 7 days ago

    It's written Manggis not Mangis

  • Melissa Fletcher
    Melissa Fletcher 8 days ago

    Why they set mangis up like that

  • Karl Jackson
    Karl Jackson 8 days ago

    Mangis needs to seek out Mr Miyagi.

  • Crystal Dreams
    Crystal Dreams 8 days ago

    Animale abuse. How can you call a creature a spoiled child. When it was raised like that. Like how whites say there is not white privilege. When clearly the rest of the world sees it plain as day. Notice how the white woman shrugged her shoulders as if she does t care. And gets mad manvis for action g like a child it's she ever fucking knows. What the hell do you expect. Keep her in a zoo. If you motherfuckers can let it roam safety

  • Bellasky39 Dewitt
    Bellasky39 Dewitt 10 days ago

    This when you sent her to a zoo! Why put her in danger if she's brainwash to be human that's like forcing a gay to be straight

  • Alex Pechonis
    Alex Pechonis 11 days ago

    Hugh Mangis

  • Maddie :D
    Maddie :D 13 days ago

    I love mangis ☹️

  • Dimas Adi
    Dimas Adi 13 days ago

    Whatever your species is, girls gang's always sucks

  • CoreOfTheStar
    CoreOfTheStar 14 days ago

    they have their own lil personalities 😭

  • zenmar
    zenmar 14 days ago +1

    Mangis needs to learn karate.

  • nobody Uknow
    nobody Uknow 18 days ago

    I use to watch this but it's been a long time. What happened to 'Shariif' Daisey? She use to even pound the males that bullied the weaker ones.

  • NOXY M
    NOXY M 19 days ago +2

    Mangis I’ll be your friend🥺........😭😭😭 girl I got you

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark 19 days ago

    Being raised by humans has made her anti-social and lazy, YA DONT SAY???

  • God of Beans
    God of Beans 19 days ago +1

    Huh, didn't know other apes had highschool cliques

  • Mermaid
    Mermaid 19 days ago

    I am her

  • iamlesspotato Yo Mama
    iamlesspotato Yo Mama 20 days ago +1

    I feel super bad for Mungus

  • dank Skittles
    dank Skittles 20 days ago

    How do they know all the monkeys names😕

  • versaxhi
    versaxhi 21 day ago

    watch mangis glo up and come back and beat they ass

  • tyler kuni
    tyler kuni 22 days ago

    Hue Mungus

  • Madison Stephens
    Madison Stephens 23 days ago

    Wouldn’t it have just been netter to have let her live in captivity instead of risking her life

  • Molly O’Donnell
    Molly O’Donnell 25 days ago

    i love when they put their hands up in the water 😭

  • Bloo
    Bloo 25 days ago +10

    this is probably what Keeping Up With The Kardashians looks like to aliens

  • jofi3365
    jofi3365 25 days ago


  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage 27 days ago

    I'll fight those thots for you Mangis

  • Emma Noelle
    Emma Noelle 27 days ago

    I think I’m mangis

  • dat guy
    dat guy 27 days ago

    why can we hear her chewing so well lol

  • jose salas
    jose salas 28 days ago

    Why didn’t the camera man beat the shit out of nor????

  • Adam Bejar
    Adam Bejar 28 days ago +1

    Mangis : hi ladies
    Other orangutans : nerd!

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly 28 days ago

    I Wana go beat Nors at leave her alone. Lol

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly 28 days ago

    I'd like to punch those humans in the face. I hope they watch this an see the negative effect they had on her. So sad

  • Slushie
    Slushie Month ago +2

    I'm deadass about to pull up on some orangutan bruh if they come at my good sis again smfh.

  • Victoria Roberts
    Victoria Roberts Month ago

    Aye man if nor messes with my home girls mongis one mo time ima have to put the paws on her !

  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag Month ago +1

    Nor is such a bitc h

  • YDD mj Yt
    YDD mj Yt Month ago

    Why would they leave her instead of just taking her with them if they no dis is going to happen 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • nolan hicks
      nolan hicks 23 days ago

      Because doing that would eliminate any chances of her living free, because she was already so dependent on humans

  • Aaron J-W
    Aaron J-W Month ago

    So rude ..

  • Shy Roman Playz
    Shy Roman Playz Month ago

    First it was online bullying now this

  • Kimmy Kat
    Kimmy Kat Month ago +5

    Those ginger haired orangutans bullied her like they have no souls! 😔😳

  • Dee Wynn
    Dee Wynn Month ago

    These videos are old. From around 2010. I watched these Very SAME episodes while recovering from surgery! 😒 They should let subscribers know these are almost a decade old! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Instead of posting in Nov 2018 like they're new episodes!!😒😒

  • Abbie Hollywood
    Abbie Hollywood Month ago

    Wild animals are not pets !!!!!!

  • prisoner 776
    prisoner 776 Month ago

    I mean girls are bitches irl to so I'm not surprised

  • Vitamins Vitamins
    Vitamins Vitamins Month ago +1


  • Meliodas King
    Meliodas King Month ago

    Aye, I wanna be therw for you Mangis. Me and you side by side buddys. We will kick those orangutangs asses and claim our food and territory

  • 50 50 Fold
    50 50 Fold Month ago +1

    The Island sounds like a typical reality game show.

  • coconut head
    coconut head Month ago

    so just like highschool then

  • Diamond Mckee
    Diamond Mckee Month ago

    Females are so jealous 😂😂

  • tri mulin
    tri mulin Month ago

    Mohon hutan nya yg ada satwa dilindungi agar di nersihkan dari pemangsa seperti ular, buaya, harimau..Agar berkembang biak dgn sempurna . Trms yg telah merawat mereka semoga sehat selalu

  • Beetle Moon
    Beetle Moon Month ago +2

    yeah I'mma jump her with my crew😂

  • Namaste
    Namaste Month ago

    This is so much better than Kardhasian reality show. 😂

  • Tyler Casco
    Tyler Casco Month ago

    aww poor her gangs r bad anyways good monkeys dont go in gangs they need love and affection

  • James Goku
    James Goku Month ago

    Poor girl.....😞

  • James Goku
    James Goku Month ago

    I miss this show on tv. I loved it so much.

  • April Gibson
    April Gibson Month ago

    Drop nors address I’m just tryna talk

  • Celeste
    Celeste Month ago

    Why would they take her to the wild knowing she was raised domesticated ??

  • Lost
    Lost Month ago

    This is why humans need to stop trying to get exotic pets and treating them human. They can’t even survive in the wild and have a higher chance of death. Leave them to be unless you’re trying to teach them survive in their own

  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar Month ago

    Some women are even even evil in the wild. 😂

    ELIZABETH York Month ago

    I can't believe humans are walking in that water. I keep looking for snakes.

  • - wefangirls
    - wefangirls Month ago

    how to be friends with an orangutan

    SAM LORU Month ago

    Ive never disliked a monkey before lolol this really made me mad! That poor baby is just trying to eat!

  • Dana Osadchaya
    Dana Osadchaya Month ago


  • It's Kenzie
    It's Kenzie Month ago

    I'm really out here wanting to fight big ass girl orangutans.

  • Aneesalove
    Aneesalove Month ago +11

    I got Mangis. just send me the addy so we can pull up.

  • Alwaysme_T
    Alwaysme_T Month ago

    Anybody know what happened to her? I was trying to find more info about her afterwards but couldn't find anything.

  • foreignshar
    foreignshar Month ago

    bruh nor needa back off my mans bruh gmfu . I feel like I’m watching some drama shit rn I’m so mad I’d eat her toenails off bruh

  • Dime TheDude
    Dime TheDude Month ago

    If I were that camera man I’d have kicked nor

  • The End
    The End Month ago

    This was narrated so well, I wanted to flick Nor right in the nose!

  • Layla Perry
    Layla Perry Month ago

    í ƙղօա եɑե ղօɾ աɑտ եҽվíղց եօ ժօ ցօօժ ҍմե ահɑե íƒ վօմ աҽɾҽ հíʍ հմհ

  • Layla Perry
    Layla Perry Month ago

    í հɑեҽ թҽօթӏҽ տօʍҽեíʍҽտ

  • Vinicius Celio
    Vinicius Celio Month ago +7

    4:44 she's like damn bruh hol up

  • Cat lover with insane obsession with cats

    So animals do have bullies poor mangis

  • Jones Dakota
    Jones Dakota Month ago +3

    Even orangutans bully,what have they ,earned from us!?😣😣

      DEATHTRAP 5 days ago

      Jones Dakota it’s nature, just nature.

    • ㅤ ㅤ
      ㅤ ㅤ Month ago

      Orangutans and humans share 97% of their DNA.
      Actually, all the Great Apes act like this.
      Its a survival instict. The stronger survive and rule, the weak perish.

  • scYthe_ necros
    scYthe_ necros Month ago


  • Jones Dakota
    Jones Dakota Month ago

    Awwww,she looks so cute,she doesn't deserve it!😢😢

  • Mr.PicklesWorth Jr.

    Foot Mangis

  • Kyleigh Thompson
    Kyleigh Thompson 2 months ago

    How she gonna come push here off the platform THEN eat her food?!?!?!

  • BubberDuck
    BubberDuck 2 months ago

    Nor is a hoe.

  • Let your soul Rest In Peace

    Or maybe it’s y’all fault lmao

  • Leah Paige
    Leah Paige 2 months ago

    I really want to hug an orangutang anyone else haha

  • Rachel lundquest
    Rachel lundquest 2 months ago +3

    It's cruel to take an orangutan that was practically domesticated, and put her out in the wild without the ability to survive on her own. Shame on them, and they just film her being abused. So sad😪

  • Mayfly onTheWall
    Mayfly onTheWall 2 months ago +3

    Why are y’all setting this girl up to get bullied and possibly attacked

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 2 months ago

    she can come live with meeeeeee!!!

  • Alessandra BryanJohnson

    They're so cute and precious

  • nicholas williams
    nicholas williams 2 months ago

    That's how feminism works

  • Muhammad Fattah
    Muhammad Fattah 2 months ago

    Mangis is actualy called mangis

  • monsterhaunt
    monsterhaunt 2 months ago +1

    omw mangis u gettin backup, we doin a drive-by.

  • Laila Aythan
    Laila Aythan 2 months ago

    Come on M you got this!!!!

  • Yudi Andrean Phanama
    Yudi Andrean Phanama 2 months ago

    The fruit's actually called "Manggis"