Mangis Is Getting Picked On By An Orangutan 'Girl Gang' | Orangutan Island

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • One of the younger members of the orangutan community, Mangis, is isolating herself from the rest of the orangutans. A gang of older females who attacked Mangis in the past are trying to assert their dominance by picking on the young vulnerable orangutan.
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Comments • 321

  • ayeee kyrce
    ayeee kyrce 19 hours ago

    omm mangis i slide , drop da addy

  • XxKyLeighxX Gaming
    XxKyLeighxX Gaming 2 days ago

    How she gonna come push here off the platform THEN eat her food?!?!?!

  • BubberDuck
    BubberDuck 2 days ago

    Nor is a hoe.

  • r.i.p nate
    r.i.p nate 2 days ago

    Or maybe it’s y’all fault lmao

  • Leah Paige
    Leah Paige 2 days ago

    I really want to hug an orangutang anyone else haha

  • Rachel lundquest
    Rachel lundquest 2 days ago

    It's cruel to take an orangutan that was practically domesticated, and put her out in the wild without the ability to survive on her own. Shame on them, and they just film her being abused. So sad😪

  • MARY Mega
    MARY Mega 2 days ago

    Why You Why You Bulley Me?

  • Mayfly onTheWall
    Mayfly onTheWall 3 days ago

    Why are y’all setting this girl up to get bullied and possibly attacked

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 3 days ago

    she can come live with meeeeeee!!!

  • Alessandra BryanJohnson

    They're so cute and precious

  • nicholas williams
    nicholas williams 4 days ago

    That's how feminism works

  • Muhammad Fattah
    Muhammad Fattah 7 days ago

    Mangis is actualy called mangis

  • monsterhaunt
    monsterhaunt 8 days ago

    omw mangis u gettin backup, we doin a drive-by.

  • Laila Aythan
    Laila Aythan 8 days ago

    Come on M you got this!!!!

  • Yudi Andrean Phanama

    The fruit's actually called "Manggis"

  • Evelyn Kimberley
    Evelyn Kimberley 8 days ago

    I thought that orangutans hated water

  • Larry Snozlo
    Larry Snozlo 8 days ago +1

    Why would they put a domesticated orangutan in the wild smh🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Brandon Tarango
    Brandon Tarango 11 days ago

    This makes me so sad 😞 I just wish I could go sit in the rain and cuddle up to mungis and give her s bunch of bananas and roots 😞

  • Nani Sunami
    Nani Sunami 12 days ago

    Poor baby 😭

  • Ilove todance
    Ilove todance 12 days ago

    Take mangis to like a zoo Becuase she going to get beat up

  • Richard Pablo
    Richard Pablo 12 days ago

    Wait so they gave the all of those bananas to her and didn’t think it would attract the other orangutans?? “Unexpectedly she receives bananas” That was alot of damn fruit come on now

  • Gisty Ismapraga
    Gisty Ismapraga 12 days ago

    I know jungle would like that harsh in reality, but I dont like the program showed orangutan life that way (bullying, attacking and so on). As an orangutan lover, I know they are very lovable, cheerful, funny, and playful. Please present a good representation of jungle life.

  • Diamonique Strong
    Diamonique Strong 13 days ago

    Aww I feel so bad for Mangis! 😓

  • K-Blue
    K-Blue 14 days ago

    I always loved watching this in the morning before school, which played right before "Escape to Chimp Eden". This is years old, I wonder how they all are now.

  • Stephanie Hernandez
    Stephanie Hernandez 15 days ago

    Omg why can’t they just keep her in a sanctuary?!!! My heart 💔

  • TheTrainStation
    TheTrainStation 15 days ago

    Mangis chungus

  • Brandon Amaro-Anderson

    Did they make that little raft thing

  • The Craft Shack
    The Craft Shack 16 days ago

    reminds me of mean girls

  • No good deed
    No good deed 16 days ago

    So how do they say they rescued her? Her life seems horrible compared to being babied

  • Yahu Yahu
    Yahu Yahu 16 days ago

    She looks lonely

  • Taecup Minholli
    Taecup Minholli 16 days ago

    nor what the hell man

  • Wolf SKULL
    Wolf SKULL 16 days ago

    Does having a dominant husband help magnis?

  • banana-shaped earth
    banana-shaped earth 17 days ago

    Lisbeth Salander?

  • banana-shaped earth
    banana-shaped earth 17 days ago

    I thought the about female orangutan gang pick mangis fruits.

  • ellie
    ellie 17 days ago

    We must protect Mangis at all costs

  • Jacob Ball
    Jacob Ball 18 days ago

    That blonde woman should head to the island and whoop some ass for Mangis. Problem solved.

  • Exposing Liars
    Exposing Liars 18 days ago

    Poor Mangis..... Get her back with her human people. :/

  • ZhangK71
    ZhangK71 18 days ago

    Any relation to Hugh Mungus?

  • Littalwabbit
    Littalwabbit 18 days ago

    so... it was an orangugang?

  • Gabrielle Williams
    Gabrielle Williams 18 days ago

    0:46 Why is this me??

  • N. Diana
    N. Diana 18 days ago

    Manggis - Mangosteen, isn't spelled mangis 😀

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King 18 days ago

    This makes me very sad

  • monkey madness
    monkey madness 18 days ago

    Poor sweet mangis! I just wanna wrap my arms around her.

  • lord skippy
    lord skippy 19 days ago

    black girls gang

  • Ploepie Scoop
    Ploepie Scoop 19 days ago

    Poor mangis

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 19 days ago


  • Tiktok '
    Tiktok ' 19 days ago

    4:30 she looks so miserable

  • Leif Harmsen
    Leif Harmsen 20 days ago

    That is totally unnecessary and cruel. Mangus is not a wild animal, she's a human pet of the people she trusted and thought were her friends. She should not be banished into the wilderness with wild animals, that's abusive.

  • Arimas Memphis
    Arimas Memphis 20 days ago

    Damn...They got Mangis shook. She need to catch Nor by herself and knock her ass out of one of those trees. I hate bullies.

  • Lucia Bombieri
    Lucia Bombieri 20 days ago

    What's wrong with Nor?! XD

  • Shooketh Shister
    Shooketh Shister 22 days ago +1

    Lmao awhhhhh when her friend joined the search😫❤️

  • Mr Antropologist
    Mr Antropologist 22 days ago +1

    the older female it's jealous, over the special treatment, to the new member, not for dominance, on the while orangutans don't collect that much food in one corner, she is there alone confused not knowing what to do when it rains and humans because they obviously worry for her bring tons of food, to her , and te queen it's like WTF I run this. I hope everything when well for her.

  • Mr Antropologist
    Mr Antropologist 22 days ago

    they are giving her the wrong treatment.

  • Siddharth Veerapaneni
    Siddharth Veerapaneni 22 days ago

    Mangis more like Big Chungus am I right?

  • K. Gen
    K. Gen 23 days ago

    Even non human persons treat each other like crap.

  • Orca Whale
    Orca Whale 23 days ago

    You know if I knew how to speak orangutan I would say STOP BULLYING YOU BISH

  • Soccer Highlights
    Soccer Highlights 23 days ago

    And that’s a reason to not spoil your kids...

  • Noochy
    Noochy 24 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez 24 days ago

    2:30 😂when she looks at the camera I just cant😂😂

  • Cflick3
    Cflick3 24 days ago

    This is obnoxious, they should make other arrangements for her. Not stick her in with a bunch of others that are trying to kill her.

  • ioulia
    ioulia 24 days ago

    Keeping up with Mangis. 😂

  • SniperRose
    SniperRose 25 days ago +1

    Mangis, I got your back chica.

  • summerBesien xx
    summerBesien xx 25 days ago

    The mean girls of orangutans

  • Evander Windham
    Evander Windham 25 days ago

    Girls drama... Is this the new Mean Girl?

  • Diane Hornbrook
    Diane Hornbrook 26 days ago

    They need to get her out of there before she ends up dead.they should of known she is to domesticated

  • Jon sto
    Jon sto 27 days ago

    so first they try to force a animal that was domesticated to go wild ..and then you lead the dam abusers to her …. get that animal out of there , and take care of her. You are feeding your own ego justifying this ..and that animal could get hurt or killed for your dam dramatic show... fuck you

  • Geen Naam
    Geen Naam 27 days ago

    lmao Mangis is such a cute name i just changed my new budgie name from Sugar to Mangis

  • Anthony Reese
    Anthony Reese 28 days ago

    These feminists are getting out of control

  • Dissenting Opinions
    Dissenting Opinions 29 days ago

    Did they have to put the simulated SMACKING NOISES in the video? I mean it's not like they have the mic right next to her face or anything... you can tell the lip flapping noises don't sync up with the chewing. What MONSTER would INTENTIONALLY add those noises to the video!? What's next, they add that gross mud slurping sound when ever one of these creatures steps on a slightly damp forest floor?

  • Krakra Kranich
    Krakra Kranich 29 days ago

    1:17 Mangiiiiiiiiiis, *who* are youuuuu?

  • Casimir III
    Casimir III Month ago

    I don't know how people could film such thinɡs yet do nothinɡ about it.

  • Nickelbran
    Nickelbran Month ago


  • tfs2O3
    tfs2O3 Month ago

    I do not like baby apes of any sort!

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago +1

    Caretakers: We can't spoil her anymore
    Also them: carries her away from the other orangutans, brings her and abundance of food

  • Living Being
    Living Being Month ago +1

    toxic femininity

  • JJ Kern
    JJ Kern Month ago

    real island organgutans of the jungle. this episode, Nor picks on mongus, can mongus learn to be friends, of will she have to wise up?

  • s r
    s r Month ago

    Aren't they naturally solitary animals so term "antisocial" is just kinda stupid to call these animals

  • Christina Masden
    Christina Masden Month ago

    So scary. So Mark zuckerberg and Barack Obama were stalking and peeping on white female grad students together , trying to slander them with Facebook and brain operations.

  • Christina Masden
    Christina Masden Month ago

    I have noticed Sergey brin and Barack Obama seemed fixated with primate gang activity , is there a reason?

  • MJ B
    MJ B Month ago

    If she was raised by people and not used to being outside, then WHY THE HELL did they throw her out there where she was a totally alone and scared?! Yes wild animals should be free and live IN the wild. But THIS kind of BS is stupid! Shame on the people who threw her out there!!!

  • Bonafide
    Bonafide Month ago

    Mangis must learn to whup S and fast!

  • Stephen Mcnabb
    Stephen Mcnabb Month ago

    Stooges at work

  • Stephen Mcnabb
    Stephen Mcnabb Month ago

    Shut up lady

  • Cierra Tan
    Cierra Tan Month ago

    Mangis is so beautiful and cute!!!

  • Joy 7
    Joy 7 Month ago

    Mangis is going to shoot up her high school 5 years after she graduates.

  • Crest Fallen
    Crest Fallen Month ago +1

    future school shooter

  • Cosmic Dot
    Cosmic Dot Month ago

    i can relate to mangis

  • Crystal Rader
    Crystal Rader Month ago

    Where's Mungus .. while the camera was with her the whole time

  • Nugget Is Life
    Nugget Is Life Month ago

    I will bring a strong orang and tell it to fight the girl gang I will protect mangis

  • mister Moody
    mister Moody Month ago

    Survival is for the thickest skin

  • Amadz Balboa
    Amadz Balboa Month ago

    It is MANGGIS.

  • Classic
    Classic Month ago

    At least males let people eat at the table if their is plenty of food. Maybe females get competitive over other females to increase their mating chance, males just have to be strong.

  • ohmyafy
    ohmyafy Month ago

    Mangis is sooo yummy, the fruit I mean

  • funkystyle
    funkystyle Month ago

    where is the remaining? I can't find it on the site.

  • MagicFlyingMan
    MagicFlyingMan Month ago

    What happened to women supporting women?

  • Foo Shampoo
    Foo Shampoo Month ago

    Sometimes you do more harm than good to try to keep returning someone to the wild. I am sure she would do fine being sent to a place better suited for her. To leave her somewhere she is being injured and possibly killed is wrong. Especially since there are so few left.

  • John Cook 409
    John Cook 409 Month ago

    All I got to say is Mom gets needs to get her shit together LOL

  • A fairly inaccurate dinosaur picture

    I thought Orangutans were solitary.

  • Grape Unicorns
    Grape Unicorns Month ago

    Who else feels bad for Chungus

  • Jessica Guhl
    Jessica Guhl Month ago

    Man.. its highschool all over agian😓