what not to do at a hollywood recording studio

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 519

  • Josh J
    Josh J Month ago +2274

    “Rudy ayoub posted a new video” aww here we go again. *unzips pants*

  • simonHDfifa
    simonHDfifa 12 days ago

    Looks like a real Hollywood studio to me

    • simonHDfifa
      simonHDfifa 12 days ago

      @Rudy Ayoub any studio with Rudy in it is automatically Hollywood tier quality

    • Rudy Ayoub
      Rudy Ayoub  12 days ago

      It actually is tbh

  • jumphawk88
    jumphawk88 26 days ago

    my knobs gave been touched activate *instant kill mode*

  • Samuel Emmett
    Samuel Emmett Month ago

    Never touch another mans faders. NEVER!

  • macabre creation
    macabre creation Month ago


  • Dylan Langston
    Dylan Langston Month ago +1

    Gaben cooking up in the stu

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    😂 love how the ending is the same from your other vid with Glenn hahaha

  • Esfirocapto
    Esfirocapto Month ago

    I think Glenn actually enjoys throwing Rudy out.

  • Shawn Staples Free Guitar Lessons

    Dude, that was a good tumble. I got hurt just watching it.

  • Waste Plays
    Waste Plays Month ago

    The Hair Flip 😂😂😂😂

  • Oliver Lieberman
    Oliver Lieberman Month ago

    Please that’s every recording studio with a producer. Hey can you tweak this? No. Why? I don’t want to!

  • lennon mccartney
    lennon mccartney Month ago

    1 hour of glenn kicking rudy out of the studio pls

  • Markiyan Hapyak
    Markiyan Hapyak Month ago

    Accurate. 👌🏻

    • Markiyan Hapyak
      Markiyan Hapyak Month ago

      And I knew(=forecasted) the final → what that misbehaviour deserves.

  • Michael Bach
    Michael Bach Month ago

    Glenn - no offense, but Rudy would totally kick your ass 😂

  • nigel grimm
    nigel grimm Month ago

    t decide which ending was better this or Game of Thrones?!

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell Month ago

    103k subscribers!!! i’m happy for you, chief 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • chkrbrdvans
    chkrbrdvans Month ago

    I thought Arthur Shawcross was doing life in upstate NY.

  • ano Nyme
    ano Nyme Month ago

    Andrew Scheps looking young again

  • Fang’s Workshop
    Fang’s Workshop Month ago

    Funny as always Rudy!

  • konsument ptaków
    konsument ptaków Month ago

    heyyy my boy is verified

  • Χρυσόστομος Γκανιάτσας

    Rudy did an oopsie

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez Month ago

    i keep reading bofriendwood

  • Mark Malinowski
    Mark Malinowski Month ago

    Memes are good but I actually want to hear what you recorded

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez Month ago

    you're both nymphs noone knows you have sex in helL

  • Riff 'Em All
    Riff 'Em All Month ago

    0:46 thought Glenn was gonna snap Rudy’s neck

  • Astrictus
    Astrictus Month ago

    want to see more of Rudy getting thrown out of a studio.

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez Month ago

    the human triffid engineer guy

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez Month ago

    a rude job of ouch betwiixt two gents hspart lomcesbiM

  • Bjørn Olav Bjørgum

    Please step behind the yellow line 🤘

  • Gergely Kovács
    Gergely Kovács Month ago

    0:03 rrwrr

  • Lyfe VIV
    Lyfe VIV Month ago

    World Class

  • just the tip? band
    just the tip? band Month ago +1

    never touch a mans wheels or his console.🍻

  • River Pathak
    River Pathak Month ago

    Bro are you based in windsor?!

  • Константин Уколов

    Sweating bullets

  • Animal mother
    Animal mother Month ago +1


  • Darius Johnson
    Darius Johnson Month ago

    “they’re literally the loudest thing in the mix”
    “turn it up”
    *pushes dial that is quite clearly NOT the loudest thing in the mix*

    • Rudy Ayoub
      Rudy Ayoub  Month ago

      Dont judge a book by its cover Darius

  • Mark El
    Mark El Month ago

    Ah, fuck no! Don’t mess with the settings.
    Shit, that rule stands true for amps, too.
    Someone fucked with my amp & EQ in the studio, while we were out. I came back & was majorly pissed off!
    Mother f...! I dialed in the sound how I liked it, then some asshole f...s with it & then I had to sit down & redial in the shit!

  • Valentina
    Valentina Month ago


  • WarDimension
    WarDimension Month ago


  • Abe Matt
    Abe Matt Month ago

    >no 035

  • Amer Darwich
    Amer Darwich Month ago

    Never touch the mix of an audio engineer :D. Worst move ever :P

  • Silva Salvia
    Silva Salvia Month ago

    Jajaja damm ingeniers, they keep them secrets better than Iluminatis

  • Basarat Ali
    Basarat Ali Month ago

    Taking a unique “thrown out” take, despite a “head meets pole” in the other one, that’s dedication 🌹❤️

  • Moritz Paul
    Moritz Paul Month ago

    The PAIN is real

  • jzach710
    jzach710 Month ago

    Never... though the console
    I love it haha

  • Race Jones
    Race Jones Month ago

    lol. funny

  • Shawn Staples Free Guitar Lessons


  • Mood Hot
    Mood Hot Month ago

    ow actually he can talk

  • myrtex
    myrtex Month ago

    where's your twin mate?

  • OnePersonCirclePit
    OnePersonCirclePit Month ago

    That was mild, Glenn

  • FútbolMon
    FútbolMon Month ago +1

    Bro, you didn’t even say “bro,” bro? Shame, bro. Shame.

  • Franz Setiawan
    Franz Setiawan Month ago

    Why u collab with gaben?

  • Max Valentine
    Max Valentine Month ago

    Not enough 0-3-5


  • Dalton Von Bismarck III

    Bad News t-shirt! Wow! I like their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody but I much prefer Warriors Of Ghenkis Khan. That and Masturbike.
    Just don't say that they're not Heavy Metal, ok!

  • Tyler Wemhoff
    Tyler Wemhoff Month ago

    Rudy has been kicked for toxic behavior

  • Jesse Beausoleil
    Jesse Beausoleil Month ago

    That was funny

  • Bahistang Pulpol
    Bahistang Pulpol Month ago

    Dont txt him or you'll be on the next episode. Hehe

  • brylleee
    brylleee Month ago

    wow i liked that part when 0:35

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago

    Oh shit! nice collab

  • Rafael Viana
    Rafael Viana Month ago

    Rudy's face is awesome!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Danny Dawson
    Danny Dawson Month ago


  • ChuckO
    ChuckO Month ago

    This shouldn’t be done in any setting or to any equipment (unless permission has been granted).
    Not on a mixing board, not on an amp, not on a car stereo.

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green Month ago

    Lol this is like the equivalent to touching someone's food on their plate

  • Uqi
    Uqi Month ago +1

    Rudy adobe

  • Jason Constantine
    Jason Constantine Month ago

    That mix sounded like one of those shitty Glenn...... Oh wait ...

  • Rick K
    Rick K Month ago

    Total recall 🎚

  • crazycasey_77
    crazycasey_77 Month ago

    Turn up the bass, and we need a little more cowbell.
    The Management

  • Darth ATF
    Darth ATF Month ago

    Glenn is funny guy

  • Insidious One
    Insidious One Month ago

    Rudy does a pretty good Glenn Fricker impression there!

  • bram duprez
    bram duprez Month ago

    bone the engineer carpet

  • Trospher
    Trospher Month ago

    "I think the guitar should be quieter"
    Said no one ever am I right

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Month ago

    🤣😂 that was great!

  • Przemysław Barbarski

    Could You make, a walkthorugh of this studio,, The control room seems preety dead sounding, what do you think about it. how would you compare it to the John Sayers design ? Pierdol się Glenn ;)

  • James Yellow
    James Yellow Month ago

    And really important turn down the Bass!!!!

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Month ago

    That's some kamikaze shit right there

  • clusterfluff
    clusterfluff Month ago

    Guitar gabens not one to be fucked with

  • Mark Pearsall
    Mark Pearsall Month ago

    😂😂😂 Kudos for that guy being a good sport for being kicked out of the door

  • Alejandro Aguila
    Alejandro Aguila Month ago

    Glenn is now officially part of the Rudy Ayoub cinematic universe

    BBMMTR Month ago +1


  • XXX TencionCord
    XXX TencionCord Month ago

    You know shit is about to get real when the hair flips .... Rudy done messed up!

  • Mastesy
    Mastesy Month ago

    I thought Rudy would say "Bro"...because u shouldn't say that in a Hollywood Studio.

  • sonnic1995
    sonnic1995 Month ago

    Meh, i can't watch this, i liked the recurrent cast a lot better, like i can't even distinguish this other dude from Rudy.
    (Just kidding in case someone's not smart enough)

  • Jonh Monroney
    Jonh Monroney Month ago

    Shoulda grabbbed a distortion pedal before Glenn gave you ramp rash.

  • Lucan Feliciano
    Lucan Feliciano Month ago


  • Luiz___ MK
    Luiz___ MK Month ago

    I totally don't get it

  • The Antarctica Project


  • daniel Pantoja
    daniel Pantoja Month ago

    Yoo this so true

  • pureLSD
    pureLSD Month ago +1

    Didn't even say bro or man, what have you done with the real Rudy you imposter

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe

    LADEN BIN Month ago

    Rudy Adobe.

  • mass starvation
    mass starvation Month ago

    Bro, has anyone told you you look like Enes Kanter, bro?

  • AgentMinor ReligionBrigade

    You should've known this guy was the type to throw you out of the music studio

  • HawkX
    HawkX Month ago

    I was waiting for smoke on the water when the volume increased.

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago


  • C. Schitz Popinov
    C. Schitz Popinov Month ago


  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez Month ago +2

    This is gold 😂