Gaspar Noe hated 'Black Panther'

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • Gaspar Noe expressed his distaste for 'Star Wars' and Marvel's 'Black Panther' at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.
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  • Hersheys
    Hersheys 8 days ago

    Don't do drugs kids.

  • GothamKnightRX
    GothamKnightRX 14 days ago

    I respect his opinion.

  • Dhan
    Dhan 15 days ago

    Black Panther fucking sucked !!!

  • CherryBlack
    CherryBlack 15 days ago

    I can't with french people

  • Jakub Březina
    Jakub Březina 16 days ago

    Maybe he was talking about disney starwars

  • Rodolfo Ferreira
    Rodolfo Ferreira 16 days ago

    who the fuck cares about this cunt’s opinion or the opinion of all you losers on youtube comments, i love me marvel super hero movies and y’all can go eat a dick. mercy bocoup

  • Juan Valdivia
    Juan Valdivia 16 days ago

    Black Panther sucked

  • squallofthedai
    squallofthedai 17 days ago

    *yawn* A pretentious filmmaker can't stand imagination and prefers realistic material, cool story bro. Look I get difference in opinion, I had a family member who disliked sci-fi and fantasy and only liked documentaries of films based on a true story. If that's your preference, good on ya, I just think you limit yourself by only dealing with what is instead of what if. *shrugs*

  • B-Man
    B-Man 17 days ago

    There's no R&B in the first 20 mins of Black Panther though...

  • MegaRudeBoy69
    MegaRudeBoy69 17 days ago

    Anyone who knows Noe would know he doesn't go for mainstream, he's a real artist and can smell commercialism. People will still be watching "Irreversible" long after Black Panther and the MCU is forgotten.

  • Bob Q Kazoo
    Bob Q Kazoo 17 days ago

    Black Panther was way overrated, not un-watchable but still, not NEARLY as good as people say.

  • MrTechselect
    MrTechselect 17 days ago

    I respect people's opinions... that said his still reeks of pretentiousness

  • Jud391
    Jud391 17 days ago

    That guy’s boring

  • Takamusasu
    Takamusasu 17 days ago

    Agreed, it was terrible

  • Brandon Kieran
    Brandon Kieran 18 days ago

    It is OK to not like Black Panther.
    It is OK.

    JUST A FAN 18 days ago

    he should watch
    Rami's Spider-Man
    and Nolan's Batman

  • mrpepre
    mrpepre 18 days ago

    He’s got a point tbh

  • trodat07
    trodat07 19 days ago

    I value his opinion. However, it's very hard to respect someone who fancies drugging and raping people.

  • countbleck35
    countbleck35 20 days ago

    black panther was a good movie but its way overrated because of the black community rofl

  • Buxtonnes
    Buxtonnes 20 days ago

    These films are generic. He is right. But he caters for a different audience. His films are more interesting.

  • manosdepiedra
    manosdepiedra 20 days ago

    Black Panther was terrible. I don't understand how it was so well received. It was disappointing in that it could have actually been great, but it missed it's mark by a mile. The shitty trap music, the cringey references to a meme from 3 years ago, the horrible acting, and predictable story line all contributed to it being actual shit. The only cool thing about it was the afro-futuristic aesthetic. THAT'S IT.

  • Harkness78
    Harkness78 20 days ago

    That's funny, as he was saying "action movies, sci fi movies, they bore me" I was thinking "man I wonder if this guy saw Arrival? He would probably like that and/or Blade Runner 2049."
    And then the one recent movie he calls out as good is Arrival!

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 21 day ago

    Arrival was ok until the moment it tried a bit to hard and the pivotal moment sort of fell flat

  • Norin Radd
    Norin Radd 21 day ago


  • Ima Dope
    Ima Dope 22 days ago

    I liked the black panther show cause I have a black cat and he’s my best frend but I wished I could of brought him with me to the theater cause it would have been a better experience imo so I didn’t really love it and if you loved the black panther than your a cat hater so eff off!#catlove #mycatisgreat #yes

  • Retro Bruce
    Retro Bruce 22 days ago

    His opinion of black panther is rendered invalid since he left after 20 minutes without finishing the picture. However i will respect his tastes and opinion on the other motion pictures.

  • TheN1ghtwalker
    TheN1ghtwalker 23 days ago

    Wow, smart people do exist. Good to know.

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith 23 days ago

    Agree with all statements.

  • AnarchyJesus
    AnarchyJesus 23 days ago

    Arrival suck

  • EgocentricHead
    EgocentricHead 23 days ago

    I never watched any of his films, but after seeing this, I think I will.

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 23 days ago

    i didn't rate black panther either but i do not give a fuck about what this man thinks and would never let him sway my opinion.

  • First Time I Ever Saw A Dog Was In 1995

    lol this guy is pretentious and stupid. Documentaries are the most predictable movies on earth. They all have basically the same structure and narrative

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee 24 days ago

    You and me both buddy.

  • JAY OH
    JAY OH 24 days ago

    who cares what he thinks hes a pretentious artsy fartsy unwiped ass who makes porno's his movies suck like all artsy movies that seem to go no where and ham hand trivial subjects like sex his movies are made for adolescent boys who never seen naked women before or who would be clueless on what to do with one if she fell in his lap and perverts just like him

    • JAY OH
      JAY OH 23 days ago

      EgocentricHead fair enough ur right alot of film makers start off making bad pretentious artsy fartsy films ..everyone gotta start some where but when ur and adult approaching being a senior and ur stillmaking the same crappy artsy films with all ur experience more so be expected of this person wouldnt u think ??? The films the filmaker made before black panther irrelevent the end of the day numbers dont lie...more people lining up to see black panther then some crappy "porn chic" art house film

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead 23 days ago

      You do know that the guy who directed Black Panther got his start when he made the so-called "pretentious artsy fartsy" film. Which was quite good, actually. Actually, a lot of big- name Hollywood directors of today got their start by making "pretentious artsy fartsy". You have Aronosfky with "Pi", Chris Nolan with Memento, and Villeneuve with Incendies.

  • MrCerebellum2
    MrCerebellum2 24 days ago

    “I did not care for Black Panther or Star Wars. They did not have enough uninterrupted rape scenes”

  • Roaster Productions
    Roaster Productions 24 days ago

    So he left the movie before the real plot kicked in? Alrighty then.

  • Winterwacko Reborn
    Winterwacko Reborn 24 days ago

    Dude Arrival with trash It was just as bad as Interstellar what are you saying???

  • Bane Knightfall
    Bane Knightfall 25 days ago +1

    Obviously...he's a white supremacist. - Left Wing Progressive Media

  • Justin Baggett
    Justin Baggett 25 days ago

    Who even are you?

  • HeadBangerAust
    HeadBangerAust 25 days ago

    I saw black panther 3 times and enjoyed it. I don't think it's as great of a movie as many people say it is (on its own and within the MCU), but no movie is perfect. Love the original Star Wars trilogy, dislike (not hate) a great many aspects of the prequels but watch them when in the mood for them, and hate most of the new films (force awakens was entertaining but weak on original story and character development [basically an equivalent to a mike bay film, say what is typically said of the prequels, but at least George TRIED doing something different] Rogue One was entertaining and did something different (but still flawed) so it was okay, and the last Jedi was the director taking everything set up by the previous film and threw it out the window while giving fans the finger, so it was the most insulting and was the first time I left a Star Wars viewing pissed off (I hated it more than any other movie I have seen in my whole life)

  • Yanis
    Yanis 25 days ago

    So, to make a long story short, he does not only dislike BP but Blockbusters in general

  • Logansolo Howlett-Jones

    Well, Gaspar Noe, I hated Enter the Void

  • jnnx
    jnnx 25 days ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 27 days ago +1

    He's not wrong. Starwars and black panther both suck.

  • Stefan Kovacevic
    Stefan Kovacevic 27 days ago +1

    Anyone with half a brain comes to the conclusion this guy came to

  • MaîtreContrôlePrincipal

    He is right . Black Panther was pure garbage .

  • FungusMossGnosis
    FungusMossGnosis 28 days ago +1

    On Twitter, I am officially a Racist and Cancelled for having this opinion. I hate Gaspar's movies, but he has good taste and sense about other's movies.

  • bAkA
    bAkA 29 days ago

    "R&B music" pfft what?

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead 23 days ago

      In European countries, R&B is often associated with rap.

  • Esoteric African
    Esoteric African 29 days ago

    BP was trash

  • J Kevin Daniels
    J Kevin Daniels 29 days ago

    What a tasteless cunt.

  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon 29 days ago

    Love Gaspard. He's batshit crazy like his movies.

  • Harter SMK
    Harter SMK 29 days ago

    Ok this guy is crazy and has no taste fuck him

  • rohanzo1
    rohanzo1 Month ago

    huh he liked Arrival? dafuq... i thought he hated scifi

  • KAMI
    KAMI Month ago

    This guy is relevant why?

    • KAMI
      KAMI 28 days ago

      Just watched the Trailers to both of those movies. I bet this Noe guy would have loved Black Panther if all the characters were on DMT and had Tits. Enter the Void is an Epileptics Nightmare and with Irreversible, if I wanted to watch a rape scene, I would rather watch George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Raping Indiana Jones. Just my Opinion :)

    • Knuckle Dragger
      Knuckle Dragger 29 days ago

      Gasper Noes' films are pretty relevant. In the world of Psychedelic media, films like Enter The Void and Irreversible are heavily looked up upon and praised.

  • Bryan de Sá
    Bryan de Sá Month ago

    I like how Noe is so authentic. I disagree with what he said. But I love the guy hahaha

  • electronic graffiti

    the hero we deserve

  • Asa King
    Asa King Month ago

    While I agree that Black Panther was a little overhyped, I thought it was one the best films made in the MCU.

  • ShadowVessel π
    ShadowVessel π Month ago

    It's gotta hurt the fanboys that the actors and production crew agree with him.

  • iminalgebra haha
    iminalgebra haha Month ago

    Honestly Black Panther gets worse every time I watch it.

  • ghost man
    ghost man Month ago

    so.....i figured this out......since Variety opted to not educate me, in favorable journalistic form, as to who, or, more importantly, what, Gaspar Noe is.....perhaps something to proper effect of...."Gaspar Noe, director of such movies as ''ones that ghost man hasnt seen"...i figured he was simply a festival goer, giving his randomly requested opinion.
    great concise reporting there, Variety.

  • aNinjaGuardian
    aNinjaGuardian Month ago

    Black Panther was mediocre and overrated. Respect to Gaspar Noe for not shying away and stating his opinion.

  • dirk diggler
    dirk diggler Month ago

    Fucking hipster

  • Jakob Wångö
    Jakob Wångö Month ago

    Well black panther had a little deeper story or backstory than most of the Marvel movies but the action was bland and boring. The only positive thing about it was it's refreshingness

  • dystopian786
    dystopian786 Month ago

    I swear as soon as he said 'movies don't learn you anything'. I thought, "Arrival".

  • private420
    private420 Month ago

    When your a living trope

  • Games Stories Animals Hehe

    His outlooks prolly applies to 99% of movies. He's just a jaded asshole. This has nothing to do with Black Panther but ALT RIGHT with no critical thinking will use this to hate on black movies. This guy is wack and prolly will find fault in every subject. No one wants to be around people like him. He's like Eddie Bravo. Insane.

  • Silver Sai
    Silver Sai Month ago

    Black panther was too over-hyped and overrated sadly but then again infinity war was awesome

  • Silver Sai
    Silver Sai Month ago

    Arrival is one of the best movies ever made

  • TacosAreWizard
    TacosAreWizard Month ago +1

    He is the most boring man in the world.

  • WreckItRalph
    WreckItRalph Month ago

    Sucks that people think movies from Hollywood are actual movies lol

  • Boris Peit
    Boris Peit Month ago

    Hollywood is promoting liberal agenda, such as feminism and social equality, people are tired from this arrogant moral teachings. Some people still watch hollywood garbage like black panther only for technical aspects and entertainment. Only thing we can do, is to stop giving money to big studios.

  • hoody hoo
    hoody hoo Month ago

    What an aggressive opinion

  • MaddBadgerr
    MaddBadgerr Month ago

    Oh, turns out he just doesn't like good things. Who woulda thunkit?

  • AnythingEpic
    AnythingEpic Month ago

    Black panther was way too overhyped in my opinion. I’m not saying it was bad, just not even close to as good as everyone was saying.

  • Marcin Świątko
    Marcin Świątko Month ago

    He was talking about new star wars i gues

  • Austin's Way
    Austin's Way Month ago

    This nigga can barely speak English fuck u lol dont want the black race to have shit but guess what the movie wasn't for u and millions of people loved also i recommend forest gump u fucking clown✌

  • Roy Varghese
    Roy Varghese Month ago

    Please reply me with all the movies that you hated... I seriously have to watch them all...

  • Stereo
    Stereo Month ago +42

    Black Panther was pure garbage.
    I didn't expect much, it's a Marvel blockbuster after all, just give me some good action and jokes to laugh at.
    Action - nope.
    Jokes - just a couple.

    • Bob Q Kazoo
      Bob Q Kazoo 17 days ago

      It also had a plethora of continuity errors and poor directing choices.

    • Yee McGee
      Yee McGee 22 days ago

      Guess you were living under a rock when blade got three movies then?

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 22 days ago

      Stereo It's more than a Marvel blockbuster, it's a movement, the first time a black man was the hero, hello!

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead 23 days ago


    • Yee McGee
      Yee McGee 27 days ago

      They were based off comic books. Which are by nature going to sound a little weird translated into film. Also cgi is kinda necessary when you have people like hulk iron man scarlet witch Thor and rocket raccoon and are trying to make them accurate. They’re good for what they are and are pretty faithful adaptations of the characters tbh

  • BuffaloSouljah83
    BuffaloSouljah83 Month ago


  • GamerDex21
    GamerDex21 Month ago

    It's his opinion. Who cares what he thinks about black panther. Black Panther is successful know matter what you say.

    AZI THE MLG PRO Month ago

    Who cares what this random thinks?

  • Disappointed Father

    Black Panther wasn’t really a masterpiece. The villain was amazing, and among my favorite MCU villains, but the film followed the same MCU formula. I feel the only reason it blew up was because of race. But I know having that opinion makes me a racist, even though I love the character T’Challa. But whatever.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    You asked a porn director about mainstream movies 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Matson
    Brandon Matson Month ago

    I understand where he's coming from. I mean, in star wars/black panther it is obvious what is going to happen before you even see it. The good guy wins. Maybe loses something, but probably not. I did like the end of infinity war because it felt fresh.

  • xkee2013
    xkee2013 Month ago


  • J.F.L. Bousquet
    J.F.L. Bousquet Month ago

    Well, I've finally watched Black Panther... and I couldn't agree more with Gaspar Noé. What an incredible dumb piece of shit movie. Awful.

  • qwertmom
    qwertmom Month ago

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... but yeah Black Panther was not a good movie

  • TheCommentSuperhero

    But who cares?

  • Tiltmaster
    Tiltmaster Month ago

    When you read BP comics you realize they only took it from Coates who is a liberal/sjw type. In every other comic they tackle the main issue BP faces.
    "I am a man, who is king." The movie has it the other way around. As a black guy when I first started reading the comics I realized it was shallow to like him simply because he looked like me, though that helped me find him. You quickly learn that the last thing black panther has on his mind is being black and the last thing he cares about is race.
    He's militant as hell, and is a hunter and if you pay attention to Civil War you can see the difference in between the way the character speaks. When BP went after bucky in Civil War he was so focused. He wanted to avenge his fathers death and it took him all the way to Zemo. But that was Jack Kirby writing along with a few other writers. Jack Kirby who also wrote the damn character.
    But they let Coogler write it along with some other black guy and it quickly became this We Wuz Kangz thing.
    BP sits on top of the most valuable resource in the Marvel world. He is essentially the worlds "Admin" when it comes to military action and its his job to keep it safe so the rest of the world can remain in peace. He has his struggles, the struggles of his people and his avenging to deal with all at the same time.
    And at the core of it and every other comic besides T.Coates, he always says this. "I am just a man."

  • MrDent89
    MrDent89 Month ago

    If only Black Panther included a 7 minute graphic rape scene like Irreversible. Then maybe Gaspar Noe would approve of it.

  • Titus
    Titus Month ago

    Ok, that's his personal opinion
    but who is this guy?

  • Wibbles McScribbles

    Fucking racist scumbag. I am actually shaking right now. Of course he would like a movie with a mainly white cast.

  • dancrtz
    dancrtz Month ago

    Put a zoom on that stick, Noé

  • Austin123p0rk
    Austin123p0rk Month ago

    So I guess this means he’s racist now right?

  • kobo heights
    kobo heights Month ago

    yea you tell them my man, black panther sucks

  • JS Wooten
    JS Wooten Month ago +1

    Go make another porno with fancy visuals, and keep your racist mouth shut. Oh look. Its another Euripean who doesn't get it.

    • MaxSt1929
      MaxSt1929 Month ago +1

      JS Wooten why are you calling him a racist? He said he didn’t like action movies and comedies because he found them predictable. He even said he did t enjoy Star Wars. Why are you calling him a racist when all he is doing is expressing his opinion. Enough is enough stop playing that BS racist card.

  • Noah Baia
    Noah Baia Month ago

    He probably hated it because it didn't have enough unsimulated sex. :-P

  • David Rey
    David Rey Month ago

    Nah fam

  • MakepplQQthenRQ
    MakepplQQthenRQ Month ago

    Well no shit. So predictable why would you watch. If i knew my footy team played predicted like crap and I still went i would be a moron. These two movies were always never going to be ground breaking what was he expecting.

  • Sherman Ali
    Sherman Ali Month ago

    👌 Just goggled this guy,whatever I guess,he’s a movie maker and that’s his opinion?🙄🤷‍♂️😞✌️