Strangers Trying to Sell You Stuff

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • I don't think I've ever converted to anything or bought something from someone knocking on my door.
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  • Survivor 2500
    Survivor 2500 Hour ago

    I listen to JT machinima

  • Survivor 2500
    Survivor 2500 Hour ago

    Once I saw a dude holding a sign and he was like JESUS CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOU SINS and I just looked at him and did the devil sign xD

  • football crazy
    football crazy Hour ago +1

    He said next time don't take candy from a stranger just think about how many cavities you'll get
    But my parent told me never to accept candy from a stranger because I might get kidnapped you never mentioned that dentist of America

  • Thomas Gibby
    Thomas Gibby 2 hours ago

    4:04 hey that's me in 2 years

  • Danny Alvarez
    Danny Alvarez 2 hours ago


  • Hannah Ware
    Hannah Ware 3 hours ago

    Turn on closed captioning. It is hysterical!

  • Christopher Odubena
    Christopher Odubena 4 hours ago

    Minecraft Xbox yeaaaaaa

    GATCHA CATS RULEZ 4 hours ago


  • JazzyBunny ROBLOX
    JazzyBunny ROBLOX 6 hours ago

    Lol I talk to strangers on roblox and everyday at my moms shop 😂😂

  • SoLar Veloctiy
    SoLar Veloctiy 6 hours ago

    3:05 voice crack

  • MoonDust The Lightfury
    MoonDust The Lightfury 7 hours ago +1

    Random guy: "But you gotta know, money, is just an object."
    James: "well then why do you want it?"

  • Devon Tube
    Devon Tube 8 hours ago


  • XxgachagirlminixX Kayla

    "Like that smash button"
    Me: *presses the like button and goes down into the comments and types*:

  • Asta Kapitokaite
    Asta Kapitokaite 15 hours ago

    \ (•◡•) / ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
    | |

  • ted wagner
    ted wagner 15 hours ago

    1:50 cab food drive!

  • Francesco Trani
    Francesco Trani 15 hours ago

    I'll sell you something

  • number1fansince
    number1fansince 17 hours ago

    U dumb fuck!!

  • brandon pattetson
    brandon pattetson 17 hours ago

    Your funny i subscribed make more videos

  • Santana Williams
    Santana Williams 18 hours ago +1

    Help, I can’t find the smash button

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamer 18 hours ago

    do you thik iam stopid

  • Alex Drake
    Alex Drake 20 hours ago

    I’ve watched this so many times and I JUST realized that Adams hoodie says “Omnom sense”

  • Amazing Oliver
    Amazing Oliver 20 hours ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Michelle Wnuk1
    Michelle Wnuk1 20 hours ago

    If you're making friends with the person should you just not have any friends and not trust anyone accept your family unless you don't know some of your family you shouldn't trust them so you shouldn't trust anyone except the people that you live with that's just messed up I want to have friends

  • Mr.tryhard goes hard
    Mr.tryhard goes hard 21 hour ago

    And james won $30k in the near future

  • Ava Wolf
    Ava Wolf 22 hours ago +1

    School is full of strangers cough cough TEACHERS THAT YOU SPEND THE WHOLE DAY WITH

  • April Flowers
    April Flowers 22 hours ago

    I could never be a door to door salesman

  • Eric Carmona 13
    Eric Carmona 13 22 hours ago +1

    I am a Jehova witness

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamer Day ago +1

    what is your real name your name is not james

  • Logan Fragoso
    Logan Fragoso Day ago +1

    And as always wear your stay hydrated...

  • Rocco Conte
    Rocco Conte Day ago

    What your a bad reader somethingelseyt

  • Armaan Goel
    Armaan Goel Day ago

    Wouldn't the Dentists of America want you to have cavities so they could have your money?

  • Zmenace Angel
    Zmenace Angel Day ago +1

    " *so... I'm a youtuber I'm not going to heaven* "

  • Andy Rojas
    Andy Rojas Day ago +1


  • Andy Rojas
    Andy Rojas Day ago +1


  • Zoe Nagle
    Zoe Nagle Day ago

    Did anyone hear that he's a FURRY

  • Heidy
    Heidy Day ago

    I watched this vid so many times and barely realized boo’s door omg

  • susy myerhoff
    susy myerhoff Day ago +1


  • Analy Baldovinos

    im jehovh witnesses

  • Timothius The Great

    Bruh Imma Boy Scouts and the whole neighborhood was "No Soliciting" policy

  • Brenda Tsaksnikas
    Brenda Tsaksnikas Day ago +1

    When they see James Grandma at first😨😰😱 then they realize how nice she is😄😃😉😑

  • Lin Prout
    Lin Prout Day ago


  • Micah Chacon
    Micah Chacon Day ago

    Sprinkles and sooubway

  • Cheeto Beard
    Cheeto Beard Day ago

    Seriously my mom would be good friends with your grandma. She has this carpet cleaner and she gave him WAFFLES and a RUG, she was a poor collage student...

  • despacito uwu
    despacito uwu Day ago

    wear your stay hydrated

  • Josiah Perez
    Josiah Perez Day ago


  • Lærke Bregenhøj


  • Winged Coco
    Winged Coco Day ago

    We all know that he is a blue dog furry

  • Slither io XD
    Slither io XD Day ago

    The gram voice was great

  • Drift585
    Drift585 Day ago

    And smash that like button! Hulk:HULK SMASH LIKE BUTTON!!! *smashes computer* iron man: *walks in* wha'what the flip did u do !!!??! Hulk:Hulk smash like button

  • Wade Romulus
    Wade Romulus Day ago

    Don't take candy from strangers Halloween your taking lots of candy from strangers

  • Hey Im Cookie
    Hey Im Cookie Day ago

    Jahova Witneses (in my country) don't believe in blood transplants so basically if their family needs one they don't get it and sometimes don't make it

  • Jurre veldhuijsen


  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Wait, James is a furry?!

  • Jose Isla
    Jose Isla Day ago

    What about Halloween.Strangers give candy in Halloween

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez Day ago

    i like odd1sout he is the best youtuber ever lived

  • Soul Less
    Soul Less Day ago

    Why do you add yogio

  • Jorge Oswaldo Guardamino Martinez

    Can someone tell the name of the song in 6:55. I real la needed :|

  • Madi Mew
    Madi Mew Day ago

    I would just walk away when that guy wanted money from you

  • Cassandra Reyes
    Cassandra Reyes Day ago

    I dont remeber lots of my cousins to

  • Cassandra Reyes
    Cassandra Reyes Day ago


  • Zahavabg
    Zahavabg Day ago

    It succ

  • General Magma Raz


  • Random Raul
    Random Raul Day ago +1

    5:07 hu James coincidentally knows how much a pack of cigarettes cost.

  • lovin gacha L0L
    lovin gacha L0L Day ago

    I know that your a grown man that farts in sprinkles in a pool 😄😄😄😄😄

    MASTER BRIX Day ago

    Anyone else catch the old Subway spokesperson (AKA Pedophile) 0:32

  • Leftbit Studio
    Leftbit Studio Day ago

    Am I the only one that that notice that they were Monster Ink doors?

  • Carlos Lovell
    Carlos Lovell Day ago

    Once I was at football practice and some homeless person walked with a cart of sweaters and started yelling
    "The Apocalypse is coming" and tried to get us to buy his sweaters

  • Umoja Olvera
    Umoja Olvera 2 days ago

    once I nocked on a door and somebody opened the door and a dog came out and bit my leg

  • Syphion Games
    Syphion Games 2 days ago

    I dislike jahovas they don't celebrate any holidays or birth days

  • Wings of fire King 4321

    I could never be a door to door salesman either

  • Dynel Winchester
    Dynel Winchester 2 days ago

    Just because your a youtuber does not mean you won’t go to heaven, I think your a great person!

  • Genesis Clipper
    Genesis Clipper 2 days ago


  • Mairead Maretllo
    Mairead Maretllo 2 days ago

    I know what a petafile is

    X PLOSIVE TUNE 2 days ago

    James: All I have is a 10.
    SomethingElseYT: You stupid mother f....
    Me: This is the best scene in the galaxy!

  • Julia Christie
    Julia Christie 2 days ago


  • Xxghost ninjaxX fan
    Xxghost ninjaxX fan 2 days ago

    I'm a Jehová witness

  • Sajed Elzein
    Sajed Elzein 2 days ago

    6:36 killed me

  • Mayte Valades
    Mayte Valades 2 days ago


  • Alonzo Arosteguiavilez

    I'm a Jehovah witness

  • The PurpleBoss
    The PurpleBoss 2 days ago

    3:47 Gram Gram be killing turtles

  • Kimberly Bennett
    Kimberly Bennett 2 days ago


  • Adrian M.
    Adrian M. 2 days ago

    Anyone here sometimes confuse dreams and actual memories... because memories feel like dreams if it's old. Because sometimes I thought a real life memory was a dream or the other way around unless I ask a family member. Also, Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu.

    GAY GOC 2 days ago

    that boo's closet door from monster inc lmao

  • Mike 2007
    Mike 2007 2 days ago


  • Scott Cameron
    Scott Cameron 2 days ago

    There was 9 fingers sir

  • Scott Cameron
    Scott Cameron 2 days ago

    And I'm only 10 my BD was like one month ago and 8 days ago I got nothing but 50 dollars and a phone no BD cake like only 3 people telling me happy bd I'm still great full but dang my sister Jasmin got shoes that cost 150$ or 200$ she didn't get a bd cake but presents like reallyz and she got a BD party I'm sueing like i nearly
    got anything but like I said I'm very greatful and my new phone sucks but meh

  • Scott Cameron
    Scott Cameron 2 days ago

    I do know what it means

  • giancarlo gianinotti

    0:00 Now remember If A stranger Offers You Candy There’s probably more in his van

  • Doodle Party
    Doodle Party 2 days ago +1

    4:13 is from his song

  • Conner Heise
    Conner Heise 2 days ago

    I accept candy from a stranger

  • Michelle Bender
    Michelle Bender 2 days ago

    James all the time uuuuuuuuu fine

  • slash killer897 7252

    I'm 8 and I know what rocket 69 means and a pedo means

  • will boyd vlogs
    will boyd vlogs 2 days ago

    4:29 if you accept Jesus as you Lord and savior you will go to heaven

  • RED Studios
    RED Studios 2 days ago

    I thought the Boy Scouts wore tan not blue

  • Amya Cole
    Amya Cole 2 days ago

    {OMG} Is RIP james da furrie :3 (¬¿¬)

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 days ago +1

    */I only have a ten on me/*


  • Adi Ryan
    Adi Ryan 2 days ago

    4:03 was rly funny to me because I'm actually mormon. Lol

  • Koogie
    Koogie 2 days ago

    Can you sell me a friend I don't have any

  • Get Ass
    Get Ass 2 days ago

    At a liquor store last week someone sold me a tv for 30 dollars i said the loudest OK ive ever said in my life