Salvage + Rebuilt Motorcycles | Should You Buy One?

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
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  • 0321SHOOTER
    0321SHOOTER 11 days ago

    Then just pass the slow cars on your fast bike, easy! I agree frame, sub-frame, and suspension are key things especially the engine mounts on the frame! Basically here in NC the frame is the vehicle as that is where the vin number is located. If that is trashed then it can be a pain (even though frames are cheap) to get the bike registered once the work is done because the vin wont match the title.

  • Soda City Sign Shop Columbia

    Was hoping you might cover the insurance aspect of covering a salvage motorcycle and who you use, how difficult it was to acquire a policy, etc. Feedback would be appreciated!

  • Patricio Tillano
    Patricio Tillano 10 months ago +5

    Best bike I have ever owned had a salvage title. Wish I still had that bike 😭😭😭

  • Alston 350z
    Alston 350z 10 months ago +1

    I just found a zx6r on craigslist for 500.00 should I go look at it or just leave it ??? Rebuilt title

    • Alston 350z
      Alston 350z 10 months ago +3

      @MotoPosh just gonna bring a gun in case tho

    • Alston 350z
      Alston 350z 10 months ago

      @MotoPosh I emailed them and honestly it sounds like it's either stolen or they are gonna try to rob me when I go look at it just being really weird. It's the 2005 636 with decent amount of carbon fiber and looks brand new with 8k miles on it but if it's real and not stolen I'm getting it

    • MotoPosh
      MotoPosh  10 months ago +1

      I would say that's at least worth a look. Anything that cheap concerns me though. Make sure you check the frame and forks real good

  • James Ireland
    James Ireland Year ago +9

    Alot of times insurance companies will total a car or bike out and it had minor damage. I have seen plenty of times where it's just cosmetic .

  • Jacobo Witness
    Jacobo Witness Year ago +1

    Got a guy trying to trade his 99 sv650 rebuilt. Sounds good haven't rode it yet for my 2006 honda shadow 750

  • zack davis
    zack davis Year ago

    What bar end mirrors are those? Can you see decently with them being very angled bars?

  • sam gamer
    sam gamer Year ago


  • sam gamer
    sam gamer Year ago

    More quad

  • Bryan Jauregui
    Bryan Jauregui Year ago

    Bro how hot does your bike get? All the way to the top? Mi guage is almost to the top, today i stopped, and the coolant came out splashing from the little tank, it sounded like it was bubbling hot, whats going on?:(... same bike as yours!

    • Bryan Jauregui
      Bryan Jauregui Year ago

      MotoPosh For sure man thanks!!

    • MotoPosh
      MotoPosh  Year ago +1

      Mine rarely ever gets to 6 bars (1 over the normal operating temperature of 5) sounds like either your fan isn't working or you have some air bubbles in your coolant system. Definitely need to get that checked out asap man! Hope everything turns out good for you and your bike

  • Dr Chunky Biscuit

    Good to see you're back. Prefer the quad though! I have a question. What helmet camera do you use please?

    • MotoPosh
      MotoPosh  Year ago +1

      Quad vlog next week for sure! And I use a gopro hero 4 with an external mic

  • i just wanna say that

    Quad vlooog

  • Ryloid Stanloid
    Ryloid Stanloid Year ago +1

    Hi, just found your channel while getting some more info on the Triumph Daytona. I'm looking to upgrade from my CBR250RR to a 600. I think you've sold me on the Daytona over the GSXR or R6. Do you still think it's a good buy?

    • Genetically Superior
      Genetically Superior Year ago +2

      Daniel Alvarez But R6's dont have that sweet air induction sound

    • **********
      ********** Year ago

      I have a 2014 R6 and a 2012 Daytona. Hands down the Daytona is the superior bike. Enjoy them both though.

    • Ryloid Stanloid
      Ryloid Stanloid Year ago

      Yeah, because im from Australia they are pretty unique. I've found one for $6K AUD, with 20,000kms. I'm planning on taking a look next weekend

    • Casey Culver
      Casey Culver Year ago

      MotoPosh that's why I bought my Daytona. It's a different bike that's even better. Some ppl don't even know about them. I love my 675 more than my R1.

    • MotoPosh
      MotoPosh  Year ago

      R6's are nice and I like Yamaha but everyone has one haha