True Facts: Wild Pigs

  • Published on Jul 13, 2021
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    Terra Mater has created a wide array of amazing full length documentaries and they have a TheXvid channel which you should check out and subscribe to!
    Almost all of the footage in this episode is from one of their programs called "Amazing Pigs" which was
    directed by Matt Hamilton.
    Piglet jaw images from:
    Fraser, D., Thompson, B.K. Armed sibling rivalry among suckling piglets. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 29, 9-15 (1991).
    Pig Toilet miniature from the Linden Museum, added to
    the Public Domain by Karl Heinrich.
    Additional footage and media from
    and Pond
    Classical Music:

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  • zefrank1

    Most of this footage is from

  • Andrew Z
    Andrew Z  +15

    This episode felt more chaotic than normal. Felt less like a nature documentary and more like "holy shit, pigs"

  • Rome Rabalais

    Love all the True Facts!

  • SixtySix

    If school had documentaries like this then everyone would be smart.

  • Jacob Price

    I know it’s unlikely you’ll ever see this, but I want to thank you Ze for making content like this during the last few really tumultuous years. I think I speak for everyone struggling - that a little bright spot like this series is so important in our lives so thank you

  • SiroccoDream

    “You don’t use the bleep button just because you have hurt feelings, Jerry!” 😂

  • O's House

    I don't know if Jerry is real, but if he is give him a raise.

  • William Riker

    My wife has wanted a "mini-pig" for years. We finally got one. They really are super smart. Probably the smartest animal I've ever had. They also do not stay "mini" for very long.😂

  • Alberto
    Alberto  +61

    A funny thing about truffle hogs is that unlike trained dogs, they search for truffles mainly to eat them. So if you have one "helping" you, you need to be fast with your fingers to keep it from eating the truffle once it has found it. However, I remember reading sometimes you have to let them eat some of it or have a treat prepared, because otherwise they stop digging for them if you're around.

  • Terrencevia21

    You know, not gonna lie. When he was saying that part on the “what could possibly go wrong”, I was waiting to see a quick pic of bacon being cooked on the stove.

  • Joe Hamm
    Joe Hamm  +175

    I would give both of my kidneys just to see Zefrank start ashow again. This dude has been my hero for like a decade and has helped me through some really tough problems. His input has changed my life for the better and I would love to see more content or to be able to know that he's impacting more people like me still.

  • Lady NoShoes

    Ze Frank's facts are the only channels where facts are derailed so far, I'm actually learning 3 completely different subjects in one video. In this video, I learned different kinds of pigs, the basic component of a truffle and how GRRM got his GoT inspiration from.

  • Indigo Gaming

    Babe: Pig in the City wasn't a cutesy children's story.

  • JanusHoW
    JanusHoW  +133

    I was lucky enough to go on a tour of southern Africa once, and a warthog happened to be on the premises of our lodge at the time, just grazing. Well, a girl on the trip tries to get a selfie with it, but gets a wee bit too close. The warthog throws its head up, knocking her phone out of her hand and coming

  • Eben Steven

    In the book Papillon, the main character escapes to an island and quickly finds out that it is all swampy. He ends up running into a guy hiding out there and this guy has a pig to help him find his way through the swamp so they dont get caught in any quicksand. It's a true story, Them piggies are super smart, and they taste good too. 🐖🥓👍

  • Quixotic42

    One of my greatest hopes is that one day Zefrank does a video on Hyenas, and includes details about their birthing process.

  • Oze Ramo
    Oze Ramo  +293

    "They fight for a nipple and they stay with it" Mad respect... mad respect

  • banette guy

    Put that in the prequel for Charlotte's web had me dying. The way zefrank combines science and humor is a real talent indeed. 😂

  • IamGhede

    Poor Jerry, doesn't even get his name in the credits.