• Published on Sep 23, 2018
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Comments • 5 689

  • Riss728
    Riss728 4 days ago

    I love it ❤

  • Bella Vita
    Bella Vita 12 days ago

    Your hair curled here is so pretty!

  • Isla Barry
    Isla Barry 13 days ago +1

    geez, to all the people who are giving channon and travis grief about sharing their name of THEIR daughter, snow is a beautiful name, people name their kids 'ocean' and forest' and nobody seems to care. It is THEIR child, and THEIR name choice, and I am sure any of you wouldn't appreciate someone harassing their baby name. Rethink your words. They can affect someones whole day.

  • Helena Whitesell
    Helena Whitesell 17 days ago

    Not to be mean or anything but what is up with names nowadays?🤷‍♀️

  • Kate Shill
    Kate Shill 18 days ago

    You are making your kid snow. WHAT. Imagine when she is. 40

  • Lost Cause
    Lost Cause 22 days ago

    Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC named a daughter she had adopted Snow..

  • Anya Kuinin
    Anya Kuinin 23 days ago

    you look like a duck with your lips

  • Anya Kuinin
    Anya Kuinin 23 days ago

    this is so bad think about when she's going to work in the professional world and her name is fucking snow. I couldn't take anyone seriously. horrible horrible name for a baby, kid, teenager, young adult, adult, and old woman.

  • Melani Hiranya
    Melani Hiranya Month ago

    Love the name SNOW❤️ I have watched all your vids since you guys were dating and the story behind it -frozen lil embryo literally gave me tears😭❤️ so sweet ..❤️ Snow Rose , you are having the best parents on earth❤️

  • Ilovelosangeles
    Ilovelosangeles Month ago

    That name is hilarious. It's coke, man. No one's thinking of anything but coke, especially 20 years from now. Not cool.

  • DuluthGuy
    DuluthGuy Month ago

    Think Snowy has a cool ring to it....Know a Winter, a Summer, and an Autumn.....Snow IS unique....Feeling the love.....

  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams Month ago

    I have a 5 year old daughter and her name is Snow too lol It's Snow Sapphire Eva Prim

  • Got2luvcupcakes
    Got2luvcupcakes Month ago

    Love love love her name! 💖

  • Ruth Noemi
    Ruth Noemi Month ago

    Snow is such a pretty unique name

  • Zoe eckhardt
    Zoe eckhardt Month ago

    So cute 💕💕

  • Saoirse O'Brien
    Saoirse O'Brien Month ago

    Plz tell me her middle name is white omg Snow White 😍

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue Month ago

    i love the name snow very unique xxx

  • Barbara Bavier
    Barbara Bavier Month ago

    SNOW IS NOT A NAME! Any more than Rain or River or Leaf are names.

  • Mermaid Kassandra
    Mermaid Kassandra Month ago

    I was a little scared what it was gonna be BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Discover Your Essential Oils

    I love the meaning behind her name. Congratulations! She's beautiful.

  • Lisa Misik
    Lisa Misik Month ago

    Love this name! It reminds me of Snow White... which you would probably only understand if you have watched once upon a time. (Spoiler: Snow White goes by her first name, Snow)

  • Bethany Mullen
    Bethany Mullen Month ago

    All these people freaking out about the first name and im like...whats her middle name?

  • Qahar3 !
    Qahar3 ! Month ago

    Without makeup u look like an angel u look good with makeup too tho

  • jaime woody
    jaime woody Month ago

    Ashlee Simpsons daughter Jagger has "Snow" as a middle name.

  • Mackenzie Page Interiors

    Beautiful!! Love her name!! 💕

  • Piinkstar17
    Piinkstar17 Month ago

    snow? >< oh honey...

  • Living Potato
    Living Potato Month ago

    Snow! That's such a cute name! That's a better name than mine lol; Happy

  • Abigail Sianna
    Abigail Sianna Month ago

    Idk if anyone else heard it but on the “labor and delivery part one video” Shannon said her name. Snow

  • TinaBallina
    TinaBallina Month ago

    There is another TheXvid vlogger (who also had IVF) whose daughter is called Magnolia Snow.

  • snow2312
    snow2312 Month ago

    Snow is my nickname! 😯

  • Stephany Coronado
    Stephany Coronado Month ago

    In part two on the board you said it was snow it said baby name and it said snow and you said snow

  • Kat BakingExplorer
    Kat BakingExplorer Month ago

    My boyfriends cousin has a daughter named Snow too! 😊❄️

  • Amanda Khalaf
    Amanda Khalaf Month ago

    I love it so much♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Pey
    Pey Month ago

    My last name is snow!!!!! Yes, my initials are PMS!😂😂😂

  • Ophélia L'Italiana

    Lovely name😍

  • Hamster
    Hamster Month ago

    Bruh that's child abuse on some shit 💀💀 setting your kid up for years of bullying. Good job 😂

  • Holly Monte
    Holly Monte Month ago

    Snow is a lovely name ❤️

  • Layan alghamdi
    Layan alghamdi Month ago

    Omggg u guys I’m soooo happyyy for u!!! She is going to have the best parents ever! Plus the name is really cute i love it!😍

  • Crystal Leake
    Crystal Leake Month ago

    I have a friend that named her daughter snow for the exact same reason. They did frozen embryo transfer

  • A Human
    A Human Month ago

    A sweet baby name but an adult trying to get a career may be a different story, either way congrats!!

    VERRIKA Month ago

    And Snow in the tv series once upon a time.....

  • GKJ
    GKJ Month ago

    I guessed the name Sage. I was wrong LOL.

  • Kayla C
    Kayla C Month ago


  • Livvy jayne
    Livvy jayne Month ago +1

    I love the name and to you it’s really original but my cousin is called snow and my friends baby sister is called snow too 😂 oh btw my cousin is called Snow Lilah Rose 😂 just more coincidental 😂😂❤️❤️ love this channel to ❤️❤️😘😂

  • Jenifer Bent
    Jenifer Bent Month ago

    Very unique name I am so happy for you guys !

  • Lavender kiss
    Lavender kiss Month ago

    What a prettyyyy name!!!

  • cece love
    cece love Month ago


  • Queen Jay
    Queen Jay Month ago

    My Nieces Name Is Snow 😍😍❤️

  • poechristhemfitz
    poechristhemfitz Month ago

    I started to cry when the camera revealed the "o" of her name - I LOVE IT!!!!!
    It's a great name!! Very straight forward. I associate it with a strong identity.
    All the best to the three of you!

  • Fluffy Bear
    Fluffy Bear Month ago

    Omgg like Emilee Hembrow's daughter - Aaliyah Snow

  • Amber
    Amber Month ago

    Screw all these negative comments. Snow is a simple name, and it’s unique because I’m pretty sure 98% of people don’t know a person named Snow. She will grow to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and she will be so strong. I’m so happy for the both of you ♥️

  • White Gem
    White Gem Month ago

    That’s precious ❤️❤️

  • Wynona 7
    Wynona 7 Month ago

    this is actually making me cry

  • Kate Hurst
    Kate Hurst Month ago

    Snow is a really pretty name for a girl :)

  • Lori CastroDrkkqqk
    Lori CastroDrkkqqk Month ago

    My sister's name is Nieve which means snow in Spanish. Very unique and significant. She passed away when she was 21 in the winter.

  • candysmiles11
    candysmiles11 Month ago +1

    I dont know if i like snow for a name

  • Jimena Rodríguez
    Jimena Rodríguez Month ago

    I think that Snow is a beautiful name.I just love it 🧚‍♂️🌟.

  • _em
    _em Month ago

    i think that's a beautiful name!!

  • Kaytin Brown
    Kaytin Brown Month ago

    Why are y’all being so hateful in these comments? You may not like the name but you don’t have to comment rude and mean things about it. I think it has a lot of meaning and it is very unique and represents all that they went through trying to get pregnant. It isn’t your baby so it doesn’t matter if you like the name or not. Snow Rose sounds beautiful and I’m so happy for Channon and Travis.

  • Mary Brannan
    Mary Brannan Month ago

    Unique and beautiful 😊

  • L Eide
    L Eide Month ago

    I love the name!!! So cute and pretty!

  • Ella K.P
    Ella K.P Month ago

    I'm in love with this name😍

  • Spells And more
    Spells And more Month ago +1

    When she is older everyone is going to think her name represents crack

  • Summer Fields
    Summer Fields Month ago

    Like Snow from Once upon a time!

  • Donna Beltran
    Donna Beltran Month ago

    Snow?!?! No offence but there are more cute names. But I guess is your opinion. Still love you guys❤❤

  • KeKe’s Kreations
    KeKe’s Kreations Month ago

    why do ppl come up with names like this&legally name their child this?! Think ab when she’s older&looking for a job or in a serious relationship,& having to introduce herself!! she’s really gna get bullied.why not use this as a nickname¬ a real name?!

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy Month ago

    Nowy would be a cute nickname. Snowy Nowy.

  • mrscandicemarie
    mrscandicemarie Month ago

    Omg she was a little frozen embryo and that's how she got the name SNOW 🌨 omg I'm crying my eyes out. Thats so BEAUTIFUL 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Rachelle Jennings
    Rachelle Jennings Month ago

    Our daughters name is Lorelai Snow! Her middle name means a lot to us as well. All of our babies have been born either durning or right before it snowed. It actually snowed the day after she was born for just a few minutes. It was magical. Love her name!

  • Isabella Mascote
    Isabella Mascote Month ago

    Why is there so much negativity in the comments, I know some people don't like the name but that's no need to be so negative about it

  • Sydney Archer
    Sydney Archer Month ago


  • Meg W
    Meg W Month ago

    I cried

  • Slimetime
    Slimetime Month ago

    Please tell me this is a joke...please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson Month ago

    you said no one has ever had that name as a hint. what about snow white?

  • K Batt
    K Batt Month ago

    My fiance and I had our first kiss on a fold out futon in college. I can't wait to name our first born. Fold Out Fyton (unique spelling!)....I mean it's all about me, right?

  • Wednesday Hursey
    Wednesday Hursey Month ago

    That's a beautiful name.

  • KimiikoZ
    KimiikoZ 2 months ago

    I love the name!

  • this is Ann
    this is Ann 2 months ago

    Actually there is a girl name Scarlett Snow Belo in the philippines whom the parents are famous and of course scarlett snow necame famous as well in instagram videos and fb videos.

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 months ago

    1:48 awww so many deep meanings to her name, its perfect...

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 months ago

    1:27 "our little snow baby" awww thats so cute

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 months ago

    i love this sm

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 months ago

    i love unique names and Snow is perfect

  • Vannah Marie
    Vannah Marie 2 months ago

    Everyone else who is hating guys seriously they have a meaning behind it

  • Vannah Marie
    Vannah Marie 2 months ago

    I love her name it’s so adorable and never heard of

  • October Lynn
    October Lynn 2 months ago

    I like Snow! I also like Wynter and October too. As you can see by my screen name lol

  • Maria Jose Martinez
    Maria Jose Martinez 2 months ago

    Oh but Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi and no one said anything huh?
    Snow, such a beautiful name 🤗 so happy for you guys ♥️♥️♥️

  • Patricia Carmona
    Patricia Carmona 2 months ago

    Straight up a stripper name

  • coral scott
    coral scott 2 months ago

    Well least your last names not white I know a little girl called Snow White -.-

  • Koyoko
    Koyoko 2 months ago

    A lot of you guys are giving crap about the name, and you guys can have opinions BUT.
    Just because it’s not a NORMAL name doesn’t mean it’s horrible, it’s actually nice to be unique and I for one love the name, that’s just my opinion and you guys think the girl is gonna get bullied for having a name like snow, but who really gives a crap about somebody’s name.

  • Sierra T.
    Sierra T. 2 months ago

    She's so out breath LOL I always think that's funny that pregnant women get so out of breath

    Ñ&B MÄFÏA 2 months ago +1


  • The Grumppy
    The Grumppy 2 months ago

    THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE NAMED YUKI. Yuki literally means snow in Japanese. This is the exact same thing except it's simple and not slightly different depending on the gender (Yuki vs. Yūki).

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 2 months ago


  • CAR LY
    CAR LY 2 months ago

    Yes to the name! The meaning gave me chills❤️

  • Rachel Kidd
    Rachel Kidd 2 months ago


  • Poppy Pictures
    Poppy Pictures 2 months ago

    You live in California and that's a nickname for Cocaine...Those reasons are so dumb lol I'm Sorry, not for being mean but because you're actually naming her that.

  • Nova Mane
    Nova Mane 2 months ago

    The piano song sounds like the Jurassic Park theme song? Haha I’m so excited for you guys. Such a cute name!

  • pamcee
    pamcee 2 months ago

    Wow, why are people so mean about the name Snow?!Why would she get bullied because of her name? Wtf is wrong with you people? The people that are saying shes gonna get bullied because her name is Snow are most likely bullies themselves.
    Anyways I think Snow is beautiful and unique 💖 (im a winter baby myself☺️)
    Snow Rose sounds so pretty, shes probably going to be a gorgeous girl so you guys picked a perfect name 💖

  • Noor Missouri
    Noor Missouri 2 months ago

    I don’t know why some people are hating on the name in the comments. Snow is a gorgeous name! I love it! I’ve always loved the snow because it makes the world look so renewed and magical like a winter wonderland. ☺️

  • lillianr
    lillianr 2 months ago

    I don't think I have ever been happier for a youtube couple to get pregnant. You deserve this little girl so much