EWE don't even know his last name. 😱...but THIS mama is NOT ashamed😂 | Vlog 541

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • It's that special time of year again!
    And after 13 days of prepping and primping... these ladies mean business.
    Embarrassingly so.😂
    (Here’s my link!) 👇
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  • Jacquie Mouton

    Billy is all grown up now...clearly lol. He is a big boy and stands his ground. Stamps his progeny well and makes beautiful babies. I love your channel and get most impatient having to wait for the new episodes. You are doing a great job Sandy.

  • Lin B
    Lin B  +224

    At this rate, looks like there may be a few little Billy's come June...and it's only Day 1! Atta boy Billy, make your Mama proud!

  • Denise🙏🏼☀️🌴

    Carissa is such a hard worker! Not sure if you’ve ever mentioned her background and what her future plans are but I’d love to know. She just takes care of business and is really great at what she does.

  • Erin Roesch

    I was wandering how's the broken leg lamb also tipsy( the lamb that wasn't standing?)

  • Tatum Worcester Shiresauce

    Billy is that much older now. He is like a sailor with a weekend pass. Been pent up a while.

  • TheTurnicia

    56 seconds in! Yaaasssss!!!! I love "EWE" and the sheep Sandi!!! I can't forget the rest of the crew either! Here's to a successful 2022 sheep season!!!

  • K. McKee
    K. McKee  +80

    Congrats on topping 500K, Sandi. You cannot invalidate the value of what you do and the difference you make in the lives of everyone who subscribes. You’re making a difference for a lot of people.

  • Lizity626
    Lizity626  +132

    I've asked this before, but hoping for an answer for curious sake! When lambing, how long does it take for the new mom ewe lambs to get used to you and be less skittish? The mature ewes while skittish they are happy to follow you and deal with you being in the bonding pens more mellowly.

  • Michele Cook

    Congratulations on 500k! How do you decide what breed of rams you want? Build? Wool? Meat to bone ratio? What would you look for in your perfect sheep?

  • Wendy P
    Wendy P  +65

    I seen Ruby was in the bunch the other day, and you said she is retired! what happens to the retired sheep?

  • Bailey
    Bailey  +45

    It really makes my heart smile when Cinnamon softens to your touch! Congratulations on passing your new benchmark of followers Sandi, and as always, THANK YOU for all you do to share your knowledge, successes, and failures with us. I have learned so much from your channel and it has made me a better shepherd.

  • Jerica Dunnagan

    Hey sandi! So excited to see cinnamon! She's Def one of my favorites 😍 but I have to ask will you keep little red and your solid black little girl??? I think they sooo darn cute 😍 😉

  • Libby
    Libby  +15

    Very interesting video. Lots of info about the breeding. Billy's getting right with the program. Enjoy seeing Carissa take on more and more responsibility. She is a great asset! Love it when you walk by the pen and talk to different sheep and they come over to say hi! Especially the lambs.

  • Jennifer Richardson

    The example of a fully grown ram-Billy!!!! Way to go big boy! Sandi, you put a lot of work into your babies and it shows! Your flock looks good & healthy!!! Your family also looks good-it’s great to see Jess in better health. I hope none of your extended family gets sick this winter and your new year is better than last year. Stay safe and healthy. This old lady from South Carolina ❤️❤️👵❤️❤️🐏🐑❤️❤️

  • Bri Kramberg

    I was wondering if you'll be keeping any lambs from the December group especially little Red?

  • Jennifer P

    If an ewe is mounted by more than one ram, and she has numerous lambs thereafter, can her offspring have different daddies in one lambing? 🐑🐏🐏🐏

  • Eve Breen
    Eve Breen  +28

    I'm not sure if people have been mentioning this, but I dearly love music you put into your videos. Some I recognize from Australia, because I used to listen to an Australian woman named Judy small. I love her music and I like it when it shows up in your videos with the Lambs hopping all over. Pop-corning.

  • Budget with Kimberly Ann

    Ok, so laughed out loud when you yelled "Billy", lol... The look on your face! He seems to have figured out what needs to be done this time around! Love the channel! Can't wait for the next round of lambing, they are so cute! 🐑🐑🐏🐏💖💖

  • GoGiraffe *

    Well, Billy IS William's son (probably, lol), and those ram instincts are really coming out, as it were. Love to get to see Billy and his brothers! ❤

  • goombamike49

    I would love to hear what a professional sheep farmer (preferably in Ireland or England) that uses a classically trained sheepdog in the open fields thinks about Kinsey's skill sets when it comes to herding sheep. Though she's not working outside, I think Kinsey's herding instincts are sound, and she works the sheep well with what she has to work with. I'd love to see that kind of video. It would be very interesting to see a comparison between working sheep dogs.