Andrew Yang Explains Democracy Dollars at Houston Debate

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Cenk Uygur asks Andrew Yang to explain his "democracy dollars" plan after the Houston Democratic Debate on The Young Turks. MORE TYT:
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  • John Burns
    John Burns 22 days ago +3

    These Corporations Are Destroying America’s Food, Farms, Eco Systems, Selling American Technology to Foreign Interests and Destroying American Culture.

  • Isaac K
    Isaac K 24 days ago +5

    Thank you for your coverage! Knowledge

  • Liam J
    Liam J 25 days ago +11

    Cenk keep Ana away from covering Andrew, thanks.

  • randal gibbons
    randal gibbons 26 days ago +16

    Andrew Yang is both the most progressive and most down to earth candidate I will ever have the pleasure of voting for.

  • J
    J 26 days ago +9

    He's not just a genius, he's also honestly just a good person. How brave do you have to be to decide to run to president, against all this backlash and derision from the media, just to make a better world for you kids and the country.

    He's a hero.

    • Trayc Russell
      Trayc Russell 10 days ago

      That can arguably be used in the same instance for Trump. However I don't have anything against Yang however this idea is Naive, the only way this will work is if privatized lobbying is haulted all together. That's why the idea is laughable and the media is going to cover Yang more since every other "Democratic" candidate is failing miserably through stupidity and double standard. Like his freedom dividend, it's laughable at best. $1000 to families monthly would cost an estimated $329,387,528,000 EACH MONTH, which in turn is more harmful than good. So when he loses he can blame big bad corporate lobbyists rather than naive policies (aside from nuclear energy). Also the establishment that puts him on that pedestal also take money from pharmaceutical and fossilized fuel companies.

  • Cyrribrae
    Cyrribrae 27 days ago +9

    Great questions Cenk (and interesting perspective on the debate overall). Recent kerfluffle aside, I do think this is one of the ideas that receives less attention, but really REALLY is a great idea. Americans have no idea how much our thinking and perceptions are affected by moneyed interests. To have a real chance at changing that is something we shouldn't let go of. Every candidate should be articulating their short and long term plans for dealing with moneyed interests. And ideally, it should go far beyond "the special interests are bad! we need to stop them!".

  • ADHD Synth
    ADHD Synth 27 days ago +1

    Secular Talk > TYT

  • hargow4u
    hargow4u 27 days ago +6

    One of the best ideas!

  • CEO MC
    CEO MC 28 days ago +11

    Genius all around

  • Spencer Hanson
    Spencer Hanson 28 days ago +6

    Awesome question, great answer!

  • jtbui2010
    jtbui2010 28 days ago +18

    Nice come back TYT after that horrendous & misinformed hit piece from Ana Kasperian against Yang.

    • Trayc Russell
      Trayc Russell 10 days ago

      @Mplay1983 his freedom dividend is stupid, paying families $1000 a month will cost an estimated $329,387,528,000 monthly. "Democracy dollars" also laughable, the only way it would work is if privatized lobbying wasn't a thing. So when he loses he can blame "big bad corporations" when he knows it's going to fail anyway. The only stance I agree with yang on is nuclear power which is more reliable than the renewable energy the "democratic" party push. Also the DNC is supported by privatized lobbying, as Yang is the only candidate left not looking like a fool all that money will go to him. In turn making him a hypocrite.

    • Mplay1983
      Mplay1983 25 days ago

      Quit being a silly fan. He has some pros and yes, he has some cons. Just because idea is different doesn't mean its perfect. Educate yourself and be critical.

  • william chu
    william chu 28 days ago +16

    This is more correct just to let the guy speak instead of interpret his idea with all sort of misinformation and disinformation on his UBI.

  • Al Jan
    Al Jan 28 days ago +20

    Yang should question why TYT disagree of his UBI policy.

    • rhynoklein7
      rhynoklein7 22 days ago +2

      Al Jan it seems to be only Ana that’s not fair with Yang.

  • OperationWeekend
    OperationWeekend 28 days ago +3

    You want math? Here's the math: 327.2mil people in America. "100 democracy dollars" to each person equals 32.72bil dollars. Who is donating 32.72bil for your cause? You saying Americans gotta spend their own money? Don't they already do that through candidates campaigning? They already get money from people and also get money from corporations.

    • John Nguyen
      John Nguyen 8 days ago

      @Trayc Russell How is it a misuse of money? I may have lost your point in your argument. What do you mean?

    • Trayc Russell
      Trayc Russell 10 days ago

      @OperationWeekend as in the budget its claimed under 'defense' under this category it included the military itself, foreign policy, foreign aid, and veteran benefits. As the US still pays most for allied defense through foreign policy, milks out foreign aid (Democrats are also guilty of), Veteran benefits(which the VA drives the cost up), and US defense and offensive spending are both combined in one (self explanatory).
      He's asking if you homeless because he has no valid argument or how the tax system works.

    • Trayc Russell
      Trayc Russell 10 days ago

      @John Nguyen it funded through goverment programs, government gets money from taxes, taxes are paid for by legal tax paying citizens. In turn misuse of money to sway votes towards ones favor.

    • Trayc Russell
      Trayc Russell 10 days ago

      @Linnea the Prayer ironic. So it's greedy to want to keep money you earn, however not greedy to take someone else's same said money they earned? Kinda hypocritical.

  • ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright
    ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright 28 days ago +15

    The Yangster is kicking ass - Royal Ass !!!

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez 29 days ago +24

    Finally tyt in support of the right candidate

  • peten sekhose
    peten sekhose 29 days ago +28


  • Kenneth R. Kim
    Kenneth R. Kim 29 days ago +15

    I saw so many part timer downplaying this idea and making negative comments about it
    And got me thinking..
    'Why are they so insecure?' 🤷‍♂️🍻

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago

      Plus easily brainwashed by the media.

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago

      Ignorance is the biggest plague to infect America, it is sad but true.

  • MyAidan
    MyAidan 29 days ago +18

    Good reporting, good idea.

  • Matthew Dominguez
    Matthew Dominguez 29 days ago +48

    Yang just hit 7% in California, beating Harris and Buttigieg, in a recent Emerson poll

  • Kareem Mobarek
    Kareem Mobarek 29 days ago +15

    Yang / bernie or warren for me in that order

    • s0So
      s0So 26 days ago

      Kareem Mobarek Yang and Bernie are great especially Yang but no thanks to Pocahontas lol

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago

      @Jonathan Kim Yea....but vote for Sanders or Warren if they get nominated, else Trump will win again.

    • Phoenix Hutchinson
      Phoenix Hutchinson 27 days ago


    • Vinnick
      Vinnick 27 days ago +1

      yang all the way for me xD

    • Jonathan Kim
      Jonathan Kim 29 days ago +4

      Yang all the way for me!

  • Rocio Vita
    Rocio Vita 29 days ago +31

    Thank you for covering Yang!!

  • lloydw88
    lloydw88 29 days ago +25

    Im good with the coverage. When you give yang a fair interview, we dont rain fire down on you. I almost unfollowed you guys because of ana's lack of info and little shitty jabs. She pissed me off..

  • Jenning Ho
    Jenning Ho 29 days ago +39

    Yang is in fact a genius, based on his GMAT and LSAT score (top 0.5% at the age of 12), and it is telling from this video. The way he speaks shows true understanding of his own solutions. The math is at the back of his head.

    • Safir
      Safir 28 days ago +1

      Dude’s Jesus the sequel

    MT MCOC Month ago +31

    The savior of America

  • Peaches EVY
    Peaches EVY Month ago +46

    Thank you for the interview, Cenk. Please cover Andrew Yang more!

    • tittrev
      tittrev 29 days ago +2

      And get Ana to do more thorough research!!

    • Eric Perkins
      Eric Perkins Month ago +4

      Yes. Agree, please cover Yang more

  • NL M
    NL M Month ago +38

    Of course other candidates would snicker and laugh at the idea of democracy dollars. They are all senators governors or other career politicians who for the most part have all been influenced by money in politics (save for Bernie). I am sure they all have a laugh at Yang’s proposed fixed 12 year terms for members of Congress and also barring them from lobbying after their term is over, too. Now I can understand the distain the establishment have for this guy who would be responsible for them looking for new careers.

  • Koum Thamm
    Koum Thamm Month ago +39

    I wish he said this during the debate. He said he didn't have enough time on stage. But, he shouldn't stop speaking when time was up, the other candidates didn't.

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago


    • Rave
      Rave 29 days ago +6

      I disagree. He shows his poise and dignity as the clear choice by NOT sinking to their level. Every time Yang finishes an efficient answer in his allotted time, talks the least of any candidate, and STILL wins the debate, it shows the sheer strength of his arguments.

    • Koum Thamm
      Koum Thamm 29 days ago +1

      @yang4president what are you arguing about. Nigga read my comment. I have no idea why you're arguing.

    • yang4president
      yang4president 29 days ago

      You are crooked, man. Yang never said He didn't have enough time to talk!!!
      Even given only three minutes to talk on the first debate, yang did delivered his idea efficiently.
      Yang gang summarized yang had the least speaking time but delivered most substance.
      Biden talked most, but what's the substance in his speech??

  • liza bette
    liza bette Month ago +9

    theres something really wrong when you have to be able to donate money to get a politicians attention....

    • yang4president
      yang4president 29 days ago +2

      Before yang talked about democracy dollars, you don't even know Corp money controlling the government on regulation??
      1. TurboTax spend millions dollars on lobbying government officers on NOT passing the bill on free taxing filing!!!
      2. Power plants spend big lobbying money to interfere regulation on residence solar panel installation: increasing property tax value to make install solar panel more expensive even though solar energy is more environment friendly!!

    • TheRoyalFino
      TheRoyalFino Month ago

      Not just money but more money than 99% of the country can afford.

  • Spencer Jackson
    Spencer Jackson Month ago +35

    cover yang more please

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen Month ago +4

    FYI HELLOW OUT THERE!! You will find that most of these newest very threatening attack adds come from a TheXvid site called VIZARER. It provided an industrial electronics product of some sort. I cannot find any evidence on any search engine that the company exists anymore. It appears that the company closed down seven years ago ( see its comments area ). It's an orphan site and appears to have been illegally taken over by the GOP. Tell your local Congressional Representative about this. Why they did this, I do not know.
    Pass it on.

  • Visor Overwatch
    Visor Overwatch Month ago +45

    The Next President of the USA and the only one that can beat Trump. The rest should just step aside.

  • zamochit1989
    zamochit1989 Month ago +28

    IMHO, this is the Asian Obama, and actually successful entrepreneur -- not propped up by Daddy's investment -- who is going to reclaim, and reengineer the swamp into a refreshing, liberating oasis, that will make America great again. Oh, and he's a stable genius who can read, do math, and tweet without covfefes.
    For the record, I'm not American.

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago

      For the record, I won't be much longer if neither Yang or Sanders win.

  • Radio Mamon
    Radio Mamon Month ago +3


  • Kama Jiu-jitsu
    Kama Jiu-jitsu Month ago +8

    suprising since Cenk is known for making fun of Asian men n bringing up asian male stereotypes in the past. lol

    • Kama Jiu-jitsu
      Kama Jiu-jitsu 29 days ago

      @fsxmantra void You do know the TYT videos of him doing it are still on youtube right?......lmao

    • fsxmantra void
      fsxmantra void 29 days ago

      btw... last I checked cenk's wife is asian american... making fun of asian men will land him sleeping on the sofa in the hall... lol

    • Kama Jiu-jitsu
      Kama Jiu-jitsu Month ago

      @Dahlia Truong That has nothing to do with my comment, I never said anything about waiting him to bring up anything about his race. Are you trolling me or do you have reading comprehension issues?
      All I said was it was surprising that Cenk would support Andrew Yang because in his old videos in 2012-13 and 15' while Cenk was doing pieces on racist graffiti against Asian women, he kept saying it was Asian men who were probably doing it because they cant get Asian women who usually dates mainly Caucasian in America so the racist fliers and grafs were from Jealous Asian men and continued to bring up stereotypes and jokes. And making light of Asian American issues saying we dont face real racism and should stop complaining. lol

    • Dahlia Truong
      Dahlia Truong Month ago

      I am an Asian woman and I'll support AY until the end,but I'd love to ask someone that tell him don't say "Im. ..Asian man ....". bc the community ( old ppl ) where I live think on his campaign just for Asians . I love AY and want him to be President so if we don't mention some little thing may hurts his campaign.

  • Transcendental Renaissance

    I am satisfied with this coverage. You did well Cenk. Good questions.

  • wordwind
    wordwind Month ago +29

    This is such a brilliant and positive idea. I don’t think there’s any better way to fight corporate donors.

  • I'm Bored So I Vlog
    I'm Bored So I Vlog Month ago +29

    Andrew Yeng 2020!!

  • Mike S.
    Mike S. Month ago +20

    Good questions! Thanks Cenk!

  • gavrilo pricip
    gavrilo pricip Month ago +8

    Is Cenk and TYTs parade of entitled hypocrites Secretly funded by Rupert Murdoch to make us all on the left look like juvenile snowflake retards and to validify accusations that everything is fake news ??? He's the Alex Jones of the liberal media and makes Rush Limbaugh look like Robert Fisk!!!!. Cenk is doing a great disservice to independent journalism so comically stereotypically inane I can't help to think Fox news pays for this just to have a talking point? (proof that Americans regardless if they're Red Coke or Blue Pepsi are equally empty calories for morbidly obese ignorant idiots that rot your teeth) .I'm so glad I don'y live in that batshit nuts cultural wasteland !

    • Eric Allen
      Eric Allen Month ago +1

      Great rant, but nothing more than that. All those words and saying nothing worth-while nor relevant; sad really.

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder Month ago +6

    Republican politicians are nothing more than criminals put into office by the billionaires and the Russians to pass laws that favor them and against the average American people!

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy Month ago +3

    *Like the guy,..still:*

    • Caleb Hung
      Caleb Hung 28 days ago

      ThatDutchguy I mean feel free to say which policies you think are better than yangs, id gladly discuss those with you

    • Transcendental Renaissance
      Transcendental Renaissance Month ago +1

      @Anthony Cheeseborough I concur with your assertion.

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Month ago +1

      @Anthony Cheeseborough Ahh, but he does, seem to not have paid much attention to this race.
      And the "Bernie Bro" attempt was weak m8,...and only ever comes from Corporate Democrats in discussions about either Bernie or any other progressive ;).

    • Anthony Cheeseborough
      Anthony Cheeseborough Month ago +7

      @ThatDutchguy he doesn't have to prove he has the better policies? I feel like this is just coming from a place of loyalty to a candidate

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Month ago +1

      @Jose Perez He's got the receipts from way back,...the others can duke it out for second place.
      Bernie has nothing to prove to nobody aka he's tha man.

  • ꧁༺Arrogant Bastard༻꧂

    This seems like a creative and effective solution.

  • Jessica Alegre-Lota
    Jessica Alegre-Lota Month ago +19

    Thank you Cenk for putting this out there. You have redeemed yourself and your channel especially after the very unpopular polling 😒
    Regardless, a big thank you🙏🏼

  • Denise Tauben
    Denise Tauben Month ago +19

    Online Progressive Debate!!!
    Yang, Bernie, Tulsi, Williamson
    Most viewed Video!!!
    Cenk, Can You Make That Happen!?!?!

    • Autumn is
      Autumn is Month ago +1

      I'd pay to see that debate.

  • Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas Month ago +52

    There’s so much more about AY’s policies besides UBI.

    • Robert Gallardo
      Robert Gallardo Month ago +2

      @Luke I'm definitely not Yang or Bust. I feel at this moment Yang is a decent option. Way better than any of the corporate puppets and of the progressives not the worst, but not the best. I would love to see Yang in a position cabinet because that's where in my mind he fits best. Breaking up the strangle hold of corporate puppets is my top priority. I think after that is accomplished that would be my time to really push for Yang.

    • Luke
      Luke Month ago +1

      @Robert Gallardo Maybe, but that's not a good reason not to vote for him. It's Yang or bust.

    • End3rthe3rd
      End3rthe3rd Month ago +3

      @Robert Gallardo if Yang takes the nation by storm I think we will the Senate as well and we can push to make things happen.

    • Espen Negron
      Espen Negron Month ago +2

      @Aaron Youtsey I completely forgot about him saying that LMAO. What were his metrics for that again?

    • Aaron Youtsey
      Aaron Youtsey Month ago +6

      Getting rid of the penny would save us a shitload of money that will go toward UBI too!

  • red878787
    red878787 Month ago +35

    Amazingly simple yet game changing idea

  • discipleofsakura
    discipleofsakura Month ago +2

    Yang is welcome to run for Congress. Businessmen with no political experience need not apply for president.

    • ADHD Synth
      ADHD Synth 27 days ago

      Ok...but that is better than a spoiled richboy gone actor.

    • tinhinnh
      tinhinnh 29 days ago +1

      someone is insecured

    • Dennis Waller
      Dennis Waller Month ago +3

      discipleofsakura But he has already applied and he's doing really well. That's how democracy works. And our Constitution doesn't say you have to be a politician first to run for office

    • Transcendental Renaissance
      Transcendental Renaissance Month ago +4

      His ideas are fresher and make alot of logical sense. I also think it naive to think that the system is going to work the same after Trump. He set a pretty bad precedence for whoever get's in there next.

    • N S
      N S Month ago +6

      So says Donald Trump.. And he won. Yang is not a narcissistic megalomaniac with nuclear codes who needs baby-sitting. He has a track record of helping society in ways that make Trump look like a self centered turd.

  • spock
    spock Month ago +2

    Tyt, this video has the most like/dislike video favorable to your channel

  • Drew Khandi
    Drew Khandi Month ago +34

    This is what I’m talking about. Political imagination at its finest. I absolutely love his progressive thinking. This is how you inspire people

  • Nathaniel Guttenberg
    Nathaniel Guttenberg Month ago +13

    Bernie/Yang 2020

    • Caleb Hung
      Caleb Hung 28 days ago

      Their ideas are literally opposites of each other in what they accomplish. Yang/tulsi

    • Sugar Vampy
      Sugar Vampy Month ago +2

      Neither Bernie nor Yang can work optimally together. Bernie is too stuck in the past to be able to understand Yang's solutions

    • Mike A. Garza
      Mike A. Garza Month ago

      Hope it helps out in 2020 maybe Warren beat Biden, Sanders , Amy, Booker , Andrew, Pete, and Beto this year TRUMP vs Warren in 2020 maybe

    • Espen Negron
      Espen Negron Month ago +2

      ​@Mike A. Garza You must be high to think that Warren should be the 1 to stand against Trump. He would destroy her with her Pocahontas scandal ALONE. He wouldn't even need to touch upon the fact shes Hillary Clinton 2.0
      She has passion, that's for sure, but her policies lack depth and they don't address the biggest concern of America's future economy and how it will greatly effect its citizens.
      Yang is an outsider with a decades worth of consistency in his message to America, he worked closely with the Obama Administration to create more jobs with "Venture for America", and his plans and policies directly promote a complete reversal of America's deficit by making American companies cost competitive with China.

    • Mike A. Garza
      Mike A. Garza Month ago

      No! No! Not Yang and Bernie in 2020 it will both drop in Presidential candidates very soon! Trump vs Warren this year in 2020!

  • Mike A. Garza
    Mike A. Garza Month ago +1

    Hey Andrew Yang not allow in Presidential candidates in 2020 - cuz Taiwan many young teenagers wear nazi uniform or nazi Gestapo secret service at high school in Taiwan!

    • Caleb Hung
      Caleb Hung 28 days ago +1

      Mike A. Garza yes. so what does andrew have to do with taiwan? He was born in America. What does taiwan teens wearing nazi symbols have to do with America? Americans enslaved people for hundreds of years. So all white Americans are bad?? Logic?

    • Mike A. Garza
      Mike A. Garza Month ago

      @Autumn is it's cool story his life

    • Autumn is
      Autumn is Month ago

      @Mike A. Garza His parents immigrated from Taiwan to America and met each other at college. He and his brother were born in America.

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Month ago +39

    I think Cenk is about to ditch the Bernie train and Join the Yang boat!

  • MrFamous
    MrFamous Month ago +49

    This dude is a quintessential creative/critical thinker and problem solver. He makes our politicians look ancient in their thinking.

  • Get To The Point Already

    Bernie / Yang / Tulsi 2020

    • A Dehghani
      A Dehghani Month ago +1

      I would like to see Tulsi in the administration end with her military background. So whoever gets in it would nice.

    • Nathaniel Guttenberg
      Nathaniel Guttenberg Month ago +2


  • Get To The Point Already

    I'll be honest, Yang is a frikken genius.

  • richard molina
    richard molina Month ago +42


    • Mike A. Garza
      Mike A. Garza Month ago

      But Andrew will get scary to Trump get one word then Andrew will drop out in Presidential race anytime !

  • angelknight15
    angelknight15 Month ago +7

    What’s his policy on the green new deal?

    • Interfilamentar
      Interfilamentar Month ago +2

      His plan deviates from the Green New Deal. He thinks it's too rigid and has too many details. Yang wants to invest in every kind of carbon neutral energy like solar, wind, and nuclear. He just wants to throw everything at the climate problem and see what sticks. He also wants to give the electric transportation industry a giant boost, and implement a buyback program for fossil fuel powered vehicles, and begin by taxing carbon emitting fuels with a locked in incremental increase until fossil fuels are too expensive to use by nearly everyone. He also wants to create a set of science labs across the US to research undiscovered forms of green energy, and he wants to set up a giant national jackpot for the first workable patent to generate carbon neutral or carbon negative energy that's cheaper than fossil fuels without subsidy. If we accomplish the last one he'll make the patent public domain so the whole world can legally build as much as it can, and it would solve the problem of the US only making 15% of the world's carbons emissions.

      He also thinks we're starting too late, so he wants to invest in infrastructure, disaster preparedness, and helping people in areas that'll be destroyed by climate change move to places still habitable.

      As a backup plan, he wants the US to have a stockpile of mirrors to launch into space, and sulferdioxide which would cause clouds to form at higher presser if released, making the sky more reflective to sunlight, and cooling the earth for hundred of years. He doesn't like those two, but he thinks we should be prepared in-case of failure to control carbon emissions.

      For the jobs part of the green new deal. He's a little weary of administrative planning what a population should do, so he wants to just give everyone money, flat out so they can create jobs by spending it, or investing in the future by staying home to raise a child. He doesn't believe in trickle down economics, history shows that money is just horded and not put back into circulation the way it happens when someone with low income gets money (they just spend it).

      His basic approach is 1) take money from everybody equally by percentage. 2) Give money to everyone equally by amount. 3) Additionally take money from things we don't like. 4) Additionally give money to things we do like.

    • suh
      suh Month ago +6

      He wants to make Theorium nuclear plants and transport/sell that technology to developing countries.
      I think its genius and by far the best solutions.

    • Connor Magidson
      Connor Magidson Month ago +16

      It's also worth noting a pullitzer winner on climate change endorses Yang's policy as the best, and Elon Musk endorses him wholeheartedly. At a basic level, he wants to work on nuclear power because modern reforms in nuclear power make it the best pretty much on all fronts as far as safety, output, environmental impact, etc. He wants to invest in Thorium reactors (super safe) and presumably Cold Fusion (ultra efficient cure all) in the longer term, although those are a more gradual/long term plan. He'd like to join the Paris Accords. He'd also like to partially pay for the UBI with a carbon tax that would ramp up over the years to give companies some leeway in the adjustment, but harsh penalties in coming years. Finally, he wants to change the metrics by which we measure our economy because GDP is a flawed metric (even the creator of it said "Don't use this for governments and countries measure of success"). Instead, he wants to incorporate GDP with a bunch of other variables, such as the health of our children, education outcomes, impact on climate change and carbon emissions, etc and present on that number every year at the State of the Union so we can mark our progress as a nation.
      He also acknowledges that we are only 15% of global emissions - we need to do what we can, but we need to encourage other countries to do the same. Right now China is selling cheap, damaging power to Africa and we need to get in on that and innovate in the field of green energy to sell those same things to developing countries to minimize their climate impact. In addition, he wants to focus on the homefront. He'd like to pull the Army Corps of Engineers into the US to fix our infrastructure that is failing and give the military something to do after he pulls out of Afghanistan, like they did way back when. This would also include future-proofing our coastal meccas like New York against the inevitable climate change - because it will get worse before it gets better at this point - and incentivizing smaller communities to move upland.
      Every policy of his is generally a very multi-pronged approach - for example, Democracy dollars is his way to wash out lobbying and corporate interest money in elections, but on the back end he wants to make it illegal for the President, regulators and cabinet members to take speaking fees or take positions in companies they are supposed to regulate after their term. Right now, Ajit Pai will get out of the FCC and take a cushy job in Verizon for millions of dollars. He wants to end that, with a slight raise to the President and regulators to compensate (400k to 4m for president, 275k to 1m for regulators/cabinet etc). That sounds like a lot, but right now Bill Clinton gets 500k a speech for 1-2 hours of speaking.

  • Spectar 123 Do
    Spectar 123 Do Month ago +34

    Thank you for giving media coverage to Andrew Yang, a candidate that is on the rise but mainstream media has not taken notice

  • Casper Shyr
    Casper Shyr Month ago +2

    Only problem: how u gonna fund it? U already got freedom divident to fund. Not to mention climate change, which easily will cost trillions

    • t
      t 20 days ago

      Well he wants to cut the military budget to 200 billion dollars and he can use it from this section.

    • TheRoyalFino
      TheRoyalFino Month ago +3

      If you do it for every election cycle (every 2 years), it will cost 12.5 billion max (if everyone used it). Incredibly cheap.

    • Interfilamentar
      Interfilamentar Month ago

      The US economy generates 19 Trillion a year, and the fed is only spending 10% of it. There's plenty to go around.

    • suh
      suh Month ago

      Wait, so in the US, the money that the legislators get lobbied is theirs to keep.
      I thought the democracy dollars would just go back to the government, I didnt know the legislators get privately paid.

    • sebbydoh
      sebbydoh Month ago +4

      Not everyone votes, so not everyone is going to use their democracy dollars, so it wont be as expensive as it sounds.