The Game Shows Off His Bulletproof Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • The Game shows Complex's Joe La Puma his "bulletproof" sneaker closet including Nike Mags, exclusive Air Jordans, and an Air Jordan clock on the latest episode of Complex Closets.
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  • Complex
    Complex  6 days ago +986

    What would you do if you got a pair of valuable sneakers stolen from you?”

      REUBEN FOX 15 hours ago

      Tell myself to not be an arsehole

    • California Bear
      California Bear Day ago

      🤷🏾‍♂️Call the police?

    • Peppa Pig
      Peppa Pig Day ago

      Game is a cool mf

    • Parental Guardian
      Parental Guardian Day ago

      if a par got stolen i will carry on my day as big deal.why cry over something tht has no real value or purpose

    • CleanChamp
      CleanChamp Day ago

      Hey complex seems like you know the answer
      What should I do ?

  • Rockuss
    Rockuss 16 hours ago

    Shout out to Game, man. Even though he gets alot of these exclusive kicks for free. He treats them and appreciates them like he spent his last dollor on them.

  • Karon Tillery
    Karon Tillery 16 hours ago

    Cap 🤔

  • Austin Ligma
    Austin Ligma 18 hours ago

    He gots balls for even going into the games house

  • A D
    A D 18 hours ago

    You weren't the 1st one with a Jordan clock my guy.

  • 100KJayLauren
    100KJayLauren 18 hours ago

    bulletproof shoes.... nobody’s aims for feet..

  • MP Icey
    MP Icey 19 hours ago


  • Nik Nak
    Nik Nak 19 hours ago

    Rappers are becoming like girls with heels lol

  • Blue Diamonds
    Blue Diamonds 19 hours ago

    Pennies and foamposites will live on for eternity

  • R Wilson
    R Wilson 20 hours ago

    Knock it off you didn't start the Jordan clock brody it's been done for a while on IG long time ago matter a fact a fact they was doing it on FB and Myspace that's how old that shit is. Penny foams came out summer of 97 brody first Nike shoe to be two hundred at that time. SPLY st pablo loves you that's what it stands for bro .

  • Mohamad Jahangiri
    Mohamad Jahangiri 21 hour ago

    50 son

  • Darkness Bringer
    Darkness Bringer 21 hour ago

    Look but don’t touch was all he was saying the whole video.

  • C. Jr
    C. Jr 21 hour ago


  • Flamez Kush
    Flamez Kush 21 hour ago +1


  • Christian Abebe
    Christian Abebe 21 hour ago

    Yo you got a girlfriend
    Ya it's my Jordans

  • DuttRage
    DuttRage 22 hours ago

    Off white python Jordan 1s damn he make me feel broke asf😭😭

  • Supreme The Bean
    Supreme The Bean 22 hours ago

    Bruh that Jordan clock is fire 🔥

  • Ceo Wolf
    Ceo Wolf 22 hours ago

    Mad collection

  • Terrell Miller
    Terrell Miller 23 hours ago

    Jordan hate’s Rapper’s

  • autobots decepticons
    autobots decepticons 23 hours ago

    Super nice but G-Wiz... Tired of seeing Jordans!!! Be ur own King, set the trend! Michael doesn't even support black businesses!!!

  • Vvs L Photo
    Vvs L Photo 23 hours ago

    He has a store in his house

  • christian bowler


  • #EyesDontLie Chosen 1


  • skulletor
    skulletor Day ago

    seems like a good dude ....

  • Kiing Josh
    Kiing Josh Day ago +1

    I'm still waiting for someome to beat Chris Brown's closet

  • Coy Mac
    Coy Mac Day ago

    The temp is 113 degrees in that room 🔥

  • Proby Rhymes TV
    Proby Rhymes TV Day ago

    Bulletproof snicks? whose gonna aim to shoot u in the feet? yeah right, what money can love for game's music and hustle, but really this is a waste

  • The barboza
    The barboza Day ago

    whats the beat in 00:10

  • Bob Razofski
    Bob Razofski Day ago

    The rock goes sneaker shopping should be great.

  • lowlife editzz
    lowlife editzz Day ago

    The game got game

  • money kid
    money kid Day ago

    My mom got a 12 Gage 😂😂🙁

  • money kid
    money kid Day ago

    Get Philthy rich

  • Sincerely, Jayton

    Im gonna get me a pair of those Red/White Retro 4's there sick AF, With the royal blues also. One of the Best Shoe Collections Hands Down! The Game on Point!
    Sincerely, Jayton

  • Slime Peso
    Slime Peso Day ago

    Nigga got a shore store in his crib

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed Day ago +1

    All that for shoes😧😧😑. When you become rich you become stupid.🤪

  • Dc Wilkerson
    Dc Wilkerson Day ago

    Red nation

  • TheKaptinZone Al
    TheKaptinZone Al Day ago +1

    Who gonne aim for ur feet? Relax

  • mross58
    mross58 Day ago

    real ones know that swagadidy did the clock first


    Do Lil Skies pls

  • Storms
    Storms Day ago

    He paid 75k for some timber that doesnt even 300 usd per cubic meter. He could've built that whole room for less than 5k so someone here is ripping him off

  • Devesh Chandra kumar

    ᴹᵞ ᴮᴵᴮᴮᵞ

  • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    Did I read that title right or am I just super high 🤔😤 bulletproof shoes 🤦😂😂

  • Ke'J Reed
    Ke'J Reed Day ago +1

    to go to that extreme to protect a pair of shoes that he won't wear.... no words

  • Gideon Muteti
    Gideon Muteti Day ago +1

    i came here for bulletproof shoes.. disappointed

  • Anthony Leming
    Anthony Leming Day ago

    whats the name of the instrumental help a nigga out

  • nonamefit Studios

    FUCK LeBITCH/LePED. It's all about MJ.

  • jazper salinas
    jazper salinas Day ago

    go to the philippines aand check bigboycheng collections

  • twenden mbele
    twenden mbele Day ago

    imported : of goods or services brought into a country from abroad for sale.

  • keyboard freedomfighter

    We all know that globe has never been turned 1 degree in either direction. lol. Tryna look intelligent.

  • street 75
    street 75 Day ago

    So he said imported instead of "shipped from" and look at the little no brain no life no money having ppl WATCHING HIS LIFE...then seeking shit to down him about. Funny how insecure ordinary failures are

  • Polar Pi
    Polar Pi Day ago

    One of my favorite rappers, ever!

  • 32 Su
    32 Su Day ago

    loyalty is forever by 32su on youtube listen

    904 DUVALSHIT Day ago

    9:11 what's the name of them Jordan 5's at the bottom?

  • N2L Entertainment N2L

    My future room for shoes

  • JP3
    JP3 Day ago

    this wood and the stain is not that good....

  • Lowkey asab
    Lowkey asab Day ago +1

    “Import” dictionary definition: “Bring into country from abroad for sale”

  • Fernando Moreno
    Fernando Moreno Day ago

    Me: I have my own house!

    The Game: my shoes have their own house.

  • Too lou
    Too lou Day ago

    He mean one day he was scrolling down instagram an liked the idea 😂

  • Bellas Laria
    Bellas Laria Day ago

    He act like his feet is his only body part that can be shot at lol

  • Truth Da God
    Truth Da God Day ago

    TruthDaGod subscribe TruthDaGod on all platforms Truniggame on ig

  • Brian Smiley
    Brian Smiley Day ago

    Those converse was hot af!! Where can I by those asap

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR Day ago

    The Game comes off as incredibly intelligent unlike most mumble rappers.

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR Day ago

    Thank God he stopped at 1 face tattoo.

  • Joel Oak
    Joel Oak Day ago

    The Jordan clock is actually so fire

  • Gilliat_España
    Gilliat_España Day ago

    Damn... Game got game..

  • MattFCB10
    MattFCB10 Day ago

    the game!

  • wuzumaki
    wuzumaki Day ago

    So y'all telling me all these shoes are made out of kevlar?

  • Franco Cerella
    Franco Cerella Day ago

    The game has a nice collection and always keeps it real. Cool cartoon about the story of the stolen sneakers .

  • Muhammad Sandy
    Muhammad Sandy Day ago

    Next robert downey jr

  • C.A.A
    C.A.A Day ago

    He dropped the Louie bag and duffle for the mags I would put them in the bag niggas dumb. But that’s fucked up

  • Arip Chillax88
    Arip Chillax88 Day ago

    Adidas was stupidd

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Day ago

    bullet proof glass? Just smash the wooden frame and there you go

    POPS _DLTBY Day ago

    I want you want he wants we all want this type of display🤪

  • greater later
    greater later Day ago +1

    goat game on his beast mode sneaker room shit... classic just like all his albums!!!!!!!

  • Yomi Ejiwunmi
    Yomi Ejiwunmi Day ago

    Dumb question but do they actually wear these trainers or isit more of a trophy?

  • aeeesd
    aeeesd Day ago

    black ppl are such sheep

  • Nick Bloodbath
    Nick Bloodbath Day ago

    But they just shoes.

  • YoBobby
    YoBobby Day ago

    damn game lookn heavy as fugk, little fat boy

    NGB NGB Day ago

    The game go hard he funny af 🤣🤣

  • Marlon Flores
    Marlon Flores Day ago

    How much do you have in your 401k?

  • chopp on the beat

    The game sacraficed nipp

  • L B
    L B Day ago

    Game is illuminati next target 🎯 Real talk

  • Piotr Wijas
    Piotr Wijas Day ago

    Name of his trucksuit??

  • Richard Richardson

    he not the 1st with the Jordan clock, he stole that idea

  • 6luTxxth Official

    fucc the Game he a pussy!!

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Day ago

    This ngga a liar..know he saw that clock shit somewhere else 😂

  • Sucharith Battina
    Sucharith Battina Day ago +1

    Good boy.

  • Kameron Owens
    Kameron Owens Day ago

    I seen someone else with the clock a long time ago

  • Beautiful Conversation

    The wooden wall boxes is such a great display look

  • ed rage
    ed rage Day ago +2

    like how much those back to the future stolen shoes worth?

  • Alexander Moreno

    Game tries so fucking hard to be gangsta it's embarrassing to watch

  • Sasuke Uchiwa
    Sasuke Uchiwa Day ago

    How did he go rich ?

  • Lanre Ayo
    Lanre Ayo Day ago

    vanity!! all is vanity!!!

  • Mister Keyes
    Mister Keyes Day ago

    Calabasas?! :/

  • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    My girl has been collecting J's since she was in high school... It's insane

  • Tommy Spitz
    Tommy Spitz Day ago

    Games definitely not the first to do the clock lol

  • Saint Laurent
    Saint Laurent Day ago

    At 1:35 I thought he said plexiglass cock.

  • CitrusHeightsRyan The1st

    The game is laim

  • mel vin
    mel vin Day ago

    @complex please feature dj bigboy cheng from philippines on your youtube channel

  • J Jj
    J Jj Day ago

    The game wearing a Walmart brand.