Tomb Raider - Tamara Just Saw

  • Published on Mar 17, 2018
  • Tamara checks out the new Tomb Raider movie. Will this finally do video game movies justice? Find out now!
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    Tomb Raider is a 2018 action-adventure film directed by Roar Uthaug with a screenplay by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons, from a story by Evan Daugherty and Robertson-Dworet.
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Comments • 487

  • Tamara Lynn Chambers
    Tamara Lynn Chambers Year ago +316

    It me, LARA!

    • Rainbow Rackham
      Rainbow Rackham 6 months ago

      We love you, Tam-- Lara. We love you, Lara. You're a national treasure.

    • Eric Rhodes II
      Eric Rhodes II Year ago +1

      Update that resume, box tits.

    • Johnny Trever
      Johnny Trever Year ago

      You're very beautiful and funny :) keep up the videos

    • SeiphersZone
      SeiphersZone Year ago +1

      So is the movie really just like the new game?

    • BrandomShadow
      BrandomShadow Year ago

      hey, please do "stop or my mom will shot"

  • phillip morris
    phillip morris 2 months ago

    The reason that Lara had big tits in the original game was because the developers wanted to make it obvious that Lara was female; they first tried to give her long flowing hair, but because of the limitation of the technology at the time, they couldn't do that so big breast were the only thing that they could do to make it clear that Lara was female. With the rebooted games; the gaming technology greatly improved, making the need for big tits irrelevant.

  • Pirate Style Jutsu
    Pirate Style Jutsu 2 months ago

    Nice rack

  • RadioactiveGoose
    RadioactiveGoose 4 months ago

    The character design is pretty misunderstood. Toby Gard, the original designer of Lara designed her with such proportions because of the low detail in game models. Subtle forms would not come across right. Then the media picked up the character from Core design and sold out. They posed her in every magazine of the 90's as a sex symbol. Toby Gard actually left the company because he did not agree with what they did with Lara.

    ALCOHOLOCAUST123 5 months ago

    It's funny when Tamara takes the box out of her shirt, only to reveal that she already has nicer boobs than Lara Croft, but I understand the effect she was going for.

  • VHS rips - 00s UK TV
    VHS rips - 00s UK TV 6 months ago

    Daymnnnn!!! That thumbnail!

  • Rainbow Rackham
    Rainbow Rackham 6 months ago

    Tamara: We love you.

  • Wonderlust King
    Wonderlust King 10 months ago

    I’m glad she liked this movie though. This movie made me so happy

  • Anthony Catallo
    Anthony Catallo 11 months ago

    Im not as big of a tomb raider fan and more used to the old movies (new game looked great) that being said the movie was ok but felt watered down in ways, she's so much more of a badass your right Tamara she needed to much help. Id love to see a more intense sequel with a more competent Lara maybe borrowing a bit from the old movies, mainly the adrenalin junky aspect.

  • Gerald Bumblepop
    Gerald Bumblepop Year ago

    “Laura was one of my very first female role models as a child” yea “Laura”. Can really see she had an impact

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews Year ago

    Well we can now actually say that videogame movies are now better than ever. Proven by tomb raider, assassins creed, rampage and jumanji (can we call jumanji a videogame movie, considering it's a board game turned into videogame?).

    • slaya2006
      slaya2006 10 months ago

      With such an incredibly low bar, that ain't saying shit.

  • Tyson Dodds
    Tyson Dodds Year ago

    I think it would have been better if it was about 10 hours longer and playable.
    Seriously speaking, there were parts where I wanted nothing more than for someone to hand me a controller and let me take over. For some reason, the chase sequence in the Hong Kong docks looked really fun to me. I then got home and immediately booted up the 2013 game again.
    I thought the first half was really good. The second half was a little too paint-by-number to me.
    And I must disagree and say that I thought the pawn shop scenes were the worst parts of the movie. I was not into the comedy and the "I'll take two" bit was the kind of fanservice that just makes me roll my eyes.

    EDMOJI Year ago

    Hated how they removed the supernatural part of Tomb Raider, they change it to Uncharted at the end, Himiko turning people into zombies is the same as El Dorado from Uncharted

  • Tru Dis
    Tru Dis Year ago

    Tamara > Alicia

  • The Ramdom Channel

    I just saw it, haven't play the game, MUST do it...
    the big reveal about the queen's magic blew my mind to smiderins!!

  • jukehero461
    jukehero461 Year ago

    Huh, I might need to see this! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Natalia The Weirdo

    I really enjoyed this movie 😂😂 and so did my friend too, and she didnt know ANYTHING about tomb raider, and i’ve played the games and studied the shit outta this movie xD
    I think they did a really good job at it, cast, dedication at all, i think they did a really good job as well as mixing the two games together BUT also managed too pull off there own little twist/origin.
    And really, it just was like i was playing the games again 😂 and i got extremely excited when they like pulled a part from the game i was like ‘I KNOW THAT PART!!!!’
    And yeah, i cried too xD dw.

  • RikiZ8
    RikiZ8 Year ago

    Every Lara from each game has big boobs. The fact that actress doesnt have characteristic looks of the character she's portraying will make many fans upset for sure. Me as well but I personally can't take only two things about this Lara's look - her hair and face... I mean she has such an innocent face while every Lara has that smart looking eyebrows and sharp eyes and full lips. They bassicaly changed Lara's character this way too... Completely different type of face. And why they didn't even try to style her hair more like modern Lara's? I'd prefer her having messy hair around the face and frill rather than that.
    Thats very misleading especially considering that this is a movie that is supposed to be an adaptation of TR 2012 while they changed so much in the story for no reason and Lara herself. Whats the point of that, totally disappointed. But its still much better than Angelina Jolie TRs they're terrible in every way, this Tomb Raider at least can stand on its own, and is definitely a good movie based on a video game and that is the reason why I respect this movie.
    I mean all in all I'm very disappointed as a fan but I respect this movie. As a fan I was hoping to have TR movie with a completely new adventure rather than this, and if they had to make an adaptation then they should make it more adequate.

  • drakocarrion
    drakocarrion Year ago +1

    If Lara croft was a role model, why do you keep mispronouncing her name? Lara doesn't sound like Laura. It's Lah rah.

  • Nicholas Steel
    Nicholas Steel Year ago

    I loved this movie, the lack of sci-fi was an excellent decision. There are some small editing issues throughout though.

  • Megatron 2000
    Megatron 2000 Year ago

    0:18 I think the cutscene Lara model looks WAY better then in-game Lara.
    I just think that this Lara looks WAY too skinny and boney, like she hasn't eaten in months. personally, you look far better and attractive.

  • Shane's Book Corner

    Boob Raider

  • Kindren
    Kindren Year ago

    The fact that no one pronounces Himiko (Hee Mee Koh) correctly frustrated me to no end, and now Tamara is doing it too.

  • The Art Of Tech Support

    The trailers spoiled the post Credit scene

  • Rachenviel
    Rachenviel Year ago

    I notice a disturbing amount of people here who only cares about Tamara's looks. If you want to focus only on someone's physique, stick to fitness, model and make up tutorials.
    Haven't seen the movie yet, but as a Swede I am by social law obliged to see it.
    ..or just to see how well it follows the games since everyone says that she is either spot on or a total miss.

  • KANYEda WESTaro
    KANYEda WESTaro Year ago

    i m happy if you're happy ^^

  • B1 nothing else matters

    You're silly Tamara. I couldn't even watch the video at first because I was laughing too much, PS box boobies lol. I'm gonna go and pull out my Playstation gen 1 and do some tomb raiding.

  • Orbital Vagabond
    Orbital Vagabond Year ago

    Can I compliment the quality of your make-up without undercutting the quality of the review... because goddamn you look amazing in this video.

  • gambites3
    gambites3 Year ago

    Tamara have you seen “Love, Simon”?

  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 97 Year ago

    I didn't really get any ads for this film

  • Streamtrooper
    Streamtrooper Year ago

    Tamara dressed as Lara Croft, all of a sudden everyone loses their mind

  • Gaz
    Gaz Year ago +1

    You want someone else to buy you a necklace from your amazon wish list so you can be more like your independent, female, role model? Am I the only person who thought that sounded shamelessly hypocritical?

  • 123 456
    123 456 Year ago

    Where 14 year old critic

  • a - muse - me
    a - muse - me Year ago

    I liked it a lot. It felt realistic. The characters felt real. Alicia as Lara was absolutely fantastic, the character struggle feels real. The end was for me a good set up for the next movies or so I think. It reminded me a lot to Indiana Jones at the climax.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark Year ago

    The movie was good but the game did it way better. There isn't enough character development she is pretty much the badass she was by the end with the exception of losing a boxing match. My only real criticism with the movie is that the island is pointless because Lara is already beyond the origin of the character. She already knows how to use bows and guns. This movie should have explored how she has to survive and what she needs to do in order to survive better. She never hunts but she instantly is able to silently move about the campsite as if she is an assassin. All of this could have been put in the movie in replace of a 20min bike chase scene that attributed nothing to the plot. It was like the movie stopped to force a scene from another movie in it. There was also a scene where Lara calls to her father in the temple cave that seems like a deleted scene. It just stood out as odd. Aside from those moments the pacing was actually pretty good for a current action Hollywood movie.

  • iamlilscrub _
    iamlilscrub _ Year ago

    hehe "it's a big part of her" get it...cause her breasts are big 😧🔫

  • bertimusprime
    bertimusprime Year ago

    One thing I guarantee the movie missed out that's in the game is the deaths. That game is brilliant, you start out and get killed in brutal ways, so you as the player learn from that as Lara learns to be a badass, chasing away the enemies that earlier strangled her with a machine gun, before confronting the main villain. I love that game.

  • 8 Honey
    8 Honey Year ago

    Lol is it just me or did I find Tamara's twin on ig Tamarhoe and looks exactly like her or maybe its her account but it looks like she only has a twitter-

  • Mar1o 640
    Mar1o 640 Year ago

    I saw it, and I prefer it over the original

  • Bruno Kennedy
    Bruno Kennedy Year ago

    You look so hot as Lara...

    *locks bedroom door*

  • Kang Mashin
    Kang Mashin Year ago

    There's my problem: I played the game, therefore I know the movie... From the shipwreck, everything is basically the same and it was a big turn off for me. I would have liked to see something different, fresh. Don't be afraid to be creative. Instead I feel they put a director in charge whose task is to make gamers happy and had no idea how to.

  • I.Gothicka
    I.Gothicka Year ago

    I found the movie so boring.

  • LINKotis333
    LINKotis333 Year ago

    If nobody has said it I'll say it. Tamara, you are super attractive with a beautiful face. You have the look of someone who would be a model and that is not even just trying to give you a compliment but just an obvious opinion.

  • Dragon Skunk Studio

    She doesn't have the right look and I'm not talking about the boobs, she's mousy, timid looking, non-moxie, smart ass look is missing, like casting Tom Holland is Tony Stark.... NO!

  • Cinna the Poet
    Cinna the Poet Year ago

    Your makeup looks amazing.

  • Darth Azathoth
    Darth Azathoth Year ago

    People are still pissed about her boobs? Anyone familiar with the games knows that ship sailed when they rebooted the franchise in 2011 specifically to make lara more of an everywoman and less of a sexpot. I wouldn't be surprised if the people on twitter moaning haven't played any of the games since the mid 2000s

  • S.A.M.
    S.A.M. Year ago

    The issue with Lara's boobs isn't that "OMG SHE NO SEXY NO MORE" (not for most people anyway), but that every iteration of Lara Croft actually looked like a grown woman. You believed that she was, in fact, a British Aristocrat with a love of globe-trotting and "acquiring" rare antiquities. This reboot looks less like "Lara Croft" and more like "Lil' Lara's Preteen Adventures".

  • Fan OfBioshock
    Fan OfBioshock Year ago

    Tamara as Lara Croft?? yes please

  • cheatah pony
    cheatah pony Year ago

    Kinda wished they'd made a new story for the movie instead of the Himiko story again like there's many more myths out there to explore sounds like a little bit of lazy writing sadly. Lara deserves better.

  • Tim's Corner
    Tim's Corner Year ago

    Speaking of boobs, yours are hot

  • Cadrid
    Cadrid Year ago

    2:34 "I don't know I've ever seen a video game movie and felt 'Wow! That really portrays something that I loved to play, and loved to interact with!'"
    I challenge to play "Papers, Please" for at least a few hours--longer if you enjoy it--and then go watch the "Papers, Please" movie on TheXvid.

  • Alan Davies
    Alan Davies Year ago


  • picvegita
    picvegita Year ago

    Your energy is a joy to watch and please keep up the awesome work. I'm glad other people realize Alicia V (aka mrs Fassbender, good for her!!) is great...... of course Lady T should watch Ex-Machina asap!

  • Dark Silver
    Dark Silver Year ago

    I thought it was....fine. Great considering its a video game adaptation. I felt it took too long to get to the island action. It missed out on many elements you get in the game. You dont have the luxury of having so much time since its a movie however so one can understand why. How bad ass she seemed I think she could have had more bad ass moments.
    So it was fine but I'm hoping for two things. 1) It does well enough that we get a sequel because it has huge potential what with the character and Alicia Vikander can offer. However, 2) I hope they deviate from the video game story. Dont do a remake of Rise of the Tomb Raider. The character is somewhat set up and I hope the sequel does it's own thing. Make it a huge globe trotting adventure. So, fine movie, and Im happy with that.
    I still dont understand how can you screw up an Assassin's Creed movie.....but thats a topic for another time lol
    btw, have to say Tamara, you are looking more and more beautiful every time.

  • Argentum 47
    Argentum 47 Year ago

    I have no clue what this franchise is about or anything but watching Tamara talk and review movies so enthusiastically is just so fun to watch!

  • Dreadjaws
    Dreadjaws Year ago

    People who complain about the boob size... I mean, assuming it was a legitimate complaint, they'd still be wrong, because this version of Lara is the one from the reboot, which is not the one with giant breasts.
    I really liked the movie. I don't know if it was because of low expectations, but I thoroughly enjoyed all my time with it. Vikander was great as Lara, and I liked the fact that they actually bothered to properly write the character rather than leave her to be an empty shell, like videogame movies tend to do.
    Also, I don't have a problem with Lara not being powerful at the end. This is her origin story, she's never been out on adventures, so of course she's not a freaking superheroine like Angelina Jolie's version was.

  • juice hedgehog
    juice hedgehog Year ago

    "i saw some people comlain about her boobs in twitter and "It IS a big part of her" I saw what you did there, lol.

  • Anotherpoet
    Anotherpoet Year ago

    Lara croft in the video games is the most unlucky person in the universe.

  • OverDev
    OverDev Year ago

    lara not LAURA

  • Irrefutable Matt
    Irrefutable Matt Year ago

    ahahahha the days when you had to get walkthroughs by buying game magazines... praise whoever it was that spent all that time running around in RE to figure out what you had to do just to save me time... and whoever figured out you had to put your control in port 2 in MGS... i mean how the fuck was i meant to know that

  • Mr.Scurvy
    Mr.Scurvy Year ago

    Sounds like Tamara's Never Seen Ex Machina should be next.

  • Heather's Red Scrunchie

    Ok this is off topic but in the uk we say lara (prenounced Lah-ra) not "laura" if that makes sense. But some times when i hear tamra say lara i hear it the way i say it. Some one help im confused 😂

  • Oscar Stoker
    Oscar Stoker Year ago

    You and I have differing opinions of this film, and I'm ok with that. lol

  • Haunted Knight
    Haunted Knight Year ago

    Would wife the new Lara Croft actress...

  • Speedy999
    Speedy999 Year ago

    Agreed, would like to have seen more butt-kicking, but probably wanted to show Lara's growth. Just realized why ship was in Hong Kong, to get the Chinese movie market. Unfortunately might not see real "magic" because of China. They have tough standards when it comes to that kind of stuff in movies. Love your show!

  • Eric Stevenson
    Eric Stevenson Year ago

    It's the highest ranked video game movie on RottenTomatoes! Granted, it's only 48% but still!

  • KennyKC
    KennyKC Year ago

    Marry me Tamara

  • Mariko True
    Mariko True Year ago

    This was a fun, popcorn level movie. I am only a casual Tomb Raider video game player, but I recognized several scenes in the movie that really give me a sense of déjà vu (in a good way). I could have used less BMX time and more island time, but I never checked my phone (for the time) so good on you movie. Assassins Creed disappointed me but I bring it up as Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are a couple...irony the gift that keeps on giving. Great review!

  • Kassiopea Millenia

    Woah! Sexy af!

  • Mogens Schmidt
    Mogens Schmidt Year ago

    Theres only one Lara croft and thats Angelina Jolie

  • Oskar Persson
    Oskar Persson Year ago

    I was just glad to see a action movie with no super heroes in it.

  • MrGoblin1000
    MrGoblin1000 Year ago

    Honestly this movie doesn't sound it is as good as the game it was based on. In the game Laura is on an archaeology mission with a group of her friends and co-workers when they get strandered on an island controlled by the spirit of a dead Japanes empress. The villain of the game is the leader of a cult on the island that are trying to resurrect the empress by sacrificing Lara's best friend. It's a simple but interesting plot revolving around the question how far should one go in order to survive. This is made more interesting by having the leader of the cult act as shadowy mirror for Lara by making his motivation is his own survival. He doesn't care about the cult or the Empress, he is just using them as a means to getting off the island. Showing both Lara and the audience the dark side of trying to survive no matter the cost. The movie on the other hand seems to have way to much padding with secret conspiracies and people trying to use the empress to rule the world.

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis Year ago

    I haven't seen the new movie, so I'm not gonna say anything about it, but you said that it was a lot like the new reboot games, and begged the question of whether or not the tone was as inconsistent as in the game where she acts traumatized and has ptsd in the cutscenes but in gameplay, she murders people without a second thought.

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar Year ago

    Does she really don't know Alicia Vikander?

  • BEast Mortuary
    BEast Mortuary Year ago

    "I saw some people on Twitter complaining about Lara Croft's boob size." You mean that one dude who shoved a banana up his ass?

  • Double Awesome TV
    Double Awesome TV Year ago +1

    Saw the movie and really enjoyed it. I'm a massive fan of the new games and the movie did it justice.

  • Miro Kovachevich
    Miro Kovachevich Year ago

    Review Fantastic

  • OlJackson777
    OlJackson777 Year ago

    Them pixel tits tho

  • iamfiefo
    iamfiefo Year ago

    SPOILERS HERE and it's a weird "nitpick" here...
    It's rather ironic that Lara would've been able to rescue her father from the island if she accepted his death much earlier. The only reason why Lara found the clue to where her father went was through the puzzle box that was left to her in his will. If she signed the "death papers" the instant he was considered lost at sea, maybe the bad guy wouldn't have gone crazy from being stuck on the island for 7 years. Maybe Lara would've saved her father as well.
    But that's just a nitpick from me?

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock Year ago

    and now i have epic voice guy going "cuooooooobs!" in my head.

  • Max Madmax
    Max Madmax Year ago

    At least you've played the games, so you know where that movie comes from.
    Btw *Spoiler Alert* for those who haven't seen the movie yet.
    And her name is LARA not LAURA !

  • Blackestnightmare
    Blackestnightmare Year ago +1

    The line in the plane, the “really!?” Made the entire theater laugh hard.

  • Vicker
    Vicker Year ago

    Honestly I am tired of movies with heros where they are the hero only because they fixed the drama they in themselves caused.

  • Gil Olaes
    Gil Olaes Year ago

    The latest Tomb Raider film surpasses every video game movie before it by being completely average. It's your generic action flick propped up by a fantastic performance by Alicia Vikander, and the highest praise I can give it is that it portrays the newer games extremely accurately.

  • YungTimeWeaver
    YungTimeWeaver Year ago

    I clicked for tits and I got box. Not sure if I should be upset..

  • otakon17
    otakon17 Year ago

    Low-poly Lara Croft should be a cosplay at this point.

  • Pete Schroeder
    Pete Schroeder Year ago

    Tamara, You look just like Lara! Really. Wow!

  • Teri Scallon
    Teri Scallon Year ago


  • Neko kicker
    Neko kicker Year ago

    The best part is that even if you think that movies was kinda "Meh". Alicia Vikander still nails it. Like the whole time she freaking great.

  • jaymesEo6
    jaymesEo6 Year ago

    Be honest how many are here because of the thumbnail?

  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 Year ago

    I saw it and thought it was Okay. I liked the character and the action scenes. What I didn't like about it was its too familiar story, underdeveloped characterization, lame villain and not-so-awesome-as-Marvel CGI in a few scenes. I gave this one a 3.2 out of 5 stars. Guess Hollywood is learning slowly.

  • Razor Wulf
    Razor Wulf Year ago

    Mmmm boobs

  • Greg Blackman
    Greg Blackman Year ago

    God I love this woman.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Year ago

    you make square boobs look good.

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart Year ago

    Alicia has been in movies like Ex Machina, and the Man from UNCLE.

  • code earth
    code earth Year ago

    I watched the movie, then when I came home, I watched this video.

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart Year ago +1

    This movie is based on the recent Tomb Raider game. The new Tomb Raider has a Lara that looks like that.

  • Andy Beltran
    Andy Beltran Year ago

    Mama me here we go again is a movie the pain is coming back i saw the trailer wacthing love,simon which was great little cliches everything else was good.

  • Pedro Chevez
    Pedro Chevez Year ago +1

    I think i will go check this one out but idk, the first film with Angelina Jolie is pretty good.

  • CheesyTits
    CheesyTits Year ago