Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 - The speech that broke the internet - Motivational & Inspiring

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the internet with this motivational & inspirational speech. Arnold talked about the six rules about success and what people need to focus on in order to succeed. If you feel like quitting or giving up, this speech will make you rethink your perspective. Schwarzenegger says you have to work hard in order to get to your goals because there are no shortcuts to success. It is a long and hard road that you need to travel in order to achieve your dreams.

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  • Alpha Leaders
    Alpha Leaders  2 months ago +866

    What other motivational videos and speeches would you guys like to see? Thanks for all the support!

    • KAZI 10
      KAZI 10 10 hours ago

      A bike racer motivational video

    • sadams69100
      sadams69100 Day ago

      why the hell is there music in background.

    • Doraemon
      Doraemon 3 days ago

      My internet works fine

    • irimia1234
      irimia1234 4 days ago

      @Darren Downey it is not his you can thank the original poster...this is just an opportunity seeker stealing people's videos

  • Mohamud Ali
    Mohamud Ali 2 hours ago

    amazing speech really touched me , ur in control of your life no one else

  • Kamalesh Reddy Paluru
    Kamalesh Reddy Paluru 3 hours ago

    thats fucken time inception

  • takvabas
    takvabas 3 hours ago

    14:15 Yo If uh nigga see ya he would say what generosity u offer and shit.

  • Steve 'berto' Bertolacci

    Planning to fail with no plan B sounds either short-sighted or insane.

  • cHeVyBoL
    cHeVyBoL 4 hours ago

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  • SWATI verma
    SWATI verma 4 hours ago

    Man, I am feeling like I have wasted alot of hours and years doing nothing.
    And the best part was... Never have plan B!!!🧡

  • Herman
    Herman 4 hours ago

    Why that distracting "music"

  • philip8989
    philip8989 5 hours ago

    change title to "Motivational & Inspiring how become bodybuilder"

    MrSCOPACINO 5 hours ago

    This was an okay speech and/or a pretty good speech... It would've been great to see where time was made spending so many hours or time with God thru Jesus Christ....I heard nothing about spending time with God our creator, not even 10 minutes. That it where it really counts, not in the gym...Only what you do for Christ will last!!!!!
    Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)
    36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    I love Arnold, I really do but where is your recognition of a higher power in all of this??? Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe this was not the speech in its entirety....

  • Wouter Blom
    Wouter Blom 7 hours ago

    this piano music is overplayed

  • Munindra A
    Munindra A 7 hours ago

    very inspiring sir. Hats off to you sir. may god bless you with good health and live long life.

  • Mertan Ahmed
    Mertan Ahmed 7 hours ago

    Arnold, we love you!

  • Jean-Gabriel Sainval
    Jean-Gabriel Sainval 7 hours ago

    OMG! Very inspiring! wow! This speech boosts me up ! Thank you for sharing!

  • Techno Master
    Techno Master 7 hours ago

    Whenever I ask people what they really want to do they almost never answer with what they are doing now. Its always almost always something else.
    Time for me to pursue my something else with all of my heart and mind!!

  • Sed Muy
    Sed Muy 7 hours ago

    How did it break the internet when 2 months (9 Mar-15 Jul 2019) after it's published it can attract just 4,107,343 views with 4,537 comments only? Give links of any of it's other uploads that can qualify as Internet breaker.

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV
    Lord Claude GoonerTV 8 hours ago

    I'll be B back to plan A

  • jun baysi-DONE
    jun baysi-DONE 9 hours ago

    Hope dream come true🙏😊

  • Maxwell Smart_086
    Maxwell Smart_086 9 hours ago

    It´s always the same story of (not fame and glory): greed for 1. money 2. power 3. status IF he would have been 7 inch smaller like his collegue Francesco Columbo, he wouldn´t have won any Mr. Olmypia title against Sergio Oliva or anybody else. Fuck the vision. IF he would have the vision of a happy family, he wouldn´t have impragnate his "cleaning women" - how deep can you sink??? Vision - FUCK. It´s greed.

  • Noel Robles
    Noel Robles 10 hours ago


  • Daniel Johansson
    Daniel Johansson 11 hours ago

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, Arnie. Try "making it big" by following your personal philosophy while being an immigrant from any of the so-called "shithole countries", and while having been born skinny (a true 'ectomorph'), dark-skinned and perhaps with a facial deformity, and being of only average intelligence, in 2019. In America or anywhere else in the Western world (including Germany and your lovely Austria), I dare you. Perhaps you could mentor someone like that directly in place of one or two lectures such as this, "make time for it, to give back".
    While I don't doubt for a second that you've (intelligently) worked your backside off to get where you are, a lot of your well-being in life has still been pure luck.

  • Jay Stephenson
    Jay Stephenson 11 hours ago

    What's with the funeral music?

  • Adam Kencki
    Adam Kencki 11 hours ago

    is there a way to listen to the speach without the stupid music?

  • marco vedder
    marco vedder 13 hours ago +1


  • Damian Morrison
    Damian Morrison 14 hours ago +1

    It's so easy so so so so easy to say.. I can't.. That it's almost comforting we wrap the..shroud of negativity around us I can't it'll never happen there's a kind of comfort in giving up.. We can't all be winners.. OMG, noooooo at least try give it a go your whole life could change a new life the magic word.. TRY.. When were TRYING.. We become positive we ATTRACT GOOD LUCK we become attractive we give out positive energy hence we attract positive energy.. As corny and as cheesy as it sound it's true, it's true and I have been in the depth of despair the depth of negativity I was toxic it's been a rollercoaster success and failier but I've finally learned what to do now to have the life I've always wanted it's been damm hard work clawing my way out of the pit.. It can be done.. EVERYTHING ARNOLD says is true that dream life can be achieved.. It really can.. Don't be haunted by those two terrible words.. IF ONLY.. Rejoice in the two words.. I, DID... Dxx

  • Sayeed Shaikh
    Sayeed Shaikh 14 hours ago

    Don't think about Plan B, Set the right GOAL and focus 100% on it and know that plan B is plan of failure. WOW, this is a champion's speech. If you fail, get up and try again, and again and again until you succeed. !!

  • Goodnews Jeff
    Goodnews Jeff 14 hours ago

    They are all now aspiring body builders.

  • Damian Morrison
    Damian Morrison 15 hours ago

    Arnold is right it will be all for nothing unless you have a plan,a vision a goal and the guts determination and fire we're here only once.. Make your dream life happen

  • Natasja
    Natasja 15 hours ago

    The next two weeks, I have to do two things I can fail at in regards to my study and future carreer. But Arnold says I shouldn't be afraid to fail. And he says that you can only succeed if you're relaxed.
    So I'm going to be relaxed and don't worry about failing. When I fail, I can get up, is what Arnold says.

  • MrChaos2peace
    MrChaos2peace 16 hours ago

    vision and that pilot example, that part alone broke me in tears, words that my late father always said to me during my teens. Such powerful words they are and I often forget, but this reminded me again.

  • Psychology Teachings
    Psychology Teachings 16 hours ago

    Awesome video! Listening to this when you wake up, are on the treadmill or going to work makes time fly.

  • Edwin Kubena
    Edwin Kubena 17 hours ago

    Most Americans are taught to hate the U.S. and actively seek its destruction

  • Kibula Desire
    Kibula Desire 17 hours ago

    *Life without a purpose is a tragedy* Wonderful video. Thanks.

  • Gino Martino
    Gino Martino 17 hours ago +1

    So, being a farmer, factory worker or having a family and children in Austria is bad, but taking steroids, pushing barbells, bad acting and cheating on your wife with an ugly maid is good.

  • chris s
    chris s 18 hours ago +1

    says the guy that was banging his non english speaking housekeeper and bore a child with.

    • Techno Master
      Techno Master 7 hours ago +1

      Hey maybe he secretly wanted another kid. LOL. Goals

  • ode violinst
    ode violinst 19 hours ago

    rules no. 1 : "HAVE A VISION"....

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 19 hours ago

    typical republican hypocrite

  • ATEN International Co., Ltd.

    Great message by Arnold here.

  • Karl Christiaens
    Karl Christiaens 21 hour ago

    Whats the name of the music

  • Derrick Thomas
    Derrick Thomas 21 hour ago

    work like hell and advertise or work like hell and roll the dice I'm not certain which one he said!

  • poolofmud
    poolofmud 23 hours ago

    His boots don't match his suit. I wonder why?

  • Pete Troy
    Pete Troy Day ago +1


  • Metal Head
    Metal Head Day ago +1

    I have a mobile car wash I always work my ass off and advertise my work I just need to get another truck to start another route

  • Jutt 0007
    Jutt 0007 Day ago +1

    💚💚💚 I really needed this and I love you so much MAN , you are always been my motivation & it's true that American are always been very KIND with the immigrants 💚💚💚

  • pitbylllson
    pitbylllson Day ago

    IKEA glass....
    Give the guy his part

  • Fernando Alexander
    Fernando Alexander Day ago +2

    Thank you so much for this wordpress tutorial. I am deciding on what software to use for my website

  • Ralf Landing
    Ralf Landing Day ago

    Luv the video. Pls lose the idiotic music

  • Jaron Talotta
    Jaron Talotta Day ago +1

    Work. Nose to the grindstone. It doesn't matter what it is, give it all. History, iron smiting, plumbing, electricity, art, writing, computer coding, I DON"T GIVE A FUCK, give something SOMETHING everyday, EVERYDAY SOMETHING. Consistency,

  • Jaron Talotta
    Jaron Talotta Day ago +1

    74 percent of us hate our jobs because of the same bullshit rich person mentality that you support Arnold! The Republican "cut taxes for the rich" fucktard mentality is what is killing the soul of our collective humanity!!!!


    Are you able to eat and live and survive? IS the family next to you suffering and starving? If yes, help them! Don't ask why! FUCK YOUR "GOAL". The NEEDS of the MANY outweigh the needs OF THE FEW!

  • Jaron Talotta
    Jaron Talotta Day ago +3

    The "farmers and factory workers" are the people that hold up your house of cards that allows you to lift heavy things for lots of money from lots of bored spectators....never forget the bootlicker, the ditchdigger, the small individual who holds up the structure that you stand on so proudly. When the elite forget the common person, bad things happen.

    • Techno Master
      Techno Master 7 hours ago

      He wasnt shitting on people who do that work. He was just saying that wasn't the life he wanted for himself .

    • Jack Jagger
      Jack Jagger 11 hours ago +1

      Shut up, silly twat.

  • Curt Coller
    Curt Coller Day ago

    how much did you learn by reading history?

  • Curt Coller
    Curt Coller Day ago

    no wonder you never learned how to speak English. Your GOHL is now Trump, because you became an old fart with nothing better to do. You remind me of Bill Clinton - know where the money just to discover it does not make you happy or smart.

  • Curt Coller
    Curt Coller Day ago

    the others work like you do, but look more intelligent

  • LenteForeste
    LenteForeste Day ago

    arnold tu sei un a monkey ... potevi tradurre il tuo messaggio in tutte le lingue del hai perso l''occasione... rimedia io ti prego... baci

  • Motivation Inspiration

    What I learned from this video is
    👉🏻Others opinion of what you can and what you can’t do - don’t matter!
    👉🏻Break the rules
    👉🏻Work like hell

  • Vajray Ana
    Vajray Ana Day ago

    I respect Arnold but his message is basically : "Work your ass off" That´s never been a secret. It´s just not what evereyone has the strength to do. Sounds exhausting and it is, thats why I am an average joe and ok with it.

  • Jacques Husselman
    Jacques Husselman Day ago +4

    Thank you Arnold you make me positive my dream is to go to America next year and drive truck on a farm Arnold greetings from South Africa

    • Maxwell Smart_086
      Maxwell Smart_086 9 hours ago

      stay in Africa - we don´t wont more space invaders. Fuck them.

  • George Simpson
    George Simpson Day ago

    at 13:45 - Make America America AGAIN

  • XEZ
    XEZ Day ago +2

    offcourse succes means to do what u like ,cuz then and only then u will become the best.......unfortunatelly , not all people are lucky enought to do so....

  • Matthew Lydon
    Matthew Lydon Day ago

    Great video! Do you have a link to the raw footage? There was a lot of cutting and I wanted to hear it all!

  • Coasts Casual
    Coasts Casual Day ago

    Just got my first job with my new degree. Starting tomorrow. This video just replaced the nervous feeling with a drive to succeed. I hope whoever is reading this also has something good going in life and if not, you're going to turn your luck around!

  • king zakes
    king zakes Day ago

    I'm watching this from South Africa

  • 123qwe456rty79uio 987dsa654hgf321lkj

    So these mother fuckers have a vision, they are born with the right set of genes and in that sense they are LUCKY as FUCK.
    Me, my father and various other family members had and have the same mental fucking diseases.
    Trust me, I'm not going to achieve my dream.
    My vision can literally go and FUCK itself.

  • Preston Christine

    This Mr Universe was a bit over the top. I hope he didn't hurt himself. It was all about achievements but too much just physical. What about the spiritual aspect?

  • Robert Keane
    Robert Keane Day ago

    whats the background music?? i listen this a lot

  • Andre Kaasik
    Andre Kaasik Day ago

    i would watch this if it wasnt for this fucking shit music in the background, what is this? you try to make others sad so they would appreciate what he says more by feeling sad or compassionate? the true meaning of what is said lost then, fuck off from the internet.

    DENNY T Day ago

    Why is that horrible music playing? He's talking!

  • Brielle Hunter
    Brielle Hunter Day ago

    Terminator is that you.

  • Tone202
    Tone202 Day ago

    4 mill is not breaking the net. I hate fake title thumbs down.

  • bizzybumblebeez
    bizzybumblebeez Day ago

    I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, his life story his inspiring. He came to this country with a dream to be a body builder, he didn't speak English, became the best, then became an actor and Governor of CA. All things are possible! Never give up. Blessings to everyone who has dreams, keep it up because you can do it.