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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • Fatima Chevelle Middleton


  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez 25 days ago

    Dark souls looking Havel ring!

  • mrkiky
    mrkiky Month ago

    "reduce its diameter" while talking about a square bar LOL

  • nathan schoenfeld
    nathan schoenfeld Month ago

    I'm pretty sure I will never do any blacksmithing, but damn if I can't stop watching... I need to go to bed... just a little more.

  • Archamedes Gadafi
    Archamedes Gadafi 2 months ago

    Bro, your videos are awesome. I’m a heavy fabricator in New Zealand. I made a few rail road anvils for something to do and it sparked my interest but there are next to no options for learning to blacksmith in this little country. So thanks for your great videos, gives me some direction.

  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison 2 months ago

    So I plan on making a ring at school in my metals class. And I plan on trying to do this ring if I can get the fuller tools.

  • Dragos Daniel
    Dragos Daniel 2 months ago

    +5 smithing

  • andrew hallard
    andrew hallard 2 months ago

    How do u size it?

  • SwordsmanI 18
    SwordsmanI 18 3 months ago

    Is there a way to not have that thin ring wrapped around your finger, but rather a flattened wrap?

  • T S
    T S 3 months ago

    Thank you very much Alex you are a great help to me.

  • Ben N
    Ben N 3 months ago

    I’d really like to try this stuff but I don’t have a whole lot of money or time for classes or anything. But, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m thinking I could probably do some basic stuff just going for it and trying and if it doesn’t work trying again in my spare time. That could work, right? (Don’t really know who I’m asking, but I guess it doesn’t matter)

  • dr shafayat
    dr shafayat 4 months ago

    I need it

  • Justin thiessen
    Justin thiessen 4 months ago

    I've heard you can't trust a man who wears a pinky ring... but if you can't trust Alec Steele who can you trust

  • Pashinski1
    Pashinski1 4 months ago

    Cool studio bro! LMAO

  • thisisntme
    thisisntme 5 months ago

    you should put some heat into your anvil before doing small work.

  • Ahzyna Clark
    Ahzyna Clark 5 months ago

    Alec remember last blade show at Atlanta,Georgia

  • Krenon
    Krenon 5 months ago

    english difficult? try again with german xP

  • William TA
    William TA 5 months ago

    I oike the roadrunner and the anvil reference

  • Дмитрий Кузнецов

    leaferent (c)

  • Wulfrvm
    Wulfrvm 6 months ago

    *forged Steele

  • Michael D
    Michael D 6 months ago

    I've made a ring like that for my girlfriend, she loves him
    Thanks for tutorial
    You're the best

  • bradstonpickle
    bradstonpickle 6 months ago

    can you make me a demas wedding ring

  • matt miller
    matt miller 6 months ago

    I absolutely love your content! All the big stuff you have done, you still go back to basics. You love your work, and it absolutely shows. You sir, are an inspiration.

  • Claudio Bernardi
    Claudio Bernardi 6 months ago

    Great video Alec! Ahahahah
    I blew on the screen of my phone to clean the anvil!! 😂

  • Thunder Hawk
    Thunder Hawk 6 months ago +1

    The old Scottish squeeze that sounds like a sex act

  • joneske1992
    joneske1992 6 months ago

    Please make more of these easy project :)

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 6 months ago

    Or mabey a bike ohh I wonder how we dumb apes got the tech to git to here

  • ElusiveCube
    ElusiveCube 6 months ago


  • Jesse Popejoy
    Jesse Popejoy 6 months ago

    Hey Alec can you forge a chain of some sort or is that another department type deal

  • Who ???
    Who ??? 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video I’m going to give it a shot

  • TNT Tips and Tricks
    TNT Tips and Tricks 7 months ago

    Awesome work love the beginners touch to the ring and video

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 7 months ago

    as always thankyou for all your advice and help!

  • Neon Rain雨
    Neon Rain雨 7 months ago

    *Ring* *Description*
    Increases stamina and stamina regeneration, and boosts equip load by 25%

  • Nobody Anonymous
    Nobody Anonymous 8 months ago

    I thought you were about to melt your fingernail off when you pointed so close to the ring

  • banana man
    banana man 8 months ago

    I asked you about this on Twitter the other day thanks for doing another shot for us

  • Ruancassia Ruancassia
    Ruancassia Ruancassia 8 months ago

    Muito top. Aqui brasil. Muito bom seus video parabéns

  • Warrior Maiden
    Warrior Maiden 8 months ago

    He pulls up the video from when he was 13, and at first I thought he had taken some helium before narrating that bit.... And then I realized, no, that's his 13 yr old voice!!! XD

  • William Barnhart Blacksmith WB Blacksmithing

    This video was on my birthday.

  • mathias lyngstad
    mathias lyngstad 8 months ago


  • Jacob Endriss
    Jacob Endriss 9 months ago

    Haha you said ball punch

  • Apollo Prospector
    Apollo Prospector 9 months ago

    Awesome video. Always wanted to do this

  • Dominic LeBlanc
    Dominic LeBlanc 9 months ago

    I’d like to make one of those! It’s pretty sick!

  • Dominic LeBlanc
    Dominic LeBlanc 9 months ago

    I’d like to make one of those! It’s pretty sick!

  • Dominic LeBlanc
    Dominic LeBlanc 9 months ago

    I’d like to make one of those! It’s pretty sick!

  • AssassinsCAT
    AssassinsCAT 9 months ago

    can you make like a 1h ASMR video of hitting the hammer on the anvil?

  • Jeremy Lorrimer
    Jeremy Lorrimer 9 months ago

    This is the 2nd time you have said that your anvil is in the wrong place.......... Move it then, hey. :) it is your workshop.

  • fede
    fede 9 months ago

    You could coat it with shellac. It's used a lot in jewelry with metals that tarnish the skin (like brass, bronze, copper), it's very resistant.
    It would change the finishing, but clean fingers and shiny rings go well with each other ;)

  • fede
    fede 9 months ago

    7:47 "We put it between our legs..."
    The other way around :'C

  • Henrik Ragnarsson Låås
    Henrik Ragnarsson Låås 10 months ago

    Why not just use a small handheld gas burner to reheat it?

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker 10 months ago

    you sound like a chipmunk in the old video! lmao

  • Brian Wisenbaker
    Brian Wisenbaker 10 months ago

    I would love to learn to make a rose. Any recommendations for a how to video?

    MIMIK 10 months ago

    4:00 Second video I have seen from you and now I noticed your hands. You have been Blacksmithing a LOT. In the other you said something like that you had a showcase when you were 13 so it makes sense.
    Try climbing, the finger muscles are very needed there! (Thought I would have to have a careful look at your arm to see how your muscles are doing.)

  • DocbadLuck
    DocbadLuck 10 months ago

    I am currently studying in Jewelry in Montréal ! I once tried to forge a little leaf like you showed us with a silver bar, but ended up completely destroying the piece. I have to say, silver is not an easy material to forge. do you have any tips or suggestions ? and what about gold ? ( don't have any myself, too expensive)

  • Superior Phi
    Superior Phi 10 months ago

    down play the Logan paul energy and use your own, your personal enthusiasm shows throughout your explaining but when your talk directly to the camera be yourself, thats me being critical because i dont like logan paul, but i do like your videos

  • Andrew Paddock
    Andrew Paddock 10 months ago

    I want to see the finished chef knife video you made of maricos

  • thefantasticjames
    thefantasticjames 10 months ago

    Cute and educational

  • Hijiku Brynjar
    Hijiku Brynjar 10 months ago

    aaaaaand subscribed.

  • LiveFree OrDie
    LiveFree OrDie 10 months ago

    Excellent explanations of all of the steps for us newbs. lol
    Love your vids!

  • Landdolphin Gaming
    Landdolphin Gaming 10 months ago

    I like these tutorial vids!! Keep it up!

  • Mr burns
    Mr burns 10 months ago

    Did you go to Texas A&M?

  • Scot Snook
    Scot Snook 10 months ago

    Really enjoying these little projects! Giving some great ideas, thanks! Keep em coming.

    LIVINGaLIFE 10 months ago

    Love the Texas flag! 😉

  • Kappa
    Kappa 10 months ago

    Okay, practice by froging rings? So Skyrim is actually realistic in that matter...

  • Spuck dafuk
    Spuck dafuk 10 months ago

    I really wish I could buy one of these rings

  • Santiago Cuevas
    Santiago Cuevas 10 months ago

    10:34 hahahahahah

  • Kitarya Kysubae
    Kitarya Kysubae 10 months ago

    Move over Mario and Luigi, and welcome the new Hammer Bros Jimmi and Alec

  • RedSpawN
    RedSpawN 10 months ago

    Hey Alec, sorry to bother, may I ask you, could you make a video with the tools you'd advice to buy someone that is looking to start blacksmithing as a hobby?

  • Alex PJP
    Alex PJP 10 months ago

    It's great your opening an internship opportunity. Norfolk unfortunately is a 3-4 hour drive from me so not practical but i hope the lucky individual enjoys this experience.

  • yurihealle
    yurihealle 10 months ago

    these fundamental videos are awesome

  • G Roma
    G Roma 10 months ago

    I make nail rings

  • Cuong Nguyen Le Tuan
    Cuong Nguyen Le Tuan 10 months ago

    What about making the exact same ring with damascus steel?

  • Lou L
    Lou L 10 months ago

    I’ll take this opportunity to pat myself on the back and whip out an “I told you so!” I suggested you focus on designing a blacksmith shop and not a studio way back when you were designing. Then again, it seems to have worked out quite well for you!

  • notanimposter
    notanimposter 10 months ago

    Awwww fetus Alec was so cute!

  • Th3DarkKitsune
    Th3DarkKitsune 10 months ago

    Ive seen people use heated steal tables when doing small stuff like this to help keep the temperature up (usually heated by blowtorch ) just wondering what your thoughts on that

  • Gary Busby
    Gary Busby 10 months ago

    Alec, I would like to see the faram fuller being made, also I would like to subscribe to Jacobs page but am having difficulty finding a place to do so. Could you let me know where I can veiw the fuller forging vid. Thanks If you ever make it back down Mississippi way I would love to meet you

  • NoFun AtAll
    NoFun AtAll 10 months ago

    lol stress fracture I get those in my feet.

  • Todd Wiedmer
    Todd Wiedmer 10 months ago

    Last year you tried to forge a meterorite with no sucess I just watch a video by AWC : Brisingr-Eragon-Man at Arms: Reforged I think you might watch. I would like you to try again ifyou want.

  • younktsome videos
    younktsome videos 10 months ago

    why don't you set up a small anvil for when you're not filming or doing montage stuff so its more efficient for yourself?

  • Michael Bushea
    Michael Bushea 10 months ago

    Alec you should do more throwbacks to videos as a kid, its a nice touch of extra inspiration. Glad you did that:) cheers

  • Randall Summers
    Randall Summers 10 months ago

    Thanks for this video! My grandson and I hope to start our little forging shop in August. This will be a good learning job for us. I also have you leaf video loaded too. Really enjoy the beginner videos. If you have any videos on what metals are best for what types of items you plan to make would you let me know? Thanks.

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk 10 months ago

    wish you were in a place that would allow you to try to manufacture an early rudimentary gun barrel. interesting point in history.

  • Howard Kunz
    Howard Kunz 10 months ago +1

    WHAT HAPPENED! It's been 4 days and I'm already deprived =0

  • Timothy Edwards
    Timothy Edwards 10 months ago

    Love your channel Alec! I've only been watching for a couple of weeks, but I am becoming inspired to make a small home forge for myself to start off with! You forge a lot of cool things while also explaining everything quite well. I know you're always asking for the next idea so I have one for you! The Catspaw Dagger from Game of Thrones is absolutely crazy and think you could do a great job making one!

  • Sunbadge Everything
    Sunbadge Everything 10 months ago

    Can you make a weapon that inspired you at the museum plz?

  • TheColrick
    TheColrick 10 months ago

    Why doesn’t the website allow me to buy one of your hammers?

  • Azooz Alabdulwahab
    Azooz Alabdulwahab 10 months ago

    It's been 4 days since last video upload .. are you alive?

  • Missy
    Missy 10 months ago

    You ok Alec?

  • Meky
    Meky 10 months ago

    could you make a small sized blades of chaos ...please

  • Cut-Time Vids
    Cut-Time Vids 10 months ago

    Alec? Are you there? Did you die? You haven’t posted in a while.

  • john criswell
    john criswell 10 months ago

    Will you do a video on making a old style brazier ?

  • Not a Panther
    Not a Panther 10 months ago

    Alec I think I know what you should do next:

  • Austin Littley
    Austin Littley 10 months ago

    I'm quite impressed by how quickly you pump out videos with high quality editing.

  • Etienne Lodge
    Etienne Lodge 10 months ago


  • Joshua Thangaraj
    Joshua Thangaraj 10 months ago

    I really hope you haven't forgotten about the mokume gane...

  • Vokun
    Vokun 10 months ago

    With all the offcuts of Damascus steel, you should totally make a viking bearded axe, also called a Skeggox, and try and have one pattern for the blade, another for the main body of the axe head, perhaps another pattern where it fixes to the handle too.
    Or just a big mix-up of all the different patters you have laying aroung.
    It would be really awesome to see all the different patterns you have made all combined into one item

  • angel villanueva
    angel villanueva 10 months ago

    PROJECT IDEA make a replica of the Goujian sword. Ancient Chinese sword of the king Goujian that maintained its sharpness even after 2000 years being buried due to the special alloy those blacksmiths made in that era.

  • 전현준
    전현준 10 months ago

    It's a beautiful leaf!

  • Cruz Garcia
    Cruz Garcia 10 months ago

    Can you please make Thor's new hammer,storm breaker, from infinity war?

  • Philipp Roth
    Philipp Roth 10 months ago +1

    Alec how long does for example 10kg of gas last? Or is there any way to say how much gas one runs through in an hour/day?
    Thanks for your help

  • Nikolche niko
    Nikolche niko 10 months ago

    Alec please forge a grim ripper scythe, it would be very interesting